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Paying if forward like all the other courageous ...

Paying if forward like all the other courageous Princesses before me!!! Thank you !!!

Quick history:
At 22 yrs old I got my 1st set of implants. They were saline 350's over the muscle lower areola incision. I had these for about 10 years. I had 3 children and breastfed them all.

When I was done having children, I went in for a mommy makeover by a new plastic surgeon. He replaced my old implants with 650 silicone under the muscle with a upper areola incision called a crescent lift. He did a great job but about 1 yr later I developed capsular contracture on the left side.

I went back in for a third time. Because I liked the 650 size. He said removing the scar tissue would make me smaller so I choose to get the 800's. Again upper areola incision with drains but this time because the implants were so heavy the scars healed differently.

Fast forward, 10ish years later again I have developed capsular contracture in the left breast but it has been getting hard gradually. So now I have a hard one and a soft one. Also, after the last surgery my nipples have really become lopsided:0(.

I am so uncomfortable and they definitely have not aged well! I'm a least 15pds overweight and have also been experiencing extreme fatigue.

I have been wanting to explant for a couple years now on this site has helped me!

Financially I would not be able to have this surgery now but I had prayers answered and because of the capsular contracture my insurance has agreed to pay. Thank God!!!

I will be having a capsulectomy without a lift. I don't scar well. My new plastic surgeon is going to remove and he is going through a new incision under the breast with drains for about a week. He said this way there is less of a chance that my areolas will collapse because they have been through a lot. I do agree with him but again, I don't scar well....

All in all I'm so excited !!! I just want to move on and start detoxing my body from these toxic implants. I don't want anymore surgeries so it best to just take them out. I will wait a least a year before I decide to have areola revision but definitely will not put implants back in ...

I'm so grateful to be in a place in my life where breast don't define me anymore. I don't care if they are small. As a matter fact, I can't wait to wear cute lacey bralettes!

I have a loving supportive husband and two teenage Princesses. None of them have known me without implants. I want my girls to know they are perfect just how God made them!!!

I would appreciate prayers!!!


Thank God !!!!They are OUT:0)

Surgery Day Today !!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes!!!! I so grateful for them !!! Thank you !!!!

My surgery was scheduled for the afternoon but it got moved to 9:45 ish which was such a nice surprise !!!!

On my way, I came across an article about Crystal Hefner explanting last month because her breast implants were making her sick ,,, hummm,,, I'm glad ppl like her and Yolanda Hadid are coming forward with this issue. Just solidified for me how explanting for me is my 1st step to better health! And I'll say it again !!! YOU courageous Princesses gave me the confidence to move forward with this explant journey long ago ... Thank you!!!

And here I am !!!! Did I tell you all how Amazing Dr. Esmilian is !!!!! The staff at the surgical Center were so nice, friendly and caring!!! Thank you Carol, Steph V., Laurie, Marsha and Jen !!!! Thank you znikie and I can't Thank Dr. Esmilian enough !!!

I'm home resting w drains which are a bit uncomfortable. I don't need pain med bc I'm not having any pain.

One girlfriend brought me salad and another brought me soup. So, I'm having soup and salad,, yum !!! I'm so Blessed!!!

Thanks again for you prayers, well wishes, support and encouragement!!!!


Reveal... 4 days post-op

My 1st shower !!!! I was a little scared because of my drains, they are so uncomfortable.... But its keeping me resting,,, and I'm doing very little ...

My left side had grade 4 capsular contracture and needed the most work, I'm sure!!! So it's a little sad... Hoping it will relax more after the drains come out but that won't happen for another 2 days ,, God willing !!!

But, I feel sooo much better... I've noticed I have way more energy than before so I'm feeling a little stir crazy bc I can't do much....lol

Anyway,, I'm looking forward to my Dr.'s appt to get details of what he did/ found once he was in there ... From what I can feel the left still feels a little hard and the rt super soft.

I was scared that I would lose sensation or go numb in my breasts since he was going in through a new incision but I don't think that's an issue... I'm way More sensitive!!!! Even a slight breeze makes them perk up!!

Even tho they look they way they do I'm sooo grateful and happy that I did it !!!!! I wish I would have done it sooner but I know now I wasn't ready and God's timing is so perfect !!!

Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes !!! I'm feel so blessed !!!

P.S I have at least 3 friends looking to have their implants removed now !!!!

Feeling a little disappointed ...

So yesterday, I had my 1st. Dr.'s appt since my surgery. I was praying that my drains would come out because they were so uncomfortable and hard to hide ....

But my Dr. said he was only going to take the rt one out and the left drain is going to have to stay in for another week! He said he knows how much he had to do on the left side, regarding scar removal and so it needed to stay in ... I agree but I can't lie, I was disappointed to hear that. Ugh!!!

However, I know it's best for me bc I would most likely be doing way more than I should be, so praying it really does come out next week ...

I was also scared and having some anxiety that it was going to be very painful to have the drain taken out but to my surprise it didn't hurt at all!!! Idk, if It was just that I wanted it out sooo bad that I didn't feel it or I just really didn't feel it ....

He said a couple of interesting things about my surgery. 1st, they almost weighted about 4 pds total !!!! Yikes... Also that my left side will be smaller than my rt bc of the degree of capsular contracture, I have been left with VERY thin skin on that side. He was so sweet, he comforted me by telling me once all the healing is done which will take a while, I will have options to make them more even without having to re-implant if I wanted to. He also said that neither implant was ruptured, the right one looked normal but the left one had a yellow tint to it. He said he saved them at the hospital in case I wanted them but I don't think I do.

I'm just so glad I had them removed !!! Thank God !!!! Why would the implant turn a different color?? That's so weird and gross !!!! I'm so happy they are not in my body anymore !!!!! That can't be healthy !!!

So this week I'm going to continue to rest, watch my diet, take my vitamins, drink
Lots of water and of course spend so quiet time with God!!

If anyone has any ideas of other things I could do to speed up my healing Please let me know !!


Slow healing process for me ...

So it's been a little over 2 weeks since my surgery and my healing has been going slow ,, my drain on the left side was in for a long 2 weeks,,,, it came out and I've been feeling so much better!!!!

I have not seen much change in the last two weeks which it's making me sad and scared and disappointed....so I've been struggling ...My left breast is still very sad ... It looks shriveled and lumpy as well,, it's also a least a whole cup size smaller than my right so again I've really been struggling with my results. It's funny cuz I thought I was totally prepared for any outcome as long as the implants were out but it turns out that, I really wasn't.

I'm thankful for this community and I also see my therapist which really helps me !!

I am practicing patience with myself and my body!!!! And I realize that I have more learning and accepting of myself to work on ...

I also think that because I'm older it's also taking longer to heal and I've feel like I've become more of a baby .... So I'm glad I did it now rather than later !!!

I also went back to work after taking 2 weeks off and everyone asked if I had lost weight?? Ha-ha !!! I said "Yes!!! Almost 4 pds of silicone". I thought everyone would immediately notice but they didn't ..

My husband says I look younger !!!! Yay !!!

I was scared that I would lose sensation to my breast bc of new removal incision but I have to admit sex has been wonderful without those big hard implants in the way..,, I did not lose any sensation!!! I have regained sensation in a good way without my breast being hypersensitive/painful!!!

My breast still feel a bit tender though ,,, and I still have the medical tape until it falls off ...the left breast still feels and looks a bit tight too .... I know I can get a lift or fat transfer later to make them more alike but I can't even think about doing something else to my breasts right now ,, I think I've put them through enough.., I'm just going to let them be for now ...what's also been crazy is that I've been losing weight, which I needed to do but it's like coming off now,, and I'm not exercising yet either,,, I'm happy about this!

So to be honest I'm not crazy about my result thus far ,, but I do feel like time is on my side now that those foreign objects are out of my body !! Albeit a little slow .... I'm so happy I had them removed, not regrets about that !!! I had them in for a long time, they were super huge and did a lot of damage while inside ....so I know it will take a long time to heal as well .....anyway if anyone has any suggestions regarding what I can do to help the left one relax I would appreciate it !!!!


4 weeks and now a Seroma,,,

So it's been about 4 weeks since my explant and I went to get a release from my Dr., to continue with all regular activities but that did not happen... I thought my healing was going great and did not realized I had developed a seroma on the left side ... Ugh ... So he drained it in office and said to Rest and Compress.... So that's were I'm at,,, I was So disappointed!!!!! So again a much slower healing process than I would want ... I was not having any pain,,,, other than my breast looking fuller/fluffed I did not know something was wrong.. I was looking forward to start working out but that will have to wait now ... I'm going to have to go back in 2 weeks to get it drained again and see where I'm at at that point... I'm praying for the best and I'm compressed and eliminated salt from my diet as recommended... If any of you have any other suggestions PLEASE let me know !!!

I also picked up my old implant and they are huge !!!! I'm so happy to have the out even with this complication.... And the left one is yellow but I don't know why ....did any of you have this happen to your implants ?? Again!!! Happy they are out !!!

I hope all you explant Princesses are doing great and all you future ones,,,I'm so excited for you !!!!

Thank you for your support And encouragement!!!!

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Esmillian from this site. Even the very first phone call to his office the girls have been so helpful, sweet and knowledgeable. I went in for consult and the only way I can describe Dr. Esmillian is Amazing, smart, experienced, caring, honest and professional!!! Love Him and his staff !!! Thank you RealSelf!!!

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