450 Cc RIGHT BREAST 425 CC left breast Silicone Mentor High Profile Implants - Ontario, CA

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Had breast augmentation 3 days ago Pain is...

Had breast augmentation 3 days ago Pain is tolerable. The immobility is the worst part. Breasts are high and hard. I went to dr Troy andreasen and I cannot say enough good things about him. I definatley reccomend him. I wasn't sure what size I will be with the 450 cc implant. I started off with a 36 deflated B cup. He put 450 cc in the right and 425 cc in the left. I can't wait to see the end result. I hope I end up with a D cup. For now it's hard to tell

450 silicone under muscle

Day 4 woke up in pain but slept wrong. Didn't sleep in upright position. I'm going without Valium and only taking Tylenol now

450 cc 1 day post op

day 7 post op

back to work! im feeling fine. today i have some pain. level 4 now. still high. still hard to some degree. i have silicone so they are actually soft to touch comepared to saline. Dr A. told me i had marvelous results and that i had minimal bruisng and no swelling left. this is what i got. i had to correct my original review i was lopsided so i got a 450 cc in the right and 425cc in the left. everything looks good but the original plan to raise my left nipple up may happen in septemeber. the Dr. doesnt like scars and said lets see what happens and we can always go in later and correct it. so thats what i chose to do. im completely off of pain killers now! and will try a warm compress when i get home to try and relax my muscles...

post op day 11

still in pain. i thought overall the pain would be gone by now. still cant sleep on my side or stomach!!!! i apply warm compresses at nite. right now its the nipples that hurt, they are very sensitive. over the weekend i had breathing problems but turned out to be just air in my chest (gas) lol i took gas x and breathed better. i think it was the combo of implants and that. it scared me enough to call the dr who immediatley had concern for me and wants me to report back to him1 i love that guy! my leftie is starting to drop down but my rightie the bigger implant is still pretty round and bigger. but im sure they will both drop looking great. now much more to report just wishing thie pain would go away already. its starting to be an inconvenince. i wanna got o victorias secret already!

2 weeks post op

crazy sensations in nipples now. but i think they are dropping. i cant wait to be healed up! i thought a week after surgery id feel and look awesome. not the case! still worth it though so far!

more photos.

this is my before picture. i never posted one.

day 15

my new boobies have started to drop. the nipple sensitivity is still there and is annoying. i cant wait for that to go away. massaging them and applying pressure has helped though. also using a heating pad on very low heat. apparently were not suppose to use them but it is a relief. i also notice the last few days i feel a clicking in my left breast almost like the implant kinda moves back and forth real quick. gross feeling. will discuss with ps hopefully that goes away!! other then that i feel good. anyone else have that clicking/popping feeling?

Day 16

I woke up in pain from my sutures. They are itchy and dry and feel like their stretching. My dr said I can take my steri strips off and apply neosporin. What a relief!!!!!! Feels so much better. My nipples aren't hurting as much today. I think in another week I'll be able to go cute bra shopping and get out of this surgical bra! They are looking so much better also. Not as full and round the drop is starting

Day 17

Muscle spasms. My muscles are tightening up on the implants. It's like the implant and muscles are at war lol. But I see light at end of tunnel. They are starting to look so pretty! Other then the size differences but I know they both aren't going to look the same everyday!

feeling so much better

boobs are still sore a little bit. but sooooo much better. last nite i just felt all the sudden they got softer when i was going to bed and i actually got to sleep on my side. im so excited. today they feel a little heavy and the assymetry is gone so i know somethings happening. sometimes i have to hold them up a lil with my arms because of the new weight on my chest for relief but that is just because ive never had anything on my chest weighing it down. someone told me today that i had nice big boobs. someone who didnt know i have implants. that was kinda nice cus ive never been told that one before! lol

bra shopping!!!!!

finally got to go real bra shopping. im a 36D cup. 36DD at victorias secret. i cant wear them just yet because of the underwire but finally through this whole process im feeling alot better. i can totally see in the next few weeks feeling normal with no pain anymore. ive still got some dropping and fluffing to do. but i love my new boobs!!!!!

21 days!!!!!!!! feeling great

i woke up this morning stiff as every morning. morning boob i guess they call it lol. but after a hot shower and a little massaging they soften right up... today was a milestone. with my small breasts i always hid myself always had light out during the hibbity dibbity but today i woke up and walked around naked. my fiance was stoked lol he even copped a feel or two now that he can actually touch them. i wore a dress to work today that i always had to wear a tank under because it was low cut. nope. let the girls shine today lol.. i still get pain througout the day its not odd for my coworkers to walk past my desk and im massaging the girls. their used to it by now! nothing but good coming now. there soft their settling there fantastic. god has given dr andreasen a talent thats for sure. and i recommend anyone getting implants to go to him! he has skills. and hes a lil cutie lol


It Happened today. Me and my boobs finally became one. I'm dropped and fluffed!!!! Pain is minimal now. Today I cleaned my carpets and painted my granddaughters room. The dropping and fluffing stage. Everyone says they will get bigger. Not the case. They are not bigger at all they are much smaller. My left the smaller implant isn't the greatest shape but it wasn't a great shape to start off with. Whenever I get them replaced. I will definatley do over 500 cc. But I still love them. I ended up a 36D but I noticed they are a little snug. But overall. I love them and I'd do it all over again. I'm so glad my dr gave me the 450. Anything less and I'd be disappointed

feeling great

my pain is so minimal now. its pretty much just a lil numb on each breast and occasionally the muscles will tighten up. this morning was the first morning i didnt wake up with morning boobs and last nite i was able to sleep on my side and cuddle with my fiance, so glad i made the decision to get the 450cc over the 375cc. get to see my dr in the morning for follow up. i was told to tell him thank you by the fiance lol heres a pic of the dropping in process. i think they will still drop a little more. the left one is kind of an odd shape at bottom. not so round. and yes i have a few stretch marks from breast feeding.


So my breasts are dropped and settles and soft. And smaller then after surgery. Should've gone with 500cc but I think everyone is like that. My left breast hasn't shaped up and I have an indentation and I know the muscle is part of problem. When I flex I can see the indent a lot. I googled it and seems to be an animation deformity. I'm hoping this goes away with time. And this boob shapes up!!!!! I do not want a revision!!!!

one month check up

went to Dr A today. he says my boobs are dropped and completely settle now. they did fluff out a bit. i have a mild double bubble on my leftie from my roiginal breast fold. my left breast because it is tuberous to begin with will never be as completely round as the other one. im gonna go in and have the nipple lift done that he originally recommended to help with the issue. but overall you cant tell unless your looking at them fully nude and at a side view. im gonna give it another 6 months to see what changes occur and go from there.

surprise surprise.

just when i thought i was going to have to get used to having 36D boobs after goign to my dr and him telling me its ok to buy bras now and that this is my result. surprise surprise. i went to victorias secret and asked them to measure me again and i measure at a 36DD and in a push up bra im a 36DDD... now im a happy girl. all my other issues i was having seem to be clearing up now. so now i can finally say im happy with my boobs! they are wonderful! lol

and the changes keep coming

ok so these girls are just not sure what their doing lol i went to take my victorias secret bras back that i got a 36 DD in because i felt they were a little to big. so i was refitted by a girl who actually knew exactly every bra and every way of sizing implants. i ended up purchasing a 34DDD and it fit like a glove. i started off liking the dream angles collection but i figured out the body by victoria is best for my shape. a 34 DDD now who woulda thunk! now mind you im not a DDD in other colelctions but im gonna stick with this one for now. now all i need is a good sports bra because i find running not so fun anymore!

new pics

new pic in shirt. 34DDD

new pics

my breasts have finally shaped up i had double bubble but it has almost completely goen away on its own. love my girls now


1 year post op

I ended up developing double bubble once swelling went down. The boobs have changed a lot since day 1. My left has been stubborn. And ended up bigger then the right. But it's a huge improvement from my before boobs. Lol. I ended up a 36 DD or a 34 DDD
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