62 Yr Old, with Lots of Wrinkles - Wanted Co2 to Fix It. - Ottawa, ON

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Decided to go thru with CO2, + upper eye bleph 3...

Decided to go thru with CO2, + upper eye bleph 3 months earlier. I have a very high tolerance for pain... have had needles in my eyeball to prevent blindness from Diabetes, and hugely painful laser in the back of my eyes for the same reason. I am not a complaining type of person.
I was very grateful that my p. surgeon agreed to go ahead with my requests, even tho I have Diabetes + Addison's Disease. Because of this he wanted me to divide my CO2 into 3 parts = chin and mouth area, cheeks and then forehead. I convinced him that I'd be ok with cheeks + chin area together, as I seem to heal quite well on the face. Maybe I should've taken his advice!
He did warn me that I would HATE him, for the 1st two weeks of recovery! Boy, was he correct!!!
The Procedure: I had numbing cream applied, then had 8 extremely painful, freezing injections. I was not expecting that at all. He warned me that my heart would race like crazy and it did. My arms were shaking as well. During the procedure I could feel some painful burning!
My total take of the procedure = this is NOT for the faint of heart!!!
Now over the next 2 wks, I was told to keep vaseline on my face at all times. I had to splash cold water on my face for 5-6 times/day for the 1st week. I found this painful at 1st, as my skin burned and my teeth just ached. I felt totally frazzled by all this for the entire week! I felt like I was suffering PTSD and reliving the pain from the procedure! I did not feel good about it :-(
My skin was soooo itchy that I couldn't sleep at night. That is a big drain on your healing and energy levels, and I was totally dragged out.
Week 2, I was allowed to reduce the washings to 3 times/day. This made my life a lot easier and of course my skin was healing, so I could appreciate my new cheeks.
My chin needed 2 passes with the laser and was still a gooey mess of healing mushy lumps.
Now beginning of week 3, I start breaking out in zits = Dr said "no more vaseline" or any creams on my skin. So now I've got a chin area full of scaling skin and dry crusts and my whole face feels tight and itchy :-(
I'm normally calm and easy going, but this whole process takes a toll on you.
I would NEVER do this again, even tho my cheek results look great so far.
I will settle for Juvederm + Botox, for my forehead lines and any other wrinkle fix ups.

My upper bleh went off without a hitch. So I would do that kind of surgery again in a heart beat, but NO MORE LASER for me, no matter how good the results!!!!

More on Healing...

Am in day 20 now. Last wk Dr said to stop ALL creams because I was breaking out.
That's when I started to flake really badly = ick, not again!!
Anyhow, I cheated and am using their medical products = a 30 spf lotion and Vit C+E oil. At least it helps hide most of the flakes.
I am pleased with the results and I'm sure it'll get better. That being said, I wouldn't wish this process on anyone :-(
Today I actually put on makeup but only on my eye area AND I feel quite human, once again. LOL

Side Effect of CO2 Laser....

Hi all, just thought I'd add another story about the AFTER CO2 laser procedure.
It's sort of funny... because I started making weird faces to relieve the itching skin around my mouth.
Since u are not allowed to scratch, I'd move my mouth around from side to side.
I didn't even realize I was doing this, until my husband said, "STOP"! And he'd say that every time he'd see me making weird faces. LOL
Thank goodness he noticed, cause I didn't realize that I was even doing this. I had gotten into that crazy habit within just a few days! Can u image!
I had to really concentrate on NOT DOING this stupid habit and finally STOPPED = Phew :-)

Having break out with Hydroquinone 4% USP

Started using Hydro serum and developed a bad break out. PS said to stop everything until skin clears up and then use it every 4th night. He said that I have to finish the bottle to aid against pigmentation.
Rather disappointed since I was almost back to normal = wearing makeup + coverup, at week 4.
Of course I still have lots of red areas, so need to clear that up.
I LUV LU LUV the results of the CO2 laser, even tho it was a total nightmare to go thru!!

I told my PS how much it unnerved me and he said my forehead wouldn't be nearly as bad. So, I'm starting to change my mind AND MIGHT have it done on my forehead, even tho I said NEVER AGAIN. I wouldn't do it until 6 months from now tho. I'd want my lower face to be totally mended.
If I don't have it done, it'll cost me a fortune in Botox + fillers... cause they need to be repeated over and over again. My forehead CO2 would cost $1,900 and would be more cost effective.

So did any of you have trouble with the Hydroquinone?
And did any of you hate the CO2 procedure, but changed your mind because of the good results and would have it again?

8 wks after CO2

Well, at 8 wks, I am LOVING my CO2 cheeks and chin area.
I'm still having some breakout on my chin area = small white hard lumps under skin.
But even b4 I had the procedure done, I was committed to applying cover up makeup, for the rest of my life if need be. That's how much I wanted to get rid of my wrinkles. LOL
I am using powder cover up, because I also still have blotchy skin.
I stopped using the hydroquonine(?) for pigmentation, because it made my skin break out in a red bumpy rash. ick!

I just want to say that I will go back and have my forehead done, but not till after xmas. I want all my skin to be well healed before I do any more.
I know I said never again, but the AMAZING RESULTS have changed my mind!

I also find that my skin feels tighter and firmer as the weeks go by = another great bonus :-)
I'll post more after I get my forehead done.

Thanks for all the support and it's so great to have a site where we can share our stories and results!

Suzy Skin

2 Months later....

Still getting small white lumps under the skin! Doesn't help that I'm a natural "picker", so tend to make it even worse.
Anyhoo, still loving the results!

Total turn around and getting more CO2 laser!!

Even tho I swore to never go thru the CO2 treatment AGAIN - I am going back and doing my forehead.
With all the negatives involved with my 1st CO2 procedure + an awful recovery... I'm doing it for a 2nd time!
Hopefully, the forehead won't be as troublesome AND I know what 2 expect now.
That's half the battle right their for me. I've made my appointment for March 2nd.
3 wks before that, I go in and have some Botox shots in the forehead.
Apparently, the Botox keeps you from using your forehead muscles and allows for a smoother healing process. Let's HOPE!
I also asked the Dr how many freezing injections I will need. Last time I never even considered that part and I was not prepared for the 8 painful needles I received for the cheeks, mouth area. This time I will need 6 injections.
I think half the battle of this procedure is knowing exactly what to expect!
But having said that - I would still not recommend the CO2 for the faint of heart!!!

I do find that my skin is more like orange peel, BUT in comparison to my old wrinkled skin, it's a true improvement = all wrinkles vanished on my cheek area and my skin is totally tight! :-)
I can see why younger people would not like the results, because young skin is usually smoother than old skin. So don't do this procedure too soon. I wanted 2 get rid of wrinkles AND did so, even contemplating having 2 wear cover up foundation for the rest of my life! Now after 6 mnths, I don't need any cover up ;-)

I've also decided to have fillers 2 fix up my mouth area, + lips, jowl/chin and upper cheeks + tear trough area. The laser does miracles BUT not every 'expressive' wrinkle goes away.

I'll post after filler is done on Feb 11th. The cost 4 filler will be $2000. to $2500.
Depends on how much u like and need.

A bit hesitant about CO2 on forehead...

Well I went into the PS for fillers + Botox b4 my forehead CO2.
Apparently the Botox will aid in my healing from the CO2. Guess our foreheads are very expressive and move a lot, so the Botox will stop some of that.
I wasn't sure about the fillers. It turned out 2 b a very expensive treatment = $3600! Yikes, that's about $1,000 more than estimated!
Of course the estimate is not cast in stone and I had 2 add 1 more vial to finish my cheeks.
I received filler in my tear troughs, eyebrow area, cheeks, nasal fold lines, jaw line + lips and lip lines. Hey maybe that's why it cost so much! LOL
I would do the lips, cheeks, nasal folds again, but not bother with the rest.
I found the syringes "hurt" but then the PS didn't take much time to inject and just went right ahead. Some of these fillers have Lidocaine in them to ease that pinching feeling. That probably works but not unless u take the time with each injection.
I notice that my lips are uneven but they say wait 10 days for the filler to settle. If it doesn't then I'll get the PS 2 touch them up :-)

B4 photo and After CO2 photo with fillers :-)

Well here's my photo from early April 2015 = lots of wrinkles. The latest photo is after upper bleph, CO2 to chin + cheeks and now fillers to eye trough, cheeks, eyebrow, nasal folds, lips and lip lines and jaw line. I think next time I wouldn't bother with tear troughs or jaw line, as they seem not that effective. Otherwise I like the results so far but will have 2 wait 10 days 2 see how everything settles.

CO2 for forehead on March 30th!

OK I can't tell u how many times I've almost backed out of having this done. I am so back and forth on the decision, altho I NEED to get it done so my facial skin will all match up.
In my heart I know I've got 2 go thru with it, because if I don't that unlasered skin will just age twice as fast as my new skin... or at least look like it's aged.
So for $2k I'm doing the forehead + nose and getting the area in the corner of the eyes - where my upper bleph didn't eradicate that small pouch of skin.
I'm really hoping those darn horizontal lines between my eyes can be eliminated. They bug me to no end ;-)
I've got Botox in my forehead (as of Feb 13) and it's supposed to aid in the healing process, since u can't make any real expression lines with it :-)

So I'm nervous but just want to get it over with and get thru the 2 wks of healing, so I can enjoy Spring!

I'll post after it's all done :-)

Not sure why my March 30/16 Forehead CO2 review switched over 2 a different title!!!

It's under a new title now = 63 Yr Old Added Botox + Fillers After Lower CO2 Laser. Ottawa, ON

I think it's because I was asked 2 do a separate review on Botox and updated that one by mistake :-)

Forehead CO2 laser went well

So I had fewer freezing needles this time = 6. The lower face needed 8 and I found those very painful, the 1st time. This time the actual injection seemed shorter.
Am liking the results I can see so far. A lot of my pet peeve wrinkles seem to have been lasered off = Yeah ;-)
My skin feels a bit burned as if u were in the sun for 2 long.
So tomorrow I start my 3hr face rinses with cold water.

Day 2 of Forehead CO2

Can u say "Grease Monkey"! LOL
Today is good = no pain or itching or burning! Did my 1st cold water rinses for 5 minutes and I've come to the conclusion that it's the worst of the entire procedure :-(
Your hands are freezing, as well as your face and water + Polysporin are a messy mix!
I'm supposed to switch over to vaseline tomorrow = same mess, different product.
I've got to say I am loving the results so far :-)

Day 3 - wound up with a black eye :-O

My skin was burning a bit = nothing major.
Hate, hate, hate the cold water rinses every 3 hrs = BLAH :-(
Not sure why they r necessary but honestly that's the worst part of this whole experience!
I know I'm complaining now, but still can already see that a lot of my wrinkles r gone :-)
Am on antibiotics for 10 days. Just a note 2 u ladies: If u take antibiotics do not forget to take Acidophilus tablets as well.
They'll prevent a yeast infection!!!
So I seem to have a black + puffy eye this morning. LOL, something else to heal ;-)

Day 4 :-)

Today I'm not only a 'grease monkey' but have very puffy cheeks and 2 bruised tear ducts.
Still trucking along, and everything seems OK :-)
No pealing or burning, so that's good.
I really slathered on the Vaseline today to make sure I'm fully covered. Last nite I noticed some areas looked too dry and don't want to repeat that!

Day 5

Well my black bruise seems to have heading south. Not sure why, but at least nothing hurts.
Have been cheating a bit on my cold water rinses! Bad patient! I don't know, but at 11pm last night, I didn't feel the need to shock my recovering skin.
If it wasn't for that 'shock', I wouldn't even realize that I had CO2 laser. So far, nothing itches or pains - so am grateful for that!
It's all a game of patience, waiting for the healing to finish :-)
Just wondering did any one else with ablative CO2 find the cold water rinses awful???
I'm off to my PS tomorrow aft for a check up. Am wondering if I can wash my hair? Or would the soap irritate my new skin? For sure I'll be wearing a big hat = no sun for this face!

Day 6

Went to the PS and he's happy with my healing :-) Me too!
Have 2 keep doing the cold water rinses (Grrrrr....) til day 10 and then do just 2/day until I see him in 2 wks.
I'm so glad I didn't chicken out and went ahead with this procedure.
For whatever reason the recovery is so much easier on my forehead, than it was on my cheeks and mouth area. Thank goodness! So i'm very pleased and excited 2 see the end results :-D

Day 7 and all is well.

I'm so super pleased! Right after laser, u can see how much lower the lasered skin is, from your original skin = it actually leaves a ridge between the 2 layers. I can see that this ridge has almost disappeared already.
It's miraculous how quickly the skin heals itself!!

Gotta give a big THANK U, to my sister, who suggested I remove some of the vaseline, BEFORE I do the cold water rinses.
Not only is she beautiful but smart too :-)
I tried it and it works like a charm = not as much vaseline goop mixing with water and making a mess.
I might decide to invest in the Q-Tips company tho, as I'm using a ton of them every pre-wash to get rid of the vaseline. LOL

Day 8

I didn't bother with a photo today as I look the same as yesterday ;-)
Still doing well and have dropped the cold water rinses to only 3/day. I'm supposed to do 5- 6 /day!
It might be slowing down my healing, but that's all I can stand right now.
On 10 day, I get 2 cut that down to 2 times/day, until I see my PS. on April 19th.
Then he'll decide what products I should use.
Can't wait for the end of the Vaseline tho :-)
During my earlier laser (cheeks and mouth) I used an oil product to reduce uneven pigmentation, but I broke out in a rash.
That baby new skin doesn't like a lot of tampering :-)

Day 9

I can't see any real difference in the last couple of days? Everything looks like it's at a standstill, altho I'm sure my skin must be healing itself, under the vaseline slick.
Still luvin' the smoother skin tho :-)))

Photos for Day 9

Day 10

Boy last nite was a rough one :-(
Woke up at 3:30am with the itches and had 2 get up 4 an hour. I removed excess vaseline with a Q-Tip and then re-applied it b4 going back to bed.
Needless 2 say, this morning I feel like a dish rag. Thankfully my hubby is wonderful and helps me with everything :-)
So today -probably because I feel so tired, I'm a bit discouraged. But that's all part of the healing process. Not every day is positive.

So I was sitting here and thinking i'm at a standstill with my healing. Then I compared yesterdays photos with today's = today's skin looks less red! YEAH :-)
If it hadn't been for this wonderful website, I'm sure I wouldn't have kept as good a photo diary! This site not only helps others but yourself - as well :-D

Day 11

Having a good day today :-)
Lots of skin peeled off during application and removal of excess Vaseline. Guess I totally forgot about that part from my 1st CO2 Laser. When u have so much Vaseline on, there's no chance of flaky dry skin - it's 1 big slick!
So, onwards and upwards.

Day 14

I think I'm finally passed the 'itching phase' = thank goodness!
It's always worst at 3am. LOL
Am getting impatient now 2 stop the Vaseline works and so want 2 just wash my face with mild cleanser.
I don't see my PS for another full week - so have 2 wait til then before I change my routine. I shouldn't complain tho, as everything is going well :-D

Day 17

Well last nite I stated itching all over my forehead. I decided 2 wash my face with mild soap and discontinue the Vaseline. I'd been using it for 16 days and thought 'enough already'.
My skin looks red but seems all healed to me :-)
I used some C+E Peptide oil + my Vivier skin moisturizer. I'm not quite sure that this is the right thing 2 do, but.....
He's in surgery today - so I'll just wing it until Tuesday when I see him.
Not sure what others do - to flip from Vaseline to what other products?

Sue :-)

Day 23

Got the thumbs up from the PS :-)
My 4head is still red and looks like I've got a sunburn. I'll take that any day, rather than all those wrinkles :-)
To diminish the red... I'm using moisturizer + hydroquinone oil , but only every 3rd night so far. As the wks go by, I'll increase the use - as long as I don't have any bad reactions. The rest of the time, I'll be using C+ E Peptide + moisturizer for am and pm.
I'm so glad I did the CO2 laser! I really thought that I would need a brow lift to get rid of the awful horizontal lines between my eyebrows.
So I'm super happy with all my results :-)
Thanks for everyone's kind words of encouragement!

OOPS - here's a bigger b4 photo :-)

B4 in May '15 + After in Apr '16

As per my sisters request :-)

Just 4 fun = Lash Extensions

I decided 2 try these just 2 be able 2 eliminate the need of Mascara.
I'm terrible at putting on mascara and always wind up with a mess of clumps .
I luv these new lashes! They're a tad expensive - but it's a girly gift 2 my new face.
I often go out now with no actual makeup :-)

Updated photo on Feb 19/17

Well, it's almost a yr since I did my 4head CO2 and I'm still liking the results :-)
I do notice there is a bit of pigmentation difference between my frown lines and the surrounding skin that didn't require as much laser. It's only noticeable tho when I'm looking in my 20x magnifying mirror! LOL
...maybe I'll do some more botox, as I don't like the return of the wrinkles between my eyes. Trouble is it's not a permanent fix and the costs add up over time, but it's so much easier than the CO2 laser route.
Now I know where that ol' saying comes from: "No pain, no gain". LOL

I had a lower bleph done by him, 10 yrs ago. He's always dose a wonderful job and let's you know what's feasible and what's not. I like his personality cause he's warm hearted, + quirky :-) He has vast experience in all plastic surgery - from rebuilding faces from car accidents to cosmetics, so I feel that I'm in very experienced hands. Just wish he had warned me about the 8 local anaesthetic injections for CO2 laser, so I could have been more mentally prepared = Ouch!

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