5 Months Post Op! New Pics!

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I am scheduled for my tummy tuck in 11 days!...

I am scheduled for my tummy tuck in 11 days! I've been contemplating this for about 4 years. I've actually had it scheduled once before but chickened out. Since then I've lost about 40 lbs. I have one child, 18 years old. My stomach has not been the same since I got pregnant. I long for a belly button again! I will take and post some before pics...can you say humiliating! I have been glued to this site and all of the stories for about a month now.

I am aware of the pain and swelling, and have had about 5 weeks to contemplate this. I must say I am as anxious as ever and cannot wait to get this done!

I will continue to update!

Thanks for all of the support!

Ok, 10 days out! Getting so excited! I go in for...

Ok, 10 days out! Getting so excited! I go in for my Pre-op today. I have so many questions that have popped up. I am getting nervous...still glued to this site! I am starting to get my food cooked and in the freezer for the days I won't be able to cook. Hubby is a GREAT help, but a cook he is NOT! He will be home with me for the first 5 days, so thankful for that! I am working on getting some photos taken..they will for sure be there before the day of surgery!

Had my pre-op appt today. My husband came with me...

Had my pre-op appt today. My husband came with me and we both had all of our questions answered. Can't believe this is happening next week! I am so excited. I have all of my prescriptions to get filled. The nurse was so informative about what to expect! I am happy to hear that I will be able to shower after day 2 post op! Even with drains in place. After reading some of these posts I wasn't sure that would be ok, but my PS says no worries! I am having some anxiety...appetite sort of gone right now! The next 9 days will hopefully go fast!!

Hi all! Ok, 8 days away! I feel obsessed..this...

Hi all! Ok, 8 days away! I feel obsessed..this is all I can think about! I love reading everyone's stories. I took some before pics and will post today! Hope the next week flies by!

Ok, I'm attaching some before pics. Mind you, I have recently lost 40 lbs. I am wearing a size 8 pants now. In these pics I am all-natural..no sucking it in! I look about 4-5 months pregnant! I've been sucking in my belly for the past 17 years, I am so excited to have a flat belly and a belly button! Here goes nothin'!

OH my I am sooooooooo happy! The surgery center...

OH my I am sooooooooo happy! The surgery center just called me to go over my health history and all that jazz, then she confirmed my arrival time of 6:15 am. I was in shock but so happy because at my pre-op on Monday I was told to arrive there at 12:15pm. They said there was a cancellation and now I was first up! YIPPEEEEE!!! That's what I wanted! Just wake up and go! Oh gosh, this is really happening!

Hi all tummy tuckers! Next week this time I'll be...

Hi all tummy tuckers! Next week this time I'll be getting my tummy tuck! I cannot wait! My anxiety has turned to to pure excitement! Still glued to this site reading everyone's updates and looking at pictures! Thank you to everyone who shares their stories and photographs! Can't wait to post my AFTER pics!!!

Good Morning tummy tuckers! Well, time's ticking...

Good Morning tummy tuckers! Well, time's ticking away...can't believe next week this time I can post 1 day post-op! I have today off work so I am going to fill my day with getting ready...prescriptions filled, purchasing everything I will need, house cleaning, laundry, etc! Hubby is going out of town for the weekend so I'll have lots of time to 'nest'!

Still loving everyone's stories and photographs...please oh please keep them coming! I promise to do the same!

Have a great day everyone!

Good Morning! Well time is ticking away! 5 days...

Good Morning! Well time is ticking away! 5 days to go! Still so excited. Picked up all my prescriptions yesterday, ran into a friend while picking them up and told her all about it! Today I am cleaning house top to bottom, and picking up the last of my supplies! I have a busy day tomorrow and then work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So today is my last full day to prepare!

I am going to purchase some new pillows for propping, some new comfy sweats (I recently lost 40 lbs so everything I own is too big!)

I'm looking at my 'before' pics right now and can't believe that's what I look like AFTER losing 40 lbs. Went from a size 14 to an 8, but still look so fat in the pics! What's that all about? I've been working out 5 days a week and I've built up some good muscle tone everywhere BUT my belly! I just know they are under there some where! Come out come out wherever you are!!! LOL!

I have one pair of nice work slacks that fit me, only because I borrowed them from a friend...cannot wait to go shopping for clothes that fit me!

During my pre-op I asked the surgeon where he thought my scar would end up and he said it would most likely be in the area where the fold is. He said it would bring my pubic area up to a more youthful position! Yippeeee!!

Well, off to scrub toilets and tubs...Have a great Saturday everyone!

Keep up the healing to all who are on the other side...soon it will be ME!!!

Well, here it is Sunday...I can now say that I'm...

Well, here it is Sunday...I can now say that I'm having my TT THIS week! I am so ready! Just finished up with my house cleaning from top to bottom! Whew, what a relief! How dirty can it get in the next 4 days??

Today I got my TV all hooked back up in my bedroom with my TiVo. At first I figured I'd recover in my recliner in the living room, but after giving it much thought I've decided to move it to my bed. There is NO way I would be able to get OUT of my recliner! It's hard to do without just having surgery! I have an extremely comfy bed and am going to use a pillow with arm rests at my back, and lots and lots and lots of pillows to make me comfy!

I have everything I will need, now just need Thursday to be here! I am first on the docket and have to be to the surgery center by 6:15 am! So glad it's early!

Well, again I thank everyone for their posts and sharing their stories! I know I would not feel as calm and ready for this had I not discovered this site.

Everytime I walk by a mirror I lift up my shirt and visualize having a 'normal' tummy complete with belly button!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Well here I sit at work, trying to concentrate but...

Well here I sit at work, trying to concentrate but it's just not happening! 3 days and counting! Can't wait.

I've made it to Tuesday. Just two days to go. I...

I've made it to Tuesday. Just two days to go. I am so restless...I just want to get on with it. I've never been a very patient person!

Hubby and I are going grocery shopping tonight to stock up! I have most everything ready to go...just need it to be Thursday.

Still glued to this sight, loving all of the pics and stories!

Oh my just one more day to go!! I can hardly...

Oh my just one more day to go!! I can hardly stand it. I have butterflies in my tummy! Good luck to all who are going in today...my thoughts are with you!

I'm making a large batch of soup tonight to have on hand for the next few days...then taking my happy pills and off to beddy bye!

Wish me luck!

Hi all! I am officially 2 days post op! I must...

Hi all! I am officially 2 days post op! I must be honest and say that yesterday at 1 day post op was the worst! I did great the day of surgery, they explained that that is because he put anesthetic all through my abdomen. He said to keep up with the pain pills because when that wears off I would surely know it!! Then when I woke up yesterday I felt as though I'd been hit by a train! Today has been much easier, I am able to get on and off the bed without help now.

I am still a bit dizzy, PS says it's probably from the meds and slight dehydration. In any case, i've upped my water intake today.

I have two drains in my pubic area. I know a lot of you said they were the worst part, they don't seem too bad for me. But, give it time and I'm sure i'll feel the same. PS said I will get the first one out on Tuesday. He took off my binder today and put new gauze and stuff on. I couldn't bear to look! I did see that my scar seemed very low! The ps told my husband and I that he was able to take enough fat thru lipo and skin via tt that I would have a nice, cute shape!

Deep breaths are hard! I haven't sneezed yet and boy I sure hope I don't. I vomited twice after the surgery, once in the recovery room, then once in the wheelchair heading to the car. It didn't feel good, but not too bad either.

I slept pretty good last night, complements of meds I'm sure.

I have been cleared to take a shower, so i'll be doing that tomorrow! I can see bruised on my lower flank/buttock area already!

Hmmmm...what else? Just so glad to be on the other side! Good luck to all of you yet to get your tt, and fast healing to all of us who have!!!

My back is also very sore from hunching over to walk, heating pad on as i type this!

Ok, goodnight all! I will post some pics tomorrow after my shower! I am so anxious to see!!!

Well here I sit, 4 days post op. This is the...

Well here I sit, 4 days post op. This is the first time I've felt good enough to open up my laptop. I have attached some pics 3 days post op. I am SOOOOO happy with my results so far. Of course I'm still swollen, but I just can't believe the results!!

Let's go back a few days---day of surgery. I walked into the surgery center at 6:15. I then met with my anesthesiologist, who, coincidentally, is the wife of the surgeon who did my rhinoplasty a few years ago! Small world. I asked if I could be 'out' by the time they took me into the OR, and she said 'no, but trust me you won't be there long before you are out! Then PS came in and marked me all up, answered any last questions we had, and then it was time. They walked me into the OR and asked me to get on the table and put my arm with the IV on this little table, the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery!

Once I woke up from anesthesia I was extremely dizzy. I started to vomit and have the sweats. It was not pretty! I finally made it to the car and we drove home!

I honestly don't remember much of that day or the next day...stayed pretty drugged up! I had to switch my Dilaudid pain meds for Tylenol 3 due to the extreme nausea.

Day two, Saturday, I actually felt really good. I found myself getting out of bed by myself and walking all over the house. Stayed up on my meds and basically felt great.

You know what's coming...Day 3...felt like complete CRAP, overdid it on day 2. So yesterday was a whole bunch of nothing. Thank god for my husband being such a good nurse! It's crazy to think of all the stuff we do that we take for granted. At times I feel like a turtle on it's back..just flailing about trying to move!!

Yesterday I took a shower, what an ordeal. It was strange to remove the binder, I was not ready to look at my belly yet so I had hubby put binder back on. Felt good to shower!

The pics I've added are from last night around 8pm. I was finally ready to see and I can't tell you how pleased I am!

I find it hard to complain about the pain and such because I chose to have this done.

Well, thanks for all of your support! I can't believe I made it to day 4 post op! Last week it felt like this day would never get here!

Happy Monday everyone!

Update #2 for today! Ok, so today was a pure rest...

Update #2 for today! Ok, so today was a pure rest day for me. After feeling so crappy yesterday I thought I'd try to stay down all day. I can't decide if I need to keep taking my pain meds...i am switching between dilauded and tylenol 3. And flexerill 3x/day. I don't really have pain when I'm not moving, but anytime i try to move and change positions it is sooooo painful.

I am not a sit around kind of girl so this is getting pretty hard for me. I can only stand for a maximum of about 5 minutes before my back is killing me. And both legs are sooo sore from the overcompensating!!

Oh well, it is what it is, and I know in the end its going to be worth it!

Thanks to each one of you that has sent comments my way! It's good to know you are all out there and it's great to hear your stories!!

Good Morning tt'ers! Can't believe I am 6 days...

Good Morning tt'ers! Can't believe I am 6 days post-op! That week went by fast! I had my 2nd post op appt yesterday. It's about a 40 minute drive to the PS office and it was very uncomfortable. I kept a pillow at my belly to help with the bouncing!

I got my first drain out! It was no big deal, quick and just a little pinch. Honestly, my drains have not bugged me at all. I am set to get the other one out on Monday, depending on the output.

PS said I am healing up very nicely and that he is very pleased with my shape. The nurse came in and said, Wow, you look great, just wait 3 months and you are going to notice a huge difference. Made me smile!

He removed the tape on the scar and clipped a few stitches, then replaced the tape with a much smaller piece. He did something to my belly button, but I couldn't watch, it's the weirdest sensation when he touched my belly. It's sort of numb.

When it was all said and done the nurse replaced my binder MUCH tighter than I had been wearing it. She said it needed to be tight like this it helps with the healing.

I'm not taking pain meds anymore during the day, just a tylenol 3 at bedtime. I'm not having pain anymore, it's just a general soreness, especially at the lipo sites.

PS said I need to work on standing upright, so that's my goal for today. I'm going to try to do a bit more around the house today, we will see how that all works out.

I've been sleeping very good since my surgery, except last night I was up at 2am, wide awake! Thankfully I was able to go back to sleep about 5;30am.

I can't wait to be able to get back to the gym!

Well, have a great day everyone!

I will post more pics today after my shower!

Hi! 8 days post-op! Today I feel as if I've...

Hi! 8 days post-op! Today I feel as if I've turned a corner. I have a bit more energy after showering...I even dried my hair and put it in a pony tail. First day with no hat!! Added a bit of makeup and i feel slightly human! I have been sleeping very well, still propped up. I tried lying flat this morning and it's still not comfortable. I am still slightly hunched over, although I'm trying to straighten up.

I got on the scale today and I've lost 4 lbs...even with the compression garment on! Yahoooo!! My hubby told me he can really see my shape now, I have hips! Swollen hips...but hips none the less!!!

I have yet to venture out of the house, but I think a trip to costco is in my future tomorrow morning with my husband.

Well, I"m off to fold some laundry! Yahoo!!

Have a great day everyone.

Hello. 9 days post op now. After reading...

Hello. 9 days post op now. After reading yesterdays post I just had to update. Yesterday was the first day I actually blew dried my hair and used the straightener. I then proceeded to do some laundry, moving clothes from washer to dryer, then folding. Then I loaded the dishwasher and straightened up the house. My friend then came over and we hung our for a bit.

WELL.....let me tell you what.....I absolutely OVER did it. I was in complete agony come about 2pm. Whew. Guess they mean it when they say to take it easy on the bending and twisting motions!

I swelled up like nobody's business! I had a hard time sleeping and woke up with a headache in the middle of the night.

So today I am taking it easy. I again showered, but put the hat back on. My hubby took me to costco, we were there about 45 minutes. That was about 15 min too long. Now here I sit on the couch, icepack on belly, heat on back. I have another week off of work and will take it! I thought for sure I'd be able to go back next week sometime. Nope, not gonna do it!

Otherwise, all's well. Loving my new shape when I get the nerve to take off my binder. I don't like the feeling of it off...makes me queasy. Wondering if anyone else gets that way???

Also, I find I can't eat as much as I used to. Not a bad thing, just something I've noticed. I'm sure its in part that I am pretty stagnant in my activity so as to not work up an appetite. We'll see what happens when I return to work.

Still so happy with my new tummy! Can't wait to see what it's going to look like when all's said and done!!

Happy healing everyone!

11 days post op. Drain Free as of today, I got my...

11 days post op. Drain Free as of today, I got my 2nd drain removed. It was draining 25cc in a 24 hr period for the past 5 days or so. I was told this is a minimal amount and that it will be absorbed. I SO do not want to be drained with a needle. He told me to take a hand towel, fold it into 4th's and place it over my abdominal wall, then place the binder over it. He said the compression will help to push everything together so it will be harder for fluid to build up. I was told to wear the binder very tight right now, for that reason.

I got the remaining tape off my incision. He said that my incision and navel look very good! I asked why my navel looked elongated and they explained where the sutures were and that it's actually round, but the compression garment has made it look elongated. I go back on Wednesday and they said at that time they will give me a marble type thing to place in the navel to make it back to round. Sounds good to me.

They gave me two samples of silicone scar treatment. One was a gel and one a strip. I think I prefer the gel, it dries and is flat and provides continuous treatment. It's called Kelo-cote and is highly recommended by my PS. I found it online at Costo.com for the best price.

Hmmmm, what else? Oh, I learned that during the surgery he found a hernia and repaired it or whatever they do. I had no idea. He also said I had a large amount of muscle separation and that he sewed me up real tight. Nurse said I will have a nice waistline when swelling has gone away. Almost brought a tear to my eye because I have NEVER had a waist! A waist and a belly button...WOW! :)

I am still not upright. I thought I would be by now but no dice. Not even close really. Guess I'll just be patient.

I go back to work next Monday at 18 days postop. So, I'm just resting the rest of the week.

Good luck to all who are about to take this journey and happy healing to those who have done it!

I had a breakthrough last night! I was able to...

I had a breakthrough last night! I was able to lay flat with just a pillow under my legs to sleep! Then half way through the night I was able to sleep on my right side for a bit. Wow, that felt so good!

Hi. New pics added. Today is 2 weeks post op. I...

Hi. New pics added. Today is 2 weeks post op. I cannot believe it. I am loving my new belly, swelling and all. I still can't button my pre-op pants, but am finding on this site that I am not alone! At my PS visit yesterday I was told that it will take about a month for them to fit, then at about 3 months everything will start to be too big! Yippeee! Patience is hard but a necessary evil!

My incision is healing nicely, I've started using the Kelo-cote recommended by my PS. Both of my drain holes are almost completely healed. For a day or two after the 2nd one was removed it leaked a bit, all normal I was told.

I was checked yesterday for any signs of seroma since last drain removed and the coast was clear! :) I was told I am not out of the woods yet and have another checkup tomorrow. I'm keeping myself bound tightly with the towel over my abdominal wall.

I am going out today to get compression garment to wear under my clothes for Monday when I return to work. My PS recommended 'Flexees' type garments. I have found a great selection at Kohl's so today I will make my purchase.

Tomorrow-Day 15, I will begin to place the marble type thing in my navel to round it out. They showed me yesterday and I can't wait to see the final navel! I'm like a kid at Christmas!!

Well, I still can't believe I sit here 2 weeks post op! I am so glad I did this for myself, although the road has been rocky, it's all worth it in the end!

I am still so tight that I can't stand straight up, but I'm sleeping much flatter now and I'm going to work on straightening up while standing for the next few days!

I've added some pics from the other day!

Have a great day everyone!

Here I am 23 days post op. I went back to work at...

Here I am 23 days post op. I went back to work at 18 days post op. The first two days were ok, I was of course very slow moving but did ok. I work an 8 hr day in an orthodontic office doing the finances...so mostly a desk job. I made it til 3:30 the first day, and til 5 on Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I have fridays off. Wed and Thursday were VERY hard for me. I was soooo sore and slow moving. My hunchback came back in full force. I had not experienced any of the emotional stuff i have read on here until Wednesday night...then I was a blubbering fool! It happened again on Thursday at work. I really thought I was on the fast track to being fully healed, but not the case. It's Saturday now, I just went grocery shopping with my husband, but spend yesterday 100% down! Put my original binder over my tightest flexees garment and that felt so much better.

I have also developed a small ridge type thing in my right side just under my waist. My ps said it's from the lipo and to massage it vigorously a few times a day. I've done that for about 5 days and it's still there. He assures me that it will go away...he said that he has had only one case that it did not go away, and to fix it it requires a bit more lipo, which would be done at no cost. Hmmmmmm....at this point I don't think i can take any more surgery. He said not to worry that he's sure it'll go away!

As far as the marble in the navel, at my last visit with ps at 15 days po he said it was not needed. He cleaned out my navel, boy did that feel weird, and now it looks very good!

He was very pleased with my shape and kept saying how good it's going to look once the swelling has gone down! He said expect about 3 month. I'm trying to be patient!

Hopeing I start to feel better...I was doing so good before returning to work then I crash landed!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Well Monday and back to work. 25 days post op! I...

Well Monday and back to work. 25 days post op! I am adding some pics of the weekend and I had a breakthrough...I was able to fit into my jeans finally! Yippeeee!

I am still moving VERY slowly! Last week kicked my a$$ going back to work...so I took it easy all weekend and rested.

I must say that I really thought this would be easier than it has been! I know I have put my body through the ringer...I just didn't know I would be so sore for so long. When I stand up to walk my belly is SOOOOO tight! Yesterday was the best by far of standing mostly upright. So it is getting better. I am sleeping on my side alot throughout the night which is great! I still am propped up slightly and keep a pillow under my legs.

Today I am wearing my flexees garment under my clothing with a skirt and some tights. I am loving the extra support the tights are giving me!

I go back to the PS on Thursday for my 4 week checkup! 4 weeks...OMG where did the time go??!! I will be inquiring on the lump on my waistline again...I have spoken to him and his nurse and they assure me it will go away...I am posting a picture from yesterday that really shows it. I have been massaging it a few times a day like I was told. I know I need to be patient but it's so hard! I am now loving my belly button!

I am looking forward to being able to go to the gym again. I know that the bodypump and step classes will not be happening anytime soon, but at least some cardio on the treadmill...since I have to walk so slowly I'm thinking slow pace at an incline! When did you guys return to exercise??

Well, have a great day everyone.

26 days post op. Yesterday at work was the best...

26 days post op. Yesterday at work was the best yet. I was able to stand up almost straight the entire day. I noticed yesterday that I am feeling much more stable with my flexees garment alone (no binder), and feeling much better with it off also! I only remove it for showers and now for massaging, but it is feeling so much better the past 2 days!

I am still concerned about the lump on my waist, can't wait to see the doctor Thursday. I will report in on what he says!

Happy healing everyone! I think I see the light!! For today anyway!

4 weeks post op today. I have added some pictures...

4 weeks post op today. I have added some pictures from this morning. I am overjoyed at my shape! Still have a small lump type thing on my right side which you can sort of see in the new side view pic. I am hoping this goes away and am told that it will.

I have a visit with PS this afternoon so I will update again after that.

I still can't believe it's been 4 weeks. I am still VERY tight in the entire abdominal region. When I cough or laugh it tightens up so much...sneezing has become much less of an issue. I attribute this much tightness to the fact that he did a lot of muscle repair. I am mostly upright these days but find that at about the 3-4pm timeframe it becomes a bit harder to stand up.

I am still listening to my body and resting whenever I can. I actually stayed home from work yesterday because I felt like I had hit a wall and needed a day of rest. So glad I took that for myself!

Nothing else much to report! My insicion is healing nicely, I am applying kelo-cote twice daily. The center part still has some large scabs that are starting to peel off...I'm not putting the ointment on that area, I was told to wait until the large scabs come off. My hubby is doing some firm massage on my flanks where the lump is every night. It's one of those things that hurts so good!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading!!

Good Morning! I went to my 4 wk PO visit...

Good Morning! I went to my 4 wk PO visit yesterday afternoon. He said I looked great, despite all the swelling! I wake up with no swelling, but my appt was at 4:30pm after a full day of work...so swelling was present down by the incision.

I was cleared to stop wearing my binder or compression garments when I feel ready. NO way am I ready! He said no worries about wearing it, it will only help keep swelling at bay! He said to maybe start slow, and keep it off for a few hours at a time. It's a double edges sword...I love how it makes me feel more stable, but also should probably start weaning myself...I didn't have a TT to have to continue wearing something to flatten me out!! :)

I can also start light exercise now...whatever feels ok. He said NO ab work for a few more weeks. He also said I will probably experience more swelling when I exercise and recommended some sort of binder/compression during the workout.

I am to start massaging the scar area twice daily with vitamin E. He said this will help me to be flatter when I'm completely healed because the scar tissue won't be holding up any swelling. I did it last night and boy did it feel strange!! I don't like it but I will follow Dr's orders!

He said not to worry about the lump on my waist, but to continue to massage vigorously each and every day. He said it is scar tissue that has settled in, not real common, but it does happen. He said he fully expects it to go away, could take 3 months or so.

The puffiness in my pubic area is also a concern! He assured me that it will dissipate in time, again the 3 month mark! He said the fluid has to go somewhere and gravity is the culprit! He said to put something on it for compression...hmmmmm...guess I will do that too!

Overall, I am very happy with my results so far, my surgeon has been great in answering my questions! I am glad to be off the 3 times a week visits! Whew, that was exhausting! I now go back in 2 months!

Happy healing everyone!

Hi all! 32 days post op. Since PS said I could...

Hi all! 32 days post op. Since PS said I could start working out, I tried on Saturday. I did the treadmill at 2mph on a 15% incline for 33 minutes. Actually felt good. My goal was 15 minutes, but that came so fast that I kept going. I then did a round of circuit weights. All felt good and I did not push myself too hard.

Then, I woke up on Sunday and regretted every minute of working out! Oh my.......I was soooooooooooo sore! Guess I'm just not ready. Very bummed! All day on Sunday I had what I call an 'electrical storm' all throughout my belly! Small bouts of spasms...sooo strange. Not sure if that would have happened anyway, but that, along with the soreness and swelling, tells me I'm going to wait a bit more before working out!!

Still battling the lump in the lipo site on the right side. Trying not to get discouraged, but it's sooo hard. I'm doing vigorous massage with bio-oil, (feels better than lotion), at least twice a day. In the evening my husband does it for me. Let's hope it rectifies itself sooner rather than later!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

5 weeks post op. Still can't believe it. I'm...

5 weeks post op. Still can't believe it. I'm doing well, getting better each day. Today is my first day back to work without my binder! Yay. I do have on a compression tank top, but that's all! I have on my smallest pre-op jeans! They fit perfect right now, NO muffin top! Yippeeee!!

I have not worked out again since last weekend, that really took a toll on me. I am going to try again tomorrow morning. I feel so much better than last week so I'm hoping for success!

STILL working on my hard spot on my waist! Massaging vigorously twice daily. Trying to be patient.

Have a great day everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Today marks 6 weeks post op! ...

Happy Thanksgiving! Today marks 6 weeks post op! I can't believe it! I've been feeling pretty good as of late. I still have not been working out regularly, but hope to start tomorrow!

I had some strange sensations in my belly, in particular the upper left quadrant of my stomach. It was tender to the touch and just felt strange. I went to PS on Wednesday, and he assured me all is ok. He said it's just the nerves healing since he cut through then. He instructed me to massage my whole stomach twice a day. I have been massaging the scar for about a 3 weeks now, but just started on the rest of the belly. Boy does it feel strange!

I have been cleared now for all activity, except no direct ab work for another 6 weeks.

I don't have to wear any binder or compression garment anymore, but he did recommend to wear it during and after working out to help with swelling. BUT, I cannot go without some type of compression garment. During work I've been wearing a nice tight compression tank...then putting some sort of binder on at night. I feel more stable with it on...it's like my binkie! LOL! I know I need to wein myself...but not today!! hehe :)

Today for Thanksgiving I wore a cute long sweater with leggings and everyone was like, "You have curves! You look like Kim Kardashian!!" It was nice! I've been getting a lot of compliments at work also! Feels so nice to hear people tell you how good you look! It's all new to me and I love it!! :)

Here's a 6 week pic also!

8 1/2 weeks post op. Where oh where does the time...

8 1/2 weeks post op. Where oh where does the time go??

I am doing well...still feel like I'm on a roller coaster! I wake up completely FLAT but by mid-day feel like I'm going to burst at the seam! Trying to wean myself from compression garment during the day...still wearing one to bed.

I tried to go back to my body-pump workout classes but just cannot do it yet. I went to a few classes and was so uncomfortable. I spoke to PS about it and he said those classes use a ton of core muscles so he would prefer I back off until the 12 week mark. I have just been walking for the past week and I must say I feel much better. Still need to realize this is a process and I can't rush my body.

I have slowly been buying new clothes. It's awesome to look in the mirror and have NO muffin-top! I saw a group of people today that I had not seen since prior to surgery and they just went on and on about how good I look. (Only two of them knew of the TT.) Felt good and made this girl SMILE!

Well, the holiday's are upon us once again! Wishing each and everyone of you a happy holiday season!

Tomorrow will be 11 weeks...cannot believe it! ...

Tomorrow will be 11 weeks...cannot believe it! Things are moving along...I am finally, as of yesterday, able to go all day without any type of compression garment. Well, let me take that back, I'm wearing a flexees tanktop every day...it's getting looser and looser, so I'm sure I don't need it, it's comforting to have it on!

I am back full swing to the gym finally as well. Feels SOOO good to be back! I am wearing a pull-on flexees garment over my mid section during workouts. Now I have to get my back side back in shape after sitting on my a$$ for 11 weeks!! Front looks great, however!!

I am still doing tummy massages every morning and evening. This includes incision massage as well with Bio-oil. My stomach is still sore to the touch in the muscle repair area, and my tummy is still numb above the incision and below the belly button! PS says this can last upwards of a year!

All in all I am extremely pleased with my results! This was (and still is at times) a very rocky road! I still have TONS of swelling at the end of each day......another thing that I know is going to take months to subside!

I go for my 3 month check-up (OMG 3 months???) in 2 weeks. I will update then. I have not added any new pics because everthing looks the same as the 8 1/2 week pics.

Happy Healing everyone!

11 1/2 weeks post op and doing great! I've added...

11 1/2 weeks post op and doing great! I've added a few pics!

Finally hit the 4 month mark on 2/13/12. Over the...

Finally hit the 4 month mark on 2/13/12. Over the weekend I FINALLY feel ok at night to give up my binder! Whew, does that feel good! I am doing CrossFit workouts not 4-5 times a week and LOVING it! Starting to see some definition in my abs!

Yay! I was longing for this day, and it's finally here! So glad I did this for myself but boy was it tough!

Good luck to everyone!!

Today makes 5 months! I can't believe it's gone...

Today makes 5 months! I can't believe it's gone by so fast! I am feeling so good! Doing 5 CrossFit workouts per week! Starting to see some definition in my abs! Happy about that! I have attached a couple of pictures!


Wow! Just read through my entire tummy tuck ordeal! I absolutely cannot believe it's been 3 years! My stomach still looks fantastic! I couldn't be happier! I encourage everyone who is thinking about it to 'Just Do It'!!

I am now 18 days from a breast reduction!!! I wanted both performed back when I had the TT, but the surgeon said he would not perform both at the same time. After the TT, I swore that I would NEVER have another elective surgery! I guess time does heal, because I have been ready for about a year!

I am still doing crossfit 3-4 times per week, and these large breasts have got to go! LOL! Guess I need to change this to the Breast Reduction site, but I wanted everyone to know that my TT was a complete success!!!
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