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I just had the MiXto Laser Treatment done 2/21 @...

I just had the MiXto Laser Treatment done 2/21 @ Dr. S's office in Orlando, FL, by M. B., ARNP.

I am a 46 y.o. female and was interested in this procedure for moderate acne scarring on cheeks/lower face as well as for the tightening effects around eyes. Prior to the procedure, I met first with Dr. S for a consultation to see if this was the correct procedure for my purposes. He told me he thought it would be a great procedure for my needs, but I will probably need at least two treatments to achieve the effect I am looking forward. The cost is very reasonable, so I thought this was completely doable.

For my next appointment I met with M.B., the NP who does the MiXto procedures for Dr. S. She went over my history and asked about my expectations and what I wanted to achieve. I was prescribed Acyclovir and Doxycycline to prevent infection and the possibility of a cold sore popping up due to this procedure (though I have no history of cold sores, the virus could be latent). This was to be taken starting the day before the procedure, the day of the procedure and the day after the procedure, all 2X/day. I was told not to use any products with retinol or hydroxyacids for two weeks prior to the procedure. I washed with Dove for sensitive skin and used a plain moisturizer. The day of the procedure I was told to arrive and hour and a half before the appointment to prep for the procedure. I was given the option of a Valium and Fentynal, which I opted for (highly recommended, but you must have a driver if you do this), and numbing cream was applied all over my face except for above my eyelids, because the product cannot be used there, in case of product accidently dripping into the eye.

The procedure IS quite uncomfortable, I am not going to lie, expecially around the eyes where the numbing cream cannot be used. It BURNS like is not unbearable. It was more tolerable on the rest of my face, though it still hurt. I had to wear steel eye contacts for the laser work around my eyes, but the eyeballs are numbed prior to insertion and they do that area first and quickly, so that is no big deal at all. As soon as one side of the face is done, they give you an ice cold roller to use on that side while they did the other and it felt awesome. I was able to stand two passes to my entire face. I am taking pictures day by day, and when I am finished peeling I will post the results. My only disappointment is that my skin tends to break out easily and I was hoping to purchase a cream at Dr. S's that I could use instead of Aquaphor, but they were out of stock, so I am stuck with the Aquaphor, which was purchased at Walmart. The NP was gracious and told me that if I had any issues with breaking out to call her back and she would prescribe antibiotics to clear me up if that happened. I will update periodically to see if this surgery had the effects I was hoping for. I plan on definitely having a second treatment in 6 months, and I highly recommend Dr. S's team and the MiXto laser for both the cost-effectiveness and the wonderful care I received. Beyond the procedure I cannot speak for the results quite yet, but I will.

Day 2 Swollen, red face and chest area,...

Day 2

Swollen, red face and chest area, especially the eyelid/upper eye area. Skin feels very tight and hot, like a bad sunburn, I guess. When I woke up first thing I did was hop into the shower. Let the water run on my face/chest and gently cleansed skin by laying a washcloth with Cetaphil cleanser across face and chest. The water felt soothing. Immediately applied more Aquaphor on areas after shower and took a Naproxen.

Day 3 Skin is itching and starting to peel,...

Day 3

Skin is itching and starting to peel, except for the forehead, which was done on a lighter setting; will inquire about that. The redness is lightening up. Eyelid swelling is starting to resolve.

Day 4 This is the day the major peeling happened...

Day 4
This is the day the major peeling happened...Just to help others, the night of Day 3 I mixed a dime size amount of 1% hydrocortisone ointment with my aquaphor ointment in my hands rubbed together and applied all over my face, avoiding the eye area. This quelled the itchiness while I slept. It's been mildly itchy since, but not enough to want to treat it further. I used moisturizer during the day, but opted for Aquaphor over the whole face prior to bedtime.

Day 5
Though there is still mild flaking and peeling and localized red patches with allover pinkness in the treated areas, my skin looks fantastic! Still very mild itching, but not enough to warrant treatment. After washing my face this morning, I applied moisturizer for sensitive skin and it stung slightly. Will use Aquaphor again before bed. Waiting for my Avene cream to arrive from, which I will be using from tomorrow onward. It contains ingredients (forgot offhand, will list later) that promotes healing, especially after procedures. Recommended on another review. It's not cheap ($23.00), but it's very gently and specific. Also bought a moisturizing mask and anti-redness cream from the same line to apply under makeup once I start wearing it again (probably 2 more days or so).

I'm reserving final judgement on this procedure to when I am totally healed to judge results. I am already planning a second treatment in 6 months as recommended by Dr. Soto at consultation.

Day 6 I received my cream in the mail and it...

Day 6

I received my cream in the mail and it is a godsend! Wish I had it a couple of days earlier. It is Avene's Restorative Skin Cream with Cicalfate, which is designed specifically for post-procedure (laser, microdermabrasion, etc.) skin. I applied it last night and it was very rich and soothing, without being greasy or irritating (available at I woke up this morning and SURPRISE!!! I have a second round of peeling on the redder part of my face. I was wondering about that, but all is well. My skin is looking awesome and am now very happy I had this procedure done, despite a couple of little glitches. By tomorrow I think I'll be able to apply makeup a leave the house looking just about normal (and am looking forward to it too!). The only thing I would do differently is that on this MiXto my forehead was done on a slighly lighter setting (1 joule less) with only one pass, while the rest of my face had two passes. I would have the next MiXto done on the same setting as the rest of my face with the two passes. At this point I'm just not seeing too much of difference there. It didn't even get red or really peel or anything there, unlike the rest of my treated areas. I was told that the collagen would still remodel there and I would see a difference within 6 months. I have before pics and definitely will be taking pics then for comparison. On the rest of my face, though, the difference is obvious at this point...

8 days later... I have been almost completely...

8 days later...

I have been almost completely healed and have been able to leave the house with makeup (due to residual pinkness-not bad) since Sunday. The swelling has gone down, so the smoothing effects of the treatment have diminished somewhat, temporarily, I hope. In the next 6 months the collagen under my skin should increase and I should be seeing more smoothness again. I have definite tightening and more brightness of skin around my eye area, which I am happy with. Some skin imperfections are gone. They say to expect an approximately 30% improvement with one procedure and I would say I have achieved at least that so far, but I am looking forward to a little more improvement. I am now wearing an SPF 50 lotion on my face, neck and chest religiously. Will update again in one month and at that time I will post my before, immediately after, one week and one month pics for comparison. I am planning to have a 2nd round of MiXto in 6 months if all goes as planned. The NP, M.B., her asst. M, and Dr. Soto helped make this a positive experience for me.

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