Chin Implant and Injections to my Upper Lip Have Totally Changed the Way I Feel About Myself - Orange, CT

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Disclaimer: The price is approximate. I forget the...

Disclaimer: The price is approximate. I forget the exact amount that was taxed on after the lip injections, but I believe both procedures totaled out to around $4,000--which I feel was worth every penny :)
Bandages are OFF! Still a little swollen, but feeling so great about my results with the 2 procedures I had done this past Wednesday! I received Restylane Silk injections in my top lip. This significantly evened out my lips (my bottom was huge and my top was close to non existent lol) AND best part: helped decrease some of the gumminess of my smile! Those issues have been a HUGE insecurities for me, I promise, long before I even knew who Angelina Jolie was and probably before Kylie Jenner could ride a bike haha... The main procedure though, the one I've been wanting for YEARS: I received a silicone chin implant the effects of which are PERMINANT!!! I have always had a jaw issue that could not be corrected with braces alone and would have required a super expensive, ridiculously invasive and generally irreversible major surgery that might have changed my entire face--which is not what I was looking to do. The chin implant alone was enough to correct my side profile alignment, there by helping my overbite to and nose to appear way less prominent. This will also help me not look like I have a gobbler neck as I age :) and the surgery itself cost about what most people spend on braces. I want everyone to know that I am so happy I finally got the guts to do this. I spent too many years worried people would make fun of me for getting "work done" and that stopped me WAY more than money did. So while I'm not telling you to run out and get plastic surgery, I am encouraging you not to give a shit what other people think. Do what makes you comfortable and happy. Also, do your research. I drove about 2 hours to my surgeon because of his bedside manner, experience level and professionalism of staff at his office. He deserves all the credit in the world for taking so much time and care with me! What this guy does for people is life changing!

I do have plans to someday get a rhinoplasty that will remove the dorsal bump on my nose, when the time/money is right. I would've loved to have this surgery in combination with my chin augmentation, but I couldn't justify the cost all together and felt the chin/lip took priority. Also, I have had one child and am considering a breast lift and augmentation in the future--but have not made any decisions about this either because I may have more children in the next few years, so waiting might be more responsible.

A couple points I'd like to mention: There is nothing that can mentally prepare you for a major change made to the face you've known your entire life! So while I love my new chin, understand that you could experience moments of "was I fine before?" "Did I really need this?" Especially when the people around you like friends and family say things indicating that they don't feel it was necessary. My advice is to explain to them that you are doing it for yourself--remind yourself that you are doing this for yourself! Yes, their opinions matter, but when it comes to your face, your own opinion is the one that REALLY matters. The other thing I would like to point out with this surgery and why I like it so much is because you will still look like you!!!! :)

PLEASE BEWARE! I just got back the feeling in the left side of my chin & left side of my lower lip, like 2 days ago lol! It is just the way it is! But it's only been a couple weeks & I hardly even remember I've had surgery... Recovery was about a week, I looked pretty ugly & I was pretty uncomfortable/lonely so try to suck it up & see people you are comfortable with! I had a couple friends come over & it really made me feel better! NOTE: Smiling is a little awkward lol but it's already gotten a lot better. Laughing/smiling in general is pretty uncomfortable at first, but don't freak out, you should be just fine if your surgeon does their job right :)
Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

I went to Dr. Mao in Orange, CT & am so happy I did. He is both an artist & perfectionist as well as a dedicated physician. He spent so much time with me at my consultation, discussing my procedure, taking pictures, playing around with my options on the computer, & did not make me feel pressured at all to fork over the $ for a rhinoplasty like many other doctors would. He was understanding of my needs & made me feel very comfortable. As a person, he is warm & has a solid sense of humor (I joke around a lot, he was very easy going). I was awake through my procedure & he continuously asked me how I was doing & I could tell just how hard he was working to make sure everything came out as perfect as possible. His staff were equally friendly & I look forward to seeing them at my next follow up. Please, if you are within reasonable distance to Connecticut (I'm from Rhode Island) consider him for your facial plastic surgery. He actually cares about you. He checked on me multiple times since my surgery & I can't thank him enough for that.

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