26yrs Old 5'8 160lbs. 500cc Moderate Plus Transgender MTF - Orlando, FL

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Hi I'm sey and im 26 yrs old. Transgender woman...

Hi I'm sey and im 26 yrs old. Transgender woman and married. I stand 5"8 and 160 lbs. Just wanna share my journey with u guys. Surgery is july 13, 2016 with my doctor in ORLANDO, FL. His name is DR. JAN V. KARLIN of Nova Cosmetics Center. $5800 and 500cc moderate profile. I am nervous but JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! Lolz.... Will definitely update you guys! Heres my journey.

Surgery day!!! Shocks

Well it went well, AWAKE, ASLEEP, SURGERY DONE! Woww amazing right?! Lol.... I had 2-3 hours surgery and the doctor said the GIRLS looks great! Yeheyyy cant wait! Im sorry about the horrible picture! Not really in the mood.... Im not in pain however the pressure of tightness is fuck!!!goshhhh! Will post more once i feel good.

1st day appointment! Bandages Off!

Goshh sore as fuck! Cant wait for these girls to heal up and fluff lol.... Im so happy abiut the result tho...

2nd Day BA! So much better

2nd day is good, the pain and tightness is starting to go away thank god! 1st day is a BITCH!!! Trust me! Lol.... Didnt took a bath yet coz i dont feel like it yet. I know yuck! Lol anyways heres the pic

3rd daY of BA! I'm Feelin better

Took a shower today. Thank god theres my husband whose helping me...... I have back soreness and i feel like the muscles and skin at the back are migrating to the front goshhh..... Im happy with the outcome honestly but my husband wants it bigger goshhh.....

4th BA update! Back still sores.

I hate the yellow betadine between my boobs making them look my boobs are so apart! Grrrr Not taking pain meds now. I think i can tolerate the very lil pain. Although im still taking the muscle relaxers of course. And the sleeping pill helps a lot for sure! Just rest rest rest sleep sleep sleep lol.....

5th day post op

Still a lil pain but meds keeps you in heaven lol These pics is after the shower.... I dont know whats the yellow thing between my boobs but i cant get rid of it lol

The left boob is still swollen thats why it looks bigger

26 5"8 160lbs Moderate Plus Silicon, Submuscular

Just renewing my old review, please check it out also (ssenoron) also
i had my youtube review titled "PRE-BREAST AUGUMENTATION SURGERY (MTF)"
its just a new video that i made. But about the seuegry and everything,
nurses is so friendly amd accomodating.

6th day post op

What is this yellow thingy between my boobs????

1 week! Yehey!!

I survived! Lol..... Just cant wait for these boobies to drop off. Will update after a week!

8th day post op!

Hmmm removing of stitches tomorrow! Immscared!!!! I think its gonna hurt lile f*** lolz.... Pleaseeee peaseee pleaseeee lord give me numbness at that moment lll

9th day Post-op

Went to the doctors office and removed the stitches! No pain at all lol..... Thank god! Doctor said im healing nicely and be patient lol.... I really thanked my doctor for a nice job done on my breasts. Cant thank him enough. Anyways heres my boobiez!

Just a collage of my journey

Nothings special lol

10th day post op

Well upper shoulder is such a pain. I dont know why but its the most painful part of my body than my breasts now. Tylenol didnt help at all and wont work for me. Only ibuprofen pain killers only works for me but the nurse said its a blood thinner and im still not allowed to use it. Damn it. But once i lay down in bed the shoulder is fine.

11th day post-op

Everythings fine... I can feel the implants dropping off in the breast pocket very very slowly. Nipple sensation is getting back slowly as well. Breast nerves are tingling and pinching. Thats a good sign i guess. Fingers crossed!!!

12th day Post-op

Everythings fine. Each day is recovery. Always lotion ur boobs to achieve good elasticity of ur skin. Heres some pics of me wearing walmart top that i cut in the center. Lol

13th day Post-op

Just updating lol... Having fun with clothes already

14th day Post-op yey!

Yey 2 weeks!!!!!!! I survived another week again! I feel implants are really dropping slowly at the breast pockets. Cant wait to fully heal!

15th day Post-op

Just updating until i reach the 30th day lol....

16th day Post-op

Quite happy about results... Its getting there lol....

17th day post-op

Took the strips off of my incision. Its healing well thank god. I put anti microbial cream thingy on it always.

19th update post-op

Well hmmm im not really happy about the projection yet of the implants.. And the left is a lil bigger.... But hey! No boobs is EVER perfectly look together anotomically.

20th post-op BA

The incision is itchy sometimes, and i feel random sharp feelings in my boobs area. Good thing i have a anti microbial cream thingy given by my doctor.

21 days post-op (3 weeks) yey!

Yeheyyy i survived another week lolz! So far been great! Walking and shopping in walmart with confidence amd cleavage lol!!! Hahahaha

22 days post op

Healing well..... Not hurting much anymore but still maintaining my recovery vitamins until its consumed. Still feeling random pain in the nipple area and upper right shoulder area. But other than that im all good! Right implant needs to go down and settle lolz

23 days post op

I Always took photos after i shower and post it here. Nothing much to say rather than i keep massaging it. Incision has anti bacterial cream thingy.

24th post op day

Hmmm right boob is still more high and smaller projection than the other. I hope the projection wid increase and be equal to the left side boob. Goshhhh..... But they will look proportion once i use bras or tops showing cleavage though. Thats the only good part. But if im naked, i can see the difference between the two.

25th day post op

Im just worried that my left boob will remain smaller. Hope by next months it will be fuller and be proportion to the other one.

26th day post op

Hmmm nothing really. Just random lightning pain in my shoulders and nipple area. Other than that, im good!

27th day post op

Nothing much again. Im gonna post until i reach 30 days or 1 month and then stop for about a month or so.

28th days post op

Hmm well this new app update says im on my 27th. I dont know which is the truth but My guts tells me im correct! Lol dont worry guys that is not stretch marks. That is just markings of my bra or shirt lol.....

29th post op update

Wow! Cant believe im almost a month now. How time flies right? Anyways i keep telling myself there are "sisters!" Not "identical twins". I cant help to feel frustrated over the unfullness of the right portion on this picture. Sighhhh.... Also i attached the status of my incision its healing well. And a picture of my boobs in a far angle. It looks small lol....well im aiming for natural not a pornstar big so..... LOL... No itchiness or watsoever. Thank god!

30th day post op

Woohoo!!!! Just 2 more days then i be completely 1 month! Had an early doctors appointment he said everything is doing great. He said i need to squash or flatten my boobs for 10 minutes everyday so that the tissues inside will be hmmmmmm i forgot lol.... But anyways heres the pocs lol

31st day post op

Woohoo!!! Tomorrow celebrating 1 month camt wait and im gonna do another youtube BA review!

1 month update post op!

Yeheyyy i survive!!!! All is well and healing well thats the bottomline. Here is my recent youtube review. All is there. And dont forget to watch my other breast surgery reviews on my channel! See u next month of my update! Kisses!


After 71 days!

Well everything is healing well. And the female hormones is definitely helping out to improve it and making it more natural. Im so happy and contented. They are just normal big kind of size. Will update after 2-3 months!

Just a random picture update

A little bit of push up bra! And magic happens lol.... my boobs are still dropping and fluffing.....

Just an update :)

Thank god everything is well. it looks natural... and its a perfect size of D!!! No push up in this pictures....Thanks to my brilliant surgeon! Always lotion your boobs everyday and a little bit of boob exercise and ur good to go!
Orlando Physician

The clinic is very nice and clean. Staff is good very accomodating. Ive met the doctor Karlin personally and had good connection. Even suggested better size for me that is BIG and PROPORTION. So glad i did 500cc's.... just right for my body. Totally satisfied customer.

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