Kybella for my Turkey Neck - Orlando, FL

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Get ready for an honest review of Kybella. I just...

Get ready for an honest review of Kybella. I just had the procedure today (two vials) which cost 1k. Here's what I can tell you so far:
1) It hurt like a mother...I mean it is acid. I would ask for some lidocaine if I were you.
2) supposedly the swelling is for a day or two. That's what I read on here. Well, I was informed the swelling would be worse on the second day. As you can see by my 5 hour post procedure photo, I look like a pelican (as in I could fit a fish in my gullet). For any of you on the fence about Kybella, consider getting the procedure done in time for Halloween. You could incorporate your neck as part of your costume...maybe go trick or treating as Honey BooBoos Mom?
So what I am trying to say is don't plan on being anywhere you will be seen for 48 hrs. Otherwise I feel fine, but I will plan on milking this (cow reference) for the next two days on the couch.

Slow progress

Day 3
Still looks horrible. This photo does not do it justice. The swelling is the worst. I did leave the house today though. I had to grocery shop and keep looking upward to minimize the appearance of the swelling (haha!)

2 and 1/2 weeks

There is a hard lump that you can see if you look closely. It gets smaller every day and I can literally feel my skin tightening up as it heals. (Esp when looking upward). I look the same at this point but I have a feeling just one injection may do the trick for me. Yay

Five weeks and counting

There is an improvement! My neck feels tight when I look up and there is a 1" round tender lump still under my chin. Definitely gets smaller every day. No pain unless you touch it and then it hurts. I'm going to take a photo at 6 weeks and let you compare. I think I will have to get another round of Kybella, but I am not looking forward to looking like freak of nature for another two weeks! Definitely schedule Kybella late in the week and hide the next day! You will scare the mailman, trust me. Even my dog hid.

Six week post Kybella

I saw a big improvement in between weeks 5 and 6. There is still tenderness when I touch my neck, but the lump is gone. I think the results will be really good in another 2 weeks! And that is with only one injection. I'm sure that with two injections, My neck would look even better. My PA said to wait until the area is completely healed prior to repeating an injection. I will probably wait 12 weeks to reassess. I'm happy and I look much better!

Worth it

How do I change my review from not sure to worth it?

Worth it

Now about a year out and one treatment is all I needed!
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