43 Years Young, 3 Children and Ready to Get my Pre-baby Body Back and Fabulous! - Orlando, FL

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Hello Realself Beauties! I am 43 years young, a...

Hello Realself Beauties! I am 43 years young, a petite 5 ft, 128 lbs. I have 3 beautiful children, who are all grown and married. We raised them to be great responsible adults and now it's time for me! I started researching the mm around 8 months ago, I went to several consultations in my area, & none were the right doctor for me. So I started researching out of state doctors in Florida. After much extensive homework, I finally found a Board Certified awesome doctor, that I am so very well pleased with! I will be getting a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift and possibly a breast augmentation.

4 weeks until the big day!

4 weeks from today, I will have a beautiful flat belly and perkier breasts! Overall I have been feeling pretty good about it. I just can't wait until the sx is over with, and I have a smooth recovery. I'm looking forward to being in warmer weather for my recovery. I sure need it since we've had a pretty bad winter... Western Ny!
I've been working out even harder and have lost some weight and am toning up. I want to make sure I'm as fit as I can be since i won't be able to do anything for 4-6 weeks. I honestly haven't purchased anything yet. My PS has a pre made kit that they offer which includes an additional binder garment, a large tube of scar gel that they speak of very highly, the 2 vitamins combination that they want you to start taking 3 days prior to surgery, stool softeners, surgical tape and gauze, etc... Actually my friend who had her surgery with him mentioned this package deal to me, so I'm taking advantage of this package. That way I won't have to run around! I can just relax the days prior to sx. Well I guess that's all for now. Will be posting pictures closer to my sx date. Have a great night everyone!

Three weeks until the big day!

Three weeks away and feeling excited! I am a destination patient, so I will be flying in to Orlando, Florida to have my surgery! Looking forward to some beautiful weather! Although I had a Skype consultation with my amazing doctor, I am looking forward to meeting him and his wonderful staff that I've heard so much about! His patient coordinator has been nothing but a doll. Anytime I call or message her, she is very quick to respond back. So far they have been very professional in handling everything. I know that I will be in great hands! Wow, it's getting real! :)
Have a great day everyone!

One week away until my beautiful transformation!

I'm a week away , and so excited to finally get my prebaby body back! We will be flying in to Orlando, Florida on Sunday. I then will meet my doctor and staff in person on Monday for my preop! I feel like I already know them! I'm going to love being in warm, sunshiny weather! My wonderful sister and brother in law can't wait for us to get there! They have a suite next to their home that we will be staying in with everything we need, and of course access to their home as well! Before pictures tomorrow! ;)
Have a great night ladies!

2 more days and Feeling excited!!!

I went for my preop and also to finally meet in person my amazing PS, Dr.Soto! He is truly an amazing doctor. Answered all my questions. He examined my body and tole me exactly what I needed to have. I was originally going with a tummy tuck and a breast lift, but after showing me on video and explaining to me why I didn't need a lift, but just a little fullness to achieve a desired look, I am going with a small breast augmentation with silicone under the muscle. I expressed that I don't want to go bigger, but that I just want a fuller and natural look, and that's excitedly what he's going to give me!!! He said that im going to look like a little doll when it's all said and done! Love him!!! I can't forget his wonderful staff that greeted me. I have been conversing back and forth with his patient coordinator manager Keely! We couldn't wait until we met! Well let me tell you, it was like a reunion when we met! We connected immediately! She is truly a gem! I also met his nurse manager Caley, who is also a sweetheart. She put me to ease on questions I had and made me feel so comfortable! Last but not least his other nurse practitioner Bridget! She went through all the instructions and directions for before and after with me and my husband! She was amazing and down to earth! I overall had a wonderful experience. I left feeling great about my choice in doctor. My appointment was for 2, and I didn't leave until after office closing, around 5:30! They really took their time with me and I didn't feel rushed at all. My experience has been great this far!
I will update after my surgery on Thursday ladies. Please send me well wishes! :)

Finally, pictures of my belly!

24 hours until my big day!

Getting very excited and anxious! I have everything I need for my overnight and for when I come home. I purchased my pre made kit that they offer in the office, which includes an additional binder garment, 2 surgical bras, a large tube of scar gel that they speak of very highly, the 2 vitamins combination that they want you to start taking 3 days prior to surgery, stool softeners, surgical tape and gauze. Glad I didn't have to run all over the place for all that! So overall I should be set. Just looking forward to waking up and seeing my beautiful transformation! I will make sure to post after pictures ladies! Tonight we're taking my sister and brother in law to Bongos in Orlando Florida for their anniversary! Gloria Estefan owns the place with live music and dancing! Then we're going to cirque de soliel! Fun night it should be!!! Hopefully we'll get back not to late so I can get plenty of rest and sleep. lol! My surgery is not until 12:45. Did I say we are enjoying every minute of Florida! Loving it!!!
Well ladies, please send me great well wishes on my sx and will post soon! Have a great day everyone!!!

More pictures! Uuuughhhh!


Today's the day!

My emotions are running really high right now, with much excitement and nervousness, but I know I will be just fine! We had a great night, last night in downtown universal. We took my sister and her husband for their anniversary dinner, then we went to see Cirque Du Soliel! It was an awesome night! We could of stayed longer but only thing is, I forgot to bring my stool softener, arnica and bromelian to take before 12. We had to rush back to my sisters and we made it back 5 minutes to 12. Lol! Well ladies, thank you for all your well wishes and I will make sure to post something For all you wonderful ladies! :)

9 Days Post op.

I haven't been on here as much because the 1st 7 days were pretty rough for me. On the 5th day I had my right drain removed. On the 7th day had my left one removed. Feels great not to have them on! 8th day I started coming around the corner. Been sleeping a little more because at first I was very restless, so was only getting limited sleep. I am at 70 percent as far as standing straighter. I still am very tight and swollen. But loving my results so far. This binder is driving me crazy cause I look like hunch back of notre dame! lol my energy level is slowly but surely coming back. I just have to remind myself that I have to listen to my body, and give it it's proper rest. I'm still recovering in sunny Florida. My husband is leaving today :(, but I know my sister is going to take great care of me the next 2 weeks! She took off all of next week to care and tend to my needs. :). Well ladies here are some updated photos of me post op day 9 as I promised. Have a wonderful day and happy healings to you all!

2 weeks post op

I am 14 days post op and am very happy with my results! Each day gets easier. Still don't have all my energy back but getting more sleep throughout the night. I am still in recovery mode in Orlando Florida, at my sisters place. My husband had to go back home on Saturday. So missing him, but I'll be going home May 16th! My sister and her husband have been taking very good care of me. So relaxing by their pool side each day and have my own suite, so I can go and rest as I please. I have no pain, just still some swelling and tightness in my belly area which is expected. I can feel my tummy softening some, so that's a good thing. I still have a little side pain on my back right side, from where he did a little lipo. But so far so good. I have been walking outside in this beautiful weather down here. Taking it easy and making a goal of how far I can walk before I get tired. I'm not pushing it though.
I started my scar treatment yesterday. Will update more with pictures at 3 weeks. Goodnight all! :)

4 weeks post op

Good morning ladies! I am 4 weeks post op today, and each day keeps getting better. The first 10 days were the toughest for me, but I finally started to turn the corner. At 2 weeks I graduated from the recliner to the bed, which was such a relief. It took the edge off my back.
I am still sleeping with lots of pillows around me, but can lay flat without any pillow underneath my legs. I guess the pillows are just so comfy! Lol! I still get minimal backaches, but that's because of my tight binder. Another week or 2 of wearing my binder, then I can go into a corset or waist cincher, doctor said. I may still wear the binder at night depending on how I feel. At night and in the morning I put a heating pad on my back.
I am standing pretty much straight. I have been trying to walk outside everyday for about 15 minutes. I still have some swelling, but know that's expected. I still do tire out at ends day, but know that it's the healing process. We're healing from the inside out. I have to remember that I still have to take it easy, even though I feel pretty good.
My incisions are healing pretty good.
My breast augmentation looks beautiful. I've been massaging them since week 2 and see a difference as far as dropping some and softness. ( Ladies, it's important to do the massages your doctor tells you to do.) I'm still somewhat sensitive in my nipple area, and have dull pain especially on my left breast from the nerves trying to reconnect. But it's getting much better.
I will be going back to work possibly next week after Memorial Day. I cannot wait to get back on track to the gym! I'm going crazy not being able to do anything! I was a gym freak and have not done anything in 5 weeks! I can tell I'm losing muscle tone. Thank goodness I worked out until a week before surgery. Well ladies that's all I have for today. I will be posting 4 week pictures up today... So stay tuned lovely ladies! Have a wonderful day and happy healing! :)

4 weeks post op pictures.

5 weeks post op today

I am 5 weeks post op today, and each day gets better. Since I am an out of state patient, I have to do Skype sessions with my amazing PS, Dr. Armando Soto from Orlando Florida. I was in Florida for almost a month of recovering, which was great! Receive the best care from my doctor and his staff and also from my wonderful sister and brother-in-law who open their home to me and took very good care of me when my husband had to head back home for work. I am now home recovering and will not be going back to work until June 8th, which I think is helping the healing process. I am feeling great each day. I still have my moments where I feel tired, but that could be a lack of not doing anything for a while now.
I have been taking daily walks, today was the longest walk I took... 1/2 an hour. I'm standing 100% upright and swelling seems to be going down.
When I seen my PS Tuesday, he was amazed at how well everything looks! I had some questions for him. 1st was... How much longer I have to wear my binder, Since it's been almost 5 weeks. He said I didn't need to wear it anymore but I needed to wear spanks. He said that I can wear my binder if I wanted to at night. The funny thing is I feel really good with the binder on when I'm at home. So I have been wearing my binder religiously. I feel that it helps the process much faster. I did purchase a binder from the care center in the area that was way much more comfortable. I did order a compression garment and it should be coming in a few days I so can't wait for that to be here! I did already haves several spanks, so I have been wearing them.
I also asked him when can I resume exercise with limitations, and he said that I can start very slow next week on my six-week postop. Yaaayyyy, i'm so happy because I feel like I've lost some muscle tone. I am so thankful that I am at the weight that I was when I went in for surgery. I have been trying my best to eat very good. Lots of fruit and veggies. Most importantly I asked him when can I and my husband start intimacy since my husband has been so very patient??? We both started laughing and he said just make sure that he takes it easy on me. ;)
Well, this has truly been a journey for all of us and an amazing one at that. I have been trying to stay as focused and positive as I can through this whole process. There was a moment that I did break down and cry on my daughters shoulder because that day I was frustrated, irritated and tired. I haven't been getting the full proper sleep and that's why I believe I felt that way. So ladies make sure that you get your proper sleep and you'll feel so much better. We're all going to have those days, trust me but it does get better.It's a journey but it's all well worth it! I will post updated pictures very soon. Happy healings to all!!!

Energy level up!

I woke up this morning with much more energy then usual! Ate breakfast then went for a 40 minute walk! Up from 30 minutes yesterday. I was able to walk a little faster too! My swelling didn't bother me as much either! Then I cleaned, mopped, swept my whole upstairs! :) As much as I hated to wear my binder before, I'm starting to want to put it on as soon as I walk in the door! I don't know if it's just that I got used to it or if I feel it gives me more support?! The one I have now is not as bulky as the ones I got from the doctors office, so that could be it to. Around 4:30 my energy level did drop, but my husband went and got us some Tim Hortons coffee and alerted me again. We then decided to go for a ride to the beach and eat at this place called Cabana Sams looking over the beach and sunset. Well, I'm home now, sitting on my porch with the hubby on this lovely night. Have a good evening! :)

6 weeks post op today!

Today I am 6 weeks post op and thankful to God that everything is going well! Last week my doctor said that I no longer need to wear my binder and start wearing Spanx. This week I started to wear spanx because I was so nervous to not wear the binder. The binder has truly been my bf, Lol! It hasn't been bad. But I have to say when I do get home and also when I go to sleep, I find myself still wearing the binder. It just seems more comfortable with it on. The swelling has gone down quite a bit. I only swell after I eat and when I'm walking around but not as much. I still do have some tightness especially when I'm standing up and walking but I know that this is just the healing process. Hopefully this should subside soon. My breasts have gone down and fluffed. They look great! The past week I have been taken daily walks for about 30 to 40 minutes and I must say that it has helped me with my energy. I still do get tired by the middle of the day. But I listen to my body and take it easy. I usually drink decaffeinated coffee but lately I've been doing half-and-half coffee to get some caffeine for my tiredness. And it seems to help. I'm excited to say that my doctor cleared me to start exercising. Yaaaayyy! I will be starting back tomorrow and I need to listen to my body when I do. But I can't wait to go back to weightlifting,cycling, running, Zumba and cardio! I know that all this will help me feel much much better! Here are some updated pictures of me at six weeks postop and I have to say that I'm loving my results! I'm not a vain person whatsoever but I do have to say that my doctor has done an amazing job on me!!! Thank you Dr. Soto!

1st day at the gym since 6 weeks ago!

Today was my first day back at the gym. I used to be a gym freak going at least five days a week for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day. And on my off days I would do something at home or go for walks outside. For some odd reason, I was nervous today. I did take it easy like my doctor told me to. I did my weights and I did a half an hour on the treadmill. Again listening to my body. It felt great getting back to the gym but I know it's going to take time to get to where I was at. That's why am motivated, to go daily until I feel comfortable to reach my goal again. "Omgosh, I tried doing the chest press, and if you just had an augmentation done... I would definentely lay off that for awhile! Lol. I felt like my implants were going to shift, so I stopped right away!
I go back to work on Monday, and I have gotten so lazy! But it will be a good thing. Get me motivated again! Well I hope everyone has a beautiful day!

10 weeks post op

Hello ladies! I have been super busy with work and trying to get back into the swing if things. I love my results! I still tend to get tired a bit and am not my normal self yet. The healing process is still going in from the inside and out, so I expect it. Not to mention, they say anesthesia can stay in your body for quite some time. I am at the weight I went in for surgery still, but not as muscular since I can't do to much with weights yet. My breasts are getting softer. My left is a little higher then the right, so my doctor gave me some extra new massages to do. A pain, but must do to get the results were looking for. I hope everyone is healing good and living life! Here is a few new pictures at 10 weeks post op. :)

4 month post op

Hello ladies! I have been MIA for awhile, but decided to finally give an update on my progress. As for my tummy tuck/ muscle repair and lipo, all is very good there. My scar is looking great and fading. My swelling is mostly gone. I still do have numbness below my belly button but I hear that can take awhile to resolve. But all in all I love my flat belly!
At around 7 weeks post op I started noticing that my beautiful left breast was significantly higher than the right. After speaking to my PS about it and doing other methods of massaging with vitamin E, I realized that there was nothing more I could do. I developed a capsular contraction. A grade 3-4. I must say it took a toll on me . I developed very bad anxiety and was very conscious of what I wore. I felt to the point where I was sick alot and very fatigued.
So after talking to my PS about it, we decided what was best for me and he wanted me to be happy... So I decided to have my implants removed .
So on August 3 I flew into Orlando and had my implants removed. That was the best thing I could've possibly ever done. I feel so good about myself. My breast don't look as bad as I thought. They started off not being that bad anyways since I only wanted a lift at first but decided to go with implants. Which I should've just stuck to my guns the first time. I didn't need a lift anyways either.
So they are back to a full B cup, just perfect for me! We live and learn from our mistakes. My doctor has been wonderful and can never fault him for the implants due to my body rejecting them. I'm just glad it was sooner then later and can finally go on happily with my life! I thank God every day that I was able to get through another surgery in such a short time. (Explant at 3 months post op).
Here is the big reveal of how I look now after my breast implant removal! Im happy to say I feel great and love myself for what I'm worth. Happy healings to you all!!!

4 months post op!

Everyday gets better and better! No more pooch! I just love what Dr.Soto from Orlando, Florida has done for me!!! Happy girly right here!!! :)

4 months 3 weeks post op!

My wonderful "Board certified" ps did a fabulous job on me and I love it!
I love the way my clothes fit! I now have that pre baby body back... But better!
There's going to be some pain, some doubts and fears, but in the end it's all worth it!
I look forward to being able to fully work out with weights again, which I'm hoping he gives me the ok next week.
I love you Dr.Soto!!! :)

Photo update!

Work mode in effect!

Work mode!

Work mode in effect!

Work mode!

5 months post op (20 weeks)

I have to say I am feeling great each day! Results keep getting better and better. Need to get back to the gym and start hitting really hard on my weights to firm my body.
I can't wait to see my ps next Tuesday so that he can clear me for upper body work outs.
I had an explant done 5 weeks ago after developing cc on my left breast. I am healing nicely. My body has gone through so much these last 5 months. I love myself for who I am. Implants are not for everyone and sometimes it just takes cc or complications to realize that.
I am now back to my normal size B cup... And that's ok! The annoying swelling has finally diminished. Tightness awful feeling has subsided as well. Muscle repair feels tight, but great. I gave been super busy with work, etc... So I will try and post monthly to show progression. What a journey it's been but it does get better ladies! Much love!

6 month mommy makeover and explant post op update!

As I promised, I will try and update every month to show how my progress is going. Im a little over 6 months now and I'm ecstatic and over the moon with my results!
I am feeling really really good.
My tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo is coming along really nicely. My tummy is softening and numbness is almost gone. Swelling is hardly there anymore.
When I sneeze I can can still feel my muscle repair tightens. But it doesn't hurt much.
On each side of my hips, they are still a little tender. On my right hip, I have a small fat deposit. I don't know if I want to get it lipo since it can take a year for everything to settle. I'm hoping it goes away. I have been massaging it every chance I get.
My scar is very low and I love it. I am of Hispanic descent so it's going to take a year for the scar coloration to go away. As you can see in one of my pictures. I have been putting bio oil and 100% coconut oil a few times a day on my tummy tuck scar, belly button and incision under my breasts.

As for the explant of the implants, I feel wonderful. I no longer feel anxious, no longer feel sick or fatigued due to the cc and the implants rejecting my body. Best thing I could've ever done for me. Implants are not for everyone. My breasts have went back to the normal size full B. They have fluffed amazingly.
My exercise activity is back to normal. Back to running, lifting weights, etc..
Overall my experience has been great. Thank you all for giving me insight on Realself and I hope I can do the same. Here are some recent pictures. I just recently celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary and I felt amazing in my beautiful dress. Xoxoxo

7 months post op mommy makeover update!

Hello beautiful ones! I am now a little over 7 months post op and feeling really wonderful! I am so happy with my mommy makeover results that Dr. Armando Soto performed on me.
I have to say that everyday, every week gets better and better! I see so many drastic amazing changes as the days go by.
I have gained between 2-3 lbs since my makeover but honestly it could be more muscle Weight since I started going to the gym again.
I have more curves, and any piece of clothes feel wonderful on. Since getting lipo in the flanks area, I do notice a big difference in my hips and butt area. More pronounced and thicker... Which I love because that means more curves. All I can say is once you get this surgery you'll feel an amazing difference. It's not an easy road at first, but it is well worth it in the long run. For some earlier then most, but you will get there. I can say that I am almost at 80-85% of my recovery. They say it takes up to a full year to see your fullest results. Thank you all for being a source of encouragement and I hope I can do likewise! Xoxoxo
Here are a few 7 months post op pictures.

8 month post op

Hello beauties! I am a little over 8 months post op. Every month gets better and better! I have gained 5 lbs since my surgery, but I still feel great. I am working out almost daily and strength training, so that could be why I weigh 5 lbs more, at 128. My husband says that it's muscle weight. Since muscle weighs more then fat.
I feel I am at 85% healing. It takes a good year for things to heal properly they say... So I'm almost there. My scar is healing pretty well. I use at least 3 items for my scar. Bio oil, 100% coconut oil and 100% coconut butter twice daily. I have to say that it has helped my scar lighten up.
As far as the muscle repair, my stomach feels super tight but it doesn't hurt as much as it used to when I would try and do stomach exercises. I can do most stomach exercises now. Overall I'm doing wonderful and feel good about my appearance. Thanks to my awesome Doctor Armando Soto!
I don't need to skype anymore with him since I'm healing well. Here is a few pictures at 8 months. May you all have a wonderful and joyous 2016!!!

One year mommy makeover review!

Hello to my beautiful old and new Realself sisters! I am now one year post op and am loving my results!! When they say " Patience is a virtue", please believe it. The mommy makeover surgery is definetely no joke. You have to go in to this mentally, emotionally and physically ready for this. Before the mm your excited, nervous, scared all at once. Then the day is here and gone, and that's where it all begins. The recovery is real. The pain, the swelling, the omgosh why did I do this to me... is real. But ladies it's all well worth it. As the months go by it gets easier and easier. The swelling does finally go away, in my case around the 4th to 5th month. Although once in a while when I eat something I shouldn't, it comes but goes away quick. It's not an annoying feeling anymore. Because you know it WILL go away. I did this surgery for ME and no one else. I was already at my goal weight and very much into eating healthier and going to the gym or exercising almost daily. It is a way of life that should continue even after surgery. My main goal was to get rid of excess skin I had, after having children that would never go away with exercise. So again this is not a weight loss surgery, rather a surgery to enhance and beautify your body even more. I have gained a few pounds due to weight lifting, but it's all good. I can see more curves and muscle then ever before. My hips are more curvaceous and my butt "WOW" has never looked soooo good with a slimmer waist! Lol I still don't have full sensation in my abdomen, incisions or flank area, but it's improving greatly. You can definentely see more definition with the tummy tuck with muscle repair! My scar is low and my doctor did an amazing job on my flanks area. I'm still using bio-oil and 100% coconut oil, and can see a big improvement on my scar becoming lighter. I know in time it will get there. I hope that everyone continues to heal and take care of your beautiful bodies God gave you. Xoxoxo

14 months post op and loving it!

Hello beautiful ladies. I am now 14 months post-op And feeling great! I had a visit with my PS last Monday in Orlando. Florida which is where we are vacationing right now. He said everything looks great and very happy with my results. So I'm a happy girl right here!!! My tummy scars are fading very nicely, but still have some darker spots. I have been using bio-oil, Rose-hip oil and 100% coconut oil. I really think it's healing the scars up very nicely. Also the muscle repair continues to remain nice and tight. My abs feel great when I work out, which is almost daily. I have been working out really hard since I had the ok to. I have lost the 5 pounds I gained since surgery, due to me not being able to be active after surgery, I'm still on vacation until the end of this week so I have really been splurging like crazy! So I can't wait to get back to My normal routine. Which is running and weights almost daily. Just an FYI ladies the surgery is not a weight-loss fixer... but a surgery to enhance your tummy and your hips if getting lipo. So in all seriousness, if you're going to spend all this money on your body please take care of it afterwards Here are a few pictures of me now at 14 months.. Happy healing to all! Xoxoxo

18 months post op

Hello ladies! Sorry I haven't posted in months, but as you know we are all super busy with every day life. I am now 18 months post op and feel amazing! Each month I can definetly see more and more of my body changing beautifully. It takes about a full year to really see final results. I am still using bio oil, 100% coconut oil and natural vitamin E oil, twice daily.
I'm so used to using all those oils but I can see a big difference on my scar.
I Am in Florida once again enjoying my vacation.
I'm loving laying by the pool side!
I stress again that this is not a weight loss surgery but one to enhance the appearance of your tummy, muscle area.
I workout almost daily and also Run 3 miles daily to maintain my weight and appearance of my body. I hope this helps anyone who is considering surgery. Take care my lovelies!

Dr. Armando Soto doll at 20 months post-op!

I am almost 20 months post op and all I can say is "WOW"! Still amazed at how much my body is still changing since surgery. I am still maintaining my weight, between 121-123 at any given day. Lots of working out in the gym and trying to eat right most days.
My goal was to get rid of that access belly fat that I could not get rid of with working out.
Dr. Soto certainly delivered and I can not be more thankful. I don't get on here as much and neither do the girls that started off with me through this journey. It was an awesome support system but as the months go by, everyone starts to feel so much better and life becomes really busy. It's always great to see everyone's progress. Time flies when your having fun. Until next time lovely ladies!
Here are a few pictures of me at 20 months post op... xoxoxo

Dr. Armando Soto doll... Orlando, Florida "21 months post op"!

I've been really working out super hard. I want to maintain the body that I paid so much money for! My Doctor did an amazing job... but ladies you have to remember to care for your bodies even after math. Not only to keep it looking great but also to be as healthy as possible. I hope all are starting the New Years great! Xoxoxo

2 Year Mommy Makeover Post-Op

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution!!!
It's been a little over 2 years since I had my mm and boy does it fly! I continue to feel great and take care of my body physically, mentally and emotionally. This truly was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I must admit the first year was a huge journey, where there were so many changes to my body. I learned that this was my body trying to heal itself. So ladies try not to get discouraged. As the days, the months and each year that has passed, it only had gotten better!!! Xoxoxo to my Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Armando Soto for making me feel absolutely amazing.

Dr. Soto Beauty! 2 year Post -Op

I haven't been here in a while to give all credit to my amazing Dr. Soto in Orlando, Florida! I'm feeling beyond greatful and blessed to have had this amazing doctor! I'm feeling fabulous each and every day. Here is a recent picture of me this morning. Two years out and everyday gets better and better!!! :)
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

This has truly been a life changing experience! That is why, I am forever grateful and extremely pleased that Dr. Armando Soto gave me the body that I yearned to have back for so long. I had top notch service and an amazing experience with Dr. Soto and his staff. From the first Skype session until my last appointment with him. I am an out of state patient and will most certainly come back to him. He listened to what I felt I needed and he gave me what was best for my body frame. Everyone that has seen my results are amazed at his work. He is very passionate about his work and truly has hands of an artisan. I finally met his wonderful Patient Coordinator Manager Keely, who has been with me every step of the way. She is the most sweetest person that anyone could meet. Any questions I needed answered, she would respond in a timely manner. His nurse Caley was a gem as well. She always took the time to explain to me how things needed to be done to have a successful body. I can't forget Sarah, also one of his nurse assistants, beautiful person inside and out! Although his office is very busy, they always took time for me as if I was the only patient in the world. I never had to wait very long to see the doctor. I never felt hurried to have my questions answered. He always answered my questions to the fullest. Dr. Soto has been very caring from day one. I experienced that first hand without going into further detail. Thank you Dr. Soto for being you! So now my journey begins. As most women do, I always put everyone else first. A lot of times that is why women tend to feel like they have lost their identities. It’s hard to spend that much money on yourself, especially for aesthetic reasons. It seems okay to spend it on a car or a trip, but for some reason the thought of spending that money on your body is frowned upon. To some that may seem vain or boastful. For me it was about a self confidence that I had yet to achieve, a love of self that I have longed for a very long time. When I look in the mirror, I like what I see now! I feel good about myself, inside and out. I am a better woman, a better wife and a better mom. It is absolutely normal to feel guilty about spending money on a mommy makeover and it is okay to finally put yourself first. Although this wasn't the cheapest surgery, I always say, "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!" He did an exceptional job on me and I would not trust no other. Sincerely, M

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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