39 Yrs Old, 1 Child, Loooooong Awaited Breast Reduction. Orlando, FL

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Hi RS friends!!!! I just got approved by my...

Hi RS friends!!!! I just got approved by my insurance and could not be happier! I am currently 5'1", 155 lbs and wear a 36DDD. I'm super uncomfortable with my heavy breasts and can't wait for smaller ones. We have 1 child (almost 5yrs old) and he is our one and only.....ie, no more kids. I've been top heavy my entire life, but since having the baby, my breasts have done nothing except get larger and saggier. I had consultations with 3 different plastic surgeons before making my decision to use Dr. Charles Newman. He's been in practice here in Orlando for many years and has lots of experience with breasts. I feel very comfortable with him and his staff they have been amazing so far! I am very grateful to all of you on Real Self who have shared your stories on here. I have read so many of them and have learned so much! I appreciate feeling like I am becoming well informed by reading your journeys. I love hearing the good and the bad, as well as your struggles and your glories. The pictures have been HUGELY helpful to me and I hope that my story can benefit someone else. I'll try to get some 'before' photos up now! I'm looking forward to hearing from people that have had recent reductions done and I can't wait to get this ball rolling! Some basic stats that i know of as of now: Surgery is March 31 at 8 am. I will be having an anchor incision. My PS predicts 300-400 grams to be removed from each. I will have drains for 1-2 weeks. He believes I will be a 'full C' when everything is said and done.

3 weeks pre-op!!

Today marks 21 days until surgery!! I'm getting so excited but also getting a little anxious. I want to make sure I prepare my body the best way I can before surgery. I saw my Nutritionist this morning and I will be doing a 10 day liver cleanse starting tomorrow. I did the same one last year and I felt amazing afterwards. I felt lighter, spunkier and just overall healthier. She also recommended doing a lymphatic drainage once next week, and then another one the week before surgery. After my 10 days of liver detox, I will eat as clean as possible (no gluten, no dairy, minimal sugar, only lean meats or wild caught fish, and limited carbs). I am about 25 lbs heavier right now than I should be, so I'm praying that this along with the breast reduction will only be the beginning of the path to a healthier me:)
What else have any of you ladies done to prepare your bodies for surgery? Any suggestions are welcome!! I've also read of many women taking certain supplements before their surgery. Bromelain and some others?? Please share of you have...id love to hear what you did!!! Thanks everyone!

Pre-op today!!

I had my preop appointment this morning, and I cannot believe how real this is getting! I am 17 days away now:)
My PS was awesome and made me feel even more comfortable with my decision. He is confident that he will give me "great results", so that made me happy and feel assured. I brought in a notebook with three full pages of questions for him, and he answered every last one of them. He showed me more or less where my incisions will be. I will not be getting any lipo, because he says I do not need it. He showed me what my new aerola size will be. I had also brought in some photos of my wish boobs. In my mind, I want to be a C no bigger. Drains - I am going to have them in for one week. As I've read on real self, and as the nurse described to me, it seems like that is going to be the hardest part of the recovery. I wish I didn't have to have them, but they assured me that the drains are very beneficial for healing.
I'm still working on getting my body in prime condition for surgery. I'm on day 2 of my lover detox and I still need to schedule my lymphatic drainage. I'm also going to try and set up a chiropractic adjustment before surgery, just to ensure everything is aligned and in position for proper blood flow and everything for post surgery healing.

Some more before photos

I went to the outlets the other day and stopped in Jockey. I ended up leaving with 2 bras that I HOPE I will be able to wear after surgery. I actually had no clue what to buy other than what I've seen on other RS photos, so hopefully these will work. I tried to think "soft", "breathable", "somewhat supportive but not too tight". What do you ladies think? Will these be ok? I bought one size L and one XL cause I wasn't sure which I'd need.

Before photos

Trying on post op bras in the dressing room

12 days til surgery!

This has been one of my favorite bras for the longest time. It's the only razorback that I own, and it's also a nursing bra haha! It obviously doesn't fit, but I still wear it, because it sorta does the job when I wear certain tanks.

5 days until my BR!!!

I am getting super pumped up and cannot even imagine what positive changes this reduction is going to bring to my life:) Yay!!!

BUT, I do have some last minute questions and I'm hoping some of you ladies can help (pretty please!). Ok here it goes:

1- For those of you that have small children (my son is almost 5), what did you tell them about your surgery? I want him to understand that I'm ok, but that he cannot jump on me and hang on me like he normally does.

2- TMI question, but I'm worried about being able to wipe myself after going #2. It seems like I will not have the ability to reach back and/or do thorough wiping. Anyone??

3- I am due to get my period any day after surgery. Has anyone experienced extra breast pain? Or any other tips on how to handle period immediately following post op?

4- After the surgical bra is done, what have you found to be the best bra to wear in post op weeks 2-4?? Do I need a front enclosure?

Thank you anyone who can provide any feedback on the above!!

Tomorrow is the day!!

My dream is about to become a reality. I have to arrive at 6 AM, and my surgery is scheduled for 8 AM. They told me it would be a two hour surgery, and that seems awfully quick, but either way I am ready to do this????. I researched my surgeon long and hard, I have been preparing emotionally as well as physically. I am ready to do this! I am off now for my last workout at the gym with these giant breasts. See y'all on the other side, and I'll be sure to update as much as I can.

Surgery day story

Yesterday was my best reduction surgery. Had to be at the hospital at 6 AM, for 8 AM surgery. I was taking that right away and was asked to give a urine sample, then change into my down. After I was hooked up to the IV, which was nothing but Saline solution, my mother was allowed to come back and join me. Next, the allergist came and talk to me about what he would be giving me and how it would be administered. Next, I went and used the bathroom one last time before surgery. Lastly, Dr. Newman came and drew me up. The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist putting a mask over my face. I woke up to an a half hours later in recovery room phase 1. Here, they wanted to make sure that I could talk, and that I could breathe on my own. I had to blow into some breathing machine and they registered it on the chart. Next, I moved to recovery room phase 2, where they brought and my mom I was awake at this point and remember most of what happen, even though I was very groggy. I was discharged about 30 minutes after that and came straight home. Now, for my surgery day journey once I arrived at my house.......
I was home around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I asked my mom to make me one of my nutritional drinks that I buy from my nutritionist. It sounded like it would taste good, and it's liquid, so it wouldn't be too hard on my stomach. I took one sip, and literally had to excuse myself to go throw up. I've vomited quite profusely and time of liquid came up for my stomach. After that, I actually felt OK, and decided it would be best to go to sleep. I slept in my bed from 2 to 4 PM. I woke up feeling fine, not in very much pain, and slightly less groggy. I decided to eat a little something so that I could take my first round of hydrocodone and my antibiotic, clindamycin. I ate some pita chips, and a few bites of banana. It seemed to stay down OK, so around 430 I took the hydrocodone. I waited about 15 minutes and then took the antibiotic. I stayed in my bed for the next half hour, and then went downstairs. Shortly after that around 530 I began vomiting again. My whole stomach was again emptied, mostly liquid, but the little bit that I eat as well as the pills I'm sure all came up. Between 630 and 645, my mom was empty my dreams. She was almost done with the second drain, and I began to get super dizzy and my heart was racing faster than I could album. That is the last thing I remember. After that, I apparently sat down on our kitchen bench and passed out. I was blacked out for what my mom said it was a total of about 20 to 25 seconds. She said that I was moaning and grunting. The next thing I remember is that I came to, and she was rubbing my head. I was completely drenched in sweat and covered in my own Urine. I have no idea why I passed out, but it was super scary to think about. I decided to just spend the next couple of hours relaxing. I was doing OK and about to go to sleep for the night around 10 o'clock. But I was texting with one of my best friend who lives in Miami, her husband is an emergency room doctor, and he told her that I needed to get to the ER immediately after what happened, because it sounded like I may have had a seizure, or some other some kind of episode. So, off my husband and I went to the ER, while my mom stayed home with our sleep inside. At the ER, they did EKG, urinalysis, blood labs, and a CT scan of my brain. I was also given the bag of Saline through and Iv, along with the clindamycin anabiotic in my IV. Every single test that they ran all came back negative and the ER doctor said that he believes my episode was due to a plethora of reasons, ranging from the heavy Anesthesia, to being dehydrated, to not having anything in my stomach, therefore causing Low blood sugar. He also said that the hydrocodone is just a beast on the stomach, and if I wanted, he could prescribe a different painkiller. He gave me a new script at discharge, but I have not filled it yet. We got home around two in the morning, and I slept really well until 730 in the morning. I still had not taken any more of the hydrocodone. I'll put my postop day one update in a separate post. But here are some photos from the hospital.

Post op - day 1

Today has been a pretty good day for being 1 day post. I slept well last night and woke up around seven. For my pain, I am no longer taking the narcotic painkiller hydrocodone. Talk to my surgeon's Office this morning and they said the pain was manageable that I could transition to a little extra strength. So that's what I've been doing, and I have been fine doing that all day. I have felt much better and a lot more mobile. I took a super long nap from 11 AM to 4 PM. Other than that my moving around hasn't done much, but I do feel better than yesterday. As I mentioned in my surgery day review, Dr. Newman remove proximally 450 g from each breast. I am including some photos of the reveal in today's update. I do have a concern about my right nipple. It looks inverted and kind of smushed. My mom says it looks better today than it did yesterday, and that she can see that part of the Steri-Strip is covering the nipple. My left nipple looks much more normal. Can anyone speak on whether their nipples look weird like mine does in these photos? Thank you!

Post op - day 2

Day to post breast reduction is in the books. My morning started out a little groggy and pretty exhausted. But as the day went on, I progressively felt better and better. Starting to feel a little bit more "normal". For painkillers, the only thing I am taking right now is Tylenol. I took one at 10 AM and another one at 8 PM. I am no longer nauseous and overall feeling well. This morning I was a little bit dizzy after walking up and down the stairs, so I decided it would be best just to stay in bed and not move around much. I am draining less and less each time. This morning I only had 10 mL of the left, and 8 mL of the right. I have not drained them this evening yet, but it seems like there isn't much in there at all. I'm still keeping my diet super simple, crackers, bananas, A very little bit of plain noodles, and apples. Earlier today I had some milk toast with a plain scrambled egg. That seem to sit very well, and I even had a BM this afternoon!! (woot woot!!). Now I am just winding down for the night, and sipping on my favorite drink ever.....Harmless Harvest Coconut water.

Post op - day 3

Today I really started feeling more like a normal person. I still feel like I have some of the effects of the anesthesia in me, but hopefully that will be gone within the next day or 2. And what I mean by the effects of the anesthesia, is that I am exhausted very quickly, and sometimes get light-headed and dizzy if I'm standing or walking around for too long.

As for my new breasts, I think I am going to be super happy with the final product. They are bruised, swollen and quite hard still, but I can tell that they are going to be nice once they drop. Also, i am no longer concerned about my right nipple as I've mentioned in the previous posts. I had my husband take a closer look at it, and he said it looks like he thought I could just pop it out. I took a bottom-half-only bath tonight (of course after I pinned up my drains) and after I did that, I sort of tried to do just that....pop out my nipple. It did not come all the way out from under the Steri-Strips, but it did make more of an appearance, and now I feel much better. Speaking of nipples, I can't believe it, but I have nipple sensation in both my right in my left! I wasn't expecting that, but happy to feel the sensation there. Also, back to the bath, it was truly amazing! I was even able to bend over and wash my hair, which was in dire need of a cleaning:)
Here's some pics from today!

Post op - day 5

My dreams are gone! I was initially supposed to get them removed on postop day eight, but I spoke to my surgeons office yesterday and he asked for my drainage numbers. I informed them and I said I could come in this morning to have drains removed. Yay! I guess it's different for everyone, but I just wanted to throw out there that my dreams being removed does not hurt whatsoever, not even a little bit. In fact, I didn't even know my PS was doing it, and then bam- they were out! He says I am healing super well, so that made me happy. He also felt my breast (kinda man handled them actually) and said they are still swollen, but that should start improving over the next week. He wants to see me next week to remove the steri strips and take out the few exterior stitches.
Bonus for the day: I feel SO much better! I am no longer having dizzy spells or feeling lightheaded (thank god because that has honestly been the worst part of all this!). And the 2nd bonus is that I got my first shower today. It felt amazing!!!! Here's some 5 days post op pics.

Post op - 1 week

It's been a full 7 days!!!

How I'm feeling: I am feeling really great! Each day I walk around a little more, and do a few more small activities and tasks. For example, this morning I came down and had breakfast at the normal time with my family. Every other day leading up until now, I have been sleeping in and waking up slowly. I also felt less tired today. I took one small nap in the morning from 10 to 11. Planning on going to bed tonight at my regular time, 1030. I haven't had any feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness since day 4. Thank goodness because that was starting to get old! I guess sometimes general anesthesia can take several days (even up to a week) to get out of your system.

What I am doing: Well, I made my first meal today, it was an omelette with veggies for dinner. I did dishes for the first time today. I shaved WOOT WOOT!!!! And I also drove for the first time, with my husband as the passenger. I felt fine, but definitely can see that I will need a little blanket or small pillow or something to buffer against the seatbelt and my breasts. Also, I took the last of the antibiotic today -- yay, my poor gut can get a rest!!! And lastly, I walked to the nail salon (which is no more than 50 yards from my house) and got a pedicure:)

I see my PS next Wednesday (12 days post op) to remove the steri strips and exterior stitches. That will likely be my next update with more photos showing my actual incisions and hopefully with swelling down a bit. Otherwise, here is a before and after shot with the same bra on, just different colors.

Post op - day 12

I saw my surgeon today and he removed the steri strips (which have been taped over my incisions since surgery day). He says I am healing very well and both breast still have swelling that will slowly go down as each day / week passes. As you will see on these pics, I still have quite a bit of bruising .... underneath the breasts as well as on top and the sides. My right nipple is slightly off center, but as my scars heal and the breasts settle, I'm hoping the aereolas will look more even. Either way, I am very happy:) I went into this process knowing that perfect boobs do not exist and expecting that there may be visible flaws with my final outcome. I am 100% ok with that and just grateful to have smaller breasts that are proportionate to my body.

Also, dr Newman told me that he removed 495 grams from the right breast, and 485 from the left. This is about 1.1 pounds from each breast.

The pink dot that you see on both sides of my body (kinda under the armpit) is the site where the drains came out. It's barely but a mere scab now and should disappear within a week.

18 days post op - emotional and feeling meh

I am about 2 1/2 weeks post op now. The last several days I have been really emotional, crying every day and can't seem to snap out of it. I'm feeling lots of different things. I am not completely happy with the way my breasts are looking and healing. Under my left breast at that T-junction, it appears that some of my skin was ripped off when the stare strips were removed last week. The area is yellow-ish and very raw looking. It loses out A dark yellow and green tinted liquid when I change the gods. It is not much, and it's only from that one area, but it's making me worried. I have emailed some photos to my PS Office this morning and I'm waiting to hear back. When I told them about it, they said it did not sound like anything to be concerned about. That I should keep applying the bacitracin and some sort of nonstick gauze or pad on top of it. Anyway, on my right breast, my aerola and nipple are just not looking normal. It doesn't seem like my nipple is in the center of the aerola. And also it looks like the incision on that same aerola is lumpy. I've also been wondering if I didn't go small enough in my size. I understand that they are probably still slightly swollen, so I'm hoping they will go down a little bit. Overall, I'm just not feeling great, and physically I am still pretty exhausted. Does anyone else remember feeling this way around two or three weeks post op? Can anyone tell me it's gonna get better?? Thanks for any positive or encouraging feedback!!

I'll also put some pics of my breasts and some of those problem areas I described.

3 weeks post op

I am exactly 3 weeks post breast reduction today. The last two days I have felt much better, and finally feeling I have turned a corner. I'm having more energy ans finally feel like this "anesthesia brain fog" is behind me. I'm also feeling happier about me and my new breasts overall.

I agree with much of what other ladies have said, in that you really do need to take it easy in the days & weeks following surgery to really allow your body to heal. I also agree that you need to be easy on yourself, and not get too caught up in how your breasts look now, knowing that they will change and evolve in the way that they look each day, probably for the next several months, and even up to a year.

I still have some swelling in both of my breasts. The bruising has gone down significantly. The incisions look Pretty good for the most part. I have the one area under my left breast at the T-junction that isn't closed as well as the other areas, but I'm trusting my surgeon and following his instructions, and I know it will look better soon. I am wearing my surgical bra and other postop bras pretty much 24 / 7. I do feel that the incisions also need air to heal, so after my showers, I have typically been walking around topless for about an hour to get them some nice natural-flowing oxygen:)

Here are some current pics! Thanks to all of you have been so supportive, it really does make a difference.

Post op bras

There is much to be said about which bras are the best to wear after a breast reduction. It is almost guaranteed that you will be sent home in a surgical bra from your surgeon. Some women really love their surgical bra, and others don't seem to care for their surgical bra. I suppose that depends on how it fits, what the material is, where or how close it sits on your incisions, and whether or not it's comfortable. Today I will tell you about my post op bras that I have and what I think about them. Again, there's several choices out there and I've seen lots of different options, so this is just my 2 cents:)

1) MY SURGICAL BRA: I peronally love mine!! I am wearing it in some of my photos from surgery day and my days 1-3 updates. It's white, it has a front enclosure with 2 different size settings. It is a very soft, stretchy and breathable material. Overall, it is VERY comfortable! I wore it almost around the clock (alternating with my jockey bras) for the first 16-18 days. Had I thought about it earlier, I probably would've asked my PS if I could purchase one to have as a backup. Recently, this has become my nighttime bra.

2) JOCKEY BRAS: I bought 2 super soft jockey bras a few weeks before my surgery. I bought them at the Jockey outlet store. I purchased the grey one in size XL and the black one in a L. They are also very breathable and super comfortable. They do not have any type of enclosure, so to put them on you need to step into them. I have seen other women say that they avoided this type of bra for fear of having to put something over the head and finagle the arms thru. I found this to be the case. Like I mentioned, I discovered it was actually quite easy and painless to step into it and pull it up, then simply slipped my arms through. So in my opinion, if you a stretchy enough, stepping into it and pulling it up is no problem whatsoever. The only negative thing to say about these Jockey bras is that they are not very supportive. I felt like my breasts would still move around a little more than I wanted them too.

3) BONITO & CAMPAUHIA: Oh my goodness, the holy grail of post op bras!!!! Alright, so the story on them is this: my neighbor who moved here from Brazil last year has been telling me for months that she wants to give me her surgical bras that she got from her surgeon in Brazil when she had breast augmentation surgery. She dropped them off last week and I washed them and tried them on. There are 2 of them, exactly the same brand and size. I have no idea where they would be sold here in the US. I imagine online (?). Anyway, here is why they are my hands down favorite daytime bra. They are SO soft and very well made! You can tell that the designer knew what they were doing. The main material of the bra is almost like a sturdier nylon. It is somewhat see-through, but I love it because it lets air get to the breasts, which includes to the incisions. There is a soft cotton band around the entire exterior, with an extra added soft strip under the armpit area. It is also a front enclosure with two different size settings. It also has adjustable shoulder straps. What I absolutely love the most about it is that it is extremely supportive, but yet not tight. It holds us and gives them a very good form. I have been wearing it during the daytime now for the last 5 days and this is what I envision wearing daily for as long as I need to.

Help!! What can I do about these?

I have 2 areas on my right breast incisions where my PS didn't snip the suture enough (or at least I'm assuming that's what it is). But in both these spots there is a small part of the stitch sticking out and it's also contributing to a small hole type scab. You cannot see the stitch in my pics, but I will point them out. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do? Wait for it to fall out? That could be months right? Can I try to clip it with nail clippers or something? Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions!!

3 1/2 weeks post op - aerola wrinkle

Today was my first day back at work. I am a preschool assistant teacher, and my PS only wants me doing half days for 2 weeks and then I can go back to longer shifts. It felt good to be back, and my breasts held up nicely with all the little kiddos. Surprisingly, I did not get bumped or jabbed today, only patted once by a little two-year-old who needed my attention:-)

I am still physically feeling better each day, and I'm thankful for my new smaller boobs.

As for their appearance, I am still slightly caught up in my right aerola (see pics). It honestly seems like he somehow messed up the stitching on my aerola. It's lumpy and not smooth like the other aerola. Nor is it even (like the nipple is not in the center). It basically looks wrinkled and I cannot see how it is miraculously going to smoothe out and flatten. I'm still hoping, but I'm also trying to be realistic. I have not seen other BR post op pics with this same issue or appearance, so if any of you out there have had your aerola look like this and then become normal looking, please feel free to let me know.

On a more positive note, the skin that was torn off when the steri strips were removed (at the T-junction on left breast) has finally scabbed over. It no longer ooozes onto my bra so I can finally wear bras now with no gauze or pad (yay!!). I stopped putting the bacitracin on it maybe a week ago and have recently begun putting my own cream on it that I make myself (shea butter, coconut oil and frankincense essential oil). I have also been giving my breasts some "air time". I'm certain that air promotes healing and while its critical to wear the bras now almost 24/7, I have been letting the girls breathe for about and hour - an hour and a half every day.

Lastly, I have a huge aloe plant and I recently cut off some leaves and applied the gel/juice to my entire breasts (all over including incisions). Has anyone else done this? Aloe by itself is such a natural healer. I thought it would feel amazing -- and it did!

Happy 4 weeks (post op) to me!!

Hi guys! Just a quick check in here to document my progress at four weeks post op breast reduction. I'm still continuing to feel better and better each day. I energy level is up, and I'm beginning to enjoy "regular" things again. My breasts are a little tender, and still visibly have a little bit of bruising and swelling to, but they definitely feel softer than the first week. My aerola on the right breast still looks weird but I'm not focusing too much on that right now. My new breasts are the size and shape that I wanted. Although if I had to be completely picky, I would have wanted them a little perkier. Like I mentioned in other posts, my husband and I are the only ones who will see them for the rest of my life, so as long as they feel good, I can be ok with them not looking perfect. Also, my husband is the least bit concerned with how they look so I know it's just me being self-critical.
I've definitely been enjoying wearing some of my older/smaller shirts. I havent been able to wear many of them since before having my son (5 yrs ago). I am still on a weight-loss journey as well, so I am hoping that as I continue to both lose weight and heal from the breast reduction, I will be feeling totally awesome very soon:)

White thing poking through?

Is this a stitch? It feels very underneath the skin. Does it just dissolve eventually or is it going to poke through?

Post op - 5 weeks

I am a few days late on posting my exact 5 week postop update, but here are some recent pics of the girls. In general, I am feeling fantastic. Healing is still going very well. Aesthetically, I still have my hangups, but for the most part, I have accepted them. I will see my PS in a few days for my 6 week postop appointment and I will ask him about the white stitches that I can see underneath the surface of my skin (that look like they are gonna poke out). I will also ask him about my right aerola, which just doesn't look centered or normal like the other one. And to be very specific about it, it seems like when he was stitching up my right aerola, that possibly he pulled the skin a little too tight on the top part of the aerola and this is why my nipple doesn't really pop out, but rather is smushed to the skin inside my aerola. Does that make sense?

Post op - 6 weeks

I just had my six week follow up appointment with Dr. Newman. He says that I am healing great! I asked him about my nipple and aerola concerns and he said that the nipple will probably "pop out" a little more. And that the aerola incision is healing faster on my left than it is on the right but that shouldn't concern me. He also said that the distance from the nipple to the aerola on both breasts is not going to be exactly perfect. I'm ok with the answers and I do understand that my body and incisions are still healing. When I asked him if technically speaking my breasts are atill swollen? He said "oh yea!" I guess what we all notice as swelling in the beginning is also combined with inflammation. But as the weeks and months go by, there is definitely still swelling for UP TO one year, with most of it subsided by 6 months. So while I may not be sore or even tender anymore, my breasts are still in a healing phase, and that's why everyone always says not to judge your "final outcome" until close to a year. Dr. Newman said that at this point, I do not have any restrictions except for no underwire bras. He said likely no underwire until I see him again in August. He also explained to me that they sent my breast tissue to pathology and that it came back benign. Here are a few photos from today! Oh and by the way, I actually went out and bought my first real bra (since surgery). I went to the Maidenform outlet store And guess what????? I was fitted as a 34C. My dream size, woohoo!!! So here's a pic in my new bra:)

Post op - 8 weeks

Well, it has been eight weeks since my breast reduction surgery, and I cannot even believe it! I am feeling amazing and very happy overall with my results. The last two weeks I have really been getting back into 100% of my old groove. I'm working out again at 'almost' my normal pace. Been doing lots of spin classes and Insanity classes along with regular strength training. We are headed to Lido Key this weekend and I am SUPER pumped to be wearing a bathing suit for the first time since my BR. Sadly, it's not a new swim suit, but rather an old one that I've had for probably 10-12 years!! I hope all of you other ladies are healing well and keeping your spirits up!

5 month post op

Hello out there! It's been a long time since I've updated. My breasts feel fine and I don't really have any lingering problems from my BR. My scars on the underside of my breasts that go towards my armpits are the only ones that are still a little sensitive. I tried to put on an underwire bra and it was not comfortable because of those scars, so I know they still have some healing to do. The aerola incisions and vertical incisions are very faded and are not sensitive at all. Those feel 100% healed.

In recent weeks I've been noticing that my left breast has significantly dropped, where my right has not. I'm attaching some photos for you to see. My left is hanging about an inch lower than my right. I'm not happy about this at all. Also, my right aerola & nipple are just not right. The nipple is 'sunk in'. I am scheduled for my 5 month follow up with my PS next week. I'm positive that he will tell me that the right breast will likely drop and just to be patient. But I don't have high hopes for that coming to fruition. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but rather realistic and not get my hopes up. As for the messed up nipple / aerola on my right (I've posted about this in my previous updates), that's not changing. I can clearly see that it was a mistake.

Lastly, I am not happy with my size. I wish he would've gone smaller. He told me before surgery that he would go as small as he could (that I would probably get down to a D), but I have just seen so many other woman on this site who were larger or the same as me pre-op and they were able to go smaller. At least with this complaint, my surgeon was straight forward with me and gave me a good expectation. I do however wish they were perkier and sitting more up on my chest wall. Again, I feel like they have really gotten droopy again and that makes me sad:(

Overall, I don't mean to make this update a negative complaining update, but I wanted to share my real thoughts and real feelings. I would still honestly recommend a breast reduction surgery, despite my drawbacks. But if I were to do it all over again, I would pay out of pocket and go to one of the surgeons that I really wanted to use. I know that sounds bold, but this is my body and I wish I would've gone with my gut. I think since insurance was going to pay for it (and I had to pick a Tricare PS), it was just too convincing to have someone else pay for it. That's my take way from this experience ....

Bottom line: I'm happy that they are smaller. I'm happy that my clothes fit better. I'm happy that I am healed well and that I had no major issues. I am NOT happy with the following: size (wish they were smaller), lack of perkiness, asymmetrical appearance, and lastly the nipple / aerola on my right breast.

Hopefully someone is able to benefit from my journey. And please feel free to ask any questions:) Thanks for reading!

6 1/2 months post op

Photos attached will show everything I reference in this update. Here are my breasts in their likely final stage. I saw my PS after my last post. For my left breast that is hanging lower than the right, this is what he said. He *did* notice this when I showed him and he said "let me measure them". He took measurements from my sternum down to my nipple on each breast. Then from the sternum to the under side crease. As it turns out, my left breast is bigger. This is why it is hanging lower. This was not the case shortly after surgery (as I have reviewed past photos of the post op progression). Somewhere along the line of my healing, the left breast decided to grow more. He told me that he wishes he could tell me something better, but his opinion is that it will stay like that (uneven / asymmetrical). As for the inverted- looking nipple on my right breast, my PS said that there would be some possible revision options, but he would like to revisit the issue after the 1 year mark. Lastly, for the scars that are on the sides of my breasts (the incisions that go toward the armpits), he said that they look slightly raised and also thick. He explained that they aren't quite to the point of calling them keloid scars, but if I use some silicone strips, it should help them flatten out. He didn't seem at all worried about them and even said they'd likely flatten / lighten on their own.
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