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Two years ago, I was 5'7, 225 lbs with DD breasts....

Two years ago, I was 5'7, 225 lbs with DD breasts. I am now 160 lbs with a C cup. I've never been perky, but now I feel quite droopy! Especially when I lie on my side and my boobs just sort of flatten together. So, post-divorce and with some profit coming in from the sale of the house, I decided to treat myself to a breast lift, hoping to stay around a C.

Update and photos

I noted the following as the Doctor review, but it contains some relevant details so I'll include as an update as well.

Dr. Howard Silverman is the highest rated plastic surgeon in my city and after my consult, I can see why! He's great, very friendly and informative. I did not feel rushed at all, and the consult felt casual but respectful. When he was doing a routine breast exam (for lumps) and the nurse had to walk in and out of the room to get something, and when she opened the door he automatically pulled the gown forward a bit to cover my bits. There was no one outside the door (it doesn't open into the waiting room) and I'm not super modest but I really appreciated knowing he sees me as a person. He felt that I'd be an excellent candidate for a lift and went over expectations, risks, etc. The staff are also very nice and welcoming. I will be booking my surgery appointment as soon as the closing date on the house (May 15) so I can pay for it outright.

Question: I've found my areolas are too big, especially the left one. Dr. Silverman said the right one is about the perfect size and I am more than happy to defer to his judgment and experience in this case. Just wondering what you guys think? Maybe it's because I have a small nipple.

Surgery booked!

Okay! My surgery is paid for and booked, for August 19! I'm pretty stoked. Not about quitting smoking on July 19 - but the prospect of my boobs rotting off will keep be on track for that.

I think for the areola thing, I'm going to not go any smaller than the smallest point on them now, is that makes sense. Facing the pictures, the left side of the left areola (which is my right boob) is about what I'd want for both of them. I think because my boobs aren't huge, nor are my nipples, an average-but-slightly-smaller areola might make me look a little bit bustier.

This picture is kind of what I'm hoping for (after & before pics).

Surgery is done!

Surgery was yesterday! Seems so surreal. It was an interesting day. I had never had general anesthetic before so that was a new one! Going under was scary, but coming out of it was worse because I felt like I couldn't breathe through the O2 mask. Other than that it was pretty okay. They gave me some gravol for mild nausea and eventually water and a snack and I went home.
The first night was easy and I was having trouble staying lying down. My boyfriend made me take it easy.

Today was more difficult. I have peripheral edema so I'm bloated and itchy, and I had some gross nausea for hours. I took gravol but it didn't seem to help this time around. It's better now but I will be taking the percocets sparingly, that's for sure!

The pain has been minimal. I only feel some pain when I walk. My boyfriend helped me wash my hair and clean up a bit.

Tomorrow is my post op. It's a bit soon but my doc is away on holidays after that. I am really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow! I am braced for frankenboobs but still, I am very curious!

It's not letting me upload pictures from my iPhone unfortunately. I'll try again tomorrow.

Post-op Pictures

Some pictures from the evening after surgery. They seem to have swelled up a decent bit since these photos.
I am thankfully over the nausea now. That was easily the worst part of all of it so far! Not a fan of the bloating, either and I'm ignoring the constipation. I'll worry about that in a day or two if it gets to that point!

Dressings off!

I had my dressings off today. I was so nervous about how they would look! I am pretty pleased so far. Will see how they settle over the next little while. I get stitches out next Thursday.

I'm almost ready to call it quits with the Percocet. Pain is very mild and I think my end of day today I'll switch to ibu.

Itchy day

So I guess this is day three! No issues except for some serious itching all over. Beats the nausea though. Swelling is down a bit. I'd like to poop soon.

Day 3 thoughts on pain, fatigue and my kitty!

I have to say I am shocked by how little pain there has been. I don't think I was ever over a level 2-3 for pain, and I bet it could have been done without any narcotics at all (glad I didn't have to test that out though).

The fatigue has been a drag though. I'll feel good when I wake up - do a few chores, walk and get a coffee, sit back down and wham! All I want to do is sleep. But then I get tired of sleeping and sitting around and since I'm not in pain, I don't really connect fatigue with healing. It really helps to have someone around to tell you it's okay to take it easy but to keep you entertained at the same time, rather than just watching tv endlessly.

Tonight is my first night back at my house. I am not sure what it will be like with my cats overnight! I have one of them who LOVES to lie on my chest and knead. Endearing, usually. Terrifying prospect tonight. I am also wondering how it'll go for sleeping on my back. I had opted to sleep on the couch at my boyfriend's place (so I wouldn't have to go up/down stairs to get the bathroom) so rolling onto my side hasn't even been an option. In my regular bed, though, I am usually a side sleeper.

Swelling is down, fatigue is high!

I did NOT realize how bad post-anesthesia fatigue is! Thankfully I cleaned and did all my chores before surgery but what I didn't do was stock up on food and essentials like diet soda and coffee and snacks.

Other than that, though, things are good! Swelling is down today (boo) and on my way back to normal.

We have come to an arrangement

Sleeping on my back has been easy. My cat has been awesome and seems to have learned that she can't knead, step on or lie on my boobs.

You know what I miss like crazy? That "ahhhh" feeling you get at the end of the day when you take your bra off.

Not much news. A teensy bit of clear yellow leakage at the "T" part of the incision of one boob. My boyfriend has been a pro at examining them daily, feeling for heat and soreness. Dr. S's staff has also been great!

I've been keeping busy with some painting. I'm no artist but I had some canvases lying around and the Percocet seems to stir up some creative feelings in me.

Oh, all nausea is gone. Must have been the anesthetic to blame. I am still taking the Percocet. The pain is low but the percocets help with the general boredom and ugh and fatigue.

Feeling normal again, finally

For those of you following along - 6 days marked my return to approximate normalcy! Which is good, because I'm back to work today (7th day) and on Monday (5th day) I was really unsure how I was going to manage working.

As of yesterday, my energy levels are back up and consistent. Not 100%, but I actually did some chores and got out of the house. My weight is also back to normal (between constipation and edema I was up 5-8 lbs which isn't that bad but it didn't help with how I was feeling).

Tape off, stitches still in

I had a follow-up today. There was talk of potentially removing my stitches today, but the nurse opted to leave them in for another week (they don't need another week, but her next day in the office is next Friday). Honestly, I am pretty happy about that. Even losing the tape rattled my mind, so those stitches can stay in for as long as they want, keep everything nice and snug and secure!

She says things are looking good! Still a bit of leaking, but minor (measured in small drops) so I've been instructed to apply polysporin on a gauze pad for a few days to keep things tidy and protected.

A lot of the swelling has gone down especially on the left (under the bird tattoo) and I think I'm starting to approach the "final look" realm. I know there's a long way to go, but I think I'm starting to get there in terms of size and fullness. I'm very happy! I did go a size smaller for the areola and I'm glad I did. I think in a year or two, when all is settled, I'm going to get the area around the areola tattooed to blend it in so it looks more natural.

But that's far ahead! And now I have a restful four day weekend coming up, much healing before I get back into the swing of things at work.

This week sucks!

So how we're in healing territory and it's gnarly. I'm pretty panicky about all the healing imperfections which Vanessa at Dr. S' office assures me is normal (she is amazing, by the way). It's been leaky and sore (mildly sore and to the touch) and weird looking. But I did hack up my boobs so... to be expected! I just wasn't expecting to be quite so freaked about it. On the plus side, I *think* I'm out of nipple-falling-off-territory, something I am pretty sensitive to due to my smoking history (it's good motivation to stay off the nic, though!).

Then I got TMJ from sleeping propped up. And my period. And my ribs still hurt pretty bad, which I guess is just bruising and tenderness. So - I am calling this hell week! But it's just one week and by the end of it I should be feeling much better. I have another follow up on Friday with the nurse.

Almost a month update and bra for grabs

Things are coming along! Shape and size has stayed about the same but they are starting to shape nicely around the bottom.

One of the dissolvable stitches worked its way out on its own today. It just rolled off like a scab. Most of the incisions look good with a few smell gaps and pits which I am unconcerned about. I don't think I have feeling back on one of my nipples but it doesn't bug me (and it's still early yet).

The bra I am wearing here is now too big, but it was perfect post surgery with the bandages and swelling and edema and weight gain from inactivity and eating so much with the Percocet.

Would anyone like it? It wasn't cheap and I hate to throw it away. It's a Salome fajas surgical bra size 36. Before the lift I was a 36c/34d and it was slightly too large for regular wear but perfect for post surgery.

A minor (I think) complication

I had a few of the dissolvable stitches work their way out. Almost totally out, knot outside the skin, just held by a small strip of skin. I snipped the loops and they fell out. Two healed fine, but one of them leaked a bit and I developed a red area which persisted over a few days. It was warm to the touch and maybe slightly swollen. No pain or itching, but I went to see the doctor who said an infection was trying to start (so I gather the redness is my body trying to fight it, as opposed to cellulitis) and put in on ABX. Which sucks because all next week I'm out of province for work and remembering to take those pills four times a day is going to be a pain.

Bra is still available if anyone wants it. No charge, I'll cover shipping (or we can split it or whatever... I just get the trepidation of sending money to a stranger!)

Four month update

Alright ladies, I made it to the four month mark! Not too much has changed. My stitches have stopped coming out, thank god, that was gross and annoying. Scars are fading and are actually paler in real life than in the photos.

Massaging has helped a ton with scar tissue and to be honest I think that's making much more of a different than the mederma I've been using. I will use it until the tube is empty and then keep using Bio Oil, just because I like the stuff and it gives me some lubrication to work with. I do a bit of massaging at night before I go to sleep a few nights a week... whenever I think about it.

The shape is coming along and I think I'm pretty close to "final shape". Righty was slower to heal than lefty but has finally lost most of it the squareness on the bottom. I'm pretty pleased with the shape! Once the scars fade, I think they are going to look very natural.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish they weren't a bit bigger. I don't regret having gone with *just* a lift, but I wish they were magically bigger - or at least had more volume on top. I figure maybe in 5-10 years if I have a kid or re-sag, maybe then I'll favour an implant over another lift (if I still care by then).

For reference, I went from a DD at my highest weight, to a small D before the lift, and now I seem to be about a C. You know what sucks though? I thought bra shopping would be easier now but it's not. Bras suck. Thankfully I can get away without wearing one now (I still usually do).

Happy happy cleavage!

So I know last time I posted I mentioned wishing they were bigger. Those feelings have totally gone and I am so happy now! I can do so much more with them than I ever could before, like cleavage (see!!), being able to to fit into clothes with built in bras, lying on my side, not wearing a bra etc.

Now I just need to get my boyfriend to believe they aren't fragile anymore! I spent so long wearing a shirt during sex times that I have to remind myself that I can take it off.

Scar revision

So my healing is coming along well! I barely notice the scars anymore although they aren't invisible yet. There was just one brown patch under my right areola (see the allow in the picture). That area is where a bunch of stitches came out and created a very small infection, so it healed a lot more slowly and I think the areola skin healed downwards. That spot has no lightened up at all and is the same colour as my areola, so I asked my surgeon's office and they've scheduled me for a scar revision on Aug 5. It's in-office and should take only 1/2 hour, no additional charge.

I'm kind of excited about it! I find that brown spot is the only thing that mars an otherwise nice pair of boobies. I'll keep ya posted on how it goes!

Revision done!

Hey hey y'all. Long time no talk. Everything's been fine. Yesterday was my scar revision for that wayward patch of areola skin. The revision took around 8 minutes with local anesthetic and was pretty painless. Except I could HEAR THE SCRAPING of the wound tissue as he was cleaning it up prior to suturing. That was disturbing. Painless but gross. I recommend headphones!

Here's a pic three days later. You can see bruising but it's painless. I get the stitches out in a week. The scars are less visible in real life but not totally invisible by any means.

Oh, funny story, a couple months ago I had what I thought was an ingrown hair making its way out of the incision scar. Nope. A forgotten piece of suture material! Came out no problem.

One of my favourite things about getting the lift was being able to go braless. No clean bras? No problem!

I am thrilled with everything but I'm really hoping that next week is my last appointment!
Ottawa Plastic Surgeon

I had a breast lift with Dr. Silverman a month ago and could not be more pleased with the everything from the first consultation, to the operation day, to the results. He is kind, punctual and thorough. Friendly and respectful. I never felt rushed and I could frequently sense his excitement and passion for his work. He explained everything about the risks, expectations, procedure, etc. I felt fully prepared. His staff is great (shoutout to the ever-tolerant Vanessa!), supportive and quick to respond to email questions. And the actual end product looks fantastic. I am so pleased. The greatest compliment I was received was, upon showing them to a family friend who had also lost moderate weight recently: "You know, this makes me really think about getting it done, too." I would recommend the procedure and Dr. S in a heartbeat.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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