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I am 5'3", was 116lbs at the time of the...

I am 5'3", was 116lbs at the time of the surgery. I had the surgery in 2010 done by Dr. Soto in Orlando. I wasn't sure if I had enough fat but dr. assured me that I was definitely a good candidate with the fat around my tummy and back. Yes, it would be nice if I could get rid of the fat from my tummy and make use of it for my butt. I had butt but not a well rounded shape. I was scared but I knoew I wanted to do it. The anesthesiologist was great. He talked to me while he was preparing the injection. He said he used to live in the Bronx NY. He was very kind. What made the procedure amazing is I couldn't even recall how I felt asleep.

When I woke up, the surgery was done. I was laying in the resting room. The nurse was very caring. She put warm towels on me because I was trembling. I still felt very dizzy. My tummy and butt was wrapped w a garment tightly. Because I had to take pain killer, the nurse gave me some crackers w water. I didn't feel much pain but very slightly discomfort around my tummy. My butt was huge and inflated by at least a quarter than my normal size.

After I return to the hotel, it was fine for the first 2 days. Then I felt weird because I couldn't sit. I could only lie down up side down or I walked around the hotel room to kill time. I'd stayed at the hotel for 2 full weeks before I returned home. Here was a problem, I couldn't sit but I had to take a flight home. The staff told me that I could use a towel and fold it. When I sit, I had to sit on my thigh, but must not sit on my butt. The other thing that really bothered me was I had to carry a bottle w a tube inserted in my back. The purpose of it is to suck the fluid out. I'd carried that for 7days. The volume of fluid has to be less than 1/5 of a bottle before the clinic could remove it from my body. After they removed it, I felt so much better w/o carring something behind me.

After 7 days, my butt was still huge and stiff. After 10days, a small portion of my butt became a bit softer. But because the muscle of my butt was so stiff, I couldn't walk as normal. The way I walked was like a penquin, so funny. I had to wear the garment for the entire month. The purpose of the garment is to firm up the shape and makes the skin smooth. But I found it annoying overtime because it was so hot there. Because of this, I would suggest to have the surgery done during winter time. I had been on pain killer for 3days, then I stopped taking it because I didn't feel much discomfort. The pain killer helped a lot. I also drank a lot of water so it could help cleansing my body.

The things I complain about the post surgery is I can't sit for a month, which I found tough overtime; I had to carry that tube inserted in my back for over a week. My skin around my tummy was out of shape and hurted a little when I was in a certain position long enough. Whenever I had to get up, it hurted and I couldn't stand straight and had to wait for a little bit for the skin to be able to stretch out. That takes about a month for the skin to be back in shape and doesn't hurt. My butt became softer after 1.5month, and completely soft and natural after 3months. Also, I have 4 huge pimple size scars around my mona area, 4 in the back with one on each side of my buttock, then another 1inch long scar at the back of my butt.

It has been 2yrs after teh surgery, my butt still looks round, firm, bigger. I love how my butt looks. I look good in any clothings now. As for the scars, if I used scar removal products earlier, I might get a better result. I went to a dermatologist for laser treatment for my scars. I spent about $1000 to just remove the scars. My scars look a lot lighter but still there. When my budgets allow, I would get further laser treatment for my scars.

I lost 16lbs a few months ago. My butt got smaller, I was so scared that I lost the fat after I spent so much money. Luckily, the shape of my butt was back to normal after I've gained some weight back. Other than the complains I stated above, I didn't experience much issues that troubled me much. Still, not being able to sit for a month was a pain in the butt. After all, I really like my butt, but I don't think I would consider doing the surgery again, I just don't need it anymore.

I like my dr. He is very nice. He didn't a fabulous job. I asked him to remove as much fat from my tummy and he did it. The scars are not as bad as I thought. My dermatologiest said whoever did the lipo did a great job. My butt looks very sexy and round now.

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