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I am thankful for this site and wanted to return...

I am thankful for this site and wanted to return the favor to other women considering explant.
I was lucky that the Dr who put in the implants was also the one 25 years later to take them out. Dr Walter Siemien. I got the implants to begin with for my boyfriend, who later became my husband. Should have seen the signs, but young and dumb and after 5 years, left my 13 month old son and I for a stripper. That's a whole other story though.
This explant is something that I have dreamed, desired and thought about daily. I met with Dr Siemien in November 2015, he completely understood my desire for removal and a date was set. This is a week ago, the next post is day of surgery.

Day of Surgery! Play by play.

I am going to give a play by play because when I was searching this site, I tried to find anything on doing the procedure with local only and want to share that info for any other women considering this.
My Dr does not believe in a "calming pill" early in the morning, so I just had to deal with what was ahead. Surgery was at 7:30 this morning. Arrived at the surgery center at 6:00, checked in, stripped down, hooked up iv, just in case needed. Blood pressure hookup, short ekg, and was in surgery arena at 7:25. Strap over legs, arms in T strap. A little concerned with this at first, but the nurses barley did the velco. Sheets layed all around my chest and a drape in front of my face. Dr S came in and we talked for a minute, he explained everything he would be doing, we had already done it in the preop appt, but fine to do again! He put on Taylor Swift, which I thought was funny for a man in his 50's, but it worked. He reassured me that I would not feel ANY pain during the removal and he would stop immediately if I did. Dr S began with Novocain shots, small pinches, I did hold my breath, but after that he rubbed and waited about 5 minutes to take effect. He did a test with a pinching device to see if I felt anything and I didn't at all. Dr S started on the left breast and made about an inch incision, he drained the implant, I could feel the very warm saline roll out on my side. Then he told me there would be pressure pulling the implant out. there was, but no pain, just a very weird sensation. I will say, my brain was in overdrive, spinning at the craziness of it all! Then came the irrigation wash, again no pain just such an odd feeling. There is also a suction and really, that was the oddest of all sensations. I did not feel a thing as he stitched the left up. I did not have capsular contraction, so the pocket was left as it was. He then moved to the right and did the whole thing again. He started at 7:38 and finished at 8:10. Yes, 30 minutes total! After the Dr left the nurses were impressed with his efficiency. Fingers crossed everything stays well! The great thing about local, was once they rolled me back I was out of there with my friend driving me home in 30 minutes. I would do it all over again the same way.
When the nurses sat me up to bind me, I was SO nervous to look down, but they encouraged me to do so and I was pleasantly surprised! Tears rolled down my face and they were, no crying, but I told them they were tears of joy!
Upon getting home, I took a pain pill, made myself some soup and just stayed in bed all day. It is 8:30 pm and I am getting ready to take another pill, no real pain just a slight discomfort on the left. I will post again tomorrow with day 1 post op pic. I hope this information helps any other women considering local.

1 day after surgery

Today was not bad. Sleeping in an inclined position all night on my back was not the greatest. I am attaching a picture, but do not see much change. Just taking it easy today watching movies. Pain at incision slight 3-4. Took a pain pill, but now sitting on the couch no pain at all. Can't wait for a shower in the morning!! Has anyone covered incision site? Or just take shower and maybe use hair dryer to dry incision? Also I have pinrose drains, worry about that in the shower?
Thanks! I'll update tomorrow.!

2 days after surgery

Feeling even better today, almost a giddy feeling of happiness when I look in the mirror! Worth every penny I saved.
I was told by the nurse in Dr office to try my best not to get water splashed in the drains, so I am uploading a crazy pic of my contraption for any others that may want an idea. It wasn't seal proof but definitely made a difference. I felt a little ill after my shower, but I had only had a cup of coffee today. I have dried my hair and back to bed. No pain in arms, breasts or incision. Hope these posts are helping any other women out there!
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