29 Years Old. 3 Kids. 100lbs 32b - Ormond Beach, FL

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Okay so I've been stalking this site for a long...

Okay so I've been stalking this site for a long time now. Lol well now the time has come where I'm finally able to get the boobies I've always wanted. I've always been tiny and flat chested. The only time I was truly happy with my breast size was during my 3 pregnancies. The 1st consultation was 2 months ago. We decided on 350cc hp silicone under the muscle. I went back a month later and changed it to 350cc in my left and 400cc in my right. But now I'm back to debating about the size again. I know all about boob greed. Lol on one hand I'm worried about spending all this money only to be disappointed by going to small but I'm also worried about going to big for my body type. I'm 5'3 100lbs athletic not a lot of breast tissue. Any tips or advice would be great.

My Itty bitties 32 deflated B

Here's a few before pics. 68 days until the great expansion!! ????

Playing around with the rice sizers.

I used a little shy of 2 cups of rice. So from what I read that's about 400cc. Let me know if I'm wrong lol

Pregnant boobs

Here's a few pics of my boobs while pregnant with my youngest.

Wish pics

These girls are around the same size as me.


Okay ladies I have tried to quit smoking a few times. I've done the vase thing twice and it made me horribly sick. Patches never worked. :( my doctor and the nurse at his office that I know personally said their not worried about it. Are there any ladies out there that have gone through a breast augmentation while still smoking cigarettes? I'm still going to try and cut down and hopefully quit before my date. But it's really hard bc I work in two bars that ppl smoke in. Plus biketoberfest is right before my date. And I'll be working 15 hours a day outside with ppl smoking. I know I'll really want to smoke also.
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