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Well ill start off by saying it is really worth it...

Well ill start off by saying it is really worth it and u wont regret it at long as u find a fabulous Dr LOL. ....well I had my surgery Jun 20/2012 and im 5 weeks in so far vary vary happy still swollen and can't yet Stand straight still hunched over.but day by day I'm just going with it right now there is no bad pain anymore but its still uncomfortable somedays ..but nothing like the first. Week thank God anyways so far I can move around good just being hunch over sucks I don't go out at all don't want ppl looking LOL I'm still vary swollen my sides front all that but so far looking amazing for 5 weeks i can't believe this is my stomach crazy and exciting to see it change every day .I also had lipo on my flanks and sides I would say out of the whole surgery the lipo hurt the most its vary hard to get comfortable there is no sleeping during the first. Couple of days with out meds and even that don't do justice lol walking with out help took me about a week In A half I had to sit down often u can only walk so much without pain in your back making u have to sit and rest I had my drains took out on my 10 the day in.. witch made it so much more better with out that thing in my side. So today its been 5 weeks 1 day ill keep u all update I am taking monthly pix I put up my before and then my 10 day when I got my drain out and a 1 month and what my incision scar looks like so far I will put up a 2 month when I hit tat mark

So today I'm feeling good still not standing...

So today I'm feeling good still not standing straight ughh.. I can't wait to stand straight. I'm looking like Mr.burns LOL but my stomach is still vary swollen but looks so small already I can't wait to see it all done its so crazy to see it just change everyday I'm loving it :) I been drinking this tea that helps with swelling and works great and makes u feel relaxed as well its called (ARNICA TEA) its the best u can't get it at any hispanic store like Cardenas..ext) if u have any question my tummy Tucker ppl ask :)

Ill add my pix ASAP idk what happened I added them...

Ill add my pix ASAP idk what happened I added them and there not showing ill have to do it again all have them up :)

OK so I guess I should tell u all a LiL about...

OK so I guess I should tell u all a LiL about myself ..:) well I'm a mother of 3 wonderful boys ages 14-12-9 I'm 29 years young;) and me and there father. Middle school.sweethearts) still together and more in love now then ever we had are ups and Downs but we started as kids trying to make things work I got pregnant at age 14 vary vary young .just a kid myself. There father was 15 so we where both trying to push through life but together. and I can say now it was not easy at all having my boys 2 years apart was a killer on me and my body I was always atlantic in school and after my boys. I workout like crazy 5 days a week sometimes 6-7 days.eating right losing wight but always up and down never could get rid of my belly and that always made me just want to just give up..:( didn't really get any bad Strach marks.but my stomach was just so ugly I hated so ladies even tho u lose wight it will hang never snap back no matter what other ppl tell u .u can lose wight and look smaller but we want to be able to ware what we want right LOL so next time someone ..trainers anybody ask then u got kids then say I though so plz...haha trust me I did everything diet,Trainer, gym , just didn't happen Well everything else got smaller and my tummy but not flat and tight like we want. I could not stand it I was at my heaviest after my 2nd son I went up to 198 lbs at 5"2 that looked like 220lbs LOL but my turn around with getting back into shape and staying there was after my 3rd son he was about 3are 4 and I was like u know what fuck this I'm so done with being big I can't fit into shit I hate being covered up when I go out I'm still young wtf I never got to experience my women body and I got on it ASAP I worked my ass off I used to be in boxing. Before the kids and new that was it I'm getting back into this and o.. was it the best decision ever I worked my ass off in the gym and in boxing and even started Kickboxing loved kickboxing full body workout ..I lost the wight in 3 in a half months I got down to 145lbs with muscle ;) and only go up 5 lbs here and therebut stayed steady since . but the stomach was still hanging more then ever so that's how I new I needed a tt to fix it I waiting. Till my boys got more big and are business me and my husbands where stable and stady I am now a Kickboxing instructor :) and love my active life I love my new tummy and how it is coming out so far I can't believe I finally did it and y I waited so long idk.. I love this new feeling of being in love with the way my body is looking such a new feeling for me and my husband .he loves it and u know how are men are they say they still loved the way we looked before but when u see that look on there face of wow this is my chick !!it makes u melt in side I love him for always making me feel like I was already perfect the way I was

I'm 2 months in and feeling great had my Dr...

I'm 2 months in and feeling great had my Dr appointment last Tuesday. He said I can start light cardio so I'm happy about thatbeen running since Wednesday and going well I get
More swollen when I'm done but he said that's to be excepted and will latter stop doing that as time goes and I heal up so ya other then that doing great can't wait for all the swelling to end LOL scar looking awesome. Already lighting up so ill let u look at the pic let me know what u think ;)

18 week po and I'm feeling more swollen then ever...

18 week po and I'm feeling more swollen then ever idk Y is this ok at 18 weeks I feel down about it anyone.? Have a dr app next tus so I'll have to talk to him I had lipo to he always tells me with the tt and lipo the swelling gose up and down for a long time idk will see I do still have my good days but later in the afternoon I'm swollen again it never stays a whole day :(

1 year 2m in love my new body just geta better

1year2m in love my new body and it only gets better

Been gone a bit but now I can add pix from my phone love that will keep u all posted more now ..I'm feeling so good back to my working out no problems can feel my whole stomach and it only gets better lady's work out take care of yourself and u will see how much better it gets finely in a 2piece love it summer was so wonderful life could not be better its a big change but the best change in of life it was a long road but well worth it all so find yourself a awesome Dr like mine he is the best .

new pix aug 13

1/7/2014 pix


Another day at the gym feels good to be working out and know that I was really supposed to be getting these results but just had that fat in the way it's nice to know all the hard work is paying off so even though you girls get the surgery you gotta know that you have to put in the work in afterwards keep it up workout stay active whatever it takes... because it only gets better it really does you think yu look good after but you will look amazing with a little bit more hard work at the gym and just staying active so get that motivation and push your self to only look better and feel better ..any questions about my surgery I will be more then happy to answer our questions on my doctor...i will add new pix in about a month started a new lifting and eating routine so I should be no more lean and toned out in the pictures when the time comes then you guys can let me know what you think

the best choice i made for a new me ;-)

Best decision I ever made is good my fitness is on track and I couldn't be happier .about 3 years and just got better pic update
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

i went to 8 other dr did my home work and he was lucky number 9 .. he is the best out there i could not ask for a better Dr to do this with he is so sweet and understanding and gets u to where u want to be and look. his staff is so great as well u can ask them anything and they are all there for u as well. my experience overall with this Dr was excellent :D

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