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I decided to Look for another surgeron after my...

I decided to Look for another surgeron after my failed attempts to connect with Dr Choi in Orlando. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing it is that all those attempts fell through. All I will say is ladies (and gentlemen) please do A Lot of research on your PS before you make your decision. Some surgeons may say they are board certified when they really are not. I Cannot stress this enough.

I choose Dr. S who is located in central Florida, Dr.Phillips to be exact. The experience is professional from the minute the phone is answered. I was able to get a consult within 2 weeks. My husband went with me in case I got nervous and forgot all my questions. Amy and Megan greeted me upon arrival for my consult. They were extremely cheerful and polite. I waited a short time and was taken to an exam room. Dr. S came in shortly after and started to discuss what I was looking for. He was very specific and made me really think about what I wanted. I decided that a mommy make over was going to be best for me! We then me with Sarah (the patient coordinator). Who again, was extremely professional and very knowledgeable on all the procedures I was going to have preformed. She gave us our quote and the rest is history!

I scheduled my surgery for February 24th and today I'm 10 days post op.

A little history..... I've had 3 children (my 1st son passed away). My kids are almost 2 and 4. Pregnancy was not kind to my body. After 5 years of being pregnant ( off and on of course). I ended up 127,5'2 with the breasts of an 80 year old woman. It was a well known fact that I could carry almost anything under my breast. I think at one point I could carry a 3 pound weight under there! Ok enough about that, here is how it went!

I arrived the day of surgery STARVED and nervous. My mom and husband went with me. The only negative thing I have to say about my experience is that Dr. S was running behind that day. I was then last surgery since mine was a 5+ hour procedure. I had a tummy tuck with lipo,breast lift and small 250 cc silicone implant. The weird thing is Dr. S decides what size implant to put in during the procedure. I'm a control freak and wasn't sure what I thought about this but I knew I was in good hands so I just went with it. He asks that you bring in pictures of breasts that you like. Needless to say my husband was more than willing to help with that assignment! By the way I picked Brooklyn Decker.

Everything went extremely well during surgery. Dr. S has a surgical center which I really liked. I don't remember much except for people watching American Idol while I was in recovery. I stayed over night which in my opinion is a MUST. Holly the nurse stayed with me and got me up every few hours to take a loooong walk. I don't do well with anesthesia which caused a few problems for me. For those of you who have had c sections and thrown up afterwords..... It's worse after a tummy tuck! The next few days were a blur. My husband , mom, aunt, and mother-in-law are here to help THANK GOD! My husband kept me regulates with pain meds while others cooked and took care of my children.

The drains are pretty annoying and get in the way every time you go to the bathroom. You will really need a lot of help foe the first 3 days at least. My PS kept saying just get to day 5. Everything is better at day 5! My daughter even made me a paper chain to get to day 5! He was right everything got better. I finally pooped which I still think might be the worst part of this whole experience. Seriously, I thought I might have to go to the ER it was that bad. I'm spare everyone the details and accept email questions regarding that topic. I also had really bad heartburn. I could have been an extra in the movie how to train a dragon.

The binders are annoying....think Spanx on a fat day on top of stiches! I've been wearing a cami on underneath my garments since day 2 or 3. I got one of my drains out at one week. I wish someone would have told me what to expect. Think pulling a snake out of your stomach through your hip. That's the truth but in all seriousness it didn't hurt!

I love my new look and think it will be beautiful by summer! I really can't say enou wonderful things about Dr. S and his staff. You can't go wrong at this office! Please feel free to ask any questions! I'd love to be able to help someone out who is nervous or just has questions about Dr. S.

I'm 3 weeks post op and feeling GREAT! I want to...

I'm 3 weeks post op and feeling GREAT! I want to do so much more than my body will let me do. My 2nd drain cane out at 2 weeks. I still have a little swelling in my lower stomach. The doctor said that it was normal. I'm pretty tired of wearing the stomach garment. I dont mind the bra garment as much. If anyone is having second thoughts......please don't! This was worth it and I would do it all over again. The pain is minimal and the outcome is worth it.

On a small and personal side note......I'm also very swollen in other areas "think lady parts". Has anyone else had this problem? TMI I know...sorry. The crazy thing is I knew it was swollen but I was intimate with my husband and he made mention of how swollen my inside was as well. I kinda hope it stays that way because I could definitely tell a difference in the final outcome. Much more intense. I'd like to ask my PS about it but it's kind of an embarrassing question.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr S trained at the best medical schools and has wonderful credentials. He was very informative and helped me with any concerns I had. He even answered after hours on a Saturday when I had pain concerns. His attention to detail is superb. His office is welcoming and beautiful!

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