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I'm 21 years old, 5'6, 140lb, hips are 37." Been...

I'm 21 years old, 5'6, 140lb, hips are 37." Been lifting weights+eating healthy for 3 yrs.. ass never grew no matter how much I ate and squatted, I still have excess fat around my abdomen sides and love handles and lower back. God didnt bless me with hips or an hour glass figure either. I basically got the short end of the stick. I weighed pro's and con's for a few years and at one point did go to two consults in Toronto with two different doctors, I was 130lb than. The first doctor said my wish pics were not possible, at all, not even a smaller version for my size. And the second doctor (who did some cosmetic rhinoplasty for the family) confessed to my parents and I that I would get sub-par results because I didn't weigh enough, which I appreciate him for saying because how many doctors would pass up a few grand and be honest right? A year later im 140lb and Im waiting to book an appointment in May because thats when I'll have the cash to do so. My parents are supportive, they know how hard I train at the gym, and how disappointed Ive been with the results. Its hard seeing ladies who are genetically blessed with hips and a big shelf booty and tiny waist walk around squatting less than me when I work ten times harder and look like a flat ass boy.
I've posted before pics of me NOW, December 2013. I hope to gain some more weight slowly by May. Keep in mind ladies if you gain weight too fast, your cells will expand, but you want those suckers to multiply- and the only way to do that is to get fatter over a long period of time. I've posted these pics so that the guru's of RealSelf can give me their advice.
I do have one doctor in Toronto in mind when the time comes, because my family does know him-but the problem is doctors in Toronto dont have the type of experience doctors in Miami do.... My own profile avatar is Doctor Mendieta's work... and damn does he do good work. I would like a shelf booty, with hips, lots of projection- think Spanish mamacita. As many CC's into each butt cheek I can get.

22yrs now 155lb ..BBL definitely scheduled this summer.

Ladies, the struggle is real. I am now 155lb, been gaining weight since December'13. My butt measure at 38" inches instead of what it was, 37"inches. I have two appointments booked with doctors that are here in Canada this month in May. I wish I lived near Yily (tear* tear* lol) but air and recovery house plus the surgery and additional costs of massage and faja's and pills and all that is just beyond me. So Canada it is. I want at least 1400 CC's in each cheek, I have no hips so I'd like the fat to be distributed not just to give my ass projection and upside down heart shape, but also on the sides of the butt to fill it out/give my hips a wider look. I have been researching on RealSelf like a crazed woman for the past two years.

My body at 155lb 5'7

Regret the 300$USD deposit for Salama

Hey its been awhile but Ive been busy with a new job. I was excited to go to Salama in Florida for a BBL very soon but now I'm scared after reading two HORRIBLE reviews on the MASSIVE scar/infection/burn tissue he has accidently created for two poor ladies who got a BBL with him. Im young and i have school in september and i have to get back to work after two weeks, Im not down to f* with my body if you ladies feel me.... Maybe I'll change my mind... but deep down my intuition and my gut feeling has already decided he will not be doing my procedure this 2014. So sad because the date was perfect and I've already cleared it at work with my manager but HEY, word to the wise, do your research about BBL's gone wrong before you put a deposit......
Lol im definitely still going to fl for vacay though - lets see if Dr Salama will return the "non-refundable deposit fee" cause damn Im a student .

Going for a consult with Canadian PS Dr Jugenberg Aug 11th

So Nancy didnt give me my 300USD deposit back even though I didnt even send my pictures to them yet so thats hilarious and upsetting but NOT SURPRISING (like why are you keeping the 300 u idiot u didnt even do anything to work for it- *cough* cash grab *cough* f u * cough)
I called Dr Jugenbergs office in Toronto Canada and got a quote for about 10k for the BBL procedure and a consult date aug 11 and a surgery date sept 18 2014. I really dont like his results on other women which I have seen on his website and the few women on RealSelf who were brave enough to post their experience. Why? Well guess what ladies on his site he says he puts max 900CC. Come on seriously? Every woman's body is diff and some may need more and some may need less so that rule sounded like a cash grab and was a big turn off to me. Personally, I dont have ANY hips and NO ass (legit) and Im 155lb and 5'7 i know i need at least 1400 CC on my hips and butt EACH side. Im going to call tomorrow before I pay for my consult fee via email money transfer and ask about this stupid rule, and ask if I can send my pic to get an idea of how much he thinks he can take out...
Hey if Salama can guess like that, than he can right?
And if Salama can take my 300 dollars of hard earned money (ladies im a student in uni and i work two jobs) than Jugenberg may very well do the same take my 200 dollars and leave me with opinions about the sub average results he has planned for me.
SIGH these hoes aint loyal!
So stressed!
Cant there be one PS who doesnt burn people and produces big butts!
Is that too much to ask?

Oh also before I end this post, let me just say, I am already on ebay and kijiji looking for things i need to buy before surgery (weird chair i can cut butt hole out for sleeping, compression socks, boppy pillow etc) and already looking for a person who can do lymphatic massages for me before the surgery in preparation for the lipo and after the surgery as well. AND OH GET THIS LADIES LMAO DR JUGENBERGS ASSISTANT TOLD ME SHE HASNT HEARD OF GETTING POST LIPO MASSAGES LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Im out. The saga continues.

Consult with dr jugenberg

Today is my consult.. If he says he'll pull over 1100 CC's I'll be happy.. Hopefully 1200 at the least. Waiting in the room, my parents came with me but there's only one chair for the patient in the waiting room which forces my parents to sit outside.... Is that a sales tactic? He can't pressure me to pay the tax on this procedure if I'm paying cash. Lol I'll shout for my dad... Ill tell you ladies what he says after... So hungry.. All I can think about is getting food after this.

Scheduled for this Thursday Aug14th

Hi ladies this is what happened in the consult tonight:
I paid 11175 that's including my 2 night stay at the fairmont royal York, this doctor's surgical suite is INSIDE the hotel. (My cousin is going to stay with me both nights).

I'm having my abdomen, flanks, sides, and bra roll lipo suctioned.

He said he can't tell me an exact amount of CCs which seemed really shady, but said 900-1000, later on stating that he'll try for 1000 if he's lucky (which is scary because I need a Latina big booty and hips but he has a track record of understating his talents and overachieving in results...) I made it known 900 is the minimum... But as ya'll can see... I probably need 1000 to fill my butt out from the sides as well as give me projection and hips..

Kim and Stephanie are really nice, and Stephanie hit it off with my parents. Dr jugenberg's explanation of "I can get 1000 if I get lucky" is still haunting me but honestly, that's what another doctor in Toronto said two years ago and I was 30 pounds skinnier.

I'm 5"7 155lb so I better have 1000 cause ya'll know 40% of it can die..

They provide a garment (with the butt out) but obviously I need to buy a vedette and squeem. For any BBL veteran reading this, how do I know what vedette to buy????

No food or drink 12hr before surgery, but that's BS I know I'm going to be so hungry.. No Advil Tylenol vitamin E nothing but I take something called stress tabs everyday so I have to ask the doctor if I can continue taking that once a day (supplement for hair loss).

I think the whole "I can't get 1000 CC's" is bs and he just wants ppl to come back for a second BBL to grab their cash.....

I have tons to ask Kim and Stephanie: do I remove my bellybutton ring that day? If I do, when do I put it back on?
Who walks me from the operation room to the hotel room since it's in the same building?
When can I go ahead and wear the compression socks? Right after the surgery?
My pharmacy that they send the medication to is near my house but I'm staying downtown in the hotel, firstly I have to have my parents drop it off for me but secondly wtf my surgery is this Thursday when do I pick up my pain meds etc???

I have a list of things I have:
Feminine wipes
Arnica gel
Stool softener pills
Compression socks

I still need to get:
Pee funnel
Prep some food to take with me to the hotel (my moms healthy cooking cause ya'll know I need to eat and drink and be walking to properly heal).
Maxi dresses and long cardigans
Sunglasses bcs I will have just had surgery

Ladies am I missing anything ? I'm getting a pee funnel from walmart

Pre-op pics

5'6 155lb

2 days till BBL

Well I couldn't sleep at all and now I have to get up and go get full body wax to prep for surgery.
Let me tell u guys I think I got ripped off because he didn't send me for bloodwork bcs I cut it close
with my bbl date pushed up from sept to this thurs but I'm a uni student so it was better for me... But like they didn't send me for bloodwork and I brought my own from few weeks ago.... They didn't give me a pre-op package of any vitamins, she didn't even explain to me when I need to check in to the hotel with my cousin who will be helping me or what vitamins not to take or when to stop eating and drinking before the sx.... Smh.....

I just kept hounding him last night about the CC's after he saw my bloodwork was good(bcs I was smart enough to bring it myself) I said that I want 900-1000 and he said 900 if ur lucky and I'm like no u can do it.

On Thursday before my surgery I'm gonna remind him so 1000cc huh !!! U can do it dr J- ur the best in Canada. He'd better.

Well I'm so frikken tired ladies now I have to order a vedette quickly and a squeem on my way to my Waxist. Which brings me to an important question- how do u do full body wax with a BBL surgery bcs u can't lie on ur back but to wax ur vajay u have to be lying on ur back...

If anyone has an idea please comment.

Oh one more thing Dr J vs Salama

Dr j said he trusts dr mendieta's work in fl and that if I thought I could get 1000 cc per side I should go and ask for a second opinion from him but I told him I can't wait any longer I have work and school and I took 14 days off starting Thursday to do this so I can't just go and ask but that I have asked dr salama and he said it was possible for 1200 cc and dr j looked at me and was like "I don't even know that doc but I wouldn't trust that, that seems like a lie"

bbl in 24 hours, but pls Pray for me.

Hey ladies, very religious or not - just take one second to say to god "I hope she heals easily and quickly" and I would APPRECIATE IT more than any post op compliment.

Okay so it's 12:45 am Wednesday night I did my full body wax to prep my skin and no cream alcohol vitamins or food 12hr before surgery so I'm gonna stuff my face today and drink lots of water as I run errands and buy;

Cranberry juice
Lounge chair to cut big hole of hips and butt
Long pick up grip stick so I don't bend
An adult walker to assist in mobility aid and using the washroom (hovering over the seat)
Pick up my pain med prescription
Call a lymph. drainage massage therapist and set up my appts.
Call the clinic and tell nora I'm legit in the dark about everything that is goinng down I don't even have my pre/post op package emailed to me.
Ask if I am to remove my belly button piercing?
Ask when I can go back to waxing the skin after surgery(I do full body wax I need to know if it's okay to go ahead and wax my butt and vajay like a month post op)
Order a vedette and squeem
Do a hundred things I probably forgot

Oh ya and a hair cut in the morning so I'm not trying to manage a mane
Currently writing this on my stomach as I prepare for the coming months ahead... The clinic requested I wear their garment for 6 weeks I'm def gonna need to take it in with seamstress over time and buy a squeem.

Will update tmro morning when my mind is clear

Please do a few second prayer for me ladies.

The sniffles

I had a runny nose since yesterday morning, I think from the stress of it all. My parents aren't helping with anything and it's mostly my cousin who will be taking care of me for two days.
I think I'll pick up a multi vitamin and vege greens today to make sure I'm getting all the right nutrients...
I hope my runny nose goes away my surgery is tmro!
Ugh have to get up and go buy a ton of things to prep...
Slept on my stomach today honestly it was fine I put a pillow under my stomach and another under my boobs and neck and my neck didn't cramp up.

Tomorrow evening is my SURGERY

And I'm a little nervous because realistically I was bumped up a month in advance and had one week to do what women do In a few months. Thank you to the women who answered the really important recovery questions for me- don't be surprised if I ask you beautiful women a ton more! Thank you for all the support so far.
I'm scheduled for EST time tmro 8:30 or 8....
I have yet to get a vedette and squeem but my cousin who's taking care of me for two days is going to buy it for me while I'm drugged up in the hotel of the fairmont on her visa debit through eBay....
I'm taking cash to buy food there or from room service and I'll probably ask for a mini fridge in the room and bring yogurt and keep all my liquids in there. I bought protein.
I have my pee funnel
Wipes gloves
Big clothes and sweaters
Comp socks
Meds and stool softener
A bunch of drinks vitamin water coconut water and cranberry juice

After I'm home I bought a recliner beach chair my dad's gonna cut the butt out and I bought a long hand helper grip stick with clamps to pick stuff that falls on the floor without bending, I bought an adult mobility aid walker to use whole I support my wait and hover on the toilet.
I have to call and set up my massage appts tmro morning - yes I still didn't do that. Ladies toronto BBL pS doctors don't have any lymph drain massage therapists I dno why but I found one girl who's 30 min away from me.
I have to write down for my cousin a paper of how and when to take my meds and also follow up with the doc on how to take them tmro when I check in.
I cut my hair SUPER short this morning for easy maintenance as I recover the next few months...
I only took 14 days off work.... So I have to be back by than but I wrk 15 hrs a week so it's not bad. And I don't sit at work.

The only thing that's really hitting me hard is the fact I can't sit in a car - I was supposed to get a car this sept but obv no point right now since I can't sit on my butt ... And I have three more hours of driving school which I have to postpone for like the next 3 months because I can't sit for my in car lessons! so I'm going to be taking the express transportation bus/trains I guess standing f

And I'm gonna have to kneel

Or stand in seminars thank god I only have three , 3hr classes in school this year.
BUT don't kneel on chairs right away ladies. I read that if u kneel ur detaching blood vessels from the fat and the blood vessels need to not be disturbed by no sitting and no excessive bending so they can attach to the fat and make the fat STAY

Oh and I still have the sniffles

But I am going to take emergenC vitamin and eat and go to sleep (on my stomach to practice). And do all my other last minute things tmro as I am traveling by bus and subway to my surgery with my cousin.

So if anyone reads this just pls say "god make this smooth and easy for her"
And I will appreciate it very much.
God bless all of you and god willing you will hear from me tmro if I have time before I go in EST 8-8:30 pm.

It's 2:30 am

And I am done packing done eating and drinking- I still have the sniffles only so I have to tell them before going into surgery I hope it's nothing big it's just clear liquid nothing coloured- no bacteria or yellow colour.
So I showered and am squeaky clean.
Waking up at 9:30 am - cousins house by 11- downtown by 3pm
Pray for me beauties. Pray it is no complications and everything goes smoothly.

On my way

still have the sniffles
Will get my friend to order my vedette and squeem online tonight while I'm drugged up
Brought a bunch of liquids :
Coconut water
Vitamin waters
Cranberry juice
EmergenC packets
Peppermint tea packets

I bought:
Garlic pills
And stool softener

After photos and I'll update you

Ladies much better after my first massage at 1pm EST.
All I can say is Dr Jugenberg is by far the best and most trusted BBL doctor in all of North America. He has never burned any patient or scarred them- EVER (wow what an excellent track record). He doesn't use drains because his lipo technique is so safe the patient never really needs them for a BBL and that is better for me because I am more comfortable. He's smart also because he knew go give me a compression corset and not a garment so that I would ruin my new hips and butt. He is also very diligent in txt msg responses- he answers within the minute and in person he is patient- understanding- and clear. He's down to earth and was humbled when I said he is the best in North America- he's not full of himself and he is really kind and joked around with me a lot which made me feel safe and comfortable.
His clinic is clean and lavish and his team always has a peak attitude and a positive outlook and they are really really really frikken helpful.
Thank u to Kim Steph Rebecca Jess and his operation staff who made this easy- painless- and a success.

He even gave me a discount on my bra roll lipo and only charged me 1500.

I would just like to say- lipo pain frikken kills when u get a massage. Holy crap I have an anti/ anxiety pill which I just took before my first massage and I'm so nervous but touching the lipo areas KILLLLS.

Please enjoy the after photos


I meant to say he is smart that he didn't cover my new hips and butt in a hard to manage garment and opted for a tight corset around my areas of lipo instead which made sleeping a BREEZE.
My appetite came back to me right after surgery and I drink alog of liquids and I can walk fine. I am so strong and recovery is smooth because of his lipo technique and the corset he chooses for his patients.
Listen ladies- if you want a complication free surgery with excellent results- this doctor is legit for you.
He's a genius.

And another pic

And also Kim and marina are the best in house nurses ever they have come to see me numerous times because the pain of the massage was too much and Kim gave me tips and a free second garment.

The massages kill post op day 2

the fluid has sunk to my lower abdomen now I have a pooch as u can see in pics. The nurses marina and Kim said to massage over the garment the first two days if it's that painful for me. So today is the second day of massaging over the garment and it is more do-able than having it off. I rub arnica gel on my ass gently and new hips and my swollen thighs and face bcs it's swollen there too. I'm drinking tons of liquid.
My cousin is currently massaging my back with the garment on because it's too much pain for me with it off.
Ladies: you need a support system and a helper who's patient and kind and loves you enough to put up with your bullshit.
I broke down twice because of all the meds mixing with heightened emotions.
Sleeping eating and walking is fine for me but the massages are hell.
Keep up your massages otherwise the skin won't stick back to the muscle and it will sag as well as become lumpy.
Hover into a funnel when you pee but I am so swollen that I had to pee in the shower because I couldn't aim in the funnel.
Be on top of your massage game it's going to be painful but you need to take deep breaths and take the pain.

EAT FOOD! Not protein shakes, unless you feel queasy but what helped me was solids like chicken, boiled eggs and potatoes.

I have a few follow up appts starting next week all the way up to six weeks, so I will give you ladies my measurements at each follow up appt. For now I am not measuring because I am so swollen and bruised and retaining extra fat that will probably die.

Have a system down for how to slide on and off the bed. Don't bend at the hips. That disconnects blood vessels from fat which is what you need to avoid to make the fat stay.

I feel so awesome

Here's some more pics


My ass is HUGE 1080 CC I just confirmed with the clinic he was able to take out for me.

It's day 2 post op

I had my bbl aug 14th est 8:30 pm with the amazing dr jugenberg and I have a follow up appointment this coming Tuesday aug 19.
I don't have any drains and I just vigorously massage my lipo areas 5 times a day for 20 minutes.
Peeing, getting on and off bed, is hard to do- still never did a bowel movement it's day 2.
I took down my pics cause no one really commented and if anyone wants to see they can DM me

I took my pics down cause no

One commented or gave any advice other than like two people so anyways just know that I'm healing and I'm happy

The 3rd day post op at home and

The pain is unmanageable. I have pain in my teeth and my face is swollen including eyelids cause I'm sleeping on my stomach I didn't have this problem at the hotel the beds were much more comfortable.

My lipo suction areas Kill - trying to massage those places makes me nautious and taking off my garment drops my blood pressure level. Dr j said I need to remove compression corset 5 times daily and massage. But I havent been able to bcs the pain is crazy.

I haven't pooped im taking water and stool softener but I'm trying.


It's day 3 post op and

The headache I have from sleeping on my stomach/face is unreal as well as swelling from sleeping with pressure on my face. I haven't pooped even though I'm taking stool softener and water.
I can't walk a lot my butt hurts the sides of it because I walked a lot day 2 post op and now when I walk I feel like I'm squeezing my butt muscle so I don't want to walk anymore too much I think I over did the walking.
My compression garment is the only thing I can do my massages in

Butt pics 1080 cc

Eating small amounts frequently

And walking in small amounts frequently BUT can't sleep because my meds I have to take every 4 hrs Tylenol 3 (finished my percs) and antibiotics every 6 hours and massage 5 times a day for 10 min and walking every 2 hours and keep getting up to pee in shower. Can't shower for a week till follow up appt,
Comp socks , gravol, and rubbing my belly over the garment helps reduce nausea but I'm wearing 2 bandages one smaller than other - they KILL when on , bcs the areas right beneath the garment which are not covered swell up and bruise and feel sore.

It's weird first 2 days weren't as bad as this third day....

Sutures removed this tues aug 19

But I don't know why there's stitching where my belly button piercing is... It's as if he closed it up purposefully and that's sad cause I did it two years ago and I don't want to do it again and have to go through the healing process again

Now that I'm not nautious or

Eating or changing or peeing and I have 5 min to myself laying down I will talk about some things ppl miss with this procedure.

You need someone to mommy you and do everything for you like a nurse for the first 10 days. You are completely immobile and require a caregiver in every aspect of personal care and grooming.
You need 14 days off work at least. I'm 21 and healthy and lifted weights before this and the healing process bangs you up really bad.. So don't expect to do anything for 14 days and I would stay off work longer but I only work 15 hrs a week.
You're goinng to swell in places you didn't think about and it's going to affect you're ability to complete tasks. You're eyelids are going to swell and u might need arnica on your face like I did because you lay down on your stomach to sleep. You'll swell in your vagina and you won't be able to pee in a toilet so you need someone to hold you in the shower while u pee. You'll swell in your thighs and it'll slow down your already slow walking progress. Rub arnica on your butt only when your butt muscles really hurt and even than- just gently glob on a layer don't rub it in or massage the skin in any way.
Make sure you have your liquids and pills and cell phone by your bedside within reach! Be prepared for your caregiving nurse or whoever to grab your ankles and hoist you onto the bed after you've gotten on as best as you can have to the farthest of your ability.
Take nausea pills ur gonna want to blow up.
Be on top of your massage game- it kills but it makes u feel less sick, less dizzy, less headaches...
Buy a long hand grip stick for when your 14 days pass and u can kind of do things on your own but I haven't used it yet bcs I need so much aid that my mom or dad grabs what falls, I'm sure I'll use it later.

Make sure ur pooping. (I'm still working on that)

Live off vitamin water and

Remember you really can't do this surgery in the middle of a busy life. I'm so lucky I got moved up to aug 14th so I have from now till sept 8 to recover (first day back to uni) and I'm just worried about work but if it's that bad I'll take another week off.

My mom should be a LDMT

My mom should be a lymphatic drainage massage therapist cause DAMN I was crying from the pain today. I was doing breathing techniques like I was going into labour - it really frikken kills.
But that's fear...
Speaking of my fear for massage pain I think I need to take a minute to take you guys out of this hypnotic booty spell that has tranquilized all of us.
What is the benefit of this procedure? Are you doing it because you want to be perfect or want everyone to like you?
Fear paralyzes you - what is the benefit or the plus in doing something to be perfect? It's not going to happen in life. You're going to make mistakes in life and make some enemies and this procedure won't enhance your life. Look at your life right now.

Whatever you've done up to this point in time and whatever you have produced is a result of your choices and your consciousness, now you have to ask yourself before this surgery is this what you want? Do you believe you have to do this surgery to be better than this moment in your life right now? I believe that you have to begin to consciously monitor your inner conversation and start realizing maybe you don't need this surgery. Sometimes the only good things you will hear about YOU is the good things YOU will say to YOU. Most people are not living their dreams because of fear ladies and gentlemen. And not because they need a bigger butt. Fear, limited vision, and lack of self esteem is what keeps most peopl from doing what they want to do. You have to realize that your body is just a temporary temple- don't be afraid to take a chance on yourself beyond a cosmetic surgery. You have to see yourself beyond your body- you have to know that things can be better for you without a surgery... The surgery I have undergone is what I wanted not because I think I have resigned in life and that I need this to be complete- I did this because I have been lifting weights for 6 years and never saw an improvement in my butt. Not because I'm a quitter in the gym and not because I need to get over an ex. I know in my heart that this body means nothing in comparison to my soul and my my life purpose. I can enjoy life without this surgery and I did. This surgery is not IT for me- it does not define my whole life it is not the climax to my life story it is just a small insignificant page in the book.
I just want to tell you ladies that WE MUST GET OVER OUR FEAR NOW. Fear is the most subtle and destructive of all human diseases. Ladies and gentlemen fear kills dreams and puts people in the hospital and it will PARALYZE you if you make choices in life because of fear. Take life on with or without a cosmetic surgery - whenever you decide that you want to begin to take life on you have to ask yourself what is holding me back? Fear is a state of mind that can be changed and don't think that this surgery is going to fix your fears.

On a lighter note

I still didn't poop and I'm worried its technically day 3 of sx I did my surgery aug 14th EST at night so probably 2 full days post op not 3... I need to poop!

Thank you to my BBL sister who

Told me arnica on the butt makes the fat cells die and I wiped it off, I paid over 12 k for this ass I'm not losing it because of arnica! Going to step up my stool softener game tmro and take 2 pills of senekot and 2 glasses of water with it... I have to poop

Pre-op weight height

150 lb and 5'6 - I got 1080 CC each side

I decided I'm not measuring till my

First follow up with him ... Everything is swollen right now anyway. Walking with mobility aid

Does anyone know if swelling

In the hand is normal. Have some swelling puffiness in left hand for just over 24 hour now only rubbing arnica on it . Not touching the arnica to my butt.

And does anyone know how long the initial really bad swelling typically lasts ... I have school sept 8 I hope most of the really bad swelling/bruising gone so I can pee/get on off bed/ alone

I think I would be sleeping more

If I didn't have to take antibiotic every 6 hr and Tylenol 3 every 4 hour and my stool softener n gravol all the time. I keep waking up a lot to take the pills....

My detailed experience with dr jugenberg

Ladies... In my opinion, having done the BBL, you have to choose the most trusted and safe surgeon. Right before you go under anesthesia you have some anxiety you don't want to make things worse by worrying about if you are going to accidently be scarred or burned or have fat necrosis, infection or whatever else god forbid.

Dr jugenberg has NEVER burned or scarred or had a complication with his lipo technique on ANY patient... That's a track record to have faith in. Why? Because his lipo technique is safe and smart- he was I skillful on me that he doesn't get involved with this dangerous drain stuff and this is also good for you and me as patients because 1. Less likely to get infection 2. More comfortable to live with post - op when there is no tube in your body and fluid bag.

In addition to how safe I felt knowing his technique is excellent and he hasn't hurt anyone ever, I also was safer with him because he does not bullshit. He told me my desired results I may not get, he quoted me CC's that were far far less than what I wanted - but he also told me that is because 1. A PS can't be sure of how much good usesable fat he will find. 2. Giving a MINIMUM of how many CC's (500 minimum he said for my body) is closer to the truth and he doesn't lie to anyone or overstate his ability.
I was disappointed that he couldn't say "yes 900-1000 is likely" but thinking about it after surgery he's right- he CANT say that because he's human he has no idea.. And he's not stupid ladies- he ASKS you not how many CC's you want but what is the REALISTIC improvements u want to see happen and he tells u if he can do one or two or three of them and asks u in order of priority which improvements matter most and that is what he will obv work on...
The point of this is that he did a lot of ASKING to understand me and did not promise me anything and was PATIENT with me until I understood it can be no other way- I had to tell him what I came for, and he had to go in there with my list of priorities and do all he could....
The thing about dr J is that he understates his ability and than achieves the excellent result the patient wanted in the beginning. But this is the correct way- so the patient doesn't wake up and feel like they didn't get what they paid for bcs he makes u understand before hand what he is capable of doing.

This man is extremely kind and patient , he had to go see another patient in a consult because I was being hard headed and wasn't satisfied with knowing that he can't quote me 900-1000 CC. He allowed me to use his PERSONAL computer and scroll through his bbl patients to see what he is capable of doing. THATS NEXT LEVEL PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING. I spent a quiet 7-10 min in the room looking at his work , seeing how he sculpts women, he didn't even push me to make any decision.
My older sister is a thurasic surgeon and she found him online for me years ago, and I have been stalking him ever since. Hes popular in the media and has been featured in many shoes but he stayed so humble and down to earth with me and laid out all the facts.
Before the surgery I thought he was the best in Canada because he has never hurt any patient during his practice - but as a real patient after my own surgery, without complications AND the desired result I wanted- I think he's the best in North America- not just canada. Almost every doctor in the USA treats this procedure badly at least once- and the patient pays the price ... But here is doctor jugenberg, who's never even scarred anybody in his life- and who didn't want to make up extravagant promises that he might not live up to- and u know what I told him right before he asked me to lie down on the operation table?
I legit said "doctor if I was under anybody else's hands- I would be having an anxiety attack - but I have come to the best in North America" and the humble dude just smiled and said thank you I appreciate that a lot.

SO DONT GO TO THE FRIKKEN DR, OR TO A DOCTOR WHO HAS EVER EVER EVER hurt someone in the past- when dr jugenberg can give you realistic results without danger!

And kudos to him for hiring a whole team of kind and warmhearted and like minded individuals who made it happen for me and for all the previous patients and for all the future patients.

Truly a man of honour respect and skill. If you don't want to play games with your body- than spend the $$ and go to Dr Jugenberg.

Featured on shows* not shoes .. I'm so

Tired and my iPhone is being dumb. I need to POOP TODAY DAMN IT.

Dr J's office is the best and

Wow I was so uneducated about the way this procedure works before. I think all of us women are crazy if we want the doctor to have the end all be all answer to our question "how many CC's can u get me"
As much as I THOUGHT I knew about the bbl I really didn't know anything because of the way I approached it in the beginning.
I love his team and I got a phone call follow up from Rebecca and she answered all of my questions I had about post op recovery.
Damn I love their team- everyone at the clinic answers ALL my questions simply and fast. They are literally part of my support network now.

I kind of feel bad for ladies in the USA lol, the best doctor is here in Toronto and I didn't have to travel to get to him! seriously though, go to him- he's brilliant and approachable.

ANYWAY: my bowel movement still hasn't happened and you know when you read google and it tells you your symptoms are worse off than they probably are- well let me just tell you ladies that I am super scared nothing is happening in my digestive system so PLEASE make a small PRAYER for me it only takes a minute of your time and maybe I'll finally be able to do this, the more days that pass the more I wonder what my liver and kidneys are doing down there.....

Also : if you don't make a bowel movement after three days like me and / or you aren't really experiencing pain that calls for the codeine in the medications... Than DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT TAKE THE PERC OR THE TYLENOL 3. Rebecca was telling me that the more drugs you're on that have codeine in them, the harder it will be for any bowel movement to happen.

So please ladies , if the pain subsides - keep things as natural as possible.

Massages are still a trip to hell honestly, yesterday I felt strong and today I couldn't do 20 minutes and I had to get my mom to do 7minutes in the morning after taking meds and vitamin water and going to the washroom.

I need to eat ! It's a hard recovery process , my left hand is still randomly swollen.
Oh also doctor J didn't put any stitches in my bellybutton he said , and he'll check out what that all is tmro. Maybe it's hair?

Waiting to make a bowel movement

And slightly being constipated and not being able to sit on the toilet really sucks. Cause I want to be standing and do some things but it's uncomfortable to stand when you feel like there is a bowel movement coming

Oh forgot to say Kim gave me

Free extra small garment bcs I was going to pass out my regular one was too big dropped my blood pressure that was nice of her and the original size was too big for me. Thank you kim!
So no bowel movement still it's 5 days post I'm super scared I need this to happen pray for me ladies!

Massaging religiously !
Peeing a lot
Lots of water
Comp socks still on they help me a lot.
Completely off pain meds cause Dr J did my body right!
Antibiotics every 6 hr annoying
Trying to get my appetite back n eat a lot. Don't want to lose weight.
Swelling gone down 1/5th.
Sleeping easily.
Random shooting pains in part of my hips (comes and goes).

Questions 4 follow up appt 2mrw

Right now I'm feeling tired - the swelling and bruising is the worst- I hope the massages get better over time so far my mom does 5 times 10 min daily or 3 times 15 min.. It's not always firm and vigorous rubbing because sometimes I can't handle it and im worried about my lower abdomen it has a swollen pooch I dono if it's fat but the bandage garment doesn't cover it but I constantly have my hands on it and massage it.
Tomorrow is my first follow-up with Dr J and I'm excited to hear his feedback and get my sutures removed - the pain will be tough I imagine.
I have some questions for him I might as well write down here:
Why do I have sharp shooting pains sometimes in hip sometimes in ass cheek?
Why is vajay so purple and swollen up, when can I expect that to go back to normal?
Why do I have a pooch on my lower abdomen, is this fat/swelling or both? And when can I expect it to go down? Why does the garment he gave me not cover this area?
How should I appropriately wrap my garment, because it's a hassle wrapping it when the ends dig into my hips and even when I fold up the ends it hurts more because it's tighter around the bottom..
Why am I so constipated? I stopped taking pain meds today and drink plenty of liquid and I took two senekot stool softener pills plus 4 tbsp milk of magnesia and I made a huge bowel movement but it was so constipated my body hurt afterward so what should I do?
How should the massages be administered? Because sometimes my mom massages over the garment when I'm in pain and feel weak, sometimes she massages over a tank top, what technique should we use and what can I expect in terms of my own personal progress I have made in my lipo areas?
How should my eating habits and diet be? I don't want to lose weight, but to gain and be 150 lb I was eating tons of shit and not working out..,
Will I gain weight on my butt ?
When will my thigh swelling subside?
How long should my walks REALLY be?
How long is recommended to sleep?
How are my fat cells doin on my butt? Surviving? Or what?
...... That's all the questions I can think of for now, I have to sleep my appt is early tmro.
I included pics of the lower abdominal swelling

Neck pain unreal

Can't sleep ever because of it

Direct msg me if you want a pic

And if you're profile looks legitimate and you HAVE a review that you've been posting to periodically I will send a pic. But I will not send a pic if I don't see you have a full meaty review that's been updated regularly over the months, and if I see you are brand new probably not. And if you don't have a meaty review and all u do is ask ppl questions than I really won't send a pic either.

In any case, this is the internet and I don't want my ass on it!

I'll continue to post detailed to show u ladies what should / shouldn't be happening during the healing process. I want to document all the things that arise while I recover and I want ppl to learn from it and benefit from the info. !
I'm off to my first post op appt I'll msg after about what went down!

So I'm on my way now to my 1st

Follow up post up appt consult thingy lol. DAMN it hurts like a bitch to be lying down in the back of the car while my dad drives over bumps.
No matter how slow you go ur butt is gonna shake and hurt , OUCH

So I have few more questions for him which I thought of:
I go back to work on 28th is that too soon? I stand at work but I have to bend a bit to get things from drawers is that okay? (Planning on bringing a cane anyway) At work, two of my shifts two days in the week will mean I will be standing for 4 hr is that ok? The third day I work it is for 6 hour w 30 min break, is that ok?
When can I go get my Brazilian wax, I know that I can't lie on my back but when is it safe to go do it?
When can belly button ring go back in?

Consult went well

He said he's not able to check for fat necrosis it's too early he will at the 4 week mark. I'm good to wax and stand for long periods of time and walking is recommended, honestly fcuk the rest of my questions guess what ladies??!!!!!....,,,,


Dr J is the best

I love my booty I have a huge round ass that sticks out and hips he knew exactly what to do and how to do it I'm literally on cloud 9 after that weight gain news.

Sutures were removed they didn't hurt, he said I have to massage more aggressively so my mom is gonna go harder on my pooch he said it's all totally fine it's swelling and in about 6 weeks I'll be able to see most of the swelling dramatically subside.

I have one more suture on my

Belly button piercing area but in two weeks I'll have my 2nd appt and have it removed ... Can someone tell me how long I should wait before cutting out the butt of a chaise beach lounge chair so that I can sit in it cause this neck pain got me feeling some type of way... I have school in sept I'm gonna have to start using that butt out chair for sleeping because I need good rest for school. In other news, LET ME GO MEASURE MY BUTT... one sec folks... 44 inches around the widest part of my hips... I hope that goes down a lil lmao it's only 6 days I'm sure it will...
But the projection of my butt I LOVE.

Waist measurement is 30.5 inches

With the garment and my tank top on only 6 days post op, holy shiiii when the swelling and everything goes down in 6 week I bet I'll be at 28 or 27 !! Yeeeesssss I want to hug Dr J lmao

Long nights make this

Recovery really hard... I never sleep for more than 3 hours consecutively... My neck is always in pain sleeping on my tummy and I have really bad headaches and really fucked up dreams snoozing in this position . And I don't even take pain killers anymore... I almost always get frustrated and tear up once a day. I just want my vajay to go down in swelling, my thighs to go down, I want to be able to sleep without the headaches and neck pain ....

It's rough ladies, even peeing in the shower is annoying because my mom always has to take off and put on my comp socks

Yup still have a headache..

how many hours later since my last post ? Recovery is A bitch!

My bowel movements got easier

now that I stopped taking the heavy pain meds which have codeine in it like Percocet and Tylenol 3 (which really left me constipated no matter how much stool softener n water I took).
Now when I want to go to the washroom for a bowel movement I take milk of magnesia first... Eat something (normally breakfast) wait about 30 min- walk- massage my tummy .. Than when I feel it I go to the shower first and pee... Than I go to the toilet for #2 so I don't pee on myself while I'm hovering and make a mess of the ground which my mom has to clean with pine-sol. ... With no pain meds, and no peeing on myself, my bowel movements are extremely easy and stress free, when I'm done I call my mom who cleans me with a feminine wipe and I also get back into the shower just to be safe and extra clean.
I hope I taught u all how to properly overcome the battle with the washroom which all BBL patients go through but no one seems to go in detail about.

Ah yes, another headache trying to

Lay down on my side... Today I went to my uni via laying down drive compliments of my dad .. I walked 45 min.. In serious heat, huge sweater , comp socks, long flowing skirt, toms... And my bandage and tanktops underneath ... I hope I didn't melt my butt down.

I wish I was 3 months post op

Because this ish is no frikken joke

Okay I got attacked by like 8 ladies asking

For a photo so ya'll get 1 damn photo a month! Jeez! Talk about booty heat!

One pic that's IT

Sleeping on the couch is a little better

I fell asleep for two hours instead of my hard bed that hurts no matter which way I sleep... Appetite isn't fully back yet.
I'm always tired. Hips/butt area (a.k.a. The widest part of me) measures at 43.5 inches today...and I'm only 8 days post op. If I lose half an inch a week I will be 39 inches at the three month mark.

10 days post op

I go back to work in 4 days but I think iits too soon I'm still tired and bruised and sore .. I wake up with a headache or migraine on the right side of my head from sleeping on my stomach and also my garment KILLS when I first wake up- I feel like it's stuff on my body like someone washed it with starch. My feet and ankles swell without compression socks. My massages still kill. I can't stand or walk for long periods of time otherwise my legs get tired. Not a nice recovery at all. What do I do when I have my period??????????

So ... I've hit a slump. . .

I'm feeling down jus a lil bit. This recovery is very taxing and strenuous and demands quite a bit on behalf of the recovering patient. . .
Having to hover for bowel movements for the next 3 months is no fucking joke.

Overly frequent trips to the shower just so I can urinate is no fucking joke.

The massages are extremely tiring and painful because I stand up for all of them and let me tell you, that is no fucking joke.

Headaches from sleeping on your stomach for the next few months? Also no fucking joke!

Damn! Ladies you need someone with you for the first three months. You will need them less and less but I guarantee u will need them regardless. . .

I think the reason BBL patients

Are upset when they see the dramatic volume loss at the three month mark is because look at the effort it takes to recover from this procedure as I have documented it... So I hope all the effort I put in to recovering is worth it at the end of my 3 months -- hopefully I don't lose a lot of ass... I will measure again today.
If anyone wants a picture can they leave a comment for today and I'll post one?
P.S. -> heated blanket has helped me sleep alot

PIC 43 inches went down half inch..

Since few days ago when I posted I was 43.5 inches

Correction I went down an inch...

From 44.5 to 43.5

Does anyone know how long

You're supposed to keep taking laxatives for? I was always kind of slightly constipated (not really) so the milk of magnesia is a big help I don't have to push too hard or tire myself but I don't want my body depending on this

So wow I've dropped to 43

Inches overnight ... I'm going to start eating more I haven't gotten my full appetite back since surgery

It's so weird- I made a BM in the

morning?! Before I even took a laxative... And my BM today was as if I took a laxative! Anyways so in a matter of 12 days I've dropped from 44.5 to 43 inches around my butt......... TWELVE DAYS DOLLS....... 12DAYS!!!


The SWELLING, is all gone from my vajay and thighs.
What remains this far into recovery are deep large purple bruises on my thighs--some on my butt and abdomen but very little. And also my massages are leaving me wondering just how well I'm ACTUALLY healing on my lipo spots. . .
My butt is very hard. Didn't soften at all yet.
Still sleeping on my tummy and I haven't even used my butt-out chair yet- I'll probably use that day 25? A day before my school starts so I can get real sleep. But I'll ask my PS on Wednesday when I have my second follow up appointment cause I'm pretty sure that's way too early.

Ok I'm clearly tripping and don't

Know how to count - I was originally 44 inches with my swelling and dropped to 43 now.... I lost a total of 1 inch SO FAR. I'm sure this number will continue to drop until my three month mark. I wish I could sleep on my butt cut out lounge chair but I know it's not smart to do that right now.... When's a good time to sleep in that position with the butt and hips cut out?


2nd follow up appt 2day went well- had to put my belly button ring back in

Can't believe before and after pics the appt

Stood for 4 hrs and only by the 4th hour

Did my booty start... Aching ? Felt sore kind of. And feet started hurting but compression sock helped alotttttt

When I wear a thong my ass

Looks GIANT and I guess I've been feeling down cause it don't look good when we wear our grandma nightgown during recovery- guess I just need a bit of shopping for sexy things and to show it off a bit.

By this Wednesday sept 3 it will

Have been 21 days since my BBL. But for right now, my 5 hour shift at work where I stand the whole time is seriously painful.
The aching tired pains I told u ladies about yesterday were still with me today and even now after my 5 hour shift... Seems I'm not getting enough rest.

Expected to feel 100 in terms of energy but clearly this far into the game I'm not 100% yet. Take note ladies- 3 weeks before returning to work even if all you do is stand was a much better idea....

Definitely still tired

My butt is hard but not rock hard like before. This far into tha game I look damn proper in a thong

Truth is u never get used

To the pain from lying on your stomach. My face/eyes still SLIGHT swollen cause all I do is sleep or lie down on my tummy which is painful especially when u wake up in mornings. Sleeping on couch feels better.

I have few lumps n bumps, specifically on my sides and my abdomen is swelled up n still hurts when my mom massages me - the pain lvl hasn't increased or decreased.

The garment dr J gives is shitty, I wear tank top underneath but it don't hold my lower stomach.

Dying to weigh myself but I don't have a scale
Yesterday I measured n I was still at 43 inches

Well thank god for

Waking up after surgery,
Having my mom take care of me,
Having a new healthy body,
Having a supportive family,
Getting stronger and finally moving on!
In a week is my first day of fake sitting . . . And wearing (not tight) pants! That's something to be thankful for.
Mostly I can't wait to start sleeping on my cut out chair in a week so that I can stop the weird swelling that has kind of been changing my eyes and face and making them look tired.

Updated picture post op day 20

43 inches. 20 days post op... Do I sleep on my back now with the butt cut out? Do I not? I have it ready and waiting for me for a good nights sleep...... But I'm worried to begin! What do I DO?!

Have NOT tried fake sitting yet.

In terms of my lipo there is

a lot of numbness. I don't feel my skin if that makes sense. Just the pressure of my moms hands but I can't feel her hands.
The numbness isn't everywhere, it's on my sides and parts of my stomach. I have lumps from lipo but deep under the skin- I feel them when I get massages. They are still painful.

Today I almost fainted

In the morning , after every shower I feel nausea and dizzy and sick - my blood pressure drops because I'm not wearing my garment right after I get out of the shower so mixed with the heat of the bathroom it's a complete disaster.

I wonder when I'll stop feeling that way- good question to ask my PS

You ladies know where they stick you in your hand for the anesthesia for surgery ? That hand still kills me since surgery and I have a vein in my hand that is raised and sore to the touch. That hand is generally a little colder than my other hand after surgery too.... Talk about bad blood circulation , my wrists hurt too ... Have to go to my doctor and figure out what this is.

And I still walk funny

Because he added to my hips as well I walk like a penguin, going up stairs is hard too I feel like I can't bend
I'm still really tired in general

I realized the aftercare is just as

Important as the surgery itself!

I feel in the dark. My PS says you can sit after 3 weeks with the pillow under my thighs to elevate my butt from the chair, but a lot of other PS and patients say wait 4-6 weeks.

I have school on Monday and I think I'm going to stick it out and not sit on a chair for the first two weeks of school- maybe 3? I'll kneel on my knees while I'm in class. . . Oh and I gave up on thinking I can sleep in my butt cut out recliner beach chair,, if I'm going to have been waiting a total of 4-5 weeks to sit than I'll wait 4-5 weeks to lie down on my back even if there's a cut out for my butt.

The aftercare is really hard, for ladies thinking that this is all rainbows and butterflies,, it's really not and that's what makes me so scared to make a mistake in the recovery process. As much as I LOVE my result 21 days post op... I realize a lot may die right now and it's still early on so I DONT want to do this procedure again so I'm going to make sure I try hard to protect what I have.

It sucks though lol this hasn't been easy for anybody.

Over3weeks post-op / still not sleeping

Ladies I'm slightly over 3 weeks and let me tell u the uncomfortable pain of sleeping on your stomach with pillows underneath FUCKING SUCKS. I wake up once in the middle of the night EVERY night.

Sleep problems affects my productivity. I'm tired , mood is irritable, I'm in pain, work takes a lot of energy and I don't want to think about the energy I'm going to need to go to my classes let alone study....

That's why I'm kind of on the fence about if I should start to use my special chair ASAP. I can't live like this with bad sleep. I won't be able to function if I try and do skl while sleeping on my tummy....

Definitely worried

Today I tried on yoga pants and

I hated what I saw. It's been almost 4 weeks and I have no projection. I told dr jugenberg in order of importance projection , fill out the sides of my butt, than give me hips.

He went and gave me huge hips and no ass. It's pathetic. I look like I have the body of a mom. He didn't lipo my lower abdomen enough and I'm starting to see that it's not swelling it's fkn fat.

I have NO BUTT. I just have a wide butt. I'm so angry I was just as unhappy as before surgery. I spent almost 14k on this procedure with all my meds and garment and the hotel included. The bad result and the long recovery made me change my opinion from "worth it" to "not worth it"

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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