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I am 49 years old, 5'3" and my two kids...

I am 49 years old, 5'3" and my two kids are aged 17 and 10. For my first pregnancy I was put on bed rest for ten weeks and basically got pretty there was a lot of weight gain and stretching. After my second child was born and I lost the weight I always had a big fold of skin and fat down there..ugh.

Recently got some funds so I am going ahead July 14th!!! Very excited and a little scared. I am pretty fit, do kickboxing, and about 20 pounds overweight.

Will post photos soon!

Only four days to go now, actually three and a...

Only four days to go now, actually three and a half..LOL!

Thursday is my day!

Will get hubby to take my before pics soon and post them. Yours (to Kimmers 25) really inspire me! we are also planning a belated 25th anniversary Carribean trip in Feb so that is real motivaton to take good care of myself..:) We have never been to an all inclusive nd both kids will be off at university so we plan a really romantic trip! That will be my bikini time!!

I will put updates on here later this week..wish me luck!!!
Carolyn in caada :)

Oops, kids are 17 and 20..sorry for the typo....

Oops, kids are 17 and 20..sorry for the typo..empty nest looming but sexy mama ahead!! :)
Still have binder on but will post pic later this week, had my daughter take it but hubby is away and he is the computer whiz who knows how to post the photo..LOL!!

Hey Gals!!! I got my drain out yay! I was...

Hey Gals!!!
I got my drain out yay! I was really nervous and did not sleep at all last night...finally took a pain pill at 3 am to help me sleep. No anasthetic for taking it out but my daughter let me squeeze her hand! it was okay. My yoga pants are looser at the front now..WOO HOO!!!!
Doc does not want me back at work this weekend so will go back Monday..that is ten days off...I felt a bit guilty telling work cuz he had not really told me that before, oh well.

Here we go...finally got some after pics from days...

Here we go...finally got some after pics from days 4 and 9 post op.
Feeling good but really tired!!
back to work Monday ...ack!

I did NOT go back to work today and am taking the...

I did NOT go back to work today and am taking the last three days off before my vacation. No way I can even consider a 45 minute drive to work. Good thing my boss and co-workers are so awesome, and work is pretty slow in the summer so that helps.
Went clothes shopping with my daughter today, she really wanted to, did it slowly and only one store but still, tiring. How long will these tired effects last I wonder. And I am totally emotional, laughing or crying at will!!

Hi...13 days post op today. Feeling a bit blue,...

Hi...13 days post op today. Feeling a bit blue, grown kids are both at work today so I am on my own. Still feel very tight down there, I ordered a compression binder online today and hope it comes before we go to cottage this weekend...I don't think my shape wear is really tight enough (with the current girdle). I hate the swelling I get over the top of my scar, especially at night, and if I have done too much during the day. (which is not much: just too much walking around the house or standing or bending..argh!!)
Finding it hard to be patient but trying, my friend brought me a book today so that might take my mind off things! Was too tired to shower this morning. :)

Two weeks post op today. Feeling better...

Two weeks post op today. Feeling better emotionally. Sat outside in one of my new outfits (capri leggings and a sexy top) and felt pretty hot!! (in a good way :) Will post new pics tonight. Scar looking pretty good, still get swollen when I overdo it. Off for a week to the cottage, totally rustic and no shower, but beautiful and with my fave people!! My best friend is coming from Vancouver tomorrow and I am sooo excited!! No regrets at ALL about doing this, so happy and thankful!!

Forgot to add that I see my doc on Saturday before...

Forgot to add that I see my doc on Saturday before my vacay and will ask him some of my remaining questions. Don't think I will get my new binder delivered in time though, oh well.

Okay ladies, quick update, 17 days post op, went...

Okay ladies, quick update, 17 days post op, went to a movie last night..woo hoo! Feeling great in clothes...although sticking to soft clothes like capri leggings, I don't like the feel of zippers and waist bands on my new tummy! Bought two new girdles that rock. Off to cottage today, but just wanted to post my two weeks post op pics for you. Saw the doc yesterday, and he said my scar is 100 per cent healed the belly button almost..and he is very pleased. EXCEPT then he suggested LIPO for my thighs, sigh. He said that is his job to do that, but my hubby and I kind of sighed...maybe later but for now he says he likes my booty!! :) (We are 25 years married and he rocks :) So off for a week of relaxation and then back to work August 8th...have a great week everyone!!! xxx

Back from cottage and was relaxing. Now a weekend...

Back from cottage and was relaxing. Now a weekend where I don't have to work, yay, but I keep seeing jobs I should do around the house!!! (Kimmers you are so right, why are we Wonder Women???) So I am trying to pace myself. I am three and a half weeks post op and going back to work Monday. (Today is Sat.)
I saw my PS last Sat and he mentioned lipo, and it kind of bugs me cuz I do need some help in the thigh area. But I totally can't afford it. Just have to be patient and work more on the weight loss and leg workouts once I get back to exercise.
Still waiting for the binder I ordered, it is coming Monday. Scar doing well. BB still has thread bits sticking out of it..haha. Still feel tight down there. Still need to sit down and take it easy after a couple of hours up.
PS> Tried on the bikini at the cottage, carefully covering the scar, and it looked awesome. Need one that goes lower below my BB in front though!! xx

Hi All, Today is day two back at work....

Hi All,
Today is day two back at work. Yesterday was fun to go back (3 and a half weeks post op) but soo tiring. Awesome reaction from gals and te one guy at work...they were amazed and very enthusiastic. And it didn't hurt that I wore a really flattering new dress!! :)
felt like I had a soccer ball in my belly by the end of the day, and I work a late day, 1-8 pm, plus a 45 minute drive both ways.
My binder "compression garment" had finally come in the mail yesterday and it took me, my daughter and my best friend to put it on me...too funny! But then I tried to sleep in it and it just rode up because of my booty! AND the material made my scar all red and sore and itchy!! Forget that!! So much for that 100 dollars!! Went back to my 20 dollar Walmart girdles...the one line I really like is called "Cupid" and it goes from under the boobs to a full crotch. It doesn't have velcro but that's okay. They come in nude, white, nude and black and I have all three. Love em!!!
One other BIG bonus, I still get hungry for meals but CAN'T eat as much!! Yesterday I only ate half my salad for dinner and half my veggies and hummus. LOVE THAT!! I have lost ten pounds from/since the surgery and am eating smaller meals and still trying to drink tons of water. My goal is another 12 pounds.
I totally recommend this whole experience and am sooo happy!!!!!

Just over 4 weeks now (yesterday) and feeling...

Just over 4 weeks now (yesterday) and feeling better. A Little less swollen every day. Yesterday and today are my days off though, so not doing much. Still not cooking much or doing groceries, it was all I could do to go to work each day for eight hours and get myself home again. Often went straight to bed when I got home at 8:45!! (I work 1-8)
Not wearing spanx/girdle anymore but kinda miss it. I feel a little flabbier/looser without it but don't know if I am just imagining it!! Period due anyday too so am wearing regular underwear cuz the spanx thing with my period is a pain in the you know what.

Passed the 4 week mark but my BB is still bugging...

Passed the 4 week mark but my BB is still bugging me so I am going in to see PS nurse on Monday to get the stitches out of my BB. At least I think that is what she said...I still have knotted threads sticking out if it and it is still pretty red. Nurse says swelling will last for six months, argh.
Work not quite so tiring now, four and a half weeks post op. Rolling over in bed easier, so is sleeping. Still swollen at the end of the day. Back to wearing the spanx clone/girdle thing because did not like the feel of not having that support.
Good luck to all just starting this journey. It IS worth it!!!!

It is driving me nuts not to exercise but it is...

It is driving me nuts not to exercise but it is all I can do to work all day, and even then I am swollen like there is a basketball in my stomach. My work is fairly active, there is some sitting, but not all day. The swelling is slightly better each day but not by much. Anyone else frustrated by this??
I got the bellybutton stitches taken out and she took out another stitch on the end of the scar that was being stubborn. so my bb is finally starting to heal. Will try and post 5 week pics on Thursday!!!

Wow, what a brakthrough. After I hit the five week...

Wow, what a brakthrough. After I hit the five week mark last Thursday (today is Sunday) I am feeling more and more like myself. Opening and closing model homes for my work is now okay, I am no longer feeling like a slow old lady!! I am not working out yet, but now there is hope that I will be able to pretty soon. My tummy still feels tight but that is okay, and the swelling is much less now after a day at work than it used to be. Hooray!! Hoping it only gets better from here!

Six weeks tomorrow and will post new pics! Much...

Six weeks tomorrow and will post new pics! Much better, almost feeing like my old self. Still tight and minimal swelling at night. Not wearing girdle at night anymore and may drop it during the day. Hated the binder and never wore it. BB still kinda red, taking longer to fade. Will start mederma cream this week on scar and bb. Best wishes to all you ladis out sooo deserve this!!!

Okay Ladies...6 weeks PO and I am pretty happy!!...

Okay Ladies...6 weeks PO and I am pretty happy!! Still at least 14 pounds over my goal weight but right now I am so pleased with my tummy I am not too concerned, you know?? I think it is because that was always the thing that bothered me the most, despite being a lifetime WW member, getting back into shape after a partially bed-ridden pregnancy, running for ten years, etc. etc. Now that I have done the thing that was always my 'Achilles heel" the rest doesn't really bother me. It doesn't hurt that my hubby likes my booty and didn't want me to change anything else. :) I am looking forward to working out slowly...right now still just walking. Doing laundry and stuff today (there are mountains of it) and slowly doing regular things like house cleaning. Slow is the key!! I still don't feel up to running or aerobics. Maybe hand weights though. Here are my NEW pics...

Just wanted to share that I had a major freak out...

Just wanted to share that I had a major freak out on Friday. I had done some things around the house on my day off, loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, nothing I considered major. But mid morning my upper abs were in pain. Frightening, weird pain, like twinges but not stopping. I called the PS and they said take tylenol and use heat, and it did help, but I was in pain for a few hours, and lay down the rest of the day. I was really scared, because you don't know what is going on in there. Even thought they said it was unlikely I had ripped any stitches, it was just really unnerving. SO Ladies, DONT OVERDO IT!!!!!!

Okay, so our house is really empty now, my...

Okay, so our house is really empty now, my youngest kid left for university across the country on Saturday, so our nest is empty! Except for the dog who keeps barking at anything and everything expecting both kids to come home any second. :(
On the TT front, I am not wearing the girdle anymore and boy do I get swollen fast. I guess it is just something to get used to...bugs me though. See my baby sister from Florida next weekend and will show off my tummy...she is super athletic and never had kids so I was always envious of her shape...I will look almost as good but not tanned at all..LOL! Still, should be nice to have a weekend off work and with my family at this cottage that we rent once a year.
thanks for reading this, and write back if you want, i love getting messages back! :)

Really tired today. 9 weeks post op but I cleaned...

Really tired today. 9 weeks post op but I cleaned most of my large house on Thursday for my husband's surprise 50th and it was good because it was like the old me, energy wise, but yesterday and today I am totally dragging my butt! feel kind of weepy too, just tired i think. went nonstop tidying, vacuuming and putting stuff away for more than three hours. why do i always overdo it???
Good news is that the swelling is almost gone, depending on whether I eat salty stuff or not. felt pretty hot at the party last night. :)

So...10 weeks post op and getting lots of upper ab...

So...10 weeks post op and getting lots of upper ab twinges of pain after I am active. Not working out yet either!! But when I do gardening or housework I get these twinges. So am freaked out about starting running or weights or cardio if I get pain just doing more active chores. Does anyone else?? They were really bad a few weeks ago and I had to take Tylenol. Now they are just worrying. Is it the muscles healing after being tightened? (I had upper and lower tightening). Please write back, thanks.!!

Started running again this morning, and I think I...

Started running again this morning, and I think I waited long enough because it was FAB!!! Really helped my stress level lower too, which is one of the main reasons I exercise! I am 11 weeks tomorrow BTW. YAY!!!!!!

Hi! So we took the leap and moved to San...


So we took the leap and moved to San Mateo, California!! We have been here a month. The house was too big and empty with the kids all gone (off at university and beyond) and my hubby was head hunted so we did it! Sold the house, put the dog on a plane and went!
I will actually be closer to my kids now because they will be in Victoria and Vancouver.

Having some weight challenges and leo slip my eating habits. Part of the stress of being in a new place and not knowing anyone, plus I had to sell my car and can't legally work here for a few years. So that is a big adjustment after working full-time and having my own car to tootle around in.

So now back to the treadmill and really cutting back on bad carbs (white breads, cereals, pasta, etc, and no junk food!) Also cutting juice out of my diet. Trying to drink more tea too.

Please send me a note and let me know how you are doing if I wrote you in the past. I can't believe a year has passed since my TT!

Kinda gaining weight. argh. Advice??

Kinda gaining weight. argh. Advice??

Two years later

Still no regrets! One of the best things I ever did for myself. We moved to California for my hubby's new job one year ago, and this May I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. Now getting in the best shape of my life. The move was a bit rough, very far from family and friends, but we love the weather here in the SF Bay area and are slowly adjusting. I can't work here yet so I am using all this free time to get back in tummy tuck changed how I feel about my body forever.

Breast Cancer!! Lumpectomy and Radiation or double Mastectomy??

Just diagnosed two weeks ago with a tumor in my right breast (I found the lump, had a clear mammogram last November!) Surgeons favoring lumpectomy and radiation, my lump is not that large. I am favoring double mastectomy to ensure no future breast cancer, don't really want to take a wait and see approach. Overwhelmed by reading lots of info on both. I am fairly large busted. Thoughts?

PS Also favoring immediate reconstruction..

Using tissue expanders and future implants.

Picked lumpectomy..right choice

So It's been a year since the big C and everything is really good. I got a lumpectomy, was able to keep both breasts. Then I had four months of chemo and five weeks of radiation. I have now been cancer free for almost a year!
I recommend reading up about mastectomies and stuff if you are ever diagnosed with this awful disease. Knowledge is power. And now I'm really glad I didn't lose my boobs! Hope everyone is well. Anyone still on this site from back in my TT day??

I haven't really had follow up yet, that is tomorrow, but his office has been great. Haven't seen him a lot but it looks like he did a great job, and staff have been really helpful.

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