One Piece of Advice: GO TO A REAL DOCTOR!

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Ok so I just had my first injection of PCDC...

Ok so I just had my first injection of PCDC (solution used for Lipodissolve) and I went to a board certified plastic surgeon. He told me I'd only need two treatments because I am thin and only have a small pooch on my stomach. He even brought in his personal nurse and she showed me her stomach and back where she had it done. She said she was very happy with the results. The lipodissolve drug they use (PCDC) had lydocaine added in it to numb the area for at leasta while. I the actual injections I didn't even feel! 5 minutes after the injections It started burning, but it wasn't really like a burn feeling. It felt like someone was pressing their fingers on a bruise located on my stomach! It was defintiely bearable though, but annoying because it was consistet low-grade pain. The pain stopped 5 hours after it started which was good because they said it might last longer. I'm actually not as swollen as I thought I'd be. Its noticeable for sure, but not that bad. My 2nd and final treatment is scheduled on July 25! If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to a board certified plastic surgeon! They are properly trained and offer the RIGHT mixture of drugs to inject into you areas. My doctor specifically told me that lipo-dissolve centers only use a diluted solution of PCDC (phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate). Only HALF of the injection is the PCDC and the other is a mixture of vitamins or herbs. This means the person has to go in for DOUBLE TREATMENTS! The only person you should allow to put needles in your body is a DOCTOR! Also, please remember, lipodissolve is for people who are NOT overweight. It is for people that are healthy and exercise but can't get rid of stubborn fact deposits that are of a small to medium size! I'll post again in when I'm all done!

OK so I finished my treatments in october and...

OK so I finished my treatments in october and while I do not have a horror story for you, I also do not have noticeable results. I did only have 2 which was what the Dr. and I discussed was all I needed because of how little fat I had in the first place (Most women need four or more). The pain was fine, my stomach is normal, I just don't have the results I wanted. Maybe I should have gone for the full 4 treatments. A slight difference in the fat around my belly button was noticed, but no one would ever be able to tell the difference. Oh and I had no weird side effects at all. I know women who HAVE had results so maybe this is just me. Oh and I do not retract what I said about going to reputable Drs. Office. A nurse practitioner did my last set of injections, but it was under the watchful eye of a board certified plastic surgeon. I STILL say the place you go needds to be a reputable one! These clinics are crap, and YES I DID not the percentages on the solution that was used.
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