56 Years Old with 38ddd,much Needed Breast Reduction - Orlando, FL

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I am a 38ddd and have been big all my life and I...

I am a 38ddd and have been big all my life and I had 3 consults in the last 4 years trying to get approve by my insurance and I went to see dr.newman and he was my finally choice and I am so glad that I found Him! Great doctor,explains everything to you and has a great sense of humor. He has a great staff also,my insurance finally approved my breast reduction on 8-30-16 and I cannot stop smiling! They called me yesterday to tell me the great news. When all said and done I will be a c cup. Waiting now to hear when my surgery date is but go see Dr. Newman if you want to get great results!! What a nice doctor and caring. I will post more after my much needed breast reduction. Very excited!!!

Feeling blessed!

Well my surgery date is for 10-25-16 and I am so excited and I feel very blessed ! Will post more later.

Pre-op appointment

Well I had my Pre-op today with Dr.Newman and it went good and now my big day is 10-25-16 and surgery is 10:45am
Getting very nervous!!

Surgery on 10-25-16

Well ladies I had it done and it went great and I am home resting Alot! Dr. Newman did a awesome job and I am a c cup now!! My surgery was 3 hours long and the worse part are the drainage tubes!! They come out in 7 days and I will be glad of that. Will post more later?

My experience so far

Hi,My latest update so far has been great,healing nicely,drains Come out on wednesday and I am day 6 post op and just really resting Alot and taking it easy. I go back to see my plastic surgeon Dr. Newman on wednesday. Not much of a appetite yet but each day gets better and I have a nurse that Comes in every morning I got to do the drains as I am alone and all family up north. The 2 sports bras that I bought extra at Walmart are not Good! Do not waste your Money! They ride up on your incisions and pull on the drainage tubes but I just got these extra to have on hand while my compression bra was being washed so I went on line to carefix.com and got another compression bra that I put on the day of my surgery and I just love Them! Very soft comfortable and they have spandex in them so they stretch which helps alot,no pulling on drains either. I hope this helps ladies! Take carep

13 day post- op

Well I am healing great and I feel so much better since the drains came out! Sleeping alot better! Still swollen but each day gets better and the bruising is going away also. I just cannot get over that I have no neck,shoulder or back pain at All and I feel so much better.

15 day post- op

Just had my stitches removed and healing very Nicely! Still need to take it easy for the rest of this week and then I go up to 10 pounds of Lifting! Still swollen alittle and bruising is going away slowly. Bought some extensive repair cream from my plastic surgeons office and massage into breast 2 times a day. Allowed to go into a regular bra in another week and then wear compression bra only at night.
Energy is coming back each day better.

4 weeks post op

Here are my latest pictures !

6 weeks post op

Well ladies feeling great and I went back to work on tuesday the 6th after being off for 6 weeks. I had my check up with my plastic surgeon on 12-5-16 and everything is healing nicely and still alittle swollen but now I am using scar gel from his office to help with the scarring. I had a bathing suit on for the first time since 2002 and took a sister trip to seista keys and I must say it felt great walking on the beach!

3 month post op

Well ladies I had my 3 month post op today and I have been discharged from my wonderful plastic Surgeon! All is good and all swelling is gone and I have my beautiful shape of 38 d cup and perky! No more sleeping in my compression bra at night and I cannot wear a under wire bra for another 3 months and continue to use scarring gel for another 3 months. It has been a wonderful journey with all you ladies and good luck ! I am so glad that I had it done and I feel like a different person.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Where do I Begin! Dr. Newman is a very skilled plastic surgeon and now I know why he is 5 Stars! My experience so far has been absolutely perfect and what a caring staff!! Wow ! He listens to what you want,has a great sense of humor,just a really great person and I am so blessed that I found him!! Thank you Dr. Newman for changing my life and a much healthier life and your the best!!

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