Unrealistic Expectations and Unexpected Side-effects

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Over a year ago, I underwent double jaw surgery,...

Over a year ago, I underwent double jaw surgery, from the moment I awakened something was wrong with the left-side of my face. Fast-forward several months to muscle weakness and numbness - a squint smile, drooped cheek, drooped mouth... Fast-foward a year - a large hard swelling on the left-side of my cheek caused by puss and damage to one of my teeth during surgery, whereby the tooth died. Fast forward to now - a damaged face, which I'm aware of every waking moment. Added to which, I hate wearing my Hawley retainers - I might feel different if my smile/face didn't remind me of a stroke patient. Plus I was left with spaces between my back teeth from where I had been banded by my ortho, which now trap food. This means every time I eat - even something small - I must floss. And yes, I went to a reputable ortho and a reputable surgeon, but this surgery is complex and things go wrong... often.
Had I known my outcome, I would not have had this surgery. But at least, I've decided that I'll never have children, as I could never put a human being through what I've been though.

2 years and 2 weeks post-op - still numb, still squint, still in braces

Here's the update on my double jaw surgery.

My left cheek, left top-lip, left bottom-lip and left bottom of my face remain numb. The muscles in my left top-lip and lower left-lip continue not to move making my smile (not showing teeth) squint and my nose squint.

I'm still in braces - although those are supposedly coming off shortly. Still depressed and being a recluse. Oh well.

To those of you going through the process, good luck in your recovery xo
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