Breast Augmentation Orange County, CA

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I'm getting my boobs re-done April 23rd, almost a...

I'm getting my boobs re-done April 23rd, almost a week away! I'm 32 years old and also had 2 children. I had my first implants done 11 years ago and had both pregnancys after. So it did a number on my breast even with implants. This time I'm going bigger. I was a AA bra to start and now I'm a large c/small D. I'd like to be like a DD. My advice, go bigger, once you see your boobs after surgery u will fall in love! Then they will drop and the swelling will go down and there goes a lot of the look you fell in love with. The pockets of my implants are going to be revised. I have double bubble. So the dr will also be repairing that. I'm not sure how many cc's I want. I'm thinking 600/650cc?? My Dr is Dr. Justin West. He's her in Orange County and amazing. Well, so far, I guess we'll see for sure after surgery;) I'm sooooo nervous!!!! I always get nervous about the idea of being put under!:/
Right now I have Saline implants, I'm switching to Silicone implants. I was so small chested and have very thin skin so the Saline implants show the rippling through my skin. You and see and feel it. They say it's not as bad with the Silicone. I sure hope that's true.;) ????

On the other side:) 700cc high profile silicone

Just like any surgery I've had I was terrified the day of surgery! But everything went well:) I just get very nervous being put under. So far I'm happy with the results!;) I went from 500 cc silicone implants to 700 cc silicone high profile implants. I just went to my post op today too see them for the first time. And I go back in a week to learn the massage moves I'll do to help the implants drop more.

Day 2 post op

Still so sore

I'm still so sore on day 3 of my recovery. When does it get easier? :(

Day 5

My left breast is still more swollen then the right. Or maybe it has dropped faster then the right. I know I'm only 5 days into my recovery but when will the looks of them even out? And how long before I can go bra shopping??;) I'm excited and curious what size I will be. My Victoria secret sports bras I'm wearing now are 34 DD. so maybe the same?


Everyone has been so sweet spoiling me with flowers during recover but the best gift of all that I recieved was from my husband! 2 sports bras and a 2 year 24 hour fitness membership! When can I begin working out again? I do the elliptical and yoga.


I know tanning is not good for the wrinkles:) BUT I breakout so much do to oily skin so for the summer I like to go to the tanning salon for a few weeks just to get a base color and clear my skin. How long before I can go tanning? Does it matter?

Day 7- 1 week post op!!

I'm one week now. I still feel a lot of tightness and my left breast is a lot more sore than my right. The swelling is also still uneven. But even with all of this I can tell I will love them when they are heeled! I live the bigger size that the dr decided to go with, knowing I'd be more happy then the original 600-650cc. He said he could tell I would want bigger so he ended up doing 700cc?. And he was right!!;) I'm happy with them!!!

Tingling sensation

I feel like a tingling feeling in my left boob. Is that a normal feeling?

More photos

Boobs in close;)

2 week photos

Been feeling like myself again

Still have uneven-ness

My left boob still seems like it has dropped like the right one, the left one seems more rounded.

Bra shopping!!!

Went bra shopping;) I'm sure it's too soon to be 100% about the size but I figured I can always return them.

Rippling blues:(

I feel like I'm starting to notice in between my boobs are rippling:( I switch from saline to silicone because I thought it would be less than what I had with the saline. Its seems like it's just as bad if not worse now:( and I'm starting to feel like either my left boob hasn't dropped all the way or it's just a different shape:(

First time to the pool in a swimming suit

I'm finally able to wear a bra and swimming suit and don't have to wear a sports bra 24/7- but I do still wear one to bed
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

He's made me feel very comfortable with his kind bedside manner. After looking up reviews on him I can not find even one bad review on him! He specializes in breast reconstruction for cancer patients. So my case is easy for him. Even his father is a Dr. I will update this review after surgery. Well surgery is done so I thought I'd update my review on dr justin west. I LOVED him!!!!! He was amazing throughout the whole process!!! I was very scared to be put under and even asked him if I was going to die (that's me being over dramatic!) and he joked and said, "that would be inconvenient for the both of us:) lol! It made me laugh and put me at ease. And now for the results!!! I told him I wanted my breast considerably bigger then my first breat augmentation. So we discussed doing 600ccś. Well during surgery he put in a size 600ccś and said he knew I wasn't going to be happy because it wasn't much of a difference so instead he put in a pair of 700ccś. Which I'm in LOVE with!!!! They're bigger but not huge! They are a DD cup. I was an A cup to begin with, which is why I needed so many ccś to recieve the results of a DD like I wanted. I had one of my nipples that went more off to the side of my breast and he fixed that. He's made me VERY happy! Ever good review I've read about him was dead on! He's amazing!! The next work I want is a tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt lift. I will defiantly do it all at once and be doing it with him. Thank you so much Dr Justin West!! I am so happy I've found you!! ❤️

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