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I have been researching all about mommy make overs...

I have been researching all about mommy make overs for almost a year! What might be right for me if this is really the right thing for me etc. I decided after lots of exercise that nothing is going to change my stomach besides surgery, I love my body aside from my belly it just feels out of place like it doesn't fit! So I saved up money and book a consultation with a Dr that I had my eye set on and I loved him and his vision for me! He said I was an excellent candidate for this procedure! I'm also going to have a lift to put the girls back in place! So in a little over a month I'll be on the other side! This all feels like a dream! I'm not nervous or anything just really excited! I'll post pictures at my pre op appointment in a couple weeks!

A little about me

I decided to update with photos and a little about myself! I'm 5'0 128lbs currently (about 5lbs heavy of normal) I have 3 kids including twins and breastfed all of them, I only gained 15lbs each pregnancy (141) but I stretched a lot being a smaller framed girl the past 2 years I tried my hardest to get rid of my twin tummy and started working out a lot, I came to the conclusion that nothing but surgery will fix it! I even still second guess myself as I was never really big etc but seeing this picture of myself make me realize why I am doing it... I do have concerns like I'm 29 now, what if my metabolism slows down as I get older and I gain weight after surgery... I had a c section with my twins and my husband really supports me other than that I'm not telling anyone else!

Wish picture

Okay and here is my ultimate wish picture... Found in my Dr gallery of B &A ... you always try to find a similar body type to yours so hopefully mine is helpful to someone!

Getting closer

I am literally so freaking excited... I will admit after I booked my pre op and surgery with 20% down I started to second guess myself and get cold feet but the more I keep looking and researching the more and more excited I get my Pre Op appointment is Nov 14th less than 1 week away! I can not wait to see my results!! A couple things I'm nervous about having an ugly high scar, my body regretting stitches and infection... Dr Soto has a history of very low nice scars! Here's to hoping all goes well and being one step closer!!! Yippee

Pre Op Done

So exciting went to my Pre op appointment today, my husband got to meet Dr Soto and he really liked him and I liked him even more today than at my consultant lol he answered all my questions and really put me at ease his entire staff made me feel so comfortable and I'm so much more excited for my surgery now!!

2 days

Good morning... This no coffee thing is dragging lol it's my biggest struggle right now!! Other than that I just wonder how sore I'm going to be I hear some ladies barely sore then others dying my husband originally requested 10days off work and they are only giving him 6 so I'm freaking there a bit plus I wonder what are the follow up appointments times oh well I'll find out soon!

A wake up away

Decided to take one last picture a bra photo to see if there is a difference in bra as well...just a wake up a away it has gone by pretty quickly 3 kids keep me pretty busy!!

I actually did it

I made it through the surgery...i just loved my Dr. So much i stayed at the office overnight and am home now Trying to get comfortable i let my pain meds wear off right now so I'm waiting for them to kick in again im in a pretty good amount of pain one of the drains is right on my hip bone making that more painful i haven't ungaremeted at all yet so I've only seen his drawings before and my scar is crazy i didn't even know you could go that low...I'll try to post updated pictures later! Thank you

Pre op Drawing

Here are the pre op drawings...i got a free tattoo removal with the surgery lol my scar is sooo low

Garment off

Garment off for a few to re adjust got a crappy picture! Lol but better than nothing...also best advice i can give so far is to stay on top of pain meds which is hard because you have to eat with them

Hanging in there

Today seems better than last which is good so far...i want to poo my belly feels so full which makes it hard to eat anything thinking about switching to Tylenol so i get get some relief in that department took my binder off yesterday and got extremely nausea and dizzy so remain seated...i can't imagine taking a shower...urge...and I'm already uncomfortable sitting in this chair all the time but this to shall pass...ohh one last thing my drains they hurt when they are being drained

The lift

I started out around 34D hubby loves my size before and is worried i will be smaller but i was reluctant to do implants because I'm content with.size as well so my dr recommend just a lift if later i wanted implants he said it's an easy fix than to remove them...but first reveal and i know they are pretty swollen but they are so pretty in love with them lol

Post op day 3

Had my first follow up appointment today! Dr said everything is looking really well the nurse showed us how to tighten the binder even tighter...i had a little more swelling in my upper abdomen from the binder not being tight enough i got one drain taken out today! That was exciting i gotta tell you something i hadn't read before was the pain from draining the but just one of them things i took my first shower this evening and starting to feel more human with the binder even tighter i can stand even straighter up! Helps the back alot! All and all doing pretty well just gotta let time pass now...oh also had my first poo this morning and it didn't hurt yay and I'm pretty much off the pain meds just Tylenol now...each day gets better

Dr Soto is amazing

My results though early are beautiful! I just seriously can't wait to feel I'm noticing more bruising and tenderness and these drains have been the most painful anyone have any tips to make the drainage less painful?
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Very informative and practical Dr Soto and his staff, he doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but what his experience says is best for you and your specific body and what will yield the best results!

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