What I envisioned in my mind is now what I see in the mirror! ....6weeks Post Op - Orlando, FL

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I've wanted breast augmentation ever since my last...

I've wanted breast augmentation ever since my last child was born and that was 17 years ago. But you know how it is Mommies have other things on their minds. But now that I only have one left at home I have the time to think about me. MY goal is fuller uplifted breast. They do not need to be under my chin but would like to have upper pole fullness. Went in hoping to achieve this without a lift but was not opposed to one if needed.

My First consultation with Dr. Soto went great. My husband and I felt very confident in choosing him for my procedure. We had consulted with 2 other plastic surgeons and Dr. Soto was definitely our first Choice. I expressed my goals to him and then he answered every question I had before I had even asked.

He believes he can reach my goal without a lift. He showed us before and after photos of patients who also was borderline lift but only received implants and we were impressed with the results. So breast implants and no lift is what we have decided.

I went for my preop appt and again all my questions were answered and I was even more confident in my choice of Dr. and procedure. NOW I'm having a hard time waiting for my surgery date. I went for my pre op still questioning if I'm doing the right thing and was so put at ease about the surgery I am ready to do it today. No hesitation or anxiety. Dr. Soto and His staff are that good. Will update.

I'm one day out and very excited! Tomorrow can't...

I'm one day out and very excited! Tomorrow can't come soon enough! Just trying to prepare and remember everything I might need. My husband is nervous for both of us. The hardest part will be not eating or drinking anything because my surgery isn't until 1:30 pm. So I'm gonna be real hungry and thirsty, What to do to occupy my time between now and then? Shop!! See you on the other side!!

Well I've made to the otherside!! Here's the break...

Well I've made to the otherside!! Here's the break down.... My surgery was delayed until 3:30pm so it was a long day of waiting. But I was so ready by the time they took me back I wasn't nervous at all. Anxiety had turned into hurry up already and my impatience took over LOL!! But the nurses were very good in keeping me updated and the Dr. was very apologetic and stated He would never want to rush anyones surgery and I agree. If it was me I would want him to take his time. So I go into the surgical suite lay down on the table and the anesthesiologist gave me what he called " 2 shots of scotch" and told me to go somewhere really nice in my thoughts and It was shame they couldn't go with me and that's the last remember. He was a pretty funny dude which made it alot less nerve racking. Woke up in the recovery with what I would describe as tightness no pain though. They got me dressed gave me a muscle relaxer and I was on my way to the hotel. Now they gave me a card that has all the info about implants. So my boobs are registered I guess. Anyways I received Smooth round Moderate Classic Profile L side 360 cc and R side 385. Now this was kinda surprising to me cause we had discussed bigger. But He made it clear from the beginning he makes the final decision in the operating room. And I am so glad he does cause I couldn't imagine being any bigger than I am now. Just goes to show every implant fits different on everyone. I got back to the Hotel about 6:00 pm and slept most of the evening did get sick to my stomach around 1am but the funny thing is I think it was the Zofran which is an anti nausea medicine that made me sick. Cause I took it again about 4 hours later and again right backup so I won't be taking that. I haven't felt sick to my stomack anyways. Today has been great feel good just fatigued which is to be expected. Putting up photos will keep updating.

Feeling really good today! Haven't taken any pain...

Feeling really good today! Haven't taken any pain meds. Still sore of course but nothing unbearable. Just trying to make myself take it easy. I am really surprised how good I feel. I am taking Arnica and Bromelain and so far I do not have bruising. I am swollen of course and don't really know how to compare if it's normal or alot or not as much as usual. But I don't feel tight except for last night when I went to bed I got that engorged feeling which is normal from what I've read. But so far it's all been worth it and been easier than I thought. Wish I had done it years ago. Will keep updating and adding photos as I progress.

Had my follow up appt today. Everything looks good...

Had my follow up appt today. Everything looks good. The nurse taught me how to do the massage and OMG. Why they call it a massage is beyond me. I have to push the implant way up under my chin. I doesn't really hurt but feels really uncomfortable. She said that if I do it 3 times a day 10 times on each side by next week it will be nothing and feel quite normal. I guess I will trust her. But I'm not feeling it, LOL It needs to be done so your implant stays nice and soft and loose in the pocket. We do not want capsular contracture. It's just difficult to think about pushing around on these things just yet. I've been babying them and obvious that is no longer an option. Other than that I feel great. Posted more pics will keep updating.

Still feeling good. I haven't had any...

Still feeling good. I haven't had any complications. Everything is going good and I love my results!! I wanted voluptuous and that's what I got. I am so glad I didn't get a lift!!! I do get tired in the afternoon and need to nap but no meds. Will add more photos. Good wishes to everyone.

Feeling great and still thrilled with the outcome....

Feeling great and still thrilled with the outcome. Tuesday was my 2nd PO appt and the Dr. says everything looks great just to make sure I do my breast excersizes. I got to see my incisions for the first time. They are exactly in the crease of the breast which is great. I have to keep tape on them I guess this helps with scar healing. I'm very irritated by the Walgreens brand papertape so I have switched to Nexcare 3m gentle paper tape. Hopefully that resolves the issue. If it's not better by Monday I'll call. Anyone else have problems with the tape making your skin irritated? I will post pics later of incisions and the girls. Good wishes For Good healing.

Just wanted to update about he TAPE issue. I...

Just wanted to update about he TAPE issue. I switched from the Walgreeens generic paper tape to Nexcare 3m gentle paper tape. Huge difference. The rash and irritation is almost gone now. Whatever adhesive is in that cheap tape is brutal. This new tape I forget I have it on. So just a tip for the newbies buy the good stuff when comes to the tape. Wishes of Good Healing.

3 weeks post op today and I'm feeling and looking...

3 weeks post op today and I'm feeling and looking great. I love them more everyday. I am ready to start working out and getting my groove on. Hopefully at my next DR's appt he will clear me for more activity. I am alittle worried about my incisions. They are raised but not red I'm hoping they flatten out. I've read it both ways that it's normal and that I should start massaging them. I will wait to see what the Dr says. It's crazy how obsessed you become over every little thing. LOL but I guess we finally get them and we now want to take very good care of them. Anyone else with permanently hard Nipples? Any advice on the scars would be appreciated also. Posting a couple of updated photos.
Good Wishes For Good Healing

I am 4 weeks PO and doing great. I had my appt...

I am 4 weeks PO and doing great. I had my appt with the PS this week and everything is looking good. I got out of the "TRAINING BRA" as my husband calls it.LOL ! I am now able to wear sports bras and the fancy bras on a limited basis but not all day because of incisons. I am loving my results. What I had envisioned in my mind is now what I see when i look in the mirror. Love it. Can excercise without alot of upper body stuff and not alot of bouncing of the breast mostly because of incision healing. PS doesn't want alot of pressure put on them. Love this site so much useful and reassuring info. When I have a question I come here and can always find someone who has the answer. Will keep updating as I progress. Don't stop posting girls it's what gets us thru the process. Posted new pics.

So I'm 6 weeks PO and still in love the girls....

So I'm 6 weeks PO and still in love the girls. They look and feel exactly like I wanted. My husband says they feel completely real and can't believe he doesn't even feel any type of implant and trust me he he has tried LOL!! My incisions are healing great. I had a nurse friend of mine say she was surprised at how fast I heal cause they look great. So that's good news. My next Dr's appt is on the 22nd of Feb. to make sure my incisions are healing nicely I'm hoping he is going to tell me I don't have to tape anymore. I still get irritated if I wear it to long. My left breast is still bigger than the right but it's alot better than before. At least they both fit in the same size bra :) My PS said he couldn't fix it perfectly without the lift and I am completely okay with that. No lift scars for alittle bit of assymetry is worth it to me. I have experienced a little boob envy. Which is crazy cause I'm a DD now. But you know how the mind works we always want bigger and better. Ridiculous. As women we are so critical of ourselves. So I just look at my before and then afters and I that sets my mind straight. Thankful for how great they turned out. Hope everyone is healing good. New Pics posted
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Dr. Soto and his staff were great. I did a lot of research before choosing a plastic surgeon and had several consults with different Drs. Dr. Soto's photo gallery was great and his results are fantastic. RealSelf was a big determining factor on choosing a Plastic Surgeon. Being able to read the reviews from other patients made me feel confident in my choice. I would highly recommend Dr. Soto and his staff. MORE than satisfied.

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