39 Year Old Flat Chest

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My Journey I purposely waited for one year before...

My Journey
I purposely waited for one year before I wrote this review. I wanted to see what my body and surgery would look like over a course of one year in order to not post misleading perceptions of my surgery. I firmly believe in the power of 3. Once I decided to get breast enhancements and nipple reductions, I went onto researching numerous surgeons. From there consulted with 3 surgeons before I committed myself, body and trust into having this surgeon cut me open and rearranging my anatomy.
I set up appointments with 2 surgeons in Atlanta and one in Orlando with Dr. Adam Oppenheimer. I attended my first two consultation in Atlanta and my third one was with Dr. Oppenheimer. I ultimately chose Dr. Oppenheimer to be my surgeon for my procedures. He was not the least expensive AND he WAS THE MOST INFORMATIVE doctor out of the three I interviewed. He reassured my worries about not being blotched by giving me measurements of how every little part and pinch of skin and meat was going to be moved and relocated. I am definitely a numbers person and all the information Dr. O was giving me made sense. He gave me details of how he was going to cut, implant and sutra my breasts.
In addition to giving me precise details about my breast enhancements he also in good faith advised me not to go through with the nipple reductions. He said, “You know how many people would pay money for me to put nipples like yours’ on their breasts?!?!” Ultimately I decided to not to have nipple reduction surgery and I am 100% happy and glad I listened to him!
After a year of surgery , 500 cc (right) and 480 cc (left) bigger, I am very happy with Dr. O’s skillfulness to ensure that my breasts look as natural and defined as can be. My breasts are very symmetrical, my nipples are pointing in the right directions (forward) and my breast crease are evenly leveled. Scarring is very minimal although I do still have some dark spots along my incision line. I do understand that everyone skin heals differently.
From my experience with Dr. Oppenheimer I highly, highly recommend him to anyone who cares about their body enough to choose someone who will care about your body just as equally. The facility was nice and clean. The staff was friendly and very informative. Dr. Oppenheimer is one of the most sincere surgeon anyone will find in the plastic surgery world in Orlando. If you are thinking about having ANY plastic surgery procedures done think about Dr. Adam Oppenheimer! I feel he is hands down one of the best and most caring surgeons out there. He is not just churning out patients one after another he truly believes in his work and his work are masterpieces. Yes my new breasts are masterpieces! It has definitely changed my walk, my talk and my life.
I took the time to write this not just for Dr. O but for all those who are hesitate about wanting plastic surgery and not have a clue where to start. Dr. Adam Oppenheimer hands down the best! Good luck in finding someone equally as great. If you are looking start with him and I am pretty sure you will end up with him. Thank you so, so, so very much Doctor O!
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