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After breastfeeding 5 kids and losing about 15...

After breastfeeding 5 kids and losing about 15 pounds I was left with a sad and deflated B. I had some loose skin, and previously I was a D. So I decided to get 500cc high profile mentor memory gel. They already feel softer and are looking better by the day. I thought It was too big at first, but I think once the swelling goes down, they should be great. I am at about D or maybe DD now. What do you think? :)

1 Week Post Op, Slight bruising on Left

I am still feeling good overall. I have tightness and heaviness in my chest, which I think is still pretty normal at this point. I started to notice a bruise on my left breast. I hope it's not anything serious, maybe just a normal part of recovery?? What do you think?

Here are some before and after pictures!

Hi everyone,
Not sure why but I am sore and tired today! Oh wait, maybe it's because my husband is back to work and I am trying to do everything! Ok, well I need to remind myself to rest and take it easy. Here are some before and after pictures that might be helpful. Again, I am 5'6" 127lbs and my ribcage measures 29".

Day 8 Post Op

Woke up less swollen today! So I figured I would do some pictures. The suture strips came off on their own, which is normal. So I used NextCare skin tape with a lot of vitamin E oil on the incision so it wouldn't stick.

Today's Frontal Picture, 8 days post op

Got a great night's sleep! For the past week I have been wearing a good supportive sports bra with adjustable straps because the other kind made me feel like I was hanging too low which was not comfortable.

I found the best Post Op Bra!

This is the The Smoothie Bra from Champion. It is for high impact sports, so it is very supportive. What I love the most is that the straps can be adjusted and worn different ways. I am measuring a 34 D but I am wearing a 34 C in this bra to give me more support. The neckline is cute and the material is soooo soft.
$24 on Amazon Prime.

Mentor Memory Gel are Awesome!

They are getting softer everyday! It is only day 9 post op and I am off pain meds (have been for a while) but I do take ibuprofen at night. I took my daughters shopping and I had to try on a new bra, I got it and it's very comfortable. Yet, I am still wearing the comfy sports bra.

11 Days Post Op and Still Felling Great

hi everyone, as the days go on my breasts are getting softer. I still feel great. The doctors tape came off and I have just been rubbing Palmers cocoa butter, tummy butter for stretch marks. It seems to help and I think it will help minimize scarring. here are some pictures for today. I hope this is helpful for everyone. Again, I had 500 CC high-profile mentor memory gel placed under the muscle. I started off as a small 34b.

2 Weeks Post Op

Hi everyone, today it is exactly two weeks since my BA. I am feeling great and I have been completely off of pain medicine. I don't really have any chest tightness or discomfort. I am sleeping well and waking up with lots of energy! So today I decided to put on my Nike sports top with a built-in compression bra. It still gives me enough support and I don't look flattened! Maybe I will do some lunges or squats. I can't wait to get back to the gym! Have a great day everyone!

Scar Gel Review

So my 2 week checkup was great! I am healing wonderfully and I can go back to the gym but not use any weights yet. I purchased New Gel+ E from my surgeon. It was $70 for one ounce. Here are some pictures. I just started using it. I want to track my results with the gel. Have a great day everyone!

I love Mentor Memory Gel!

Softer then ever! 3 weeks post op and they feel very natural. My husband agrees too! I have been using the New Gel +E for one week and I see an improvement. I am almost ready to go bra shopping for a 34 D or 32DD, not sure yet!

Scar Gel is Working!

As far as I can see the scar gel is working great! I have been putting it on 2 to 3 times per day. My incision is lighter and flatter.I have noticed more pressure in my third week then I did and my second week. I sure hope it goes away soon!

Do you think they settled?

I am really liking my shape and feel! I have been reading about dropping and fluffing but I am not sure what/when that happens. The scar gel is working and I am feeling great! I wonder when I can wear an underwire bra? I wonder when I can work my upper body at the gym? When can I sleep without a bra?

Does Victorias Secret run small or is it just me??

So I got this cute and so soft unlined bra from VS and it is a 32D. I think it is too small, but a 32DD sounds so big to me and I am scared that I went too big on my cc size. I also realized I started out as a 32A. Not 34B. What do you all think?

Arm pit and back hurts!

Not sure why, but my left arm pit is hurting and my upper back is so sore! I am feel like I am getting the flu :( I have a check up on Monday. This is todays picture.

Not sure about a revision

my appointment on Monday went well. My PS said that I could get a revision. I am still on the fence about it. If I were to get a revision it would be to relieve the discomfort I am having in my armpits. sometimes I feel just too busty. And other times I feel great. I am worried I won't be able to go back to running. I am still adjusting and I'm not sure if I'm going to get used to them being a D or DD. I just don't want to look top heavy.

I got creative with a photo editor

So, I am supposed to be working, but I want to make a photo collage instead. I think these are decent comparisons of some before and after pictures. You can see the width of my breast in the before and afters.

Revision to 375cc hp on Sept 10, 2013

Hi everyone,
So at today's check up my PS said I am bottoming out and the weight of the implant is pressing on a nerve. I had a feeling this was happening, as I have felt so heavy since day 1. I appreciate all of the feedback that I have received from this site. You all have been so kind and complimentary. I guess from breastfeeding my breast have been left with little connective tissue on the bottom to support a 500 CC implant. So my doctor recommended 375 cc's. I go in on Sept 10th for the exchange and he is also repairing the capsule as well as stitching down the incision to prevent the implant from slipping again. A drop in 125 cc should make my d cup bras fit a lot better. Right now I am spilling over the side and they are quite uncomfortable. My rib cage is 28 inches which makes me a 32 band size. I am pretty sure that I will still be a d-cup. I am very excited to get the correct CC's in me. I can go back to running and dancing and I will just feel like me again only better!

Capsulorrhaphy with implant exchange

I am soooo looking forward to my revision in 1 week! The nerve issue in my arm pit and heaviness beneath my breasts is uncomfortable. I am glad my doc will correct it,he will anchor my incision too with sutures. I wonder if they are disolvable? Going from 500ccHP gel to 375cc HP gel.

at the surgery center ready to go!

I didn't sleep well last night because I am so excited about today! I am here in the waiting room ready to get taken back. I am not that nervous but just a bit anxious. I am looking forward to feeling better after the capsulorophy. I will update afterafterwards:)

All Done and Home!

So so happy and really feeling awesome! Arm pit nerve pain is gone and I feel lighter but I still have my shapely size!! Yay!! Thank you all for the moral support! This is truly a journey of body and mental strength. I have take it easy and wear a bra 24/7 for best results. My skin needs the support of the bra too. :)

Very Sore but happy!

I did not sleep a wink last night! Tylenol did not do anything. I am happy with my results so that is getting me through this discomfort. I went up 5 pounds probably just fluid water etc. From the anesthesia. My breasts feel lifted too. My doctor raised the incision and secured it to the muscle which was almost like a mini-lift! I love it! I feel like they are younger and youthful and not so heavy and matronly. Hope I can get a nap in today!!

Sore but very happy!

sorry for the unattractive picture with the doctors markings and everything but I'm just so excited about my results that I wanted to post a picture day after. Again these are 375 cc high-profile mentor memory gel. They don't feel so heavy and saggy!! I am having a lot of incision pain and tylenol is not working at all. also I am super duper bloated! Oh well I guess that goes along with the surgery!

Super Bloated But I Took Pictures Anyway!

Yay! I finally slept last night! My PS said I could take ibuprofen instead of Tylenol with Codine (which wasn't working). I am doing a juice/shake cleasnse today since I am so bloated and backed up (sorry for the info but it's the truth!!) Here are some bikinis that I feel great in!

Spent the Day at the Beach

Hi ladies, I finally have my boobs. No I mean MY boobs, I feel like myself! When I look at them they remind me of how I looked in high school before I had kids and breast fed them into oblivion! I went to the beach today and I felt normal and well....amazing!

Just Chillin in a White T- Shirt

Hi Beautiful ladies!
I am feeling so good- no pain just a little morning boob, but not bad. I really like my size! I went to the gym this morning and just rode the reclining bike. I started using the scar gel again so I hope it helps! I love it that I can raise my arms and my incisions stay put! Yipeee!

Loving These!

Hey gals, just feeling great today! Almost 3 weeks post revision to 375cc. Super soft and squishy, I am wearing a 32DD. I have a hard time finding my size but www.herroom.com has all sizes. They also have an alternative way to measure bra size for people with augmented breasts! I love La Mystere and La Perla, I am a 32E in European made lingerie :) have a beautiful day!

Bra Sizing for Augmented Breasts!

Ladies you have to check out this link! Hurray for well fitting bras!!

Pre-Menstrual Honkers!!

Holy moley! So sorry if this is tmi but right before that time of the month I have these lovely gazongas!! Does anyone else notice a change in fullness around your period! ?? I like it, and I am felling good!

Sweater Weather

Feeling curvy in my new sweater! Yes we may occasionally need a sweater here in Southern California!

I am so happy with 375cc

Hi everyone,
I am sorry I haven't updated recently. I have been super busy with my kiddos. Anyhow, I am so happy with my BA. I am glad that I can dress down or play them up depending on the occasion. My husband and I dressed up for halloween and I got a lot of compliments (I did show a tasteful amount of cleavage) I only got one negative from a person that said "gosh when I see you I feel like I want to cover up." I am sure she was just jealous! Oh well! Have a wonderful day beautiful people!! Xoxo

32DD, 32DDDD, 32E, 32F

I all, sorry I haven't updated in a while! Well I am stilll doing great and very happy with my results! Gosh bra sizes are so funny, some fit some don't! I range in sizes according to brand and style. Anyone else with that problem? Not to complain shopping for those sizes is wayyyyyy more exciting than my pre BA 34A/B :)

new picture

I saw several PS in my area and he was by far the best!

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