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I have had my consultation and pre-op with Dr....

I have had my consultation and pre-op with Dr. Soto for my tummy tuck, and now I'm ready for surgery in a week! He has a superb bedside manner, and his staff was great. His attention to detail and artistic nature is right on point. Very excited about my procedure! Say a prayer for me. AGGGHHHH!!! :)

Surgery Yesterday!

It went very well. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be, but I knew I was in the best of hands. Everyone was great! Got there, Dr. Soto marked me, then I got a surprise complimentary facial before surgery, so that was nice. Mack was my anesthesiologist, he was cool. Once I got in the OR, he was fooling with my IV and then said "think positive thoughts"....and I was GONE! Haha! Just remember waking up. And felt super groggy while coming out of it but once I got home and rested for a few hours, I was ready to watch movies!

Today: Feeling pretty good. The drains are a little annoying, and the garment keeps creeping up when I sit because I'm swollen. A little worried about that because it's supposed to be sucking everything in. I haven't had any nausea but very gassy, which sucks because I can't let it out. Slept pretty good, considering I'm a stomach sleeper and slept upright with my legs elevated on my couch. They say today and tomorrow will be the worst but so far so good! Hope the trains come out fast lol

I'll write more as I go along... Thanks for the continued prayers :-)

I'm a stomach sleeper but I did get some rest.

Third day after surgery

All I can say is WOW.. Dr. Soto is an outstanding surgeon. I have had the best recovery and certainly wasn't expecting to feel this little pain and discomfort. This is truly why you need to really explore the best surgeon for you when considering plastic surgery and not just pick the one that is least expensive. Do your research! I happen to work for a plastic surgeon that only specializes in faces and I already knew Dr. Soto was the best for body work. Look at his pics on real self compared to other PS's. They're truly remarkable! He pays a lot of attention to the little details that give you the best results, that some surgeons would not, and to me, this sets him apart.

I would say, so far, the most annoying thing for me is the drains and not being able to sleep in my bed. ???? I tried it when I first got home but it was really difficult to sliiiide into bed. It was much easier to use my leg muscles and my arms to lower me onto the couch. (Thank God for all the arm lifts and squats I've done leading up haha). Plus the drains get pulled when you slide into the bed from the side. Truly a recliner or a couch with your feet inclined is the best way to go. Is it the most comfortable, NO, but better. Plus you are taking pressure off the incision this way. Either way I've been sleeping ok. The pain pills knock me out every 6 hours..

The other annoyance is that the garment rolls up every time I sit down. I'm worried it's not sucking me in the way it's supposed to be. Also, my friend and I can't tighten it as much as I think we're supposed to be. We pull and pull and it only goes so far. I know there's more swelling now than when they first put it on me so it won't close as tight.

Annoyance #3.......TRAPPED GAS! Yep, I said it! ???? Hahaha! I'm taking the Senokit S but all it does is make me super gassy and can't release because my muscles aren't strong enough. I have not had a BM yet. I tried showering yesterday but when I released the garment, I was having a hard time breathing without the support, and got a little dizzy. It made me really nervous so, today I'll try again. Wash cloths and sink baths are my best friend.

I will be alone for the first time tonight. I'm a little nervous about that, but I've been trying to do a lot of the walking and drain stuff on my own in anticipation of this. I'm walking a little more upright today and not so hunched over. Thank god for muscle relaxers or my back would be done! Lol

SN: (disclaimer: GUYS, close your eyes!) Ladies, fi you're hoping for a pretty little vag with your tummy tuck then you will be pleasantly surprised! This almost bothered me more than my tummy, and it is so pretty now, I've even been showing it off to my friends, lol lol! It's the perfect little 'V' now.. ????

I go for my 1st post op follow up tomorrow. I know the drains won't be coming out yet.....fooey! Wish me luck! God bless.. ????

~ Nicole Xo

1 Week Post Op Picture

e on my upper back...THAT'S IT! Dr. Soto is outstanding! Please choose the best board certified surgeon and not choose based on cost alone!

1 Week Post Op Picture

I only have one bruise on my upper back...THAT'S IT! Dr. Soto is outstanding!

Photo 2

2 Weeks Post Op and feelin' great!

Everything is going really really good. Almost feel wrong for feelin this good. I'm not taking anymore pain pills or muscle relaxers, and I'm back to work. Sleeping in my bed FINALLY, at an incline with pillows propping me up and elevating my legs. Still better than the couch! Slept a little in my side last night too. Ohhhh the simple things in life.. haha! Had an appointment on Wednesday and Dr. Soto said he was very pleased with my results so far, and he watched me walk into the room and was amazed at how upright I am. Second drain came out that day, as well as the tape over the incision. I bought some scar gel from Skin Medica that is supposed to be amazing. I hope so for $160! Still the worst thing is this DAMN garment. It's so tight and uncomfortable, but I've found a soft tank top underneath helps. I had to buy a second garment to accommodate for my large hips and booty. One more month with the garments....UGH! lol! Hope everyone is doing well.. Xo


Hey guys! So sorry I haven't been around to post any updates, but lots of good changes going on in my life since my last post! Also, I was waiting for my after pics. I just want you all to know that I could not be MORE THRILLED with my results. Dr. Soto gave me my confidence back, my smile back, and my health back. Now with a body I love to look at, 40 lbs. lost, and a pretty vag (no more puffy muffin.. lol), I couldn't be happier with the perfectionism of Dr. Soto and the care and detail that he and his staff showed me from beginning to end. Truly an amazing, 5 star experience!

Ok, I attached my before and after pics from every angle. If you're on the fence, scared or unsure about having any type of cosmetic procedure, or can't decide which plastic surgeon is best for you, I truly hope that my posts and pics will help you make the best decision you will ever make. Trust me when I say....you will NOT be disappointed....there will be NO regrets!!! Xo

Pic of Me

So you all don't think I'm forever faceless...lol

Incision Pic

Every after picture I see doesn't show the incision line.. well here ya go! Pretty awesome, huh?! Scar cream twice a day now, and eventually some laser treatment on the incision line should make my scarring virtually invisible!
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