7 months post kybella , total of 3 treatments .

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I m so excited about trying kybella vs chin lipo ,...

I m so excited about trying kybella vs chin lipo , I was originally scheduled for chin lipo but changed my mind at the last minute , I have struggle with my double chin , it runs it my family ,no matter how much I work out my chin will akways make me look heavier than what I m actually am.
My stats are 5'1 120 36.26.38 .
My first treatment was at level 6/10 painful , I put ice for about 5 minutes prior to injection , I would have hope numbing cream n ice to feel less pain . Perhaps I can ask for that alternative next time . Mild pain lasted about 2 hours after procedure , I took 1 ibuprofen for the pain .
The night before procedure I was recommended to take Benadryl , in case I had an ellergic reaction . I would say so far the worst side effect is the swelling . My chin looks 3 times bigger than before . I decided to take the weekend off n stay in . This is definitely not a quick fix . Be aware and plan ahead .
I m planning to get my second injection in 6 weeks . Will post new pictures at 3rd/6 weeks mark .

Picture minutes after injection

Forgot to include this picture . Few minutes after injection .

Before / day after injection

Before/ right after injection / day after

Next update will be in my 3rd week , then 6 weeks .

Drinking a lot water

Been 4 days and i have notice drinking a lot of water is helping.. Maybe is too much information but i can see the actual fat in my urine. (sorry too much information) but for those out there trying to get of the swelling perhaps increasing intake of water might work wonders. Is working for me. Drinking at least 8-10 bottles of 16.9 Oz daily.

One week post

Slightly better but still swollen . Been drinking a lot of water . The key is to wait . Feels bumpy and hard , little tender to the touch . Will update in 3rd week.

Second week.

Still swollen , hurts a little to the touch and with lumps . This is definitely a treatment for those with patience . I thought my swelling will be less by now ;( so far not too impress and worry about it . Hopefully next couple of weeks swelling will decrease . My second injection is due in 4 weeks .

Second week (cont..)

I do notice my jaw getting a little more definition which i m happy about it . Forgot to add i m walking 5 miles daily and drinking 8-10 glasses of water, so I lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks. That might have something to do as well.

Forgot to add picture or worst day swollen.

3 weeks after 1st injection

4 west post

Hoping for more definition . Still feels tender at touch and have one lump on my right side . Going in for second injection in 2 weeks . Hopefully better results .

5th week

Not what I was expecting at this point, a little disappointed . However I must admit I been eating out a lot , junk food and not exercising as much . Not sure if that affected the outcome . I m due for my second injection next Friday , Price went up $200 which I think is ridiculous . But it will be pointless for me to stop at my first try .

6 weeks post op

Today is my 6 weeks post mark for my first injection , I m not sure about it just yet , I see a minimal difference and I hope to keep seeing more treatment after follow up injections

Before any treatment / 6 week post (1st injection)

Second round ..

Got my second injection yesterday , pain level this time was 5/10. . I took ibuprofen 30 minutes before my appointment , no numbing so nurse just put some ice before injections . this time though I know what I m expecting so I m little bit more prepared and less anxious .
This process takes time and patience so it will be pointless to start stressing out all over again . I m supposed to have my follow up in 8 weeks to determine if still need to undergo for third injection . I will post pictures at the end of my 8 weeks.

Second round / first week .

Swelling was as big as last time but quite frankly it does not seen to bother me anymore. I m wearing my hair down every day and putting x make up on my neck area to cover the bruises. Still drinking a lot of water and taking arnica . It is a little sore at the touch but no lumps this time. I will take pictures at the end of second treatment to compare it with before pictures and end of 1st treatment for a better idea of the outcome.
Good luck everyone !

Second round ( second week)

Getting less swollen , not painful , no lumps this time . Is just a matter of time with this treatment . I m posting a picture of 1st week Vs second week ( second treatment).

Second round / 3rd week

So far so good .getting better day by day ! Very happy with results so far . I have always had full face n look heavier than I normally am ( 120 pounds ). I did noticed a tiny little lump and is sore at touch but pretty sure will disappear by week 5-6 . See most recent picture .

Next review will be at week 8

I am going in for a follow up on Sept 16th 2016 and will determined then if i will get half of injection or full 3rd injection. I want perfect results. I've already spent a lot of time , energy, and money to have half results.

4th week( 2nd injection )

Not much has changed . Still feel little tender at touch and I can still pinch fat under my chin . Less than before but still can pinch . On my 1st injection treatment I noticed the biggest difference on week 5/6
My PA advised me to wait until week 8 too judge if 3rd injection might be necessary .

8 weeks post / second injection

By far this has been the longest wait for results and still waiting for a better outcome . I think swelling still present or perhaps is simple loose skin fat . My age (36) and my skin laxity has a lot to do with my outcome so far, I have to take under consideration that I m not in my 20's with perfect skin laxity . i m going for my 3rd injection this week . Hopefully I get better definition this time .

8 weeks / second injection.

8 weeks post / second injection

Before / after 1st/ after second .

Here is my kybella journey in pictures .- side view

My thought so far....

If i had the courage i would have gone through lipo as previously scheduled, is less hassle and quicker results. I m still have to deal with two more injection treatments to finish complete treatment, makes no sense at all to stop at second .
In my opinion it might be cheaper to go for lipo vs. kybella injections. especially if you are having done additional lipo parts.
My skin underneath chin feels loose a little and again that has a lot to do with my skin laxity and my age. I also gained 6 pounds in the past month. trying to get rid of them so hopefully it helps out with reducing sodium in my face. Unfortunately my weight gain goes directly to my face, arms and belly .

3rd injection

Here we go again. Not as painful as the first two shots , swelling still as bad .
I m due to return back in 8 weeks for follow up . This time got a coupon for $100 from kybella , it was sent to my email and was allow to use it towards my injection . Here is a picture of next day after 3rd injection Z

End of 3rd round .. - front view

Here is my front view results , will post side results shortly .

Another front picture .

My Honest opinion about kybella treatment.

If you have the time and the courage to do chin lipo , do it ! Kybella might not be for everyone.

non invasive treatment
No need for a follow up with doctor until your 6-8 weeks .
permanent results

Too expensive
Swelling part is the worst .
Multiple treatments
takes a long time to see final outcome.
You might need additional treatments such as ultherapy to tighten skin after kybella ( I KNOW I WILL)

Is been almost 5.5 months since my first kybella treatment, I see a nice improvement on my side and frontal pictures. If I had the choice to do it again I might go for the chin lipo, and then do ultherapy. I m planning to do ultherapy on my lower part of the face and chin for better results.
Good luck to everyone, this treatment definitely requires a lot of patience.

Side view picture . Final outcome .

good improvement from before , I do want to add that I am also keeping an eye on my diet and walk 5-6 miles daily in addition to sauna which I didn't before . So that has helped to keep my weight .

Side view picture


Final picture .

Final picture .

Final picture.

Having issues updating photos

7 months post ( 3 treatments )

My 7 months update . -
Bridget P.A

Name of Doctor is Armando Soto, Bridget is his P.A..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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