Septorhinoplasty: bulbous, drooping tip corrected -- VERY pleased - Dr. Antoniak - Ottawa, ON

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All through my adolescence and university, I have...

All through my adolescence and university, I have disliked my nose...I get it from my father's side of the family, and it's not terrible, but i've just always disliked it immensely! Now that I am done school and working full time, I was able to put the money away, and get the vacation time I needed to finally go through with it!

It is slightly wide and the tip is bulbous, crooked and droops downwards...! Especially when I smile, it is extremely evident! I've always avoided certain angles and smiling big in pictures because of it, so i am really looking forward to not having to worry or obsess over angles, and actions that make it more 'pronounced', so to speak!

So a few months ago, i went in for a consultation - it went great, and I was even told my septum is deviated and that a correcting could be made while in surgery to improve my breathing (my left nostril barely takes in any air, i never really cared to much for it, but now I'm quite happy they will be able to repair that! It makes me excited to look forward to how my breathing will be changed/improved afterwards :) Probably better nights of sleep, too!

Anyways, my pre-op was last week, and i got my Arnica (swelling/bruising), my prescription for pain meds (I will confirm what they are later) as well as a prescription for ointment for my nose/nostrils (will confirm this as well!)

The doctor wasn't in (on vacation), so that worried me a bit..but the pre-op still went wonderfully with the nurse! She gave me info on what to eat, what not to eat/drink...etc etc.

Will spend this weekend getting all of my post-op supplies!! :)

Ps. my only real concern is 1. not getting my nose the way i like it/it turning out much worse than it is now...(which is common, i know, but still!) and 2. i LOATHE anesthesia...i get extreme anxiety and panic attacks and am NOT looking forward to be put to sleep....but the nurse has told me that I will be given a relaxer if i ask for, fingers crossed!! haha

Thanks to everyone's support!! Seeing other reviews and experiences on here has made me more confident and excited about the procedure overall :)

Bought some supplies over the weekend - Qtips,...

Bought some supplies over the weekend - Qtips, Peroxide, facial cleansing wipes - will be picking up my prescribed pain meds and ointment tonight !

Surgery is in exactly 1 week today!

Still excited, but still very nervous about the general anesthesia!

Any tips or advice would be amazing :)

Prescribed medication includes: Arnica Montana...

Prescribed medication includes:

Arnica Montana tablets: for swelling and bruising

Fucidin ointment: antibiotic cream for incisions

Tramadol/acet : for post-op pain

Day before surgery is today, I am nervous, but...

Day before surgery is today, I am nervous, but moreso excited to just get it over with at this point!

I am spending the day prepping my room for the long week ahead of me: TV, DVDs, books, Qtips and peroxide, meds and meds calendar, comfortable clothes, etc etc.

Will update tomorrow, or day 2 of recovery!

Surgery went well, anesthesia was scary but a LOT...

Surgery went well, anesthesia was scary but a LOT easier than I expected this time nose hurts a bit, but nothing I can't bear! The nurses were beyond nice, I am so far very happy to be done.

Off to sleep it off, updates tomorrow!

I find myself sleeping 3-4 hours, then woken up by...

I find myself sleeping 3-4 hours, then woken up by what appears to possibly be my nose trying to breathe..I don't have packing, so maybe that's why, but oh well. The majority of the time, I am breathing through my mouth.

Also, my nose is still bleeding/dripping..don't know if this is normal for day 2, but I change it about every few hours or so.

And lucky me, no intense swelling or bruising, SO FAR! They say day 3 is the worst, fingers crossed!!!

Slight bruising in the inner corners of my eyes,...

Slight bruising in the inner corners of my eyes, and no breathing yet whatsoever. Nose has stopped bleeding, not wearing the mustache gauze - but it is fully blocked. Not fun! Cannot wait to get the cast off!

Today is day 5 of post-op! My bruising is minimal,...

Today is day 5 of post-op! My bruising is minimal, and already yellowing, and should be completely gone by day 7-8! My nostrils are unblocked and it feels amazing!! FINALLY! They unblocked on day 4, and although I feel 100% better and the closest to myself in a lonnng time! Was able to wash my hair in the tub lol absolutely worth it. The only downfall right now is the ITCH! My nose is so itchy under my cast...i can't wait to get it off on day 7! Also, can't wait to go back to sleeping regularly again - sleeping on an incline is starting to drive me CRAZY! Haha I can't wait to see the final result!!! :)

17 days post op, I am loving the result so far!!...

17 days post op, I am loving the result so far!! And there is still much swelling in the tip to go. Pictures coming soon! :)

2 months post op - and i am feeling very confident...

2 months post op - and i am feeling very confident and happy about my surgery outcome!

Although there still seems to be some swelling to go down on the tip, the side view is gorgeous and I am extremely content..! The only thing is I really would like for the swelling from the front to even out and become symmetrical...!

However, I am being my own worst critic and quite picky..Time is the only thing that will help the swelling!!

I am not the most patient person, but I am getting there! haha

My 6-month follow up appointment i schedule for...

My 6-month follow up appointment i schedule for May 1st! So far the recovery is going nose survived cold season (haha) and I am loving my new nose! The only thing is that i still notice a bit of asymmetry, but that could very well be me just overthinking it/being a bit of a perfectionist. Will keep you posted on the doctor's assessment in May and I have included a 6month post-op pictures! :)

Before & After - 6 months post-op

Just a little side-by-side snap :)

1-year post-op

1-year post op was in November 2013 with Dr. Antoniak (although my surgery was in August of 2012, lol), but that's fine with me! He said everything looked good, and I agree! The results are natural, it still looks like my nose, but better. I have a friend who came down from Australia whom I hadn't seen in over 2 years, and she told me I looked amazing/different but couldn't pin-point why/what it was! I told her I had a septorhinoplasty and she couldn't believe it. Mission accomplished.

I will be adding photos from different angles, as requested by a user in the comments below in the next few days.

2 years post-op : Updated Before & After Pictures

I am overall content with the final result. The residual swelling is gone and the shape is significantly different. Do I think about having a revision? Often. There are small things that bother me, like the small hanging columella i have, and a strong bit of cartilage that looks a tad "pointy"...But we are most critical of ourselves and I know that I need to take my perspective with a grain of salt, lol. I am hardest on myself. Overall, I'm glad I did this procedure, and I would recommend the experience (and the surgeon!) to anyone who feels the need to follow through with a rhinoplasty.
Ottawa Facial Plastic Surgeon

Great surgeon - very knowledgable and friendly, but I spent more time speaking with his staff than him...pre-op was with his staff and not some questions went unanswered, but oh well - Google was my best friend during the pre-op jitters! I would still recommend him to anyone, especially those living in the Ottawa area!

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