"Traumatic Car Accident; Reconstructive Facial Surgery" - Orange County, CA

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"As a young single parent with a baby boy, I...

"As a young single parent with a baby boy, I sustained a “Traumatic Car Accident” on the freeway, whereas I lost control of my vehicle, rolled approximately 11 times and onto another freeway. The vehicle landed “Upside Down” and onto my face. With the “Grace of God,” I was not struck by oncoming vehicles and was transported to “Emergency” by a “Private Ambulance.”

The right portion of my face was completely “Dismantled.” It was pushed in 3” while the surgeons recommended to “Replace” my right eye with a glass eye, otherwise it will lead to a “Disease.” I refused the “Replace of the eye.” I was left with the right side of my face “Pushed in and completely Unsymmetrical.”

Upon recovery, I looked and appeared like the “Elephant Woman” or as though I was a member of the performing “Circus Crew.” Everywhere I went and everyone who looked at me either; Cried, Vomited, Laughed, and/or Mocked me. Many suggested that I “Cover” my face with a vail in order to “Live” an “Ordinary” life. I suffered for 15 years.

I sought Plastic Surgeons in many various states, whom all expressed a tremendous amout of “Empathy & Sympathy” for me, while being completely “Honest.” They revealed to me that while they were, “Plastic Surgeons,” they could not assist me as they did not have the “Specific Expertise” in the “Trauma/Reconstructive” area. That, their practice placed an emphasis on “Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, alone.”

With the “Grace of God,” I was led to Dr. Bunkis. Dr. Bunkis not only possessed the expertise in “Plastic/Cosmetic” surgery, however placed an emphasis on “Reconstructive” surgery.

Dr. Bunkis performed the surgery with “Success.” I have received nothing but “Compliments” regarding how “Beautiful and/or Gorgeous” my face appears. I became ready for a “Dating” relationship and had placed myself on various “Dating Sites.” I received many “Extraordinarily Beautiful” comments and tremendous prospects. However, many also refused while they thought I had simply placed a “Potential Fake” photo... “What would this Gorgeous/Beautiful Model Want With Me?” are examples of some responses... The “Success” of this surgery has led to a different set of problems. i.e., “Wives do not want their husbands to speak to me, Girlfriends also. I do not have many “Female” friends absent any “Backbiting” and being “Envious” of my face. No one has any idea of the “Traumatic” experience that I have endured. Nonetheless, these different set of circumstances are clearly indicative of the “Successful” surgery, clearly “Warranted” upon such a “Traumatic” event.

My heart tremendously breaks and goes out to the “Men & Women Who Serve Our Country” and for those whom have suffered a “Traumatic” experience, while I have experienced the same or similar event.

My heart goes out to those whom seek an “Angel of a Doctor” to assist them in the “Reconstructive” surgery that they seek and to “Repair Their Life...” I “Pray” that “God” leads them to Dr. Bunks in some way, shape or form.

Thank you, Dr. Bunkis for your “Extraordinary Skills” and a “Successful” surgery. Thank you for possessing the expertise that no other surgeon had. Most of all, “Thank you, for Colette McPhee, Manager whom has revealed so much “Compassion and Care, while No One Else Would.” I had “No One.” As a “Woman,” Colette McPhee pulled me through the “Toughest” times of my life. She took it “Personal.” I was by far treated as an “Ordinary” patient similar to other offices that I have visited. I was Colette's #1 “Concern.” It was the “Compassion, Love & Care” that I received from you and your staff that assisted me the most in a speedy “Recovery.” I will “Forever” be “Grateful” to the both of you."
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

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