32 Yr Old, No Kids, 475 Cc Moderate Plus Saline Implant - Ontario, CA

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My stats: 32 years old, 5'7", 135 lbs, currently a...

My stats: 32 years old, 5'7", 135 lbs, currently a small 34B.

My goal: full D cup

Implants: 475 cc moderate plus profile, saline, inframmary incision, under muscle

My story: I've never had total low self esteem over the size of my breasts. I have scoliosis, double scoliosis; meaning that I have two curvatures in my spine. It looks like I'm constantly leaning on one side. No one really knows unless they see my scar or if I point out things such as one hips having more of a curve than the other. I've always wanted implants for the volume. At 32, I figured, why not?! But because of my back, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to carry the weight. After speaking to serve tal doctors, none of them told me it was a bad idea.

Anyways, I had orginally planned on getting something of a C cup, around the 300-ish cc. But everyone always says that they had wished they gone bigger, so I figured I would just go to a D.

I went to several doctors for a consultation. They had asked why I had never gone to a consultation before, and I told them that i would only want to go when I was serious about it. I had all sorts of suggestions, but I went with the doctor that let me try one everything from 300-500 cc. I exained my medical issue regarding my back and he came up with a plan. One of my boobs is wider and more flat, and the other had more volume but is narrower. He came up with a way to get my boobs as even as possible. He explained to me that saline would be more forgiving when he puts them in and that he can adjust the amount of saline, if needed, during the operation to give me the best possible results. My surgery date is set for 12/12/14. My pre-op date is 11/24/14 to finalize payment and size.

I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. Because of my circumstances, I am a bit afraid of how my breast will turn out. Also, while I'm at it, I am using the time off to also laser my boxcar acne scars. That has always made me super self conscious. People are cruel and have always commented on how I don't take care of my skin. It's never been that. I just have acne. I would like to be able to go makeup free and not have to defend my skin. I plan on doing erbium.

I will post updates closer to wheb my surgery is going to be. Real Self has really helped a lot with me making this decision and I hope my story can help others as people on this site helped me and gave me the hope.

Current size

This is what I look like with a sports bra on. Not a lot there even though I'm a 34B

Adding laser for my face

So I decided since I'll be healing at home for a few weeks from my BA, that I would also fix my acne scars too. I went to the office today to have a consultation of my acne scars. They're mostly I've pick scarring and a lot of red discoloration. I am going to have one sessiom of erbium laser and following up with spectra acne laser to get rid of the bacteria.


I went in to my pre-op appointment. About 2 weeks until my surgery. I am super nervous. I finalized my size and went with a Mentor moderate plus 475cc. I'm hoping to achieve a D cup, but that's to be determined when they're actually in. The nurse coordinator gave me a bra to bring on the day of surgery, size 38. I got my medication: Valium, norco, antibiotics, and anti-nausea tabs. I also was concerned with how I've been slightly anemic with low blood pressure for the past year. I'm going to get bloodwork done a week before surgery. They advised me to take liquid iron until the night before surgery. I also let them know the new medication I was on. I bought everything at target, while I waited for my prescription to be filled: Gatorade/vitamin water, neosporin, enema (just in case!) , and cetaphil and gauze for my skin lasering. I am super nervous and excited. I'll update again after the surgery happens.

Feeling okay

I just had a surgery a few hours ago. Went in aroubd 11 and out by 1. I woke up craving coffee and I didn't feel like my boobs were big enough. It could have been the anesthesia talking though.
It's not as painful as I thought, but then again we will see tomorrow when the anesthesia wears off. He ended up filling both breast 480
Cc. It's too early to really comment on the size. My chest just feels really tight and my arms feel weak. I didn't have to wear a surgical bra but I wanted to because I feel like they're going to fall out. The good news is that I can shower tomorrow. My post op is On Monday so I'll update then.

2nd day photo before and after

First post op and erbium laser

I went into my first post op appointment yesterday and for the laser.

The doctor said that I was healing nice. No bleeding, excessive
Bruising.... I did get one of those bands to wear for 3 hours a day to make my boobs drop.

And then on to the erbium. It honestly didn't hurt. I could smell my flesh burning. It felt like just tiny shocks on my face. They used a high powered cool
Air blower and that helped with the heat of the laser. Also, I'm sure being on norcos from my BA helped as well. A min after the laser was done, my face got really hot. They cooled it down with some cold, wet gauZe and ice packs. They then slathered on a ton of aquaphor oh my face. Told me to use one vinegar rinse when I got home And just to wash my face with cetaphil. Later on they let me use the air wand to cool down my face. That's when I got the BA post op check up.

I go back in on jan 8th for a O2 facial to moisturize my face and a glycolic peel on my back. I broke out on my back and we are thinking it's the nuts I've added to my diet. It's the only thing that has changed in my diet. Either way, my body was breaking out right before the BA and with the BA I got a complimentary treatment so I chose the glycolic peel. Also I'm going to get botox on this one line I have Between my eyebrows . Makeup settles in it and it is deep. Might as well since I'm getting all this done and still recovering from the BA.
I felt great the first day of my BA. The second day I was really feeling the pain. The third day, I felt great again. Yesterday, I was getting sharp pains in my right breasts. I don't feel tightness in the chest but I feel like my implants are hard. I tried to wear the band for 3 hours like the dr said but it hurt. I walked my little dog that doesn't pull and I was having breast pain from the band. I kept loosening the band but that didn't work. So I went back inside and popped my meds. Got drowsy and fell asleep. I ended up wearing he band for an hour and a half before bed. I had pain so I sat crouched on my stairs and paced. My breasts are pretty high so I know I need to do what the dr says .
Anyways, I cleansed my face with the vinegar rinse again and the wet gauZe was leaving stuff on my face because of the aquaphor being so sticky and greasy. So I washed my face with cetaphil. My face was still greasy but whatever. I read that moisture is my friend right now. Instead of reapplying aquaphor, I used what I had bought in the dr office : neova cu3. It's a post laser lotion . Not sure if it's greasy because I still had traces of aquaphor left. Face just feels like it's been sunburned.

Incision photos


I know I'm uneven because my midline is uneven due to scoliosis . This is 6 days post op. This is as close to even as the doctor could have gotten due to my condition. I just want them to be closer together

Erbium laser

There's some slight improvement from one treatment of erbium laser . 4 days post

No pain meds!

I didn't take any pain meds today! The right one definitely hurts more and is limited in how far I can reach compared to the left side. Can't raise my arms high enough to get a good armpit shave. It's still really hard to get up in the morning because that's when it hurts the most on my chest. Still tight. Tried on a few things in my closet. A few things didn't fit.
My face is continuing to peel. Even in places I thought was done peeling. It's really tough to not pick at my face. But I'm not doing it for the sake of good results.

Right breast pain

Yesterday was my first day out. I felt ok. A little tingling on my right breast. My left Breast completely feels fine. My right breast is a completely different story. As the day wore on the pain was getting worse. A dull, needle, stabby feeling.
The bra that was given to me by the Ps was tight and was digging into my under the boob incisions. I found only one bra that worked at Walmart but it's hard to find : fruit of the loom style 308. Those are a bit longer than most of the sports bra looking post op bras, so it doesn't dif into the incision. I went back to buy another one, that was a size smaller. After almost passing out from the pain, I found the one and only bra that happened to be the size I was looking for . I have limited mobility on my right side. I can't raise my arms high or move as much as the left side. I tried on my new bra to see if I should order more . The smaller size is way tighter that I would've liked .
I called my PS and spoke to one of the nurses. She said to get off the norco and to use Tylenol and the muscle relaxer, Valium. The Tylenol is not working as well as the norco. If I can't handle the pain I will take norco instead. The nurse also said that it's probably hurting because im not relaxing and I'm doing too much. I know I am doing a lot because it's the holidays so not a lot of people can do things when I need to so I need to do it myself.

Before and after comparison

3 week mark

So it's been nearly 3 weeks. I feel like my boobs are a good size. I can still wear loose stuff without looking big and when I do wear something lower cut, you can tell I have breasts.
I still have that feeling of electric needles on my right breast. Also, the nipple on that breast still feels like it's super achy and sensitive. It is always in that erect stage. Whereas, my left breast feels completely fine. The nipple on the left doesn't hurt like it so to the right.
In my photos, one boob is higher (also the nipples ) is because of my scoliosis. I have metal in my back from the severe double curve, and this is as even as I can get. The doctor did let me know that he could even out my nipples, but I elected not to because I did not want to mess with that. It's ok if it's a bit uneven because I knew coming into this, that they would never be completely even. I am
Happy so far. They've dropped since the first week. I hope they drop a little more.
As far as my face, I did notice that my makeup went on a lot smoother. I have been dealing with breakouts because I haven't been picking my skin like I normally would. I'm still lightly peeling. I think another erbium laser would really help. Maybe even 3 times. I'm really liking this slower pace of treatment on my face because i only look weird for 2 weeks. I'm sure as time goes on, it'll look less severe.
I'll update after my appointment on the 8th: 2nd breast aug post op and O2 on my face and glycolic peel on my back.

Bra shopping

I got measured at Nordstrom and VS.
Nordstrom- 34DD
VS- 36DD
I ended up buying a wireless bra from VS 34D in case I shrink later on. DD look
Crazy big to me and I guess that's something I have to get used to. I did buy a really soft bralette from Nordstrom. I just got tired of wearing the sport style surgical bras. Also, I look kinda bigger in some of my clothes... Meaning I just look fat. I'm not used to having boobs so I have to get used to dressing for them and not being so shy about showing them off.
I will update tomorrow for my 2nd check up with the doctor. The right boob still feels funny. Going in for a glycolic peel on my back and maybe chest and O2 facial and possibly some Botox for the furrow in my brow

My 2nd post op visit

I had my second post op visit on Monday. Ps said I was looking great and took off my remaining surgical tape. He just told me to keep massaging and to lean my breast on a chair to lower them. One is still higher.
Is anyone breaking out on their chest?! I've never had break out there before! I've been sticking to bralettes or sports bras. I guess being a D or DD leads you to shop in the "full figure" section. I don't find a lot of selection for wireless bras. But I need something lined because my nipples are torpedoes right now. My nipples hurt a lot becauSe they feel so engorged from stretching.

I also went in for a glycolic peel, O2 facial, and Botox on the area between the brows. Botox hurts. I could hear the crunching of my forehead muscles as she was inserting the needle. I think she poke me about 4 times. She said to wait 2 weeks before I see results. I'm already seeing results 6 days after. The furrow is less prominent.

I also bought glycolic facial cleanser and vitamin c night serum. They're all made by Image. My skin is just breaking out and the first layer of skin is drying out. I also started doing lightstim, which is suppose to promote collagen.

One month

I switched body wash and that seemed to help with the breaking out and oiliness.my boobs have dropped. So far, so good. I go back to the ps office in 2 weeks to get another facial done. My face is horrible right now. It's flaking, peeling, oily, and breaking out from adjusting to the glycolic products.

Not much has changed

So I went back to VS to get bras because one bra wasn't cutting it. Turns out 34 D is too small and I'm a 34DD (love it)! I don't even feel that big. Anyway, I don't feel like there's been a change from 1 month to now. I know I should show them off but I'm a bit shy..... And dreading having to try on clothes. I like knowing what size and need and going in and out.
As far as my skin: I've had one session of erbium, one session of spectra, and one session of lightstim. Every month I alternate between the lightstim and spectra. My face definitely feels smoother.

2 mos post op photo

2nd round of spectra laser

Before and after so far. I've had an erbium treatment and my 2nd spectra laser for acne scars

Very happy

I'm very happy with my final results! They look fairly natural but with bras I can bump them up if I want to. I sleep on my sides or stomach without problems. I did notice that when I went to look for a bathing suit, I needed to get something with more support so no more triangle tops. Everything is great! No issues! I go in for my post op photos in a week.
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