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I had a rhinoplasty 36 years ago and then a...

I had a rhinoplasty 36 years ago and then a revision to the right side in January of 2011 as that side of my nose appeared to be collapsing. My surgeon neglected to tell me that I had a severely deviated septum that after the procedure, caused my nose to change over the past few years and appears to be twisting over to the right and I am so insecure and feel so ugly. After 3 solid years of bad sinus infections, I went to an ENT who had me get a CT scan and diagnosed the "severe" deviation. That was corrected last year and helped straighten out my nose a smidge. I was told by another PS that correcting this is "impossible," however I found Dr. Johnny Mao who has been nothing short of so compassionate and talented as an ENT/ PS. I am scared beyond belief as I feel like this is my final opportunity to look and feel normal. I just want a straightened nose. I hate being photographed, especially is I'm caught on the wrong angle. Here is a photo of me today. I see a lot of promising photos and I'm hopeful but scared.

Day 8

Cast off yesterday. I cried - I was so pleased with what I saw! Still lots of swelling. I can't wait to get back to resuming normal activities, but I am taking the time to heal properly.

Love my new profile!

Two Weeks Today

Today is my 2 week post op. Despite the swelling and some tip discoloration, I'm really pleased at the improvement. With my previous nose, I avoided front photos because I was so self conscience, especially if it was the wrong angle that highlighted my nose. I'm still sleeping elevated for at least another week and taping at night to keep the swelling at bay.

Before and after

Side by sides definitely show improvement.

5 Weeks Tomorrow

Just had my one month follow up. Healing well and even though I have lots of swelling. I'm still so happy with the improvement!! Dr. Mao spent a lot of time checking everything, he was extremely thorough and took the time to discuss how my healing should progress. Before having this surgery, I would have NEVER looked straight into a camera!!! I still have a ways to go, but I am beyond pleased with the improvement.

Nine weeks

Nine weeks post op. Still have lots of swelling especially on the right side.. even so, I'm very pleased with the improvement.

Still Improving at 5 Months!

Just about 5 months post op and results are getting even better. All the residual swelling has settled in my tip, but I am so pleased with the outcome, it will only improve more. With my nose before this revision with Dr. Mao, I would never look directly into the camera. At my new job just recently, someone said to me, "you have a really nice nose." I can't even begin to say how good that sounded. I highly recommend Dr. Mao, I hope to have my eyelids fixed by him in a couple of months.
Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Johnny Mao will be performing the procedure. I feel very hopeful, he has taken so much time to listen to my concerns as I've consulted with him three times now. Triple board certified, ENT and PS.

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