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I am a RN and now needs a revision to my original...

I am a RN and now needs a revision to my original rhinoplasty done in 2006. I originally went to Dr Sadati in 2006. After seeing 4 plastic surgeons, he was the one I was most comfortable with for a primary rhinoplasty. I wanted my bridge to be smaller and the tip was bulbous. So I also wanted the tip to be smaller. Overall the procedure and follow up care went well (except a couple of little things).
I went to all my follow up appointments. I was about 70% happy with the rhinoplasty except that I felt the tip was not as refined as I would like. He said to wait a year, I did wait but it didn't change much. I decided I was overall happy with it at the time and he reassured me it looked great. I also was not wanting another surgery to correct it!
Well 7 years later in 2013 I decided that I needed to see a specialist in Rhinoplasty revision since now my tip is prominently more bulbous which worsened 3 years after surgery and the bridge is so narrow it makes the tip look bigger. They basically just don't match anymore.
when I was seen by the specialist, he said my bridge was over reduced and the tip was bulbous. that I need revision to improve support of my bridge which is now sloping down due to weakness in the middle ( he states due to over reduction).
Now I am contemplating a revision after a few years of being unhappy with my nose. It has slowly changed over the years and now it needs to be fixed. I wanted to add this to his reviews so that patients are aware that the photos show the follow up of 1 year, not 3 years or more which is when I started noticing a problem.
I do not feel comfortable seeing Dr Sadati for the revision since it seems the procedure was overdone and now I need to fix it. The Dr and staff are friendly (back in 2006) and I do not have a complaint about him. In fact he made me feel the most comforatble. But I thought this should help patients seeking any rhinoplasty to know this is a risk.

revision rhinoplasty specialist appointment follow up

I just saw a specialist yesterday who is very well known for rhinoplasty revision. He was my 2nd doctor I have seen to find out if I should get a revision done.

He stated that the bridge was over reduced which appears too small. Due to this my tip appears to bigger than it really is. he also noticed my breathing difficulty and noted that the sides of my nostrils have "collapsed" and I needed something called a spreader graft to keep it open so I can breath better. Over the last few years, I have noticed the side closing in more and I could feel a piece of cartilage poking inside my nose, and now I know why!
He also stated he would need to reconstruct a bridge for me made of diced cartilage in a sheath. This is so upsetting since I went in originally for a large bridge an now I will be spending thousands to correct this problem. I am very disapointed but I feel like I have to do this for my breathing and aesthetic reasons.
I have a couple more appointments with other revision specialists. So I will update then. I hope this helps others in the same situation.

3 rd consultation with rhinoplasty revision specialist dr Rawnsley at UCLA

So I saw a third specialist who wanted to do a new procedure on me to fix my bridge. I also felt the 3 rd specialist was not so happy about answering questions regarding the newer procedure which was a cartilage fibrin for the dorsum instead if cartilage with fascia which has been used for years successfully . After I asked to speak with a patient who had this new procedure done I was advised by his patient coordinator that was not possible and the "bottom line" is that I will heal the same with the new procedure. I felt that is was odd that they would not allow me to speak to a patient who had the newer procedure done. My conclusion was either the doctor was wanting to use me as. Guinea pig for this procedure or he was not comfortable with the fascia procedure since the improvement I needed was minimal. I felt uncomfortable with the consul attain and decided to go with my second consultation Dr Rollin Daniels who has a lot of experience with the middle eastern nose.
Over all the office was nice and clean and he was pretty friendly. I knew the person I was going to choose to do my surgery I would have to feel 100% confident in their skills and also feel like they listen to me. Unfortunately I decided to go with another doctor

Finally had my revision rhinoplasty October 10

After seeing three doctors I decided to see Dr. Rollin Daniels. He seemed to be the most knowledgeable and the most confident not only his skill but also explaining to me in great detail what he would be doing why he would be doing it at an option as first second and third what he may have to do during surgery
His staff was very friendly and also reassuring. Although I was at a point when I was going to cancel the surgery and not have it because I was confused after going to three different doctors. His staff especially Amy was very soothing and understood my worrying and reassuring me that they could help. a major reason for doing this was I had breathing problems for years after my initial rhinoplasty and I was hoping that I could breathe better after surgery. Dr. Daniels was the only one that talk to me extensively about my breathing problem and reassured me that it's not only form but also function and that was a priority for him.
I had my surgery seven days ago. I was extremely nervous but I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I woke up after the surgery and felt pretty good my pain level was about a five treated me very well and respectful me at the Newport Beach surgical center. Hundred times better than my first experience at my previous surgical center.
Yesterday I went to Dr. Daniels office and I had my cast removed. I had a lot of swelling on the third day after surgery but I avoided salt and drank a lot of water and rested for a week and they were pretty impressed with the way I look. I had a very minimal bruising to one eyelid for one day but other than that I had no bruising. Today I still have tape on my nose and I'm going to next week for a follow-up. Over all I can already tell that the bridge looks so much better and my tip is not as rounded.
Because this decision was so difficult me for me and I was so nervous I decided to create a video blog that I will be posting very soon. You will get to see me and all the results of the surgery almost on a daily basis to help others with their decision.
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