29 Year Old Breast Lift with Implants - Orlando, FL

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I am a 29 year old cancer survivor and amputee. I...

I am a 29 year old cancer survivor and amputee. I have been unhappy with my chest since I was about 18. I noticed that I had a lot of sagging at a young age. This came from rapid weight loss and gain while under going multiple surgeries and chemo. I finally decided to take the plunge and get implants this year. After reading reviews and researching I decided to go to Dr. Adam Oppenheimer in Orlando. I had the consultation in May and he was very open about how to get the best results I wanted. He suggested an anchor breast lift with implants under the muscle would get me what I wanted. I had silicone implants. I forget how many cc's people ask me when I talk about it and I am honestly not sure. I was a c-cup before the surgery and I am now a DD. I am about 5 foot 1 and 127 lbs so it looks good on my frame.
Prior to surgery I made sure I got all of my medications ahead of time. I had a recliner put in my bedroom which was the best decision I made through this whole process and I got a wheel chair as I would not be able to use crutches for a little bit. I also purchased a couple of zip up sports bras for my size postop. Under armor and Victoria secret. I actually prefer the victoria secret front zip sports bra. It clips in the front and then another layer zips over top of it. I prefer this one because it is honestly way more comfortable. That and the zipper touching my skin gave me a rash from the Under Armor. Both how ever are super comfortable. OH and I bought a couple pairs of short sleeve button up pajama sets that are loose fitting. I purchased these pajama sets from victoria secret too. The material is super light and comfortable.

The preop went well I asked all I could. Dr. Oppenheimer's nurse Christina gave me her number incase I had any more questions. Got all the information I needed and was explained to in detail about how everything would go and what I would need to do for post-op care. I was not rushed or made to feel unimportant.

The day of the surgery I was super nervous. I was more nervous about an IV getting started than the procedure its self as I am a hard stick. The anesthesiologist was awesome and he really thought outside the box. When he could not get an iv started, they took me back and put me under with the gas. Then they got an IV started while I was out so I would not have to deal with the pain of finding a good vein. Before this Dr. Oppenheimer made all of this markings and discussed everything with me again and I even got to ask some last minute questions. I do not remember how long it took for the procedure. I just remember being extremely nauseas and throwing up a lot when I came to. I had a feeling that may happen just because it happens every single time I have surgery. After a couple hours I was able to go home. I slept a lot in the first 48 hours. The pain was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I barely took the pain medicine and mainly used extra strength tylenol. I was actually in good spirits for my follow up the very next day to change the dressing. My nausea was gone, I was not in a lot of pain or discomfort and my only complaint was being tired. Dr. Oppenheimer changed the dressing and instructed me to change it again in 48 hours and that I could shower then too. I had no oozing. Practically no bruising. I peaked a lot and was pleased with what I had so far. Dr. Oppenheimer instructed me to use the wall to get my arms above my head by friday and to not push it too much. How ever I was not trying to push it but I was able to actually put my hands over my head and move my arms around with normal range of motion by the 3rd day post op. I was able to do this with no pain or discomfort. The most pain I experienced was any time I sneezed or coughed. It felt like my chest was being ripped if I sneezed. I have been taking pictures of my chest every time I change the dressing to track the process. I also have taken a lot of benadryl for itching. The incisions are super itchy and this was the best way to deal with it. Today was my one week post op follow up and I am thrilled with my progress and results. I think that the reason my recovery was so easy and quick is because of Dr. Oppenheimer. I am highly impressed. I was expecting to not be able to move my arms and lots of bruising. The only reason for me expecting this was based on other peoples experiences that I know. SO I was again impressed. Dr. Oppenheimer is very skilled and clearly very delicate. I appreciate that. Now my confidence in my body is growing and will only get better as I heal more. I would recommend this to any woman who is interested in having it but unsure if it is worth it because it is. It is worth it. I do not regret this one bit and feel like my recovery was very easy thanks to having an awesome doctor.
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Oppenheimer is a very skilled, caring and professional Surgeon. He will be completely honest with what best suits the patients end goal. He is compassionate and wants you to be happy with your results. I knew after my first consult that I would be having him do my procedure. His staff is amazing as well. Both Dr. Oppenheimer and his staff make you a priority and never make you feel less than important. You are able to contact his office or his nurse Christina at any time with any questions or concerns you may have. When I was worried about a minor issue post op over the weekend I was able to text Christina my concern and get a response quickly. This helped me to not stress out "but what if something happens over the weekend." Ashleigh helped break down the cost of the procedure explaining the payment and scheduling process. They took their time with me and never made me feel rushed or that money was more important than my happiness to them. The after care and follow up is awesome I am never left in the waiting room long. The most I have wait was 3 minutes top. I am glad that I had found Dr. Oppenheimer and went with him for this. He is awesome and I do not think I would have had such an easy recovery with any other doctors. As I continue after care and see my results/healing each day I am more and more impressed and happy. Which is the most important thing out of all of this. I AM HAPPY with my results.

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