34yo, 2 Breast Fed Kiddos, 50+ Weight Gain and Loss X 2 - Ontario, CA

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So after postponing for over a year due to...

So after postponing for over a year due to economic, family and other issues I am FINALLY getting the girls did (I call them sad pandas ) in3 days ????????????. I have lost and gained and lost and gained then had 2 kids, breastfed them both for 7 months and lost 30+ after the kids so they are sad , so very sad. I was a B before kids and C during breastfeeding and now am a small Sad B. I do not have the best genetics when it comes to skin elasticity so the girls just didn't fare well. So I am going for a lift and HP silicon implants. I feel so confident in my choice for doctors as I did my shopping around and am so appreciative of Dr. Andresean's honest answers and feedback. I was thinking of going full D and bigger CC's, but he does not want to go too big where the lift would just sag again and not maintain its shape. So we are going with 425cc's and most likely a small D when all is said and done. So here I am 3 days away and so so excited and a bit nervous. I know he is going to do an awesome job as I have 3 friends who have used him with amazing results. Just a tad worried about the pain and lack of movement I will be able to perform for the few days / week. I have a 2 yr old and 5 yr old so life should be interesting with mommy down and out for a bit. Thankfully daddy is off and has it all handled. So I shall update day of if able or day after for sure ! Say ta ya to my sad tata's !! Bye Felicia

Surgery day success !!

So today was the day and it went fantastic! Was quick , efficient and so far not as painful as I imagined. Got to the surgery center at 8, did urine and anemia test got IV in , got all marked up, got some few good meds and then wheeled into OR and away I went to sleepy land. Woke up in a fair amount of pain but they quickly addressed that and 45 mins later away I went home. I was apprehensive about going under anesthesia is I had two previous oral surgeries and vomited both times after the anesthesia and this time not a single issue. I am beyond pleased for this sole reason! Got home rested took a Norco and have been resting. All in all a successful day and will update more tomorrow.

Day 2

Was able to take the gauze off today and it was a relief to have the extra bulk off. Was a rough day pain wise and tried to just take extra strength Tylenol but ended up needing Norco later. Took Tylenol PM at night at that was wonderful to get a solid 6 hours of sleep. The first night was so uncomfortable and only got around 90 mins at a time. Hopeful day 3 will be much better as I already awoke deli better. Ready for a shower today !!
Ontario Plastic Surgeon

Pre-op has been smooth and he is so patient answering my silly what if's ...and so honest and professional. Will update after surgery

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