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Hello there. My name is Vanessa and I'm 24 years...

Hello there. My name is Vanessa and I'm 24 years old and a mother of 3 c section babies. In fact I'm actually 6 weeks postpartum with my son!! I finally decided that I'm going to go ahead and get my TT done and I'm extremely excited but so so scared! I'm paying my deposit this Monday and will schedule my surgery day then. I believe it will be in about 3 weeks from now. My obgyn actually cleared me for surgery and I'm still nursing my son but advised me to store as much milk and pump and dump the milk during my recovery.

I'm so thrilled to finally be able to get my confidence back. And seeing I'm going through a divorce and I'm still so young I feel like I need to have a better confident outlook in live!

So happy I joined this site, can't wait to share my journey with you all! :))

Mixed emotions

I didn't pay my deposit today because I feel like I have mixed emotions about getting the surgery. Everyone is telling me I should wait and I don't have much support for it. I feel like its a new outlook on my life since I'm going through a divorce with my first love...I don't know I just feel so confused. Plus I just had my son. Maybe I should wait longer? My obgyn said I would be fine and so did my surgeon...I've wanted this so long and even before having my baby. I don't know I'm just confused. What do you all think? I'm posting my pictures right now. Do you think I should wait and try and workout? I've tried to loose my extra fat but alway lost motivation. I know if I feel confident ill keep going to the gym. So what do you all think?

Feeling impatient!!

Sooooo I'm still debating on a number of things. Lol I like my doctor that I chose who will perform a TT on me for the cost of 4k but I found a dr who is extremely popular on this site who does extraordinarily work from all the pictures these ladies post. He is Dr. P! Lol he qouted me 5k to do full body lipo TT and a bbl...which is an amazing price!! My dr would charge me 12k for all that. Which Is very much out of my budget. Dr P won't perform my procedures until I'm at least a year post partum.

I've been wanting this TT done for so long and I don't want to wait that long but dr P does great work and don't get me wrong my original dr is great too. I don't know what to do.

Maybe get my TT done now and wait the year to do the full body bbl and by that time Ill be done nursing and can get my breast done as well.

Hmmm decisions decisions...all I know is its my body and I want it done NOW!! Haha ;-)

Woot Woot!! I have a date!!

So September 30th is my scheduled date, it's definitely became more real to me now and I'm so very excited! I had a lot of mixed emotions but now I'm just ready to have this done and I love my dr! So right now it's just getting things in order, pumping milk to build a supply, planning meals for my older kids, organizing things to make it easier for my mom to watch my kids and researching things to make my recovery go much more smoothly.

Also should I be dieting to prepare myself and make me more healthier that way my recovery is easier? That's what my mom suggested, maybe juicing for a few days? I dunno what do you all think? I just want to make sure my tummy gets as flat as can be.

Recovery with a newborn

I know the recovery is going to be difficult since its a major surgery, but I can't help but think of my baby boy. He will be about 9 weeks old when I get my procedure done. I can't lift anything and move around much but I can't help but feel worried and concerned about my baby. He's so attached to me as I am to him that I don't want him to feel separation anxiety, especially since he nurses and our bond is so close I don't want to loose that. I wonder if this will be a smooth recovery or not with having such a young baby, but I'm assuming if he was a toddler it would be much worse right?

Baby bump!

Almost there!

Pre-Op is this Monday!! What are some questions I should be asking my Dr? Since most of you ladies have been through it already. Also what are some items that are must haves? I have a little over a week to get prepared so please share with me your advice!! Also the best vitamins and scar cream for after, thing to help with swelling, and foods to eat. Thanks in advance!

Bye bye horrible tattoo!

Excited to see this tattoo go. Its been stretched out and horrible looking for 7 years now!! In my picture you can actually see my 8 week old c section scar and it looks extremely light already. Hopefully my TT incision heals just as light.

Forgot to add picture

Pre Op

Did my pre OP this morning and filled out all of my paperwork, papers for blood work, instructions on everything, and all my questions answered. I even decided to add lipo to my inner thighs. I honestly fill like I'm pretty prepared thanks to this awesome site!! Lol and if my surgery date didn't make everything real for my the paper work sealed the deal. I am just a week away!! I'm so nervous!! Eeek...hope everything works out alright.

Almost here

I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Getting anxiety over the fact that I will soon be under surgery. How am I suppose to sleep and relax when my mind keeps racing!! Gahhh I'm so nervous and so excited!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I feel like I can't get prepared enough!! Lol I'm running around and double checking my list and making sure everything is taken care of!! Also I'm packing up my 5&6 year old babies and sending them off to my mother in laws house for the week. I sure will miss them but it will be much easier for recovery as well as I don't want them to see me all in pain they tend to worry about me. lol oh goodness I can't believe it's here already!! Hopefully I can sleep tonight!! Yah right like that will happen. ;)

Surgery day!!

So nervous wish me luck!!

Excuse my Language!!

But the pain and nausea is fucking unbearable, I keep trying to sleep but can't. I can hardly eat because the nausea kicks in so bad. I feel the pain all in my muscles in most spots of my cut I believe and some around my back and tail bone. Not sure if it's cuz Ive been hunched over and from the recliner or it's from the lipo! Either way I feel miserable and I've also had crying spells...I'm already thinking why in the fuck did I do this...this is all horse shit. :""(

Still uncomfortable

I've been moving as much as I can but still in a lot of pain and it's very hard to find a comfortable position. My flanks and back are extremely swollen, to wear they pop out of my binder and also pretty hard as well. The bind is annoying but I love the support it offers, I loosened it to see if it would help with the discomfort because it is very very tight and makes breathing difficult. Going to try and shower today, after I get Wel medicated. I didn't think recovery would be like this and I have a long road ahead of me. :(

My incision doesn't look right to me

For one I'm feeling 100% better. I haven't had a pain pill in about 48 hours, I'm still not standing up straight but I'm pretty mobile and can go up and down the stairs nice and quickly now. Lol only thing is my back starts to hurt like crazy if I stand and walk to much. So when I'm around the house I take frequent sitting breaks.

Now my incision on the corner of my hips aren't exactly as I expected. I haven't seen the rest of my incision because I'm scared but I know I'm still early in the game and anything can happen and swelling is normal but I expected a clean flat cut. Not one that looks bulging out and even almost open. It doesn't hurt and it seems kinda scabbed and not infected but still now what I imagined like other women's I have seen. Well I guess I have no choice but to wait, but I will admit I'm kinda depressed about it.

My 1 week post op appointment

So I saw my dr and he said I'm "healing beautifully" which I don't really know what to think. :-/ I'm trying to trust my dr but I'm just still unsure. When I went in I still had my surgical tape on and when he took the tape off I was kinda oozy in some areas and I asked if hang was normal and he said yes to just wash real good with antiseptic soap (which I bought yesterday) also I voiced how I thought I had an infection because I noticed green and yellow discharge from my belly button he said no I was fine. That it's normal. I also mentioned how I noticed "dark spots" and even don't blisters that looked similar to necrosis because I really think I have it. He asked me where I got this idea and I said the Internet. He actually got angry and told me to to google things because I will stress out and go crazy! Don't know what to think at this point. I would post pictures but I'm honestly embarressed. I still an wear gauze because I'm discharging and spot bleeding changing my bandages everyday. Still have the drains in but will be removed this Monday. Hoping for the best. This emotional rollarcoaster is the worst. :(

Lipo of the flanks

I did lipo to my flanks and I love how my dr gave me such an hourglass look. He lipo suctioned 1000ccs of fat which is equivalent to 2 liters. That's a whole lot from my hips!!

Feeling a little better

My hip incisions are definitely closing up and are pretty flat so it's kinda exciting to see that improve. The black stuff seems to be fading a bit and looks to not be getting any bigger. Which is good. Still just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best
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