Update: I month and 11 days Post-Op

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I don't think there is one day that goes by that I...

I don't think there is one day that goes by that I look in the mirror and not dislike my nose.
I have felt this way for as long as I can remember. Maybe late elementary school to early middle school. People always told me "You will grow into your nose!" or "Your nose gives you character!". I have tried for so long, and for so many years, to try and accept my nose and what I was born with. I pledged to myself that I would not even consider a nose job until the age of 18. I heard someone once tell me "If there is something you dislike about yourself, wait until the age of 18. If you still dislike it, then you should change it!" Those words stuck with me forever, and its been almost 7 longs years since I have been 18 and I figured now is the best time as any to change myself!

My 25th birthday will my on August 28, so this is a birthday gift to myself! I knew it had to be done after we received our wedding photos. I was married Feb 26, 2011. It was the best day of my life and we had the most incredible photographers. But no matter how good the photos came out, all I noticed was my big nose. My profile view in some of the photos makes me wish I had done this sooner. Those photos will last a lifetime. Despite having a beautiful wedding and an amazing husband, they will also sadly be a reminder of my big nose!

I am so excited to finally be doing this. I have full support of my family, friends, and co-workers. The only one who is a bit apprehensive is my dear husband. He feels I am beautiful the way i am now, and this is who he fell in love with. part of him feels my new nose will change my appearance too much, or change me as a person. I assured him I will still be myself. The PS I went to makes sure to keep you looking as natural as possible.

This all happened very quickly. It was just three months ago I made friends with someone who, in my opinion, has the most perfect nose. When I commented to her about it, she told me she had had a nose job two years prior. I was shocked. She looked so natural and beautiful. She then told me about Dr. Edward J Gross. I was even more shocked! This was my top choice of PS and he happens to be located 3 minutes from my house. She insisted I see him for a consult and that I would not regret it.

I had my consult June 7th. I brought my mother with me for support. Everyone who works at Primera Plastic Surgery was wonderful. From the person at the Front Desk, to James (who took my "Before" photos), to Becky the RN, and finally Dr. Gross himself.
He did a computerized imaging Before/After showing what I would look like after surgery. it was spot on to what i had anticipated and i had not even described to him what i wanted yet. He just knows! He answered every question I had before i even had to ask. My mother and I just felt so great and at ease with him. I did not have to go anywhere else. I scheduled my surgery that same day for July 27th.

This past month has flown by, and I am now just one week exactly from surgery.
I go in at 9:45 for a facial to prep my skin before surgery, then surgery is scheduled at 11:30am.

Part of me is a bit nervous. I also feel like this is not really happening. I have wanted this, and dreamed of this day, for SO long and it is finally coming true. it is surreal. I am more excited that anything though. I will update as we get closer to the day!

I will leave you with photos of my nose "before" and also show you the computerized before.after photos Dr. Gross sent me.

Today is the week of surgery. I am getting more...

Today is the week of surgery. I am getting more excited and a bit anxious. I am getting butterflies just thinking about it! With the help of people here I was able to come up with a shopping list of items/foods.etc to buy before surgery. I just got a call from the pharmacy that my meds are ready to be picked up! (!!!) It's getting real. I am worried about recovery. I hope I don't bruise too badly or get bad nauseas and/or vomitting. I HATE being sick like that. Also, not being able to breath well. But I know it will all be worth it in the end.

4 days and counting =)

Two days until surgery! Everytime I read...

Two days until surgery! Everytime I read everyone's surgery stories I get soo nervous. I just want it to be here already =)

I bought everything I will need. Today I will shop for foods to eat. I am worried bc my husband will be taking care of me, and he is nervous bc he's never taken care of me or anyone like this before. My mother offered to take care of me and stay at my parent's house, but my husband really wants to be there for me. We shall see!

Has anyone's family/significant other been freaked out about the whole recovery situation?

Woke up at 7:00 am on the dot. Unsure if it was bc...

Woke up at 7:00 am on the dot. Unsure if it was bc I am excited or bc I am usually at work by that time. :)

Woke up, showered. Feeling very hungry but I know I can't eat or drink anything.

I have a pre-op facial to prep my face at Dr.Gross's office at 10:00, then surgery is at 11:00. I don't feel nervous yet but I am sure I will once I get there.

I cleaned the entire apartment yesterday and put everything in order where I need it so we are all set to go when I get back home!

Super excited. I will post pics and let you all know how it goes when I am done :)

Surgery went very well! I got to the facility do...

Surgery went very well!
I got to the facility do have my facial. It was great and relaxing (minus when he had todo the excursions on my blackheads)

Surgery was approx 3 hrs long. He told my mon and husband cry thing went very wel bit that I had def broken me nose before (told you mom!!) lol

I am very sleepy and my throat is dry. I've had a few bites of the smoothie my husband got me. I don't have much of an appetite but it helps with the dry mouth. 8ive had water and cough drops and soft only taken half of a pain pill and been okay.

My vision is extremely blurry as I type b they put an anti-nausea par h on the back of my eyes. Yay for now nauseas but bad b very thing is purred.

Surprising I have had absolutely no bruising or sweeping on my face! Which is awesome bit we will see how long that lasts tomorrow.

The worst party of all of this is trying to sleep up with my mouth open! I guess I will get used to that :)

Were you all able to taste your food after the...

Were you all able to taste your food after the first day? I cannot taste anything. i have had a smoothie, jello, and cough drops, and all taste like nothing. Normal? Maybe its because my nose if all blocked up

This is day 1 post-op Yesterday was fine. Layed...

This is day 1 post-op

Yesterday was fine. Layed around all day. Watched TV, at a little bit or Popsicles etc for my throat. I could not sleep at all last night ! Had to try and breath through my mouth but didn't help me much. I still have no bruising. I woke up feeling a bit sore in the nose but that's it.

I posted a picture from yesterday and will update everyday for you guys.

So today has been the worst one yet. The day after...

So today has been the worst one yet. The day after surgery and yesterday I felt great! No bruising or swelling....until today!

Woke up with my eyes almost shut and super puffy. A bit of redness not much bruising only on the inner corners and under my eyes.

I have not had good sleep the past couple of nights. Nor can I taste my food.

All I want to do it rip my cast off bc it is SO itchy, and blow my nose! No matter how many rinses/cleaning I do for my nose I still feel super clogged and must breathe from my mouth.

I finally took a bath, do that felt great to be clean haha

Hoping tomorrow is better!

Btw, I still have my gauze and tape on that is on my nose bc nowhere in the post-op instructions does it say to remove this. The vast is underneath the gauze...did you all take that gauze off and leave the cast? Ifk what to do bc it only said to remove the gauze drip pad/mustache after day one.

It's only the second day and I want to rip this...

It's only the second day and I want to rip this cast and tape off of my face. It is SOOOO itchy I can barely stand it. Just the thought of having to keep it on for 5 more days is torture. anyone else having this problem? I don't have pain, very minimal bruising/swelling if any. super congested so I can't breathe...but all of this doesn't compare to the itchyness haha I am going to go nuts !

Today is not so great so far. This is the 3rd...

Today is not so great so far.
This is the 3rd night with zero sleep.
I just can't get comfortable at night.

I was up up all night feeling extremely nauseas. I took an anti-nausea pill but it did not help much.

All day today I was been catching up on sleep and icing.

Also, the very top of my cast seems to be poppin off my bridge slightly. I added more tape to secure it, but I am a bit worried it won't heal properly ?

Still extremely itchy inder the cast!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Today is not so great so far. This is the 3rd...

Today is not so great so far.
This is the 3rd night with zero sleep.
I just can't get comfortable at night.

I was up up all night feeling extremely nauseas. I took an anti-nausea pill but it did not help much.

All day today I was been catching up on sleep and icing.

Also, the very top of my cast seems to be poppin off my bridge slightly. I added more tape to secure it, but I am a bit worried it won't heal properly ?

Still extremely itchy inder the cast!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Today is two days until Cast Removal. The waiting...

Today is two days until Cast Removal. The waiting game has been the hardest part for me during this recovery. I am very impatient, I just want to see how it looks already! :)

Part of me is excited and part of me is scared it's going to look horrible, or that I wont recognize myself. I have prepared myself to know I will be VERY swollen, so seeing past the swollen-ness is what I need to focus on I think.

I am still incredibly itchy. I had tape all on my cheeks and forehead holding the cast down, however, I have a naturally oily face and the tape kept coming up and wound not stick anymore. I had to cut off the piece that were lifting up and re-tape with some of the adhesive tape I had. I hope this didn't ruin any of the healing process or cause the cast to uneven.

I will update the day of cast removal and post photos then!

Today is Friday, and that means it has been one...

Today is Friday, and that means it has been one week since my surgery! Today I will be going to the PS's office to get my cast removed and stitches out! I will also be getting another facial and my hair styled! :)

I did not sleep AT ALL last night! My husband was not home so that was part of the reason, but mainly bc of excitement and anxious to see how my nose looks.

I think, naturally, we worry about the outcome. Will it look okay? Will it be the way we envisioned? Will it be too small/bigs/straight enough/crooked?/too slows/not sloped enough etc.

I am anticipating being VERY swollen, since that seems to be the case consistent with everyone.

Did you all continue taking arnica after the cast removal for the swelling? Or icing?

Why can be done to decrease your swelling time? I know it a few months, ESP at the tip. But if I could cut that time in half, that wouldd be awesome!

Also, I am supposed to be going to a beach wedding tomorrow. I know we should stay away from sun for a good 6 months? If I use a high SPF sunblock, will I be okay?!

I have quite a day ahead of me but I promise to post photos when I am able too! :)

Okay, so I got my cast off! It was a bit tender...

Okay, so I got my cast off! It was a bit tender coming off, but not too bad.
They took the stitches out and that did hurt a tiny bit, like pinches here and there.
They cleaned out my nose and told me I had a lot of breaking out from my pores being clogged in a cast all week.
They give me the mirror and OMG:

My initial reaction was horror. All i noticed were a gazillon huge whiteheads (some bleeding) all on my nose and a HUGE blister on the tip of my nose!!

Then I looked more closely at my actual nose, and it (of course) is EXTREMELY swollen, but my bump it gone!

After this I got a facial. The woman tried to extract as many of those nasty breakout as she could, but left a few bc i was way too tender to the touch. She told me to go home take a hot steamy shower and use a facial scrub and that should help.

When I came home my husband was in a bit of shock. My nose looks bigger then before and no real definition. It's hard to see past this "first impression" and try to see the end result. It does get me a bit depressed when i look in the mirror. But i have to keep telling myself this is the first day and i am incredibly swollen. I look a bit like an Avatar character, swollen from in between my eyebrows all the way down to the tip.

Speaking of the tip, i am worried about this a bit. I asked that the tip be elevated and smaller.
As of right now its very large, but on a profile view it looks to droop a bit, and still droops when I smile.

Will this correct itself after the swelling goes down?? I have read so many people say the opposite, that they had a pig-looking nose and then it dropped down after swelling goes down. I REALLY hope that is NOT the case bc it is already drooping. =(

Anyways, I added some picture for you guys to see. I put some makeup on so you didnt have to see the breakout,

OH and PS---does anyone else have a foul smell in their nose? Like a smell of roadkill or dead animal? I do! and they said that was normal bc of the dried blood etc.....still nasty though haha

I just wanted to make a side not in here for...

I just wanted to make a side not in here for anyone who is looking for a PS in Orlando.

Dr. Gross is amazing! I have seen his work first hand on my friends, which is why I will not worry much about the swelling right now.
He is super personable and answers any questions and concerns you have. He takes as much time with you and you need and makes sure to cover all bases of what you want out of the surgery.

The day of surgery he came in and spoke to me and showed me my computerized images and also the images I sent him to make sure we were on the same page. He makes you feel very at ease and comfortable.

Dr. Gross called my husband the night of surgery to check up on me and spoke with me to see how I was doing. He gives you his personal cell if you need to contact him for any reason.

He called me today after cast removal for a courtesy call to make sure i was doing well. He is calling in some sleeping pills for me (as i did not get these during recovery and did not sleep well). Through all his actions I can tell he truly cares and he puts his patients first. I feel so grateful to have a Doctor like this. =)

So today was my first day back to work since the...

So today was my first day back to work since the surgery. The only person who knew i was getting the Rhinoplasty was my one coworker in my department. This is a new job I started working at in June/July so still not comfortable enough with everyone yet, though i don't care if the knew! But nobody mentioned I looked different at all. So that was good =)

On Saturday, the day after cast removal, I went to my friends wedding and saw all my closest friends for the first time since before surgery! It was on the beach, however, it was a night wedding so I still wore SunBlock 80 proof with Zinc just in case I got any sun from the sunset =) My friends loved the new nose! I still feel very self-conscious bc I know, to me, it is still VERY swollen and has a long way to go. But they were happy I still looked like myself, and liked my new profile. I looked at some photos taken (i will post one) and I LOVE my new profile. I can only imagine how much better its going to look with time. I can't wait!

My nose is very tender to the touch, especially near the bridge area. My tip is hard and numb. I am continuing to take Arnica, ice my forehead area, and sleep lying upward. I still cannot completely breath through my nose. I sometimes get out of breath while I am eating bc of the difficulty breathing. I am having to the Saline rinses/ Q-tip cleaning fairly often. The inside of my nose get very dry like their are hard dried bloody boogers (sorry, TMI). The skin on my nose and cheeks where tape was is VERY dry and scaly. It itches almost like a rash too, which is aggravating. I do not have anymore whiteheads, but it is still covered in bumps and blackheads =( This I am sure will take time to go back to normal. My tip projects outward (farther than normal) bc of the swelling and it is a TINY bit lopsided to the left when i look under the nostrils bc one side seems to be swelling more than the other,

Overall, I am getting used to how i look in the mirror. It is not bad for just 3 days shy of cast removal. I am very happy and will continue to update.

Have not updated in a while! It is not a little...

Have not updated in a while! It is not a little over 1 month post-op.
I had my one month appt on Tuesday and my P.S. said everything looked like it was healing properly. My nose is still swollen. a little too swollen for my liking.

When I initially got my cast off, a couple of days later my nose looked pretty small. Now, one month later, it looks larger than when i got my cast removed. Did this happen to anyone else??

My tip is very hard and swollen. I am tender in the bridge area. I feel it is projects more where the tip/ball are (i am posting a photo).

My P.S. said my tip will fall down within the next few months. I am not too happy about this, as I asked for a slightly "turned up" tip, and I feel it is still too droopy now. And it is supposed to drop even more?? That is not what I wanted to hear =(

Now it is just a waiting game to see how my nose transforms within the next few months. I have a feeling i may be one of those unlucky people whose noses take FOREVERRR to heal and slim down.

One year update

July 27 was my one year anniversary and I'm thrilled with the results!!! Posting some updated pictures

Still a little swollen at the tip but overall so happy!

Update and photos! :)

Last I updated I was pleased with results, but concerned with some swelling at the tip. I had work/schedule conflicts and hadn't seen Dr. Gross in a few months! I finally got to see him and he agreed I had some residual swelling predominantly on my left side. He gave me a steroid shot and this helped! I posted before and after shot of just that side...you can tell the difference it made. And I asked to be sent images from that days photos and from my before's....I couldn't believe the difference!!! Sometimes we even forget what we looked like before. I am beyond impressed.

Here is my FINAL product :).

Dr. Gross is the best! I cannot thank him enough. Not only has my nose improved substantially, but my entire face just seems to have brightened and lifted !
Very impressed with it the outcome.
Orlando Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gross and his staff are very personable. You can tell they truly aim to please and want the best outcome for you. I felt very comfortable with Dr.Gross and felt he knew exactly what I wanted, and my vision for a "new me" , before I even had to tell him. You can tell he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this field. He has great bedside manner and listens to your wants/needs. I never felt nervous bc I trust him and his talents. His work speaks for itself! Best facial surgeon in orlando by far :)

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