Breast Augmentation 400cc

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I am very excited because I have 11 days until I...

I am very excited because I have 11 days until I get my breast augmentation. Right now I am barely a 32A and hoping to be a small to a full C after my procedure. I know that it can't really be determined by cup size because all stores will have different bra sizes but that is just what I am hoping for :]. I picked the Natrelle Allergan 400cc, under the muscle and I will be having my incision on the edge of the bottom of my boobies. I will definitely be posting on here some more :] & i would love to hear about anyone who is also getting theirs done or if you are thinking about getting your boobies done or if you got the same size as me!

Tomorrow... :]

So tomorrow morning i will be seeing my doctor for the last time before surgery I will make sure that I am sure about the 400cc... The size does not worry me much because i liked that size but I'm worried on how they will turn out to look :\. The picture i posted is what i don't want mine to look like after! I am very skinny and have no fat in my upper body (which is why i don't have boobs lol) so I will talk to my doctor to make sure that the size i picked will not make me look like that. I know that i can trust him on the size we picked but i just like to be sure of everything since it's something that will change my body for a lifetime.

I will update you guys tomorrow! :]

My wish Boobies!

So i found these pictures from another user here on realself and i must say these boobs is what i want! :D

So Close To Get My Twins!

So I saw the doctor and 2 ladies that work for him today and they reassured me that the 400cc high profile will look fantastic on me. One of the ladies did suggest that i could do the 375cc moderate profile but i didn't like the moderate profile that much and she said that between 375 and 400 is not a big difference. So I have decided on doing the 400cc high profile and i should obtain a good size C cup bra size. :]... I'm starting to get nervous because its getting so close! but I'm also excited! lol

OMG i got boobs!

So yesterday was my operation & it went great! They has me wear long tight socks to prevent blood clots & when they inserted the what they called candy juice lol i dont even remember when i fell asleep. After surgery i had difficulties breathing but it was because usually when i sleep i only breathe with my mouth so i wanst getting enough oxygen. They put an oxygen mask on me & i was fine & i was able to breathe on my own after. The pain after was pretty bad but not something that you can't take. I had taken all my mesds & it made me feel better. Right now my right arm can move better with very slight pain but my left one hurts when i move it & the pain is on the side of my boob when i move the arm. I have been having a lot of back pain so i have been taken a pill for that & it helps. My boobies feel good when laying down but when i get up they hurt. I have a constant feeling on them of pressure & heaviness. I see my doctor today & he will remove the bandage wrapping my boobs. He told me i would feel better after the bandage comes off. I will post my before pics now & my picture of me wearing the bandage. Once i get the bandage off i will updat you guys on how my boobies look :]

Good news!

So i have inverted nipples as you can see on my before pictures but i did not want to pay to get it fixed because it was an extra $1500 plus i didn't care about my nipples being inverted because they never bothered me or made me feel insecure. The good news from Dr. Karlin was that he said they popped out after the implants were in! & we are hoping they stay out :D

Bandages Off! Yay!

So i got my bandages of today & the girls look amazing! :D... Those bandages were casing me all the pain once they were removed no more back pain for me! :]... Im so excited because they look perfect! Not too big but not too small & they fit my body


Sorry i misspelled some stuff like "off" & "causing"... I have been very tired from the surgery and medications. After the bandages come off its an amazing feeling! Lol but now I'm going to sleep since I'm very tired... If you ladies have any questions feel free to ask me!

2 Days Post Op

My boobies after 2 days! I cant wait until they drop and are soft :D

3 Days PO

They are very high and still swollen but i can definitely see they will look amazing once they drop. I have been having issues sleeping elevated because it hurts my back so last night i woke up like at 4 am with a lot of back pain & just laid down straight on my back then like at 8 am i put my self back up to an elevated position. I have a little bit more energy now than the first 2 days but i still get very tired and need my cat naps lol

2 weeks!

Omg! so its been 2 weeks now but they still look the same. I can move them just a little bit. I got my stitches taken off last thursday and I was having some pains around that area but I contacted my doctor and he said that was normal. The last 3 days they have been feeling way better with just a little discomfort sometimes on my left boob previous stitched area but other than that i feel great :]


So I cannot wait until my boobies get soft! my doctor told me it will take about 3 to 4 months for me and not to massage them. I got the textured silicone implants so thats why he said not to massage them. I want to get a sports bra that will push them a little bit closer so i will ask my doctor if thats ok and then I'll let you guys know :]

Size... 2 Months Post OP

So you guys are going to think I'm crazy because i was so excited about my boobs but i don't like the size at all. They are too big from what i wanted. In the beginning i thought they were just swollen and that my results would be what i asked for. Its been 2 months and i want to get them smaller as soon as possible. Everyone tells me they look great but they do under clothes when im naked its not what i want. They come off my frame too much and they are too big from my frame also. I have a very small upper body and waist, smaller then usual girls and thats something he should have taken in consideration. I wanted was to have a B or small C but i actually have a D. I feel like my doctor didn't take the time with me to explain what size were the 400cc rather than telling me they will look great. I did the bird seed sizers or what most people do is the rice sizers and my boobs don't look like what they looked with the bird seed sizers. I spoke to him about it already and he told me to wait 6 months but i don't want to to that. I'm actually afraid by 6 months the implant stretches my skin and then when i replace it for the smaller implant the boobs would be saggy. I know what i wanted from day one and I actually went to his assistant 4 times in those 2 weeks before surgery because i didn't want my boobs to end up too big. I know that I'm picky but it is my body and i want it to look how i prefer not what other people think. I think it was just a confusion in communication between me and the doctor and his assistant.

Here i have some pics of what they look like now.

I have a picture with a 32C Victoria's Secret bra and that is what i wanted to have done seems it seems like a size that would fit my body and frame better.
I know I'm a 32D & even a 32DD but the boobs look the same without the bra. I'm not looking to be comfortable with my boobs with a bra, I want to be comfortable with them and love how they look naked.
The picture on the right is how i made my boobs look the size i actually wanted.
I will be contacting my doctor tomorrow so I can see him again and show him this and get me a new size.

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