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46 year old mom, great looking, intelligent, and...

46 year old mom, great looking, intelligent, and educated professional standing at 5'4" and 120lbs., seeking high profile smooth round silicon implants. Must be in the range of 400 to 450 and able to rock some cleavage. Small implants need not reply.

Pre-op today. No concerns and no issues. One week to go. Prescriptions in hand Norco, Keflex, and Diflucan. Going to try to avoid narcotics by replacing with Ultram and Flexeril. But just in case getting Miralax and probably some prunes.

Something about a boob selfie that is empowering. Wonder if there is a FB page called "Boob Selfie"

Ice Packs

These came in the mail today from Amazon

Smooth Round High Projection Silicone Gummy Bear Implants

New Sientra patient web site http://www.sientra.com/FeelGood/. Based on Sientra sizing Dr. Smith will be ordering 405cc, 435cc, and 465cc. Sientra reports 98% rupture free rates and 3.9% capsular contracture rates. What I love is the warrantee, Sientra will pay $3600 towards surgery fees if my implants rupture within 10 years. That's so awesome.

Walmart $4 Generics

Seriously love Walmart's $4.00 generic program. Filled all my prescriptions, bought some jello and I'm ready to go. Now if I can kick this cold today...

Things happen for a reason

So earlier in the year I was talked into buying one of those bed bases that the head can elevate and so can the legs. You know the one old people use...guess I'm old. Thought it was not necessary at the time, look at me now, I have to sleep with my head elevated for 2 weeks and being able to break the knees will be perfect sitting while I let the boobs settle in. Almost there.

12 hours and counting

Well I have about 12 more hours to go and surprisingly I'm not even really thinking about the surgery tomorrow. I told my co-worker if things don't work out I wont remember it (LOL general anesthesia) because of the MJ juice. I'm really just trying to get caught up on work so that I don't have to worry about it for 24 hours. I also have been thinking about how hungry and grouchy I will be in the morning without coffee and my usual oatmeal. The surgery center called me today to remind me of all the usuals. Don't eat after midnight, wear loose clothing, what meds have I taken, make sure someone is driving me to and home, etc etc. Decided that I will be putting a trash can in the car, just in case. I'm first generation Asian and my elderly parents know that I'm going for BA. My mom who has had a facelift said to me, so how big are you going (in Chinese, which is funny to begin with) my response was "porn". The look on my 79 year old dad's face was priceless. I wish I had a camera. Ok so for several months I have had a folder on my desktop called boobs, so I'm posting some of my not necessarily wish boobs but boobs I think look great. TTYS RS Friends.


Breasts, boobs, tits, hooters, jugs, girls, milk bags, what did I miss? On my way to the surgery center....


Boobs are here. Sleeping all day. Went with Narcs sternum pain. Follow up in am.

PO Day 1

Made it to my post op appointment. Everything looks good. Toughest part is doing nothing. Driving me crazy. Promised PS that I would try to rest. PS provided two bras, need to go shopping Sunday for a couple more. Once in a while having that sharp nerve pain. Paralyzing, like getting my eyeballs poked out. Here's first picture. My summer tan still hanging on.

PO Day 2---Shower

Shower felt so good this morning. Another day and i would have been ripe. Didn't sleep well last night so I will be napping today. Just couldn't get comfortable. Today switched to ultram er and hoping that will control any pain. So far feel great. Boobs looking as i expected so no shock to see the frankenboobs. Still no BM and that is why i look like i had an implant in my stomach, looks like 750cc. Lol.

PO Day 3--Doing Great

Hello RS Friends,
Hope you had a fantastic Sunday. I'm doing great today. Off the narcotics and just finishing up the antibiotics and the taking ultram ED. I did run out to do some errands and two hours later felt exhausted so came home for a nap. Only other issue is still no BM and now I feel very full. I have probably eaten like 10,000 calories in the last 4 days and nothing. Hubby going out to pick up some prunes now because I need to get it moving. Went shopping for some additional sports like bras which is more difficult to find then you think. I did hit up Wal-mart again and the Nobu and the Hanes just did not feel comfortable. I ended up buying a couple of Barely There by Bali Comfort Revolution Microfiber Crop Top Bras from Kohls. They feel so good and will be perfect to sleep in. Boobs looking good according to me. Sharp pains have decreased over the last few days. Took a sleeping pill last night so slept wonderfully.

Funny Picture

Saw this while surfing and found it so funny. Since many of us getting BAs are because our kids sucked the life out of our boobs.

PO Day 4

First day back to work (from home). Did a couple hours then ran out to run errands. Did you know that you need an appointment at Apple to get to see a tech support Person and of course I didn't have an appointment, so I was forced to go to VS. Actually I had those three coupons and although I can't wear real bra tell end of November thought I would buy to get the deal and exchange for right size later. I told the sales person this she takes one look at my boons and says 30 or 32dd. I laughed haven't been 32 in ever. I got her name and said to her that when I'm ready she will measure me and check back with her assumptions. Realized that I have to take breaks otherwise very exhausting. Also splurged pis someone to wash and blow dry my hair. This way I won't look like a total freak at work tomorrow. We'll worth it. Right boob higher than left and more sore. That's my dominant side.

I did it!!!!

Walked right past a different VS today and didn't walk in. There is hope. Worked full day and by the time I came home walked upstairs took all my clothes off put the ice packs on and passed out for half hour. Here are some pics with new jockey sleep tank top on. Post op day 5.

1 Week

Hello RS Friends, TGIF and Happy Halloween. Made it to my one week mark. Had my steri-trips and sutures removed yesterday. Felt so good to have them off the boobs. The incisions look pretty good too! Some minor bruising under the right. My PS told me I have to take it easy. He's clearly a dude. I get to join the strap club and wear at night for the next two weeks. Last night wore it and no problem. I think because I'm wiped out at the end of the day I just passed out and it did not bother me. Tonight for Halloween I'm dressing up as a a VS super model. LOL just kidding. Here's some pictures. TTYS

Week 2

Good evening FB friends. We are almost at the end of the week. Whew. Week two not so bad and probably better if I had gone to a travel program and was laying on a beach in phuket recovering. Next time. By the end of the day my boobs are wore out. Still icing and taking some Tylenol when needed. This week the area of my incision site was really sore and tender. Was bugging the crap out of me. I spoke to my PS office today. His protocol is to not start massage until about week 4. He also said I could use silicon tape now if I wanted. Anyone have any suggestions on brands? I also moved to a work out bra because my comfy bras were not giving me enough support. HA never had to say that before. Well here the the pictures. I'm still excited.

Band size and cup size equals bra size

Love reading all of the posts about bra shopping and fit. And my girlfriend and I were joking that VS makes their bras smaller so that we think we are bigger (opposite for banana republic). My OCD kicked in and started reading about bra sizing.

Your bra size depends on the band size and the cup size. There are two ways to measure your bra size. VS measures around your back at band level, under each arm and around the front. Measure just above your bust, right about where the straps meet the top of the cup. Then they measure at the fullest part of your bust. Subtracting the bust size from the band size gives you cup size. The other way is to measure your band size at band level, and then measure your bust size at the fullest part and subtract the difference.

1-inch difference = A
2-inch difference = B
3-inch difference = C
4-inch difference = D
5-inch difference = DD

What was more interesting to me (i need to get a life) is that we forget that cup size is proportional to band size ie 32 D and 36 D not the same cup size. Also remember that there are sister sizes in bras because of the proportion. For example if you are a 36 C this is proportional to a 34 D. If you reduce the band size you go up a cup or if you increase your band size you could go up a cup size.

So what's my plan when its time to buy bras, I decided that I'm going to go to three places VS, Soma, and Nordstrom. We will see....

Week 4

Today is happy ending day and I celebrated with the team at my PS office. Week 4 post op check went well. PS says things look as they are suppose to. Right boob looks like it is not settling down as well as the left. I still look hot LOL.
-Don't have to wear the strap anymore, although the compression for me felt great. I never thought it was torture.
-I can use the silicon scar tape and I bought newgelplus. I looked at what they had to offer OTC and I felt like I should go for something better.
-I have been sleeping on my side for like 2.5 weeks, PS said no problem.
-I can have full body massage now, although PS said might be uncomfortable on my tummy. Figure I'm going to do the pregnancy massage...on my side
-I can now official start back to working out. I like to lift weights because cardio sucks. PS said to wait a couple more weeks on lifting chest and some back exercises but the rest I could go for it. I was using this awesome 30 minute lifting routine I found on line. It is a great workout and really sculpts the body. My next appointment will not be until 3 month post op where I think I take after pictures and I want to look good so I start lifting this weekend.
-Bras I can essentially wear whatever although I should avoid anything that will continued natural settling in. I'm going to say although Wal Mart and Target had cheaper versions, the coobie bra has by far been the most comfortable and for black friday they have buy 2 get 2. Based on my bra research (see above post) I think I will still land at 34 D or 36C or 34DD or 36D.
-Boob massage my PS starts this at 4 weeks, with simple technique, however we did discuss that no evidence that this helps or doesn't help. I find massaging my boobs during my morning and afternoon commute work well for me, try it.
It is Thanksgiving next week and feel fortunate to live in a place where we have choice. TTYS

Week 6

Good morning RS peeps. Just went over the six week mark and have not had any problems. I'm at the point that sometimes I forget I even have boobs. Left boob has settled in well, right was a little higher and in the last couple of days have noticed some dropping. Scars are healing well and I'm using the silicon newgel+ strips probably not necessary, just being type A. Did run through Kohls the other day and tried on some bras, landed at 34D. Do you know how hard it is to find unlined bras? Funny that every store I am in that has bras, I have to look. Have been going to the gym back to weightlifting. No issues. Doing very light chest work for now. Still reading updates on the site. Wishing everyone a great holiday.

2 Month Update

Didn't know if I should call this a 2 month update or 8.5 weeks. It's like having a baby, when do you switch from months to years for age :o). All is well with the boobs. They have totally integrated into my life like I have always had them (except I haven't). Have not had any pain, issues, or concerns. I wore a real bra the other day and honestly couldn't get home to put on my Coobie. That has become my go to wear. I know not very sexy but oh so comfy. Yesterday went bra shopping at some places I don't usually go to: La Perla ($495.00 bra didn't fit into my budget), Soma (not impressed), Intimates (too many choices), and Bloomingdales (great choices/high prices). With the VS semi annual sale coming up, guess I will wait. Funny how when you see friends for the first time that know you had a BA they wont look at your boobs. They stare you right in the eyes. Was at an xmas party the other night with old friends some I have known for 40+ years, I had to give them the ok to look at the boobs. LOL so different when you are older. My scars could not sit any closer to the incision line. My surgeon is amazing. I will get a photo and post. Well that's it. I hope all of you have a fantastic holiday/xmas. Talk to you in the new year!

Happy New Year's Eve

It's the end of the year and I appreciate you, RS people. I'm looking forward to a new year and wishing all of you everything you dream for and deserve. Here are some pictures of my incision site if you can see them (Dr. Smith you so rock). Talk to you all next year.

3.5 Month Update

Hello party people, how have you been doing? Had my 3 month check up with east coast preppy Andy and everything is fine. My next check is at 6 months. I still see the boobs changing a little bit what I call settling in. As far as life style I don't really notice them as I did in the beginning until I take off my shirt and I'm like "whoa what the hell was I thinking". Nothing like a good midlife crisis, I can't wait for my next.

I have been bra shopping at every store you can think of and like I have said in some posts I'm over bras (34 D/DD). My go to everyday is the Coobie bra and yes it is the most comfortable bra in the world. I also like the free feeling of being bra less. My scars are perfect, got a little lazy with the silicone scar stuff and I think it is because they look so great not so obsessed over them. And really who the hell is lifting my boob up and looking at my scar.

Funny story, last month I was getting my brazillian on (btw if you got boobs you should go get your brazillian, kinda goes with the look) and my wax lady (who is 60 years old Farsi women who had boob job like 25 years ago and had a rupture last year so had them removed) said "wow they look great, how come you didn't get a nipple reduction" I was like what the f*%k. Didn't even think of that I have mom breast fed nipples. Looked up the latest National Geographic and decided I'm good.

I hope your V day is a fun one. Hugs!

6 Month-ish Update

Funny how you start off so obsessed with looking at everyone's pictures and post and then post op it slowly dwindles down. Great support group and still enjoy coming to hear everyone's story.

Hit my 6 month post op follow up and everything is fine. I had a moment of freaking our about 4 weeks ago, I got up for work in the morning jumped in the shower and as I was washing up my boobs were super soft and then I thought I had bottomed out. Jumped out of the shower looking in the mirror, feeling the boobs, debating to call PS, then I realized, they just dropped fully into the pocket and are really soft. LOL. After my 3 month check, they said I would probably still see some changes didn't believe it till it happened.

So here I am happy with the boobs, no regret, just wonder why I didn't do it when I was in my 20's or 30's and glad I didn't wait till my 50's. They feel very natural and I really don't notice them anymore except when I take off my shirt and go whoa where did those come from.

My bra size is 34 D now. If you haven't discovered the "Adore Me" web site go there, super cute stuff. That seem to fit the implants well.

I'm sure all of our goals is to make it to the before and after gallery of our PS website and I did (hahaha). That's when we know we accomplished something. I'm about 10 pounds heavier in the after so I told them when I lose the weight in the next month they have to re shoot and they agreed (like that is going to happen). My husband always said if you get tits no one cares if you are fat.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

After seven consults for BA, I selected Dr. Smith for several reasons. He trained at some of the top medical centers in the nation, he is board certified, his reputation within the medical and patient community is strong, his practice focuses on both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, his character is solid, and I found him to be a kind soul. Dr. Smith is a skilled surgeon. He is confident and keeps up with the latest evidence-based practice. I asked specific questions during my consultation, such as how many BAs he had performed, how long he has been out of training, what his revision rates were, and what dissection technique he used. Dr. Smith answered all of the questions without any ego attached. That is important. I also called the surgery center that he works out of and spoke to the front line staff. They had nothing but remarkable things to say about him. At every touch point with Dr. Smith and his entire team, I felt as though I was a valued patient and that they were truly mindful about my journey. Dr. Smith’s team, they rock. The front and back office team was professional, efficient, and very responsive. I loved that they all knew me by name and I was very comfortable sharing with them my needs. There is no doubt in my mind and without any hesitation; I would choose Dr. Smith all over again. Warm regards to Dr. Smith, Katrina, Kathy, Jessica, and Rebecca.

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