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Like many of you, I developed breasts very quickly...

Like many of you, I developed breasts very quickly at the age of nine and they've been growing ever since. I started to get migraines and back pain as well as huge self esteem issues. I had my surgery on Thursday and so far I'm delighted! The pain was more than I expected, but I think it has to do with the drains tugging. My energy is also completely gone, but I expect that to slowly return. Make sure your doctor gives you something for nausea. I had a patch put behind my ear and it definitely helped me the first 72 hours!

One week post op

Just got my drains removed today and I cannot tell you how much that changed things. I cussed like a sailor when they were coming out but now that they're gone I'm pain free, just a little sore. My doctor removed a few steri strips from around my nipple that were tugging and causing a blister and that really helped as well. Still not back up to full energy but I rode in the car to get a cheeseburger and that was fantastic. One more day of antibiotics and then I'm done! Took a nap in my own bed on my back and slept like a baby; recliner sleeping is not easy. I get to take a shower today and I'm trying to figure out how to keep my breasts covered so the steri strips don't get wet.

Nine days post op

Still in moderate pain, down to just advil, but still some pain by the evening and my left side is still really sore. My energy is back now that I'm off the antibiotics and pain meds. It's a bit discouraging to read all the stories of ladies who are a week post op and feeling 100% when I'm not, and I'm starting to doubt my choice of surgeon if I'm still in pain, but I keep reminding myself that I got three quarters of a pound of flesh removed off each breast, and I'm allowed to heal slower! Everyone recovers at different rates. I'm also so pleased with how I look. My shirts fit better, I'm breathing easier, and I just feel more myself than I ever have, pain aside. Got a new wireless front clasping bra off Amazon for 17 dollars and it's pretty comfortable! My bowels are, er, not regular yet, but I think with increased activity that'll slowly fix itself. I'll start uploading pictures in the next couple days.

Pre op drawings

This was day of the surgery, the drawings that were made! Left breast definitely needed more work.

Two week post op and long awaited pictures

Well I got the steri strips off and the sutures clipped to skin level! Not the most pleasant process because my period started yesterday and I'm hypersensitive right now (And VERY bloated, sorry about the pictures), but the nurse was very patient and gave me squeezy balls. I'm so pleased with how they look, and they don't look as....mutilated as I expected. He told me I can go bra shopping now for underwire free bras, and I'm so excited! Still going to wait a week or two just to see if the swelling on my ribcage goes down, but it's still going to be so fun. I'm using an all natural vitamin e cream I found because I'm not the biggest fan of rubbing something with chemicals on them for the next couple months, and it's already started to help some of the crusted on scabs fall off and show the pretty new skin underneath.

I do bruise very easily and it takes me a while to heal from bruising, so I'm not surprised that I'm still discolored. Besides the sensitivity from my period, I'm pain free and my range of motion is back, although I'm still taking it easy. I can wear size small shirts now instead of having to go to the larges and I look so much skinnier and feel more like myself than I ever have. I've also dropped five pounds since the surgery, no idea why because I've been ravenous and eating a lot, but that's nice too!

Spitting sutures left and right

Well, I've been very tender and sore this week and the healing has kind of plateaued. I've been having spitting sutures, where they work themselves off, pretty frequently. Talked to my granddad who was a surgeon and he said that some patients have bodies that just don't accept internal stitches, and his best guess as to why I'm healing a bit slower than I thought is that my body is having a bit of a hissy fit over some of them. It's actually relieving to hear that because I was really confused as to why I was suddenly getting sore spots here and there. No redness or signs of infection, so I'm not concerned, just grumpy about it.

Three weeks, or there around

Still a bit sore and tender, but I'm feeling so much better! I've noticed that if a spot gets uncomfortable, I just toss a bit of salve on it and it feels better quickly. I'm still bruising pretty badly so I'm cutting out caffeine and intaking a lot of citrus and other fruits for the next couple weeks. Scars are forming nicely, white and flat, and scabs have mostly fallen off except at the junctions where they're not quite healed all the way. It's really hard to remember that I'm still not supposed to lift heavy things and that I need to keep resting! Some days I am completely full of energy but sometimes I still wake up drained and tired. We're getting there, though.

One month post op

And I'm one month post op! Sorry for the iffy quality, I'm in the middle of a move and am writing this fast. I feel amazing and I love how I look. Had a couple spots where sutures were sticking out that didn't want to heal but now they're doing okay. Nothing negative to say really, besides not being able to lift things and stretching can still hurt underneath. Otherwise, I'm wearing "normal" bras, shopped for some cute clothes, and have the vote of approval from my boyfriend. Got some new scar gel to start using to encourage the scars to fade in, but we're good to go otherwise!
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

He is a very talented surgeon. His wife is his PA and she's also very personable and friendly. They answered all my questions and made me feel completely secure in getting the procedure done.

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