Consultation review: Eric M. Joseph Consultation for Revision Rhino - Orange, NJ

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I met with Eric M Joseph for a revision...

I met with Eric M Joseph for a revision rhinoplasty consultation. He has such rave reviews on his skills along with his bedside manner, he was the first I wanted to see. All I can speak of at this point is my first impression of him, there are a few less than stellar reviews on here that get lost within the positives (like all good surgeons). But I wanted to write this because I agree with some of the comments that aren't praising him. I'm sure he's a nice guy and a good surgeon but I did not particularly enjoy his beside manner. First off when I was greeted in the office and asked to pay $150 consult fee they told me they only take cash or check. I could be wrong, but I DO NOT recall being told this on the phone. I took the day off, spent 15 hours traveling from MA just to see him, this was a big deal and I was incredibly organized... I don't think I would have overlooked a detail like that. They let me pay with a credit card because I didn't have a check or $150 cash but they did it somewhat reluctantly and seemed semi annoyed. When Dr. Joseph walked in the room he didn't introduce himself, didn't shake my hand, immediately sat down made a comment about my hair and started reading my post operative report ignoring me. It was kind of awkward, I was just sitting there waiting for him to say something for a good 5 minutes. I'm not a nervous or shy person but I would imagine this would not be a good first impression for some people. Then abruptly asks me to tell him what my issues are, (which is fine, it's why I was there). But again, there was no "hello nice to meet you", nothing. It caught me off guard to start talking about something very personal and a huge source of insecurity of mine when he had done nothing to even earn my trust or make me feel comfortable in his presence. Go into another room for photo imaging and while yes that's a nice tool, a 12 year old could have done this same imagining with photoshop, I wasn't overly impressed. I was really trying to talk to him about some of my concerns and questions and felt he was kind of steam rolling me, talking over me. I actually stopped mid sentence at one point because he wasn't looking me in the eyes, engaging with me, or listening - is how it came across. He seemed sort of A.D.D, rushing, distracted, would cut me off while I was talking. I felt he was kind of blowing my concerns off. He made a comment about my old nose looking like a beak, and how he could definitely improve it because he couldn't make it look any worse. These comments didn't offend me but they weren't exactly sensitive. Then he sort of abruptly gets up and says I'll go talk to the front desk woman about pricing, etc. I felt sort of rushed out of there. I asked if I would see him again or if this was the end of our appointment. He said I'd see him again (which I didn't), but then he took my hand and said he would walk me into the next room, while calling me his love.. It was embarrassing. Some reviewers seem to find his personality charming, I thought his singing, calling me his love, holding my hand and talking to me in a condescending voice like I was a child was unprofessional and a turn off. I also am an atheist so I didn't really enjoy the few times he talked about church, praying, God, etc. Then once I was in the room to discuss pricing it was, "these are the papers to sign, if you want to move forward it will be $10-$12,500. I had to ask them about their financing options etc, how things worked, nothing was brought up or explained to me. Overall I didn't really enjoy his personality or the experience. And I'm not sure how I feel about the permanent filers he pushes either. He wants to have your permission to inject you after surgery if results could be improved. Id rather have a surgeon handle it confidently not needing to use permanent fillers. He may be a great surgeon, but I need to feel 200% confident moving forward with this since I already have the issues/shame of not doing this right the first time and those regrets. Sorry for the long review but I wanted to support a few of the people on here with similar comments.
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