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Well hello there...I'm a 44 year old avid...

Well hello there...I'm a 44 year old avid exerciser and mother of 2 amazing daughters ages 25 & 8!! Look don't judge me okay, LOL when I delivered my first daughter at age 19 I was able to bounce back to my pre-pregnancy weight with NO problems. It wasn't until I delivered my youngest daughter via C-section that I started to struggle with my post pregnancy weight especially my belly fat! My oldest daughter wrote a song about my belly fat titled "rebound", LOL! My family knows how much I have struggled for years to loose the belly fat from around my abdomen, sides, back & thighs--the time is near!

Finally!! I am less than a month away from my Tumescent Liposuction! I extensively researched for a good surgeon and I found Dr. Kenrick Spence at Hillcrest Aesthetic Institute in Orlando FL. His office has the BEST staff ever! They're all so friendly and ultra professional they really CARE about his patients.

My procedure is set for June 5 and I am overly excited & so grateful at the same time! I know my God will be with me in the surgery room as well as my handsome Hubby.

Along with my Tumescent Liposuction I will be having fat grafting to my breasts. My goal is to avoid a breast lift and get some much needed volume added to each breast for a natural augmentation. I'm so ready to see my results and maybe go bra-less on somedays-YAY!

My concerns about the procedure is the pain & bruising on my body. How long does the pain last? Also the compression garment must be worn for 24/7 the first 2 weeks then every day for the next 4 weeks. Does the CG really help with the swelling?

Thanks guys for all the support & feedback. If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't know half of what I know today! Thanks again & I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

If anyone have suggestions or successful surgery tips for either procedure please do share because the more info we share with each other the quicker we recover. Thanks again & keep winning!!

No more "rebound"

No More Rebound Belly

Gooood morning Real Self community!! Today is my BIG day for Lipo on my back, flank & abdomen AND Fat transfer to my breasts!!! I have waited so long for this day to come! Keep me in your prayers & thank you all for your support! I thank God for this website :)) I will post pic soon!

1 week post op Lipo/Fat transfer @ Breasts

Well I'm so excited for my progress so far! On last Wednesday I had about 1 liter of fat taken from my abdomen, flank & back areas and then 500cc transferred to each breast. Before my breast augmentation I was a saggy 36D & I pray once the selling is gone that I be a perky 36DD! As of now, I'm experiencing mild to moderate pain with moderate bruising. What has helped with the pain/bruising in addition to the pain meds is the Bromelain & Arnicare. I actually started taking them 3 days before my surgery and will continue 7 days after surgery. I'm excited to see my results within the next 4 weeks once the swelling is gone! I have decided to make my CG my best friend in order to get the best outcome even though its uncomfortable to wear. Thanks real self community if you guys have any pointers or suggestions for me please let me know. Also how long was it before you returned to your regular exercise routine? I love to Zumba and I really miss my Zumba family!

3 weeks post op Lipo

Wow, it's been 3 weeks since my procedure. Again I had Tumescent LIPO on my stomach, flanks & back. Then my surgeon transferred 500 cc of the fat to both breasts. So far, I am happy with my results. I am stil retaining excess fluid in my tissues in which I continue to do lymphatic drainage massages. Overall I'm getting stronger everyday & my body is changing daily! I am so looking forward to my 6 weeks post op visit with my surgeon Dr Kenrick Spence Orlando, FL. So far I have no complaints & no regrets! My final procedure to complete my Mommy makeover is a Tummy Tuck on Dec 9th 2013. I'm so excited for my refining moments. Thanks RS community for being my support & resource for answers! Check out before & after LIPO pics. Take care & keep winning!
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I have been a skin patient of Dr Kenrick A. Spence for over a year. His office staff are amazing & they really care! After building a year long relationship with Dr. Spence & Jackie, Kitty, Eva, Karen, Lynn & Heather I decided they were right bunch of people to do my Lipo/TT. I am so pleased with my new skin & I know I will also be pleased with my upcoming Lipo procedure as well. Hats off to H.A.I & Dr. Spence!

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