Upper Eyelid Surgery -Ottawa, Ontario

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Hi everyone. I am going to have my upper Bleph...

Hi everyone. I am going to have my upper Bleph this Friday. I am soo nervous. Have had hooded eyes my entire life. Finally decided to do it. My surgeon is an Occuloplastic surgeon and hoping it all goes well....I will post pictures as I go along.

Reading the reviews I see that there are many positive but some negative...this will be my first experience with surgery. Love botox and fillers, but this is the big plunge for me!

One day to go

Countdown is on. Spoke with my surgeons nurse and feel much better about it all. She says I can resume exercise in one week! I am taking the Bromelain and Arnica with hopes that it helps with the healing process. Will post pics after procedure tomorrow. Cannot wait!

Two hours post proceedure

All done! Painless procedure. Now I'm sore, almost a burning sensation but managed well with Tylenol and ice. Took under an hour. Love that it was done under local. He offered me an Ativan but I didn't take it. I preferred to be alert post procedure. Here's the pic...

The next day

Day one. Feeling great. Swollen with bruising but otherwise completely pain free. Amazing really! Icing for 15min every hour as directed...using the natural meds and arnica cream..so far so good!

Day two

Bruising starting, especially under left eye...sutures are itching but tolerable with no pain what so ever!

Still icing, and sleeping with my head elevated. So far so good!

Day three

Hard to believe that I had skin removed from my eyelids...no pain, swelling down significantly. Bruising now turning yellow. Hoping it continues this way. So happy finally did this!

Day Four

Nothing new to report, yellow bruising really evident. Slowing down on the icing now as swelling diminishing. Stitches out in three days!

Day 6

Feeling really good. Swelling down and bruises healing. Eyes itchy but sutures out tomorrow. Cannot wait! Looking forward to that first makeup application. Will have to go easy since I have never really worn eyeshadow..what with the lack of eyelids and all!

Day 10

Well, just wanted to post that it is day 10, stitches are out, bruising is gone and I am thrilled with the results! Dr Smith did a wonderful job, removing just enough so I can see my eyelids, but not too much that people would be shocked at my appearance. I can wear eyeliner and actually see it!
Niagara Falls Dermatologic Surgeon

This is not the Kevin Smith I saw in Ottawa. For some reason I cannot change the doctor!

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