Skilled, artistic, precise injector. Cannula for tear troughs.

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Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon

I went to see Dr. Ort after unhappy results with tear trough injections from an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver (I now realize that someone can be a great surgeon and a not-so-great injector). Here are some highlights from my experience: Dr. Ort agreed that the lumpiness in my tear trough was not terrible, and he recommended I just wait it out rather than dissolve it. I talked to him and his assistant about the “dents” in my upper cheeks, and the possibility of filling them and also helping hide the lumpy tear trough injections, and soften my nasolabial folds a bit. Initially the assistant said she didn’t think I needed it. I loved it that she and Dr. Ort were honest and definitely not trying to oversell me, or even just go along with something they thought wouldn’t look good. (I don’t have any good “before” photos -- I’m sharing what I have, but it’s hard to really see the problem: my cheeks sagged a bit and created a dent/hollow on the upper cheek under the outside corner of my eyes. It was driving me crazy). On closer inspection, Dr. Ort agreed that a conservative amount of filler in the cheeks (1/2 syringe each side) would help with the dents and my nasolabial area. He used a cannula, and it was a vastly different experience than with the surgeon (who used a needle). For one thing, Dr. Ort took a long time and was clearly thinking things through, looking at the structure of my face, and even asking the assistant for her thoughts, which made me feel like I had a team working on me, not just one person. He went slow and injected a small amount into a number of different places, “threading” the filler through my cheek. The cannula didn’t hurt at all, and I had no bruising (compared to a pretty brutal bruise from the surgeon). The only downside is that the injections sites from the cannula were very noticeable the whole day following the procedure – it looked like I had my cheeks pierced, and was even a bit swollen and slightly blue on one side – but the size of a pencil eraser. But it was almost imperceptible by the next day. It’s only day 3, but I’m happy with the results. Even with only ½ syringe in each cheek, my nasolabial folds are less prominent, my cheeks are much smoother, and I look younger. I wish I’d gone to Dr. Ort for my tear trough injections. His assistant told me that tear troughs are actually the bulk of what he does, and I would definitely trust him with that complex and delicate area. Overall, I found the whole experience with Dr. Ort reassuring. He is so clearly invested in getting a good result; he takes pride in what he’s doing; he was conservative and very responsive to what I was looking for. Oh, and his prices seem very reasonable -- $599 for one syringe of Restalyne Lift (I think the surgeon charges $700-800). If you want very subtle, natural results with a gentle touch, I would recommend Dr. Ort.

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