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For as long as I could remember I wanted big boobs...

For as long as I could remember I wanted big boobs. I was teased a lot when I was younger and as I got older padded bras just were not cutting it. I was sad and depressed over it for the longest time. I kept thinking "oh I cant wait to get pregnant so I can see what it would be like with big boobs" well that dream shattered when after many years of trying to conceive Dr's finally told me that I wouldnt be able to have children. I had already lost two (ectopic) lost a fallopian tube and was turning 40.. One Dr even told me that I should seek grieve counseling because the chances were so slim.

Fine: "then I will go get the boobs Ive always wanted" I said out loud and proud... around the same time I had just met a girlfriend who upon meeting quickly told me how she was scheduled to get breast implants done that month by Dr. Fisher. She totally strengthened my enthusiasm to get them done and finalized my decision...

I was making a decent living at the time and thought hell why not. I can pay them off pretty quick and have big boobs too... A win win.. So off I went to interview surgeons... I probably would of went to Dr. Fisher but he was double what I paid and the Dr. I chose was in the office right next to his so I thought why not... I did however, see quite a few but really meshed well with one in particular. His name is Dr. Aboolian and he got my humor and made me feel at ease when I would laugh and make jokes about my little boobs... when the other surgeons just sat their professional and straight faced. I also liked his photos. He was straight forward and I liked that too so I went with him. They went down in price from $9,000 to $7,000 because I told them I wanted to schedule surgery ASAP. I was so confident and excited. I had brought in pictures of what I wanted them to look like and pictures of what I did not want them to look like. He didnt have me try them out first which I hear Drs doing but he had me hold a couple different kinds. I didnt know the difference either way nor did I care. I put all of my trust into this man in hopes he would make my body beautiful... Little did I know that my body was already beautiful the way God made me.. I realize that now. I just wanted to be bigger than an A cup and smaller than a D... I ended up with DD... Way way too big and make me top heavy... I have bare photos of before I just have to find them... Right now I have what they look like with clothes and then what I look like now. Ill continue to add photos as I find them...

Ok back to my story...

My girlfriend got hers two weeks before I was scheduled to get mine done. Her surgery was flawless and I anticipated mine to be the same.

On June 6, 2010 I went into surgery.. I brought my picture to make sure he knew what I wanted and under I went. After the surgery I was anxious to see what he did but I had to wait. From what I saw I liked... days passed and bandages were taken off and I was so freaked by how big they were. My first visit back to him I expressed my concern and he just brushed it off. "Oh Nikie, this is what you wanted and soon they will soften up and fall into place. It takes time" Weeks went by and they started to soften but still too big. I tried to enjoy them but the numb feeling and the fact that I couldnt lay on my stomach irritated me not to mention having my nipples touched was so annoying... My Fiance was so upset. I hated my boobs and it wasnt even a month. At month 5 my fiance left for 2 months to do a play in Georgia... That day I was scheduled for a laser facial.. I wasnt feeling quite right so I took a pregnancy test just to be sure since if I was pregnant I wouldnt be able to get the facial anyway... To my surprise I was indeed pregnant. I couldnt believe it. My fiance and I had been having problems a month before and were only together one day that month. who knew?

Flash forward: My Fiance and I moved in together and started planning our wedding... we wanted to do something sometime when our daughter could walk... everything was great.. and during pregnancy my boobs did not change at all that I noticed... I gave birth July 14, 2011 and 6mths postpartum I got mastitis... immediately I felt my left boob harden up. It was the craziest feeling... every day I felt it get harder and harder. I remember having my girlfriend come over and massage it in hopes it would soften. My Dr. never really explained Capsular Contracture before so I was unaware of what it was and how much pain I was about to be in. Because I was breast feeding there wasnt much that could be done. He did offer me to take Singular and indocin at the same time... which I ended up doing even though I was breast feeding because the pain was unbearable. thank God my baby is ok and it did not do any harm... Looking back that was selfish as nobody could tell me if it would cause damage to a newborn or not and I just wanted to feel better. The medicine did help but not by much. It just eased the pain and stopped it from squeezing any harder. I had been in touch with my Dr. and he continued to tell me that there isnt anything he could do until I quit breast feeding which by the way, only one boob worked after everything was all said and done... so I said fine, Ill breast feed a month and then have the surgery. At 14 months and still breast feeding I find out I was pregnant again... We postponed our wedding and I postponed my explant surgery... I couldnt believe it. Pregnant again?? How could I be so blessed... I couldnt of been more happier.

Flash Forward: 3mths postpartum I get mastitis... again I feel my breast start to tighten this time it was both of them. The left I couldnt even move. It was like a coconut was stuck to my chest and then the right one started to get hard on top an forced my boob to point down... I mean you can imagine right?? I look ridiculous and now Im self conscious of my body... I cant even begin to tell you how gross I look. Something I did 3 years ago to make myself look desirable now is tearing me apart. I am constantly in sports bras.. Literally. I live in them. I hate the feeling of skin on skin. Yes, Im breast feeding and yes only one boob is only working but honestly, I dont think if I wasnt breast feeding they would look any different. Maybe a bit smaller but not by much. they still would be distorted and thats the worst.

I recently, saw my general Dr and at a routine check up he felt my breast and noticed a lump. He sent me to get an ultrasound and thank God its ok but on the lsft side there appears to be a leak or rip with fluid around the breast implant so now I know why Ive been feeling so run down.. Im being poisoned by these awful things. they need to come out. My Dr. referred me to an in network Surgeon Dr. Shay Dean who takes my insurance in hopes that it would be covered... I went in to meet him and was pleasantly surprised despite the neg reviews... He was nice and professional. He told me that I would need a lift. That would be coming out of my pocket and would be an extra $3500 if they did the explant and lift at the same time. I was ok with that, I just had to wait until I was done breast feeding. That was 6 months ago.. I recently went back in to see if anything has changed and physically nothing has but he has changed his mind saying that I would need to have 2 separate surgeries. One for the explant and one for the lift because if he did them at the same time the blood supply to my nipple could be compromised, it would die and then fall off. "WHAT"??? Oh hell no... and on top of that its an extra $7000 and he wants to put in littler implants with the lift.. nope. Time for a second opinion... After that visit I came home and called Allergan. They approved me to get them taken out on them and to replace the implants if I so choose... (Ha, of course... NOT) since there was a leak and tear.. so either way if I see an in network Dr who takes my insurance or I have Allergan take care of the bill I will still have to pay out of pocket for my lift... If I even need one... Please take a look at my photos and tell me what you think... Can you just get a lift in one boob and not two?

To be continued...

Updated before and after shots...

I dont think I ever stated the size of my implants... I got Allergan 375 Naturelle Silicone Filled Under Muscle. Uggghh Im so mad at myself.

Are There Any Reputable Dr's That You Trust in the Los Angeles Area?

As you all know, I am in need of getting these things out and Im in the process of setting up appointments with Dr. Kim in Orange County and Dr. Lavinia Chong. but they are a little farther than I would like to go. Obviously, they both come highly recommended and I am willing to travel a bit but with two babies its hard for me to even get out to the grocery store for an hour... (which I call my vacation) by the way :) So that said, Im Looking for free consultations in the Los Angeles area, if possible.

Also, I want to thank you all... You have been such amazing support through this journey and want you all to know that...

Consultation with another Dr... Fingers Crossed.

So I researched all day and called several Drs and boy am I exhausted...

I finally made an appointment with Dr. Michelle Spring in Marina Del Rey which I am really excited about. She is close to where I live, a female (which I preferred) and free consultations.. Not sure if she takes my insurance but I dont really care at this point. I just want them out and want to find the right Dr.

I called Dr. Lavinia Chong but she was booked up until the end of Jan just for Consults and I didnt want to wait that long. So bummed because she takes my insurance and came highly recommended by a bunch of you amazing women... On Jan 1 they will stop taking my insurance and to be honest with you if I can have the removal paid for Id rather go that route. I deserve it for all Ive been through... Plus I still owe $3000 on these stupid leaking toxic bags of no fun! This was the most expensive mistake I have ever made.. I look at myself and cringe. I cant believe I did this to my body. It was fine before. I know that now. I hate that we have to learn from mistakes.

Ive also been reading more and more about Silicone leaks and whoa... no wonder why Ive been feeling this way. Pain, Shortness of breath, Visual/silent migraines, achy body, foggy head (thought that was just pregnancy brain still) Just overall tired... Now I just need to stop breast feeding. Im so scared but then I think is it seeping into the breast milk and is this why my now 9mth old is so cranky all the time? He hasnt been sick, thank God... but I cant help but to think I could potentially be making him sick if I continue to breast feed. Last month I was so stressed out that I wasnt producing any milk so I had to suppIement with formula... Uggh it was the worst feeling. I felt like a failure... thankfully by the grace of God I started to produce more but now have a sick feeling I might be hurting him if I continue.. I hate this and cant wait for it all to be over... Havent been able to enjoy my pregnancy, sex, breast feeding/bonding with my baby, my body... so much I havent been able to enjoy because of these stupid implants that I just HAD to have.

Sorry to be extra negative but I need to vent... Gearing myself up and ready to love myself again. Thanks again you all for being there for me. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Ill keep you posted.

Sooo Many Mixed Emotions :(

Uggghhh, Im really having a hard time with this Ladies... I could really use some genuine words of comfort... Im in the process of weaning my son from breast feeding. Today he has only fed once the rest was formula... Its killing me. Im so not ready but I know that I have to do this in order to prepare my body for surgery (whenever that is going to be) I swear I hope that Dr. Spring is the right Dr... I see her on Nov 27th and praying I LOVE her... My parents are coming to spend Christmas with us for 10 days which would be a perfect time to get these damn things out. I never really produced a lot of milk and only one boob was working anyway and I had to take Domperidone in order to produce it so Im pretty sure I would only need a month to dry it up... Im just soooo SAD. I sobbed a couple time because he is my life and feel he could really benefit from my milk... On a good note, my girlfriend just had a baby a week ago and is willing to donate some of her milk to me so praying once she gets settled in she will have enough to share with me. It still will not be the same. I love our bonding time... I suppose he could comfort nurse on the boob that didnt work to begin with but OUCH!

Im just having some emotional episodes this past week since Ive joined. Dont get me wrong... all of your stories have seriously strengthened my enthusiasm but If any of you breast fed I suppose you could relate.

I also contacted my General Dr and will be getting a referral to another Dr in network with my insurance... Yippee.. to bad all the Dr. that take my insurance have ok to horrible reviews. I found one with 4 out of 5 stars in Torrance his name is Ronald Rosso... so I will go ahead and check him out in hopes if Dr. Spring doesnt work out he will..

Thank you for taking the time to read this long winded message. Love and light to all of you...

What questions should I ask at my consultations??

Well, I went ahead and made an appointment for Dr. Chong even though she can not see me until Jan 6 for the consult. I figured if I havent found a Dr by then, what the hell. She comes highly recommended.. I also changed my appointment with Dr. Spring from the 27th to this Thurs 21st at 2:30... very excited. I am also waiting to see if I get approved with a Dr that will take my insurance.

I am just wondering what questions should I ask besides the obvious? I am making a list now and dont want to miss anything. I hate when I think I have everything all down and then leave there smacking my head wishing I would of asked a different question.

Just wondering if you all had that experience and could pass it on to me.

My implant Dr. thankfully got back to me saying he would wave the copy fees to get my medical records. Thank God. Also hearing NewGirl74 experience, it gives me so much hope to be able to breast feed and still get these out. I never knew it was possible and excited to see if Dr. Chong or Dr Spring will support that. I really do not want to dry up my milk for obvious reasons...

I also want to say that all of you have been so incredibly supportive and I can not thank you enough for all of your kind words and advice. This journey has been long and I anticipate with all your support a successful ending...

Much love to all of you.

Consultation with Dr. Michelle Spring

So, I had my consultation with Dr. Spring. I signed in 15 min early and was greeted right away. The front desk staff was very nice. My name was called at my scheduled time of 2:30. I was brought back to the exam room and there I waited for Dr. Spring for 30 min. I was not impressed. At one point, I really just wanted to get dressed and go home and as I started to get up to put on my shirt the nurse peeked her head though saying Dr. Spring will be right in. Then I heard a loud "Happy Birthday Dr. Spring" Not sure if that was the reason she took her time to get to me. she came in and introduced herself. She was nice but by that point I was so tired and kind of pissed. We went over what was going on and she mentioned that she would remove my implants and I could still breast feed but she would not do a lift unless I quit breast feeding for at least 3 months. She said I might not even need a lift especially in the left one which was awesome to hear by a Dr. but in the same breath said that I might. She said the reason why the right one is pointing down could just be because of the capsular contracture and mentioned we could do a staged approach and just have them removed and then wait to see what happens and then do a lift if I need it. Im still very much torn by what to do. Im pretty strapped for cash right now and doing the staged method really puts a damper on things. Im really praying I dont need a lift. We wrapped our consultation in 30 min. She answered all my questions and of course when I left I thought of more. They do not take my insurance so my saving grace would be that I really do have a rupture like the ultrasound says and Allergan pays for it or I have to pay out of pocket which is $4500 plus cost of labs. I dont have that right now.... I did get a free facial worth $150 not sure if I will ever use it if I dont happen to use her as my Surgeon... Ive also been doing more and more research on fat transfer and HELLO... Im totally kicking myself... why didnt I just do that? Cost the same with no chance of capsular contracture and BONUS they take fat from those unwanted areas... Uggh so pissed at myself. I know I can still do it and I might if I dont need a lift. I have another consult with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group on Dec 2 and then Dr. Chong on Jan 6th... will keep you all posted. Thank you all again for all of your support.

Finally Got My Before And After Photos From My Implant Dr.

Im so incredibly upset. If only I can turn back the time. why did I hate my body so much? I never liked my implants from the time that I got them. As you can see he did not do a good job on me and how hard is it to get a small C tear drop shape? Instead I got DD and weird misshapen boobs. Im sorry every post is negative. I really want to be positive that my explant will be a success. I also got my medical records so Im ready to go... Next consultation is Dec 2nd then another on Dec 12th and then one on Jan 6th... Thank you all again for the outpour of support... I can not thank you enough for helping me get through this journey... :) and :(

UGGGHHH... Another disappointing Consultation :(

Im so upset... I have to tell you all... get super confident and excited when I talk to you ladies... some of you even have sort of the same problem/issues as me and opted out of a lift and look amazing... but then I go into a consultation thinking I will find a Dr that will tell me exactly what you all are telling me and then I get a big slap in the face...

Basically, my consult today in a nutshell... Heather the office consult Manager was very nice. She called me back into the room almost immediately after I arrived. I thought that was really great and deserved a gold start for not making me wait. I changed into my gown and waited no more than 5 minutes and the Doctors both came in... Yes, there were two. Dr. Layke and Dr. Danielpour... They were very nice and we meshed well right away but then After discussing everything that was going on they both basically told me that I will literally hate myself if I do not get a lift. That I absolutely NEED a lift and told me if I dont My boobs will look like deflated balloons and anyone that tells me they will fluff out is lying straight to my face. They said that I do not have much breast tissue... which I already knew and you all can see from my before photos... They told me there is no way in hell that my boobs will bounce back to anywhere near what they used to be. Especially my right side. They told me that both sides will droop so much that my nipples will be pointing straight down and will be severely deformed.. yes, those words came out of their mouths... They also do not take my insurance and wanted to be very clear with me that if there is not a tear in my implant as the ultrasound suggest then I will be paying a pretty penny out of pocket... They told me that they would do a lift at the same time no problem but I would have to stop breast feeding which means that I will have to wait at least 6 months so my milk can dry up. They will not do a lift if I am still breast feeding and that would mean a second surgery which means more money. a lift separate surgery with lift will cost 10,000- 12,000... GULP.... I dont have that kind of money laying around... Basically, Im right back where I started and not feeling good about any of the Doctors that I met so far. Am I being unreasonable? can I get away with not getting a lift and actually loving my natural self? Or am I being ridiculous thinking my 42 year old skin will bounce back at least 50%... Im not even asking for 100% just 50% and I will be happy... Now I am terrified.

I kept my cool in the room but broke down when I left. So sad!!!

Have to reschedule my consult for tomorrow :(

Uggh. Having to cancel my consult with a Dr that takes my insurance tomorrow until the 9th of Jan... Im so bummed... My Fiance got called into work last minute and unfortunately, all the sitters that we know cant help me out. My appt was at 5:45 in the OC which is about and hour and 1/2 away and with traffic can be hours.... Now I have to wait a month. Thank goodness the Holidays go really fast. So as of now I do not have a Dr that I want to do my explant and really praying that the New Year starts off right... I need some positive energy because Im a big ball of negativity right now... I hope everyone else is going well and I will most definitely keep you all updated as things come along over here... Thanks again for all your support and love.

Just wanting to wish you all....

Happy Holidays... I could not do this without each and everyone of you... You all are the best gift to me... You help guide me in the RIGHT direction and I can not thank you enough... Best Wishes and a Happy New Year...

Consultation with Lavinia Chong...

Hello Beautiful Ladies... I just wanted to update you all on my consult with Dr. Chong... I can definitely say without going on any further she is my first choice. The day started out a drag. I was dreading driving 2 hours away in rush hour traffic so I decided to take my 2.5 year old with me. That way I could drive in the car pool lane. Thank the good lord above I took her because traffic was horrendous. I actually zipped right through with 15 min to spare. I arrived and signed in and the front dest receptionist/ financial consultant took my information. I was anticipating another disappointing consult... Mallory took me back to the room and asked me some questions. Wasnt in the room more than 5 min and Dr. Chong came in.. Immediately started chatting up my daughter. She was super cute and funny. I liked that. She asked me what "I" wanted and I told her an explant but Im still breast feeding. She explained the pros and cons and encouraged me to stop breast feeding to do the explant for ultimate results. Which I totally understand. My son will be a year old on Valentines Day and I think that would be a good day to stop. Only one boob is working anyway and Im only giving him about 8oz a day of my breast milk, about 8oz a day of my girlfriends breast milk and the rest is formula so he isnt exclusively breast feeding anyway. Its just so hard and Im sure some of you who have breast fed know what I am dealing with. Its a mothers instinct to feed her child. Anyway, Mallory took my daughter out of room to play with her so Dr. Chong and I could talk. She gave me a gown and I changed. Dr. Chong opened my gown and the look on her face when she saw my boobs was that of shock. I think she was surprised at how bad they were and could feel my pain. She pinpointed exactly where I am hurting and was very sincere. I told her to be very brutally honest with me. I then asked in her honest opinion if she thought that I needed a lift and what she thought my right boob would look like. I told her that I was a part of the Real Self community and pulled up my blog so I could show her my photos of before and after. She wanted to have an idea of what I looked like before. She saw my before and said how beautiful they were and of course I started bawling!!! She totally gave me a hug. She felt what breast tissue I had and told me based on the fact Im olive skin, no stretch marks, only had them in for 3 years, that I would probably end up with a B cup... I was amazed... so then of course I stopped crying and asked her if she thought I would need a lift since she hadnt even brought it up... She looked at me as said "NO" She was confident my skin was "Good Skin" and will tighten up nicely with time. They will be droopier than before but not "Flat Grandma Tits" like the first Dr I saw said. She told me they would not be distorted and I would be happy with the results. She said if I wasnt I could do a lift in the one breast if it falls droopier than the other. She was very confident that my left breast would bounce back perfectly.... I was soo happy. I then told her about the awful consults I had with all the other Drs. and she sympathized with me. She explained the sedation, which I love that I wont be fully under with a tube down my throat... I LOVE HER!!! She is amazing... I have one more consultation on the 14th and then I will be making my decision. The only reason Im going to my next consult is because they take my insurance. Unfortunately, Dr. Chong is a little out of my budget but when I spoke to my Fiance he was very excited that I finally found a Dr that I liked. I think if me and the Dr on the 14th do not mesh well he will be perfectly fine with Dr. Chong. It just feels right. Ugghh Why does money have to be such an issue right now. I have a month to decide so anyway.... that was my day... Dr. Chong is Awesome!! Thank you all who referred me to her. I would never have even thought about going to see her without all of you so for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart... You guys ROCK..

Had my LAST consult finally...

I decided to go with him. I really liked his bedside manner. He was very honest and also said that he would remove the implants and I could still breast feed. That meant a lot.. The best part is that he takes my insurance. I LOVED Dr. Chong but honestly, I do not have $6,000 to spend right now. The thought of it, as some of you know, gave me serious anxiety. I prayed very hard that this last consult would work out and I thank the lord above Im comfortable and confident in my decision. He had a HUGE book full of photos and all of them looked great, which I believe is a good indication of a great Dr. He was very professional and works a lot with patients with cancer. He had done many explants and told me that I may need a lift in my right breast. He was amazed how distorted my breast are now. He knew exactly where I am in pain. They are going to submit to my insurance and I should hear from them in a couple of weeks. fingers crossed there is no issues with insurance. Anyway, I have recently just got turned on to DoTerra Essential Oils and will be using them before and after surgery. They are amazing and know they will totally help me through this process. If anyone is interested let me know and I will explain further. Thank you all again for guiding me through this journey. Much Love and Light to all of you... :)


I couldnt be happier... Don't get me wrong I'm totally freaked too but finally... My pain will be gone. Hoping they will look ok since I will not be getting a lift like 4 out of the 5 Dr's told me that I needed. My insurance was approved so it will be paid for. I can not tell you hoe excited I am that I will not have to pay for this... I will keep you all posted. Thanks again for all of your support... xoxo


I can t even stand it. I have one more week to go and these toxic bags will be out of me forever. I just got my blood work done yesterday and registered at the hospital today! So excited... and nervous. Im pretty sure its because I have kids now and afraid to go under anesthesia... I wish there was a different way to get them out. Im just praying and praying that everything will go ok. Ive been under so many times before and I keep thinking of that but it still makes me nervous... My sisters will be flying in from Michigan to help while my fiance is at work. I cant wait to see them. I will keep you all posted... xox


To the hospital now. So nervous. Praying all goes well and hugs to those having surgery today too. Love and healing light!


So nervous how these are going to heal :( I have to say, I was very scared going into this but prayed and meditated to make sure I had a smooth surgery... I am so super sore and feeling a bit discouraged. The bandages were so tight I had to redo it lighter. Hope thats ok at this point I dont care because it was too uncomfortable. I posted a picture of after adjusting the photos. I am also thinking of taping my right boob up a little bit because my nipple is pointing straight down. :( this scares the crap put of me. I know they need to fluff and retract and I just had surgery today but this is just wrong... so sad. Let me know what all of you think and if any of you experienced this... Love you all. xoxo

4 days after Explant....

Im feeling much better now that the morphine and anesthesia is out of my system. I had a reaction to, Im not sure what, maybe the surgical iodine. Maybe the antibiotics. Maybe the pain medication they prescribed to me. Either way, I had and still have a rash on my chest arms and stomach. You cant see it from the photos I just posted but I can feel it. Super itchy. The drains are horribly uncomfortable and I can not wait to get them out. Have to wait until next Tues. Who can tell me that I have nothing to worry about when they take them out?? Im terrified its going to hurt. They hurt now so I can imagine them pulling on them... GROSS... Overall, Im so incredibly happy that I am free of those disgusting implants... SERIOUSLY... I cant believe I still have to pay on them. Cant wait to see how my body heals in the up coming weeks. Very excited and POO POO on all those surgeons that insisted that I would need a lift. REALLY. How insensitive and greedy. I definitely will not be needing a lift and I thank God that I didnt listen to them. You all are my rock and I thank you for giving me the strength to listen to my gut... Love you all.


So excited... the drains are out... It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. A little creepy but didnt hurt. It was quick. I thought they stitch it up but they didnt. I thought that was weird. Anyway. I added a photo... 1 week post op. Im overall happy with the results. My right one needs some fluffing and I hope it evens out a bit more. My nipple is definitely pointing downward and that scares me but maybe I can massage them?? Im wearing a sprots bra but it isnt that tight. Should I get a tighter one? Should I tape the nipple area up or should I just pray for fluff??? Im still have a rash under the boobs but other than that I love them... No lift here... Yippee I get to save my money!!


Wow, it feels so good to say that. I never in a million years thought Id say that feeling the way I have been for so long. Its been such a roller coaster. I didnt think I could get pregnant so I go and buy boobs, the Dr put in what he thought I would want and not what I actually wanted, I ended up getting everything horrible thing that could happen to a person with implants. Now flash forward almost 4 years and I am finally FREE and back to myself again. My boobs are actually a size bigger than before. Although, its been really tough trying to get my milk back in, I am happy with the results. I massaged my right one and it fluffed out nicely. I couldnt believe it. I woke up the next day and they were almost even... I couldnt be happier and the Dr was great too :) Now I just need to lose 10 more pounds before July. Im getting married FINALLY!!


Im totally freaking out. All of a sudden my boobs did something weird and now they are all wonky again. Its like my left one completely shriveled up... What happened and what happened to my nipple?? will it go back to normal?? I loved them 2 weeks ago... Can someone tell me this is normal and they will fluff out like they were 2 weeks ago?? Help is this what they meant when they said I will need a lift?


Since I last updated... So much going on and first I would like to say, although my boobs are not perfect, I LOVE THEM.. Just having the feeling back to normal is a blessing. My left nipple looks as if it is melting off and drooping no matter what I do but at the end of the day they are pretty much even and I never wear a bra... Oh you do not even know how awesome that is... I LIVED in sports bras and now I feel amazing! I could not of done it without any of you and the support of my now husband :) We got married on July 19th and it was perfect! He can actually touch them without me cringing. The best decision I have ever made!! and for those Dr that told me I needed a lift... They can go shove it up their a**! Seriously... I mean I could of listened to them and spent thousands of dollars. I cant imagine all that do actually listen to them and go through with it. Natural is the best feeling ive felt in a long time! Photo taken just now! To all of you thinking of getting rid of your toxic bags, I say DO IT and do not look back. You will love the way you feel!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Esmailian did an amazing job and I was a mess. I look and feel amazing... He is in my opinion Probably the best Doctor EVER!!!! Just Sayin...

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