Accutane Was a Miracle for Me!!!!! - Ontario, CA

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Year 2008 when I had this awful, scary, horrible...

Year 2008 when I had this awful, scary, horrible acne in my face. I thought this was a curse for me! The sad thing too is I am working as a bartender, cashier so many people can see my face like that awful.I tried so many different products but it did not work until I ask my family doctor to refer me to dermatologists and they gave me this Accutane treatment for 5 months. It is true that there will be a serious side effects but I guess if you will not try to take a risk you will not find out if this is compatible for you or not. In my position I am desperately wanting to try anything and willing to spend money to have my skin back to normal. In 5 months treatment I am very surprised that my skin looks smooth and as if nothing happen. All my acne was totally gone, no dark spots... nothing at all. Even though there is some side effects that I've experienced like nose bleed, occasional headache, dryness of skin and lips but it did not really bother me as I am very busy appreciating the wicked results in my skin.
Up to now,(2014) it's been 5 years that happened to skin is still the same. It did not came back. I never had acne anymore after my 5 months treatment! This drug is a miracle for me!!!
Hopefully this will help to anyone who is still undecided to take Accutane. But for me will not loose anything, just keep on trying, nothing is impossible to happen.
I have attached my photo here when I had my acne, after treatment and after 5 years from treatment.


still have very smooth skin

another pix to prove that using Accutane really helpful a forever smooth skin

Dr. Webster

Very helpful and upfront for all the consequences that might occur.

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