28 Yrs Old; 3 Yr Old Twins + 1 Yr Old Baby; Breastfed All 3 Kids; I Need my Body Back! Orlando, FL

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After having my twins in 2012, another singleton...

After having my twins in 2012, another singleton in 2015, and breastfeeding all 3 of them, it is finally my turn to do something for myself! I will be doing a full tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast implants (and possibly a little lipo on my love handles) sometime in June. For those of you looking for "your" doctor, here is why I picked Dr. Soto....

Out of all 4 doctors I visited (Dr. Thomas Fiala, Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani, and Dr. Adam Oppenheimer), Dr. Soto was the only one to ease my fears (but I must say, Dr. Fiala was a VERY close second... In fact, Dr. Fiala was my #1 choice until I saw Dr. Soto). What made me pick Dr. Soto was how he does his breast implants... Rather than having me try on implant sizes in a sports bra (Dr. Fiala's office), Dr. Soto wanted me to pick images of breast that I liked/did not like, and HE (Dr. Soto) will make the final decision on surgery day as to what cc size and implant shape will accomplish the look I want; so during surgery, he will sit me up vertically on the operating table and "pop in and out" different implant sizes to see which one gives me the look I requested (and based on his reviews and before/after pictures, it obviously looks like he knows what to pick). For me, I liked this option better (it takes the stress and fear off of me that I'll pick the wrong implant size or shape .... Cause let's face it, trying on implants in a sports bra is not very accurate) ... However, in all fairness to Dr. Fiala, I did not ask him if he could/would do my implants the way Dr. Soto does (and because I saw Dr. Fiala BEFORE Dr. Soto, I did not know to ask).

Another reason I chose Dr. Soto was how he described his tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Soto said that in his entire career, he only had to make a vertical tummy tuck scar twice (a vertical tummy tuck scar is sometimes necessary when the Dr. needs to cut off the belly button due to not having enough skin to pull down for a tummy tuck). He said that I have enough excess skin to pull down and I will not need a vertical scar (but in the event that I must have a vertical scar, I will at least know that it was a last resort). Also his tummy tuck scars are very low (hidden by even the tiniest panties).

Lastly, I chose Dr. Soto because of his scar treatment. In most of his before/after pictures, even his patients with dark skin have a very little scar. If you are considering Dr. Soto, I encourage you to look at this before/after pictures and examine the scars.

The reason I did not pick Dr. Fiala is mainly because he had me choosing my implant size and shape (which I know will cause me anxiety thinking I picked the wrong size).

The reason I did not pick Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is because he wanted to do my breast lift and implant surgeries separately (6 months apart). His reasoning for separating the surgeries is NOT for medical reasons. He said that when done together, a lot of women end up wanting bigger breasts afterward and then end up doing 2 surgeries anyway (hopefully this won't be the case for me b/c Dr. Soto will be picking the correct implant size and shape). I also did not like that he told me I will have a high tummy tuck scar (and let me be real honest here ... I wasn't too impressed with his before/after pics for his tummy tucks). The main reason I had a console with him was because I heard he does amazing boob jobs.

And finally, the reason I did not pick Dr. Adam Oppenheimer is because he didn't even show up to my consultation! And his staff did not even bother to call me to say he had to leave. So I drove 40 min out of my way to meet with the finicaial lady! She pretended to be his "assistant" and had me undress to basically tell me "Dr. Oppenheimer will need to look at you to figure out what procedures will work best for you" .... Well DUH lady!! The other reason I did not pick Dr. Oppenheimer is because he has moved to 3 different practices in 4 yrs time (indicating to me that he is looking for a higher pay check and is not willing to take the time to learn/study under some of the great plastic surgeons)... The final reason I did not pick him was because he does not do his surgeries in his office (he sends you to a surgery center ... Any surgery center or hospital has a higher chance of infection ... All the other Dortors had a surgery site in their office) ...

Sorry this review is soooo long, but I hope it helps some of you when picking "your" surgeon.

It's official !!

It's official !! I scheduled my surgery date today and put my 20% down !! No turning back now !! June 16th is the big day !! So let the living in debt begin !! Lol

7 more weeks until my big day!!

Maybe I'm weird ... But EVERYDAY before I get into the shower, I always suck in my excess-skinned-three-month-pregnant-looking belly and then try to push up my deflated-saggy-cow-like-utter-breasts imagining what I'll look like after my big day ... I know it's going to be a big recovery ... Especially with 3 children all under the age of three ... But I just can't take this body anymore ...

More pics

More pics

Please follow my blog for further details on my surgery

Please follow my blog for further details on my surgery and recovery :-)


Post Op Recovery

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Post Op - Day 24

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Post Op - Day 32: Spitting Stitches

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Very pleased with my results ... Please view my blog to see more about my mommy makeover surgery www.mysecondshift.com

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