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London Oculoplastic Surgeon

Outstanding results. In March 2016 I underwent transconjunctual blepharoplasty, fat transfer and laser resurfacing to address the large bags, loose skin and wrinkles under my eyes. These had developed and grown steadily worse through my forties, making me look tired and dour (and which no amount of eye cream or smiling could counter!). Throughout this period, I deliberated about surgery and consulted a number of leading surgeons in the UK and US, before finally meeting Dr. De Silva (which is where I should have started). His professionalism, quite confidence, relaxed manner, and (importantly) willingness to listen, allied to his evident results (specializing only in facial cosmetics) and reviews, made the ultimate decision to proceed relatively easy. The procedure itself and recovery/review lasted around 2.5 hours and was smooth, relaxed and pain free, from beginning to end (the conscious sedation working exactly as described). The healing process was also very straightforward, with only mild bruising under the lower eye lids (which passed within a few days) and peeling (which was, of course, expected and passed within 7-10 days). There was no discomfort. And as for the results, simply stunning. At least an 80% reduction in my bags (which was the objective, though I confess to having been skeptical of this at the outset), a firming of the skin and a marked reduction in my winkles, but moreover, no tightness and completely natural in appearance. After 2 weeks, I felt confident enough to go out without dark glasses and after 3 weeks, confident enough to return to work - indeed, I could probably have ventured out sooner, but being male and working in a public capacity, I doubtless erred on the side of caution! From 4 weeks the swelling had almost gone and now, 6 months on, it really feels as if I never had bags, and never had surgery. It really does seem as if the clock has been turned back; I look fresher, more alert and undoubtedly more confident (which is not something I had dwelled on before). I have had a number of comments about how well and relaxed I look, but no one seems in the slightest bit suspicious. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Dr. De Silva (who seemed to take as much pleasure in the outcome as I did). I should also give credit to his support staff, who were equally reassuring, quick to answer questions or refer and to return calls. The paperwork and care instructions were clear and easy to follow (if not a little daunting at first) and the follow-up appointments scheduled at the outset. This is an excellent practice. Well done and thank you.

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