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I had the Cool Sculpting procedure done on Friday....

I had the Cool Sculpting procedure done on Friday. They did three small devices in a triangle shape over my stomach area. (Not at the same time - one at a time!)

I was prepared for the uncomfortable feeling of the suction, but I must say, it does actually hurt. Not unbearable, but I liken it very much to the pain of getting a mammogram, when they smash your breast between the plates. It does numb after 5 minutes, and it didn't bother me at all for the vast majority of the time.

I'm glad I got the small device, since my research on this site seems to suggest that the intense pain AFTER the procedure is (usually? always?) from the large device. In fact, there was a guy who was having cool sculpting done the day of my consultation, and he had the large device and actually fainted when the put the device on.

The procedure was done last Friday. No pain except for the suction part. On Saturday and Sunday, the sensation was like when a foot falls asleep. When it starts to wake up, it feels like pins and needles. After that, but before it fully wakes up, it's a little sore and a little numb to the touch. THAT'S what it felt like. A little sore and a little numb when touched. I went on long walks, and with loose pants around the waist, it didn't bother me at all.

Today, it's only the tiniest bit numb and sore when I rub it. So I don't rub it.

I think I'm still a little swollen - definitely not skinnier.

Will post pics when/if it changes.

Looking good...

It's about a week an a half later - my husband says my belly has definitely gone down. I think it has also, although many reviews say it takes some weeks to notice. I certainly have not been eating any better and I'm doing about the same amount of exercise.

I took a long flight a week after the procedure, and I will say that it was uncomfortable. Not painful. Just uncomfortable. My stomach area is finally stopped being numb, but it's turned a bit itchy. Hey, that's okay if it's actually getting slimmer!

More Photos

More photos - week and a half after procedure.


Well, it's now March. That's four months. I've heard that it takes three to four months to show the results. And my results? Ehhhh.

I've really been working out and for the most part eating well. I've lost inches and toned up on every part of my body EXCEPT my stomach! Some days it's down and looking good, and then other days it's quite a little pooch. The pics from a week and a half after my procedure are what it looks like on a good day. I don't know what the heck is going on - it's up and down day by day!

My husband is now saying he sees no difference. I agree, for the most part.

I really think that people get good results from this procedure because they've spent a bunch of money on it and thus commit themselves to it. So they are much more aware of what they eat and how they exercise, which usually has good consequences.

Is it worth it? Meh. I won't say it definitely is, and I won't say it's definitely not. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to a friend, though.

Nope, Wouldn't Recommend

I think this procedure is a bit of a scam. When I first read about it, you only had to do it once. Then they said twice in order to get good results. It really did nothing. (I know my "after" pics look like it worked, but I took the pics on one of those magical days when you get up and for some unknown reason your stomach is much smaller. It went right back to how it was.) It did not destroy at cells. Just made my wallet skinnier!

I never even saw the doctor. I dealt with Bridgett, the assistant. She was very nice and professional.

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