47yrs Old, 38DD Long Hoping to Be a 38 B "HIGH" in Oshawa, Ontario

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Hello, I am so excited to begin this journey. I...

Hello, I am so excited to begin this journey. I am a RN who has just had enough of the bra strap issues, the rash (another one just healing). Cant wait to not have to buy an extra large in everything.
I started taking arnica daily, no aspirin or Advil. Still having a wee drink of wine though. My Pre op was on Monday, and being a OR Nurse , I already know the drill. I don't practice in the OR anymore but in LTC, and cosmetic injecting. I am not afraid of surgery especially because I do have the best Plastic Surgeon around.

The Night Before.......

I am an excited nervous wreck. I keep reminding myself that I have the BEST Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Derek Ford. He is awesome. I have had surgery with him prior and loved his manner and professionalism. I am having a BR and breast lipo, along with love handle lipo and inner thighs. I am now NPO and surgery is at 0810. I am hoping for a B. My goal is to be able to jog and swim better, and wear a buttom up blouse without it popping open. I have cleaned the house, all sheets, bedding, couch, pillows, everything is ready. I had a luxurious bath and primping of girlie parts. I will have another shower in the am. Toes are painted, but fingernails are not. I am wearing an old bra to the hosp and a button up front shirt of husbands. I am wearing loose scrub bottoms (I am an RN) and slip on shoes. The bra I will throw in the garbage :) no need for underwear either as I will have a compression garmet. Signing off and saying Prayers. I am about the board the itty bitty boobie train. I have waited a long time for this. God Bless.

post op

Surgery was from 0815-1145. I got home about 3 pm and went to sleep. Woke up and took Tylenol 3's x2 and had homemade chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. I was up and down on the couch. Took 2 more Tylenol 3's at 1100 pm and didn't sleep a wink. They have caffeine in them and holy sweet mother mary and joseph.....I could have walked a marathon. Awake, alert, on facebook, pinterest, I read. At 3 am, I took agravol to shut me down and sleepand that didn't work. Just my luck. I want to sleep. From now on, Tylenol regular only.

24hrs post op

Good Morning, still not sleeping and taking regular Tylenol. I have 2 drains in, which are draining blood and some fat. I had lipo under each armpit too, along with lipo to waist and inner thighs. I have ted stocking on (to prevent embolus), a athletic short type girdle (with no crotch), a abdominal binder, 2 drains, taped padded up boobies and my own AHHH bra (like a soft genie bra). I look like a stuffed sausage. My left breast was bigger, so that is sore. Inner thighs are purple with bruising. Left breast has some blood that I can see through the dressing. I can raise my right arm completely with no problem, so I can brush my hair, teeth etc. I am not nauseated one bit, even with being on Clindamycin (antibiotic). I had 3 hard boiled eggs for breakfast and pineapple juice. I am swollen though. The Nurse is coming in soon so hopefully I will get to really see what I look like. But I am happy, sitting up and grateful to this forum. So glad to be aboard the itty bitty train.

post op #2

Hi, I am still on Clindamycin, and switched to Advil which had taken down the swelling a ton. I urinated off half my body weight this afternoon. I can sleep with my right hand over my head and can comb my hair no problem. The left side, the bigger side is another story. Left side hurts the most, drains the most, and cant lift my arm up without pain. The drains I swear I can feel on either side of my breasts. I also had lipo to inner thighs and waist so ....let me be honest....inner thighs kill. KILL. Other than that, I just took an Ativan to get some rest as sleeping is another story and can never get comfy. I am off all narcotics as of yesterday.

post op day 4

Saw my PS, the lovely and talented Dr. Derek Ford, I have to keep my drains in also......better than a seroma :) I am bruised....swollen, but he is pleased as am I. I had 200 cc of additional breast lipo along with the BR and 1500 of lipo from hips and inner thighs. It is recommended for me to wear a light stretchy sports bra, which I have on anyways. Still feel like a stuffed packaged sausage with the knee to ribs compression garment. I'm a bit bitchy today.

Good Friday.... post op Day 8

YAHOO....one drain out, one to go. The left (bigger side) still is bothersome. I am a RN who is an Advanced Cosmetic Injector so yesterday, I saw patients and did Botox and filler. Although I was not lifting.....I do have to move around my arms. I nearly passed out injecting my first patient. Geez, I don't know what gives about the "fainty" feeling. I did eat, I am not starving, never been a fainter....who knows. Maybe because I had lipo to flanks and inner thighs and major healing there also. Anyways, Masters thesis on that one. Lipo breast bruising is decreasing, my new ta tas are still a lovely mustard colour from the bruising. I had quite a wide breast so it is nice not to feel them on my arms. My patients comments on how I look more proportionate, not so wide and like a linebacker in the front. I go see my handsome and talented Dr Derek Ford on Monday.....hopefully drainless. God Bless this surgery.....I should have done it years ago. God Bless.

11days post op

Happy Easter Monday. I love my ta tas. Love love love. I have a gifted PS, Dr. Derek Ford, whom I saw today in the office. All my steri strips were removed and replaced. Lipo to flanks and inner thighs were reviewed and those sutures removed. I wear my Marena body garment 24/7. I can wear a bra with no wire or my sports bra. No compression is needed. I love them. I have no puckering, some mild resolving bruising from the breast lipo. Just gorgeous. No lifting, pushing , no pulling no reaching. Now is a difficult time as we are all healing, feeling good, but sutures are dissolving. Collagen is laid down by 6 weeks, so until then....rest and heal. ox

12 days post op

Holy sore and swollen today. Nothing looks reduced at all today ...I
am that swollen.

13 days post op.....thanks for the advice Peediewife

Yes. Yes. Yes. Swelling down today. Thank the Lord above...honestly. I was a miserable hunk of fluid yesterday. I took advice and had a few martinis last night. (lol) Slept topless......girls gotta get air (thanks to peediewife's advice)and feel much better today. My lipo areas are much better also. Still in a garment from waist to thighs. breast bruising way better also. I love how shirts are baggy !!!!

20 days Post Op.

Hi all, Went to se my handsome and talented PS, Dr. Derek Ford. Whom I highly recommend. I have the best boobies ever. So happy. No puckering at all, the finest work. I still wear a no underwire bra, I feel comfortable in a firm Victoria Secret Sports Bra. Love that thing. I do wear the Marena bra from time to time, but it is just not comfy for me. I sleep in the VS sports bra and stuff socks in my cleavage still as when I move to the side and the girls move, it makes me sore. I did start with Stratderma a scar crème last night. No jogging until 8 week mark. I still swell especially as I am a RN, and working makes me sore. Its hard to slow down. I do "air" my breasts usually at night. I have nipple reaction, but little sensation as of yet. I would advise anyone reading this, to follow what your PS advises. I have seen a lot of bad suggestions on here......that can lead to untoward complications. Remember, your PS had been schooled for many many years. They know best for you, your body, skin type and any pre-existing conditions. Be safe. Heading to Punta Cana tomorrow for a rest. Sun, Salt water, and surf. Be wise and Safe and God Bless all. oxo

4.5 weeks...and post Punta Cana holiday

Hi friends. Well to recap, I am an RN, went back to work after 1 week (still had drains in) and that was dumb. May 3-10 I went to Punta Cana on holiday with instructions.....relax, heal, nothing with arms and take it easy. Well, I can tell you salt water helps. Swelling came down, I took it easy, lazy on the beach. I had lipo to inner thighs and waist and even those areas reduced in swelling. I wore my garments overnight and still a bra. It was nice to wear a bikini and have perky boobies instead of having them on my abdomen. My incisions are so smooth, no puckers, no openings, so darn gorgeous. My PS is a God. Next thing I need is the back fat done. lol.
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